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Snap by Groupon is the service by the online coupons and discounts offering service provider named Groupon. Snap by Groupon offer its clients cash back scheme from buying a product of any particular brand. Snap by Groupon is not an open application at all… read more
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13 Apps Like Snap by Groupon



CheckoutSmart is a shopping app that will make your real supermarket shop more rewarding as compared to the most of the cash pay back apps. This simple app will make it easy for you to earn cash back every time you go to the supermarket or shopping mall of your area.


Shopprize is a means of earning prizes and cash via grocery receipts. If you have already purchased something and have the receipt with you are planning to buy something then Shopprize is an application that will give you the opportunity to earn some cash back on your investment.


Wanna get back some cash that you have recently paid for shopping? Jingit has the real system of doing so. This shopping app allows its regular clients to get back some part of the cash that they have recently paid at the counter of the store for buying some items.


Find&Save is a new name in the coupons, sales and local shopping world that is offering limited but real cash payback schemes to its clients. Its clients can get cash back on the real shopping subject to providing receipts as proof the purchase.


Shopmium is although a receipt based cash paying back application but its function is not restricted to that one offer only. Shopmium is a multifunctional app that is offering a lot of range of saving offers like discounts offers, freebies, coupons, gift cards, new offers, sales and much more.


Punchcard is a new way of getting rewards by shopping at our favorite places. Either you are in other country or your own country and looking for the means to make some shopping then don’t forget to take into notice this cash payback application named Punchcard.


ReceiptPal is a kind of shopping app that pays you back each time you make the purchases of your favorite products of the favorite brands from the favorite stores. This simple, workable app demands only one thing from its users, and that is taking the snap of the receipt and sending to the ReceiptPal.


BerryCart is a coupon and deals offering service that has recently launched a new service with the name of cash paying back service on purchases. It is a free application for the iOS and Android devices with the exclusive offer of giving cash back rebates to its users on just buying foods and drinks of their favorite brands and local stores.


Yaarlo is listed among those few cash paying apps that rather than believing on coupons and discount offering systems, offer the straightforward and real cash to their users. Yaarlo is an application that offers the real cash to its users whenever and from wherever they shop.

Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates is a cash back savings application that is offering cash on shopping from its three thousand recognized stores across the globe. Mr. Rebates is called to be the simplest, practical and inventive way to save money through cash back rebates schemes while shopping online and from nearby stores.

MobiSave Rebates

MobiSave Rebates is one of the easiest ways over the internet to get money back on the everyday shopping that we made in the stores and shopping malls in our area.


SavingStar is one of the leading cash back grocery savings application that offers a handsome cash to all its users who made shopping in their local areas and stay in touch with this app by sending the purchase receipt.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a new way of getting the cash back from the shopping you have made from your nearby stores. It is a kind of rewarding app that pays you some amount you have spent on the recently made shopping.

More About Snap by Groupon

Snap by Groupon is the service by the online coupons and discounts offering service provider named Groupon. Snap by Groupon offer its clients cash back scheme from buying a product of any particular brand. Snap by Groupon is not an open application at all. Means the products of those brands that are not listed in this app will bring no benefit to you at all. If you want to get cash back on the purchases even from the local stores, then make it sure these belongs to only those brands being recognized by the Snap by Groupon for cash back purposes. This simple shopping app helps its users in saving and earning extra money at thousands of places that are even located in the local areas and from where the people shop on a daily basis. Free app of Snap by Groupon is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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