10 Apps Like Smacktive

Smacktive is an app for creating new friendships while doing regular activities like sporting, gaming, exercising and other activities that people love to do and participate in. This application connects the nearby people to do common activities together and enjoy the life with others. If you want to play a game or want to participate in any sporting activity but there is no one to join then Smacktive is an application that will allow you to find those people living near you and searching for the same solution. It will also allow you to go with at your level of skill. For its stunning features and people finding system, Smacktive is called to be one of the best real meet in person social communication application for getting up and doing some activities that you want to do with the like-minded people who are living nearby you and with whom you never would have met before.

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1. WeGoDo

Android iOS
WeGoDo is an application that connects the people from different parts of the world in an online environment. It does all these so that its members can get out and do more of what they love to do in real life. They can meet with people based on their interests…

2. Nearify

Android iOS
If you want to know what is going around you, then Nearify is a social discovery and social networking based application for that purpose. This application is for those people who can’t live without fun. Nearify is about discovering what is going on in our local area. The events discovery…

3. MixMeet

MixMeet is a newly launched social networking application where you can meet and find new people. This is one of the simplest chatting apps for sharing interests with other people and knowing about the ideas and thoughts of others as well. MixMeet is simply a free and easy to use…

4. Citysocializer

Citysocializer is a meeting up a platform for finding new things to do along with friends or new people. This entertainment based social networking application is made the fun with both strangers and friends a totally normal and fantastically pleasurable experience in such a way that is hard to find…

5. Social Radar

Social Radar is a dedicated application for spontaneous gets together. At its core, Social Radar aims to help the people to surface interesting experiences and knowledge from local people. After entering into the application, you can submit any thing that you want to share like traveling stories, about foods, marketing…

6. Vingle

Vingle is a community-based application where people of different interest and point of thoughts comes to meet someone like them. They share about their selves and read about the others thoughts too. After launching this application, you will first need to create the account first. In case you have a…


Android iOS
CLIQ is although a social discovery application but for the groups of friends for searching for the new people and sharing their ideas with them and listening to theirs too. It is the best way to explore the local people and want is going on in the entire city. A…

8. Kickstarter

Android iOS
Kickstarter is one of the leading social communication and networking platforms for creative projects. It is a platform where distinguish ideas are being floated all the time that is being shared by the creative people of the world. It is an all in one and a centralized platform for music,…

9. Nextdoor

Android iOS
Nextdoor is a free and kind of private social networking application for developing community comprising of local people. It is the best platform to stay in touch with what is going in the neighborhood. Whether it is leading about an upcoming party, seeking for a last minute babysitter or hearing…

10. Meetup

Android iOS
Meetup is a social networking and communication application where people from diverse nature come to hold a discussion on several topics. They form the groups, shares their interests, holds discussions, make friends and enjoy a lot. We want here to make it clear that Meetup is not meant for being…

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