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SocialFlow efficiently allows its users to manage their social media accounts in an ultimate new way. More specifically, it enables its SocialFlow customers to view and compose details on their posts for delivery to social media through this productive platform. It lets you compose messages for delivery through it to the Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and other platforms… read more
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9 Apps Like SocialFlow


1. SocialOomph – Top Twitter Tool

SocialOomph – Top Twitter Tool is an efficient app that has capably boosted your social media productivity and makes it automatic to handle more of your social media touch. It has changed the time consuming or the manual process and makes it so easy to manage your profiles, groups, and pages on the Twitter, and Facebook. You can easily control your profiles, company pages, and groups on your LinkedIn account, RSS feeds, Plurk, and your blogs as well. SocialOomph – Top Twitter Tool has made it awesome and less time consuming to easily monitor your social media activities, schedule updates, and find quality people to follow. It has millions of satisfied users that depend upon this application to maintain their workflow on their social media accounts. SocialOomph – Top Twitter Tool lets you schedule tweets so that you can better plan, set and forget your content, and empower yourself by tracking keywords. Other than these, you can easily view mentions and retweets, purge your DM inbox, save and reuse drafts, purge your twitter tweets, and manage up to five Twitter accounts with a touch of extreme security as well.


2. Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter & Instagram

Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter & Instagram is a fine product by Hootsuite. It is used to efficiently manage and schedule your posts to multiple social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms, all from one app. It is free of cost app for up to 3 social media accounts and has more than 15 million worldwide users due to its amazing features. It is one of the most reasonable applications that help you to manage and control your business on social media. Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter & Instagram allows you to share and publish your photos to all of your social media accounts at once. You can easily manage multiple social media accounts and monitor your brand on Twitter and Facebook right through this stunning app. You can easily schedule a tweet to Twitter, post to Instagram and Facebook, to be sent at a later time or the whole day. It also lets you AutoSchedule messages to post them automatically at the best time of the day. You can also receive optional notifications when other people talk about you and mention any of your brands, etc. Hence, having this app on your mobile phone, you can easily monitor your social media accounts in the classiest way.


3. Buffer: Manage Twitter, Facebook, Social Media

Buffer: Manage Twitter, Facebook, Social Media enables its worldwide users to save much of their time and efforts by managing all of their social media platforms in one place. It brings one of the simplest and the best way to organize and schedule your posts and track the flow of your content on some social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus, and others. Buffer: Manage Twitter, Facebook, Social Media enhances the way to managing your social media with less login criteria, without wasting your time, and lets you schedule any link, video, text, or something else right from it. You can share a single content on more than one social media account form this intuitive application. It lets you maintain consistent presences on your social media accounts so that you can build your influence and followings. It is an easy to manage application that enables you to share all of your favourite stuff in any of your social media accounts at once. Now you can never run out of stunning stuff with Instagram reposting and get world-class support right from your mates at Buffer: Manage Twitter, Facebook, Social Media.


4. TweetDeck by Twitter

TweetDeck by Twitter brings ultimate flexibility and makes it so easy and handy for users to track their conversations. More specifically, it contains a classy feature that publishers, power users, and marketers can track real-time conversations about what they upkeep. This app carries more insights to these marketers, real heroes, and power users through a full customization layout that allows you to keep up with topics and the people of the whole universe that matter most to you. You can precisely monitor your interests and related stuff right through this super gorgeous application. TweetDeck by Twitter lets you manage this app quite easily and do your stuff with less efforts and more convenience. Apart from its productivity stuff, TweetDeck by Twitter also lets you join a conversation by sharing photos, by tweeting, and through sharing links to the news stories, and more. It is finest and lightweight social networking application introduced by the Twitter, Inc. just to enhance the use of social media along with ultimate working criteria.



IFTTT is a productivity app that brings your most likely services together to create a flawless experience. It lets you do more with the services you love. More than 400 apps are there which is working immensely great with IFTTT including Twitter, Twitch, Weather Underground, Instagram, Gmail, Telegram, Google Drive, and devices like Google Home,  Philips Hue, Nest, Amazon Alexa, and your Android. It efficiently controls and manages everything around you with your voice, Google Assist or Amazon Alexa. IFTTT lets you stay up to date and informed about what is happening from publications like the ProPublica and The New York Times, and you can always stay prepared for the upcoming weather states as well with its daily weather forecasting feature. You can stay secure with the intelligent and automated home security alerts. It also supports backup and importing of files, contacts, photos, and other stuff to the cloud-storage. You can set your home thermostat to an optimal temperature, post all your Instagrams as Pinterest pins and Twitter photos, and trigger events based on the current location.


6. Spredfast

Spredfast is one the world’s best and the smartest social software platform. It has makes it so exclusive to create great social media experience for your viewers, followers, and spectators from wherever you need to be. It is one of the easiest apps that lets you manage some of your social media accounts and application like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google plus, WhatsApp, and others. You can manage the posts, tweets, and other stuff on your profiles, pages, and groups on these platforms with extreme ease. It enables a flawless user social media experience and lets you stay in touch with your followers and fans. Spredfast is one of the ultimate mobile complement to your desktop solutions. This perfect app allows you to upgrade your social media marketing and enables you to make your customer service more powerful, more capable, and connected. It is a super stunning social media handler that empowers your entire team to engage your customers, fans, and audiences on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc.


7. Sprout Social – Social Media

Sprout Social – Social Media is a striking application that brings more ease for managing your social media accounts right under one place. This app makes it so handy and easy to control your posts and other stuff for your social media account. Sprout Social – Social Media is a perfect companion for social media apps so that you can better manage your social media anytime, anywhere, but you must have a Sprout Social media account for its use. You can effortlessly engage with your audience, manage the workflow of your team, and monitor your brand on the go. This app has made it so handy to keep your business social. This app has put all the power of your Sprout Social right in your hand. You can manage all of your feeds under one smart app, and complete your brand and social monitoring from anywhere. Sprout Social – Social Media lets you send updates to all of your social networks with ultimate ease and on the go. You can also monitor retweets, reach, and clicks of your updated stuff, and assign a team or personal task for follow up.


8. Everypost for Social Media

Everypost for Social Media is one of the best social media publishing tools that brings more convenience for managing stuff most acclaimed by the social marketers and content professionals. It has made it so easy to create, customize, manage, schedule, and post content to the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. You can effortlessly and professionally manage your pages on Google+ and Facebook. Everypost for Social Media has made it possible and easy and now it does not matter that what is the format of the video or picture, or the length of the text. It provides a unique and extraordinary functionality that allows you to post content without having a 140 character restriction. Some of its unique features let its users to search and curate content, publish media content including text, posts, photos and videos, compose your posts, sort your preferred channels, schedule posts and tweets, and an instant sharing to social media platforms. You can also get mentions on Twitter, Twitter text shortener, photo quality settings, URL shortener, trending topics, and save posts photos, videos, and photos in the Dropbox. There are lot more features of this application that makes it so handy to manage your social media platforms in the way like never before.


9. Tailwind: Manage Social Media

Tailwind: Manage Social Media brings one of the smartest ways to organize your marketing efforts and to schedule your posts on the Instagram and Pinterest. This app has made it so handy and classy to manage your posts on these social media applications. It enables its users to draft their posts, edit drafts, and send them to your schedule right through your mobile phone. You can smartly schedule posts from the Pinterest iOS app, your mobile browser, and from trending content as well. You can schedule posts with custom times, and you can even rely on its smart schedule to get your posting stuff at the best time for engagement. You can enjoy bulk image uploading and multi-board pinning and make Pinterest your superpower. It lets you effortlessly organise and manage your both Instagram and Pinterest schedules in-app with its intuitive drag and drop calendar. Tailwind: Manage Social Media lets you sync posts directly and automatically between desktop and mobile. Other than on iOS, it also delivers some outstanding features on your desktop devices as well.

More About SocialFlow

SocialFlow efficiently allows its users to manage their social media accounts in an ultimate new way. More specifically, it enables its SocialFlow customers to view and compose details on their posts for delivery to social media through this productive platform. It lets you compose messages for delivery through it to the Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and other platforms. Some of its finest features include the delivery of posts image tweets and posts, Labeling Facebook preview, unpublished page posts, Facebook targeting, edit duplicate delete, manage the unpublished queue, send images directly, and enjoy all social flow options. You can easily optimize, organize, schedule, and publish immediately through SocialFlow. You can send links, photos, and tweets form image library. Other than these, it also lets you search, sort stuff, recycle, delete, filter, manage public timeline, edit, duplicate, manage the published queue, manage published timeline, and view the basic single message report as well. It has recently added the feature of pause publishing functionality and fixes some minor editing metadata bugs on the messages as well. Having this app, you can manage the flow of work more specifically on your social media platforms.

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