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Songsterr Tabs & Chords is a great tool for learning more than 500,000 high-quality bass, drum, and guitar chords and tabs. It is a fine product of Songsterr that helps you deliver an elegant way to bring your passion to an ultimate level… read more
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23 Apps Like Songsterr Tabs & Chords for iOS

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1. Yousician

Yousician brings an amazing platform for music lovers which help them to learn their favourite instruments to become a master. It is a fast, intuitive, and elegant application for users to learn play and become a master player of Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, and Bass. It provides a precise way to become your favourite music instrument player and enjoy the level of your passion. Yousician – Learn Guitar, Piano, Bass & Ukulele provides thousands of songs on your real instrument that helps learn as well as play them for the real-time. It helps its users to learn their favourite instrument in a proper detailed education and acts as your personal tutor for your intended music instrument. Its step by step video tutorials efficiently lets you get stuff easier. Yousician – Learn Guitar, Piano, Bass & Ukulele brings fun and a more addictive way to learn these instruments through intuitive gameplay. You can precisely track your progress and performance, and it also enhances your motivation level to learn and practice. It is a superb app for pianists, complete beginners, music teachers, and advanced level musicians. This music learning platform includes more than 1,500 exercises, hundreds of effective videos, and many other useful things that are covering all the needed skills.


2. GuitarTricks

GuitarTricks brings one of the easiest ways to learn guitar and is a great product of Guitar Tricks. It is a great platform for users who want to become a professional level guitar player of their favourite songs. This super easy to learn guitar application includes thousands of lessons that help you understand more easily, elaborately, and intuitively. You can enjoy guitar for all of your favourite songs with a step by step easy videos guidance support. Guitar Lessons by GuitarTricks intuitively provides a collection of more than 700 songs from top artists through which you can easily pick any of your choices for start learning. It delivers unlimited access to a gigantic number of lessons. Guitar Lessons by GuitarTricks helps you learn and master guitar in the calmest way. This awesome guitar learning application helps its users to enjoy more than 11,000 guide lessons that help them master any song. It brings some top techniques such as sweep, hammer-ons, bending, picking, and more. Guitar Tricks provides core learning system for beginners, full and precise notation and tabs, and provides almost every genre and skill.


3. PocketAmp

PocketAmp is probably one of the widely used guitar amp application for practising guitar in an ultimate way by practising with the help of your iTunes music. It is a product of POCKETLABWORKS, Inc. through which users can enjoy learning guitar in an ultimate way. PocketAmp: Guitar Amp and Effects efficiently supports slow, downer, and pitch shift learning. It provides a collection of 4 cabs, 4 amps, and 7 great effects, and a built-in music player that helps its users to play their most lovely songs. Other than these, users can also enjoy its true stereo modulation effects, pitch shift and time stretch your iTunes music, low latency DSP processing (with a short delay), and universal full-screen support as well. It helps its users to become a master of the guitar with the help of clean and more elaborative guidance from this app. PocketAmp: Guitar Amp and Effects brings clan, rock, blues, metal Amps, classic, silver face, tweed, bad metal Cabs, chromatic guitar tuner, background audio mode, gain, volume, and noise gate, etc. Users can also enjoy echo, tremolo, reverb, treble, bass, middle, flanger, rotatory, stereo chorus, and three quick presets.


4. FunkBox Drum Machine

FunkBox Drum Machine is a great product of Synthetic Bits, LLC that helps brings all of your favourite vintage drum machine sounds. It is a funky little quick application and is a compatible drum machine that you can use to record, compose and play your songs for the real-time and live. It has great use in industry and studios by electronic artists such as Tom Middleton, Steve Cobby, Gorillaz, and even by alternative/indie musicians such as Mark Lanegan, Anton Newcombe, and Reggie Pace, etc. FunkBox Drum Machine has also been used on the live stage as well by Rock and pop musicians such as Glenn Tilbrook, Joan Osborne, and others in their live concerts. It efficiently looks, feels, sounds, and quirks of a classic vintage drum machine. FunkBox Drum Machine’s quick vintage sounds, advanced features, and ease of use has made it popular and more known with the way many musicians by making all sorts of different style music. You can easily grab a series of quality features for managing FunkBox Drum Machine in your mobile phones.


5. Guitar World Lessons

Guitar World Lessons is a tremendously awesome way to learn guitar for the real-time fun. It is a classy application for users who love to learn and play the guitar on their favourite songs and tunes. It is the most efficient application for users who don’t have money to afford a teacher and want to learn guitar on the go. It brings the ease of access to learn and understand guitar for the real-time entertainment. Guitar World Lessons lets you access a number of intuitive lessons from the guitar world catalogue at your palm. You can easily choose any of your desired lesson and then learn it in the most easy and accessible way. Guitar World Lessons is well-known for providing accurate guitar instructional videos, featuring world-renowned guitar champions, and brings way more things to learn. It brings an outstanding collection and an extensive library of instructional lessons, and you can even choose from numerous genres. You can easily select a lesson that fits your desire and plays guitar at your skill level. So just download Guitar World Lessons, and start playing the guitar now.


6. iReal Pro

iReal Pro is a great tool used by a huge number of students, artists, teachers, and some of the world most emerging music schools. iReal Pro – Music Book & Backing Tracks is an intuitive tool that helps musicians of almost all levels to master their art. It is a great application that helps you collect chord charts and create chord charts of your favourite songs for reference. IReal Pro is probably the most flawless tool and the best technology for practising musicians such as mixable, transposable into a key, high-quality digital audio, and entirely mobile. It lets you practice with the most flexible and clear sounding piano, guitar, drum, and bass accompaniments for any users created and downloaded chord chart. It is a fine book that creates, prints, shares, collects, and edit chord charts of your favourite songs for performing and practising. It helps its users to practice with awesome backing charts. You can easily change and customize key, instrumentation, music style, and tempo as well according to your choice. So download iReal Pro – Music Book & Backing Tracks, to download thousands of chord charts for free.


7. OnSong

OnSong is an awesome utility that brings an immensely great platform for managing a massive collection of chord charts and lyrics sheet for your worship teams and music bands on your iPhones and iPads. It is a widely used platform that helps its users to quickly reorder and pull set lists and flip from one song to the next with ease. Using this superb application, you can easily highlight and transpose chords, and change font size with a brush of your finger. It also brings ease of hands-free operation with popular MIDI devices or wireless foot pedals. You can easily and directly import songs from any online resource and your existing songs using iTunes file sharing, etc. or add your own songs with the built-in editor. It efficiently supports PNG, JPG, Pages, PDF, Word, TIFF, ChordPro, Text, and other file formats. It features simple chord and song entry, import and export with multiple resources, pull sets and change songs, highlight or bold chords, change font size or style, keep track of your sets and archives, capo and transpose with ease, send it to your team, and way more things to enjoy.


8. Anytune

Anytune is a superb application that helps its users to play, practice, perform and learn your songs by slowing down the tempo, adjusting pitch, setting marks, and repeating loops. It is a capable and effective music slow downer application, through which the adjusting of pitch and looping becomes so handy. It is an intelligent music practice application for singers, musicians, and dancers of all kinds to down the music, learn to play by ear, and choose the perfect pitch. It lets you smartly starts, slow, and step it up and you can also slow it down to learn or transcribe. Using this app, you can practice your pace by adjusting and managing the tempo even without disturbing the pitch. Any tune allows you to precisely visualize your songs to find the portion that you want quickly. You can easily loop and mark song sections, record and share stuff, stream audio to audio bus, import audio and videos, backup marks and settings to iCloud, Shuffle, organize songs, and way more things to enjoy. So just download Anytune and try it for free and then upgrade this app to be equivalent to its Pro version through the In-App purchase.


9. Autochords

Autochords is a widely used application that helps its users to enjoy songwriting cheat sheet. It is a widely used platform that brings the easiest songwriting app and efficiently shows that how to play chords on the piano and guitar. It is a widely used application that helps you pick a progressions style and a key that you play with, and then Autochords will elegantly provide the learning that what to play for your main progressions. Autochords – Chord Progression Generator for guitar, keyboard and piano allows you to track your entire progressions with a simple tap of a button in the selected piano. It delivers a range of quality and a huge collection of progression styles. There are many features of this app through which you can have a great songwriting experience. Autochords – Chord Progression Generator for guitar, keyboard and piano guitar chord diagram, Piano chord diagram, hear how progression sound on these musical instruments, and lot more. You can enjoy even unlocking of more progressions through the PRO in-app purchase as well. So just download Autochords, and have fun.


10. Fretboard Hero

Fretboard Hero is a great gaming application that helps its users to get an adaptive learning platform to polish their guitar skills. It is a great application that intuitively allows you to adapt and learn fretboard in an adaptive way. It brings a collection of amazing features that are efficiently created with the damn intuitive collaboration of professional guitarists to help people enjoy learning and memorising notes on a guitar’s fretboard. Fretboard Hero lets you understand music, increase your insight into music by learning notes, and making it handy to compose and recreate songs. This super easy to use fretboard leaning application that brings a collection of incredible features to enhance your improvising skills and lets you speak the musical language as musicians do. It enables you to write music and communicates with your band members. It helps its users to read the music sheets more easily by learning standard notations. You can bring more creativity to your learning level when you know notes location on the fretboard. Fretboard Hero allows you to transpose riffs, songs, and solos built a foundation of ear training, and way more things to learn and enjoy.


11. Simply Piano

Simply Piano is a great application that helps you learn and understand the mysteries of the piano with your favourite songs. It is a widely used piano learning application that helps its users to enjoy a fast, ultimate fun, and easy way to learn piano from beginners to the extreme level. It efficiently works with all pianos and keyboards. Simply Piano by JoyTunes provides a library of a massive collection of songs and includes the courses for different playing levels and musical taste. It provides a precise way to learn music with the step by step reading process with both left and right hands. You just have to place your mobile or tablet device on your MIDI or acoustic keyboard and piano and play. This app intuitively recognizes what you play and provides precise details in the form of feedback on your playing scenario. Simply Piano by JoyTunes improvise your skills in an ultimate way through its robust recognition skills. You can easily discover the magic of songs and intuitively complete courses to start sounding like a professional. So just download Simply Piano by JoyTunes, and have fun.


12. Uberchord

Uberchord brings an easy and regular scenario to learn guitar for the real-time. It is a great tool for taking your guitar learning to the next level. It lets you learn guitar on the collection of your favourite songs with instant feedback. You can practice this app with the daily workout so that you will master guitar with the efforts of some few days. Uberchord — Guitar Lessons brings all the rhythms, songs, and chords on your palm so that you can easily access any of them and start learning them with ease. It is an intelligent application that precisely listens and adapts to you along with leading you what to do and how to play. It contains a patent-pending technology through which it efficiently listens to what you play in the real-time. Its interactive and adaptive interface let you practice with the instant feedback criteria so that you can understand better and in a more elaborative way. Using its finger correction feature, you can also get instant and visual feedback on your fingers. It brings a library of the adaptive source, provides a precise song, strumming, and rhythm trainer, and delivers premium content as well.


13. SingTrue

SingTrue is another East Ear Training production that helps its users to sing in the perfect tune, even if you think that you are tone deaf. SingTrue: Learn to sing in tune, pitch-perfect is an easy to use and perfect application that helps its users to bring their voice training to the extreme level. One of the surprising facts is that anybody can learn to sing well even who have an annoying voice and thinking them totally unmusical. It is a fabulous music app that helps you to discover your inner singer and your extreme musicality. SingTrue: Learn to sing in tune, pitch perfect is a smart app to gain control over your own voice to become a confident, powerful and natural singer. It stunningly develops your voice and makes you able to sing reasonably. It elegantly uses the iPhone microphone to examine and study your singing capabilities and gives the personal feedback as well. It provides more than 30 different exercise, let you track your progress, and share your achievements with others on social media platforms.


14. Voice Training

Voice Training is a Learn to Master’s production that plays a phrase of notes or simple notes and you sing to it. Voice Training – Learn To Sing is widely used application for getting piano keys and understood particular scenarios. The piano key highlights show which note should be sung and which state of the pitch will be usable under those circumstances. Voice Training – Learn To Sing efficiently keep tracks of the gained stars and progress for great singing. It is efficiently designed with the collaboration of some professional singing teachers that’s the reason it provides precise knowledge about music. It delivers a number of useful and adaptive exercises that expand your piano knowledge and bring your motivation to the extreme level. Voice Training simulates the experience of singing classes where singing teachers and other experts use the piano as a guide for pitch. Voice Training – Learn To Sing is a great tool for beginners and efficiently trains them to sing in tune, and provides the pitch training for singers. It delivers a variety of exercises that expand your vocal range as well and let you know that how long you can hold your pitch. So just download it to bring professionalism to your music.


15. Piano with Songs

Piano with Songs is a superb piano application developed by Better Day Wireless, Inc. and is best learn to play piano application in the App Store. It probably has the biggest catalog of any piano. Piano Free with Songs delivers a massive collection of almost 1,500 songs to choose from, and you can easily get your favourite ones. It helps its users to perform songs in the level of artists such as Adele, Katy Perry, Sara Bareilles, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Ruth B, and way more.  You can also play and perform songs with the bands, in your own band style along with the piano, drums, and guitars. Piano Free with Songs is a free to use application that helps you become a piano virtuoso and expose your hidden potential. Through its collection of songs from all hit charts and new ones you can easily get every imaginable song of almost all genres, it also includes a variety of children’s songs as well. You can easily perform the latest hits by choosing five different instruments, such as Piano, Harpsichord, Electric Keyboard, Glockenspiel, and Organ. So just download Piano Free with Songs, and expose your artist in front of the globe.


16. Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course

Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course is a finest app that let you learn with the ultimate best. It is a fully-functional application that allows you to get started if you have guitar for the very first time or if you been playing it for a while as well. Though this intuitive and useful guitar learning application, Justin Sandercoe, the famous guitar teacher will guide you to expand your guitar learning by interactive step-by-step learning. Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course efficiently teaches you about the chords, strumming, and tons of awesome songs. You just have to follow these instructional videos, amazing collection of songs, and innovative exercises that will surely bring your piano experience to the supreme level. It brings all the stuff hand-picked by this famous teacher Justin. This app provides step by step scenario to play guitar and its basic chords, strumming patterns, and chord changes as well. It brings more than 25 instructional videos, exclusive chord change counter, an attractive songs collection, self-assessment approach, tracking of your improvement, easy to use tuner, and way more things to enjoy guitar at the boom.


17. Rocksmith

Rocksmith brings one of the most smooth, intuitive, and fastest way to learn guitar and bass for the real-time to impress others and to take your passion to an entirely new level. It efficiently works with both electric and acoustic instruments. Through this awesome application, there are a number of users which have improved their guitar experience to the extreme level. Rocksmith – Learn Guitar Fast allows simple to start way with four songs and unlimited access to interactive lessons and practice tools to overcome the needs of learning guitar in an ultimate way. It brings an outstanding way to expend your library through its regularly updated catalogue, original recordings of the biggest hits available and way more things. Rocksmith – Learn Guitar Fast brings probably the best guitar and bass learning tools through which you can become a master player in minutes. It provides intuitive and precise feedback, and intuitive reacts to your playing ability and shapes the difficulty level as you progress. It brings original artist recordings and lets you practice whenever you want without any time limits and with flexible learning.


18. Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro is an amazing application for guitarists that is a choice of over 500,000 guitar lovers across the globe. This superb application enables all guitarists to enjoy viewing and playing guitar at an ultimate level. It also allows them to write tablature as well right from their smartphones. It is a great application for you to practice your favourite songs and share them with other over social media platforms. It is an ideal companion for people who want to master guitar and polish their abilities in an ultimate way. This application enables its users to enhance their guitar learning capabilities in an ultimate way. It efficiently supports GP3, 4, 5 and GPX formats and allows file import via USB, file browser, and web server. Guitar Pro is a widely used platform for users who want to note all the riffs, chords, and arpeggio, and even let them save all this on a single track. Some of its core features include built-in file library, three levels of zoom, visual and metronome countdown, reading music scores, bass, guitar fretboard, and virtual keyboard support, and way more things to enjoy it to the glory.


19. MyMusicTeacher

MyMusicTeacher is a widely used application having millions of followers who are getting access to the revolutionary guitar lessons from the beginners to the extreme advance levels. It is a great application that helps you get an explosive progression with the quality of its intuitive lessons and video tutorials. It brings a unique and extraordinary way to enhance your inner capabilities by playing the best-known guitar tunes and tracks with the tablature, no matter it is acoustic or electric (folk or classical). This app will let you discover how to play easy songs with all the arpeggios, improvise or make your first cords. My Music Teacher brings an outstanding library of ultra HD videos which precisely displays detailed step by step guidance on the screen. You can also explore exercises with interactive tabs, and correct your learning skills in an ultimate way. This also brings live video sharing with its effective and gigantic guitarist community. So just download MyMusicTeacher, to enjoy a series of features for guitarists and music lovers.


20. FourChords Guitar Karaoke

FourChords Guitar Karaoke is another amazing application that lets you enhance your guitar learning skills. It is a great application that helps its users to play tons of hit songs along with the lyrics instantly. You can get quick feedback on your playing as well. It enables its users to bring their knowledge of tabs, chords, and other guitar related stuff to an entirely new level. FourChords Guitar Karaoke delivers a library of more than 1700 hit songs with easy chords and adjustable lyrics and backing tracks. It precisely listens to you while you are playing and provides quick feedback to improvise your skills as well. It provides an easy way to catch guitar skills and lets you forget about the desperation and frustration with the complicated tabs and notes. Four Chords Guitar Karaoke provides an easy to use and realistic way to use these tools to improvise your inner capabilities. It brings an accurate and easy to use tuner, lets you built your own songbook, supports almost all genres, and you can easily choose chords according to your level.


21. Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is a great application that probably provides the world largest catalog of bass, guitar, and Ukulele tabs, chords, and lyrics to learn your favourite songs for the real-time. It provides a damn free access to more than one and a half million tabs and chords and brings songs of your taste. You can enjoy latest hits, classic as well as underground bands. You can easily search for any song by rating, difficulty, tuning, rating, and more. Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs lets you better focus on guitar techniques and find songs for your particular moments with a collection of tunes and music from professional guitarists. Through its Tonebridge Guitar Effects its users to play more than 15,000 popular songs in their original sound. It enables its users to play guitar, ukulele and bass chords, tabs, and lyrics from a massive collection of over 800,000 songs. You can also get offline access to your favourite tabs. Other than these, it enables both left and right-hand support, puts the tabs collection together, lets you edit chords, change tabs and lyrics in the way you want, enjoys dark mode for a gig, customizable font size and style, and you can watch videos as well. While its pro version provides more functionality to its users.


22. AmpliTube

AmpliTube is a widely used bass and guitar multi-effects processor and a great tool by IK Multimedia US, LLC. It efficiently turned your smartphone devise into an ultimate mobile guitar and bass multi-effects processor. It brings an outstanding platform and guidance for mobile musicians. Having this app, you can finally harness the power of AmpliTube’s expandable and massive pack of ultra-realistic stompbox effects, amplifiers, cabinets and more right on your Android and iOS mobile phones. AmpliTube UA efficiently comes with a complimentary assortment of meticulously recreated virtual versions of the most converted gear in this world. It is probably the first guitar and bass multi-effects app with zero latency processing on mobile devices. AmpliTube UA delivers full rig with three simultaneous stomp boxes, a cabinet and a mic, and an amp with effects. It brings a collection of almost 9 stompbox effects, 2 mics, 5 cabinets, and 5 amplifiers. It delivers a gear library, includes a chromatic tuner, and can be efficiently used with iRig UA in fully functional mode.


23. Coach Guitar

Coach Guitar brings a tremendous way to learn guitar with the help of only five colors. It is a great product of Manomaya SA that helps its users to bring their passion for playing the guitar into practice by step by step and fully visual education process. It has made the learning of guitar so simple with a range of colours. Coach Guitar: How to Play Easy Songs, Tabs, Chords becomes the damn superb tutor that helps you play your most favourite songs on guitar. It brings an outstanding way to become a champ of guitar by having proper guidance. Just by following the direction of your picks, the string to play, and these five colours, you can bring your imagination to an upper level. Coach Guitar: How to Play Easy Songs, Tabs, Chords provides a massive collection of HD videos, Animated fretboard with colours (having guitar neck with colours), Tablature with diagrams and chords, right and left handed support, etc. Other than these, you can also enjoy its professional accompaniment with lyrics and voice, slow motion, notes by notes and loop video functions. So just download Coach Guitar and become a champ.

More About Songsterr Tabs & Chords

Songsterr Tabs & Chords is a great tool for learning more than 500,000 high-quality bass, drum, and guitar chords and tabs. It is a fine product of Songsterr that helps you deliver an elegant way to bring your passion to an ultimate level. Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords brings a huge collection of a catalogue of precise tabs from it and allows instant access to more than 50k tabs and chords for its worldwide users. It brings a high transcription quality, and there is no version of tab per song. Through its Legality, music creator gets paid. It delivers multiple instruments such as most songs have tabs and chords for each individual instrument including vocals, drum, guitar and bass. You can easily navigate through the app and instantly access tabs that you have viewed recently. It allows quick and easy access to your favourite tabs and efficiently sync them to the website as well. While on the other hand, if you purchase its premium full access, you can also get all the power of tab player in the loop, slow down, solo, play, and some other modes.