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Sonic Dash is a platform game starring Sonic. It functions very similar gameplay to the now classic ‘Subway Surfers’ to create a thrilling experience that requirements that you have real reactions if you wish to succeed. Everything that you’d expect from a Sonic: The Hedgehog game is here: familiar-looking levels, power-ups that provide you different capabilities, and well-known characters like Tails and Knuckles… read more
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1. Temple Run

Temple Run is an action game like “Endless Runners” in which you will need to run while dodging all types of hurdles that you’ll find along your path, that won’t normally be few. As compared to some other similar games by which your handles are restricted for jumping in a Two-dimensional viewpoint to dodge hurdles, in Temple Run you will need to do many movements. You have to slide your fingers in all directions to create your character turn edges, learn the Android and iOS device from one aspect to a different for him to operate on the left or the right side, slide upwards to make him jump, do the same downhill to create him slide on the floor. As you run while eliminating all kinds of hurdles, such as holes in your yard, tree branches and also fire traps, you will need to collect the best quantity of coins possible. It is especially important because you’ll be able to buy many improvements for the character with them, like magic and unique skills, and also new characters as well as other prizes here and there.


2. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is an endless exciting as well as a simple game for which you will need to lead Barry by using a series of levels using many different types of available jetpacks and also, of course, trying not to die. At the start, you simply have the classic jetpack of machine guns. However, by obtaining the coins you will find on the stage, you can purchase more surprising new ones. Your primary weapon in overcoming all these kind of levels will be your reflections, vital if you wish to survive the hundreds of obstacles of each and every kind you find in each level. The graphic style of the video game retains all the charm of the previous titles in Halfbrick Studios (the builder), which have some beautiful pixilated models and these will look fantastic. Jetpack Joyride provides non-stop crazy action for hours. It’s one of the most addictive and fun video game you can find. If you have two free minutes, don’t be afraid and let it rip.


3. Agent Dash

Agent Dash is an ‘endless action runner’ game app where your mission requires you to control a particular agent – think James Bond – when he runs at top speed through the opponent territory, planning to destroy all kinds of things in his path while stopping the traps attempted to kill him. The game manages very comparably to those of the classic game Temple Run. It means that you will need to run without stopping while switching between three lanes and also picking up all the gems you can discover while avoiding the different traps that will end your game if you are not careful. One difference from Temple Run is that in Agent Dash, you can quickly reach the end of each level. In this way, you can unlock new levels and access new paths, which will help give you the feeling that you’re progressing, and makes the game more enjoyable. As usual in this genre, the gems that you collect throughout the levels are likely to be useful to buy all kinds of upgrades, including fresh characters that are the solution to the strapping secret agent. Agent Dash is a very fun game, easy to play and addictive, having a charming cartoon visual that perfectly captures the design of the game.


4. TheEndApp

TheEndApp is known as an ‘endless action runner’ app which follows the same structure of the game Temple Run, set in a period when the earth is collapsing to an end. In this game, you will be able to do run for your life and then try to gather as much tape along the way. Therefore, the rolls of tape provide as coins and will also be used to unlock unique capabilities and various extras for your runner. Of course, when you will enter chase mode all that you will be able to do is run, planning to dodge several hurdles that can come to your path. Rivers of lava, horribly parked cars, containers, traps, and there are tons of obstacles waiting to be the reason for your downfall if you are not fast enough to avoid them with different movements your character can make. TheEndApp is a very fun platform game which encourages you to play many games from time to time. It has an infinite mode as well in which you will always be able to ‘give it one more try’.


5. Zombies, Run

Zombies, Run! Is a unique mixture of video game and it is also runner oriented to the people that play a lot of sports and that wish to add a touch of enjoyable to their training. The application will show you a zombie story in your headphones while as well as your music. The application has greater than 20 objectives lasting 30 minutes each, which follow a story in which you think the function of Runner 5, one of the zombie apocalypse survivors. Your goal in the game is to finish the missions that your radio coordinator offers you where you only have to do one thing: run. As you’re running the app will inform you of various objects to collect. When you complete your run, you can use these objects to enhance the fort where your current characters are refused. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen in real-time in the game.


6. Rail Rush

Rail Rush is an endless action runner in which you have to try to obtain as much as possible while collecting most of the coins and gems you can get on the way. Right now, this time instead of running, which is generally how these video games go, you will be traveling in a cart. To manage the cart, you will need to swipe your finger across your screen and also point your device from side to side. That permits you to jump from single track to another, and also learn outside of the cart to collect the coins and gemstones that are floating along with the track. The game consists of 5 different worlds, each with unlimited possibilities since you are playing on randomly created routes.


7. Pitfall

Pitfall! is an Android and an iOS remake of the game app of the same title first released in 1982. The latter, created by Activision, has become the second highest-selling game in the history of Atari 2600. The latest version of Pitfall! has visuals and gameplay that are entirely different from the original. The graphics have received a large facelift to make them suitable to the present day, including 3D settings and polygonal models. The gameplay has also changed considerably. Pitfall! is a 3D endless and action runner very similar to Subway Surfers: they even share the same setting (a jungle rife along with threat and an Indiana Jones-style explorer). Gamers can slide along the ground and jump over various hurdles scattered around their route, and must tilt the device from one aspect to another to gather treasure. Just like in Temple Run. Pitfall! is a great endless action runner which not only has excellent graphics, and also offers quite a few pleasant surprises. Its only negative point is that it depends too much on its name, and provides a gameplay that’s too universal.


8. Into the Dead

Into the Dead is a first-person action game where gamers will step into the footwear of a survivor from the zombie apocalypse who is seriously running the current area, which is full by zombies. The game is managed using your device’s accelerometer, so if you tilt your current phone to one side, your character will head in a single straight, and if you tilt it to another side, he will move the other way. Also, you can touch the screen to utilize weapons, though that is not as essential. An important thing in ‘Into the Dead’ is eliminating the zombies that show on the horizon and that will remove you if they touch you. Also, as you run, you will encounter more hurdles, such as trees, fields of corn, abandoned tractors and much more. Most things that slow you down could be fatal.


9. Run Like Hell

Run Like Hell! A game that begins with our hero running from the bunch of cannibals which are trying to eat him, and you have to run nonstop, dodging all the hurdles to remain in front of them. The controls are quite simple, as the primary character keeps moving forward in the straight line automatically, leaving the player having to bend simply just or jump accordingly every time they get an obstacle in their way. About dodging challenges, you need to collect ‘power ups’ that you will find along the way, these provide you different improvements to make your escape easier. The game functions more than thirty levels in its story setting, it also comes with an endless game mode and finally a time trial mode, so, in principle, you are confirmed hours and hours of entertaining.


10. Boson X

Boson X is a platform video game that will allow you to control a teacher, Mr. Boson; that need to run nonstop using a particle collider to find out mysterious and unknown particles. Gameplay in Boson X is just like that of other 3D ‘endless action runner’ app, but with a few small differences. Although the objective is to run unlimited and try to get as far as possible, to do so you might have just three control keys: jump left, jump right, and jump center. At the same time, the ground platforms appear and vanish along the way. The trick is that the longer you press the button, the further you jump. Its means you need to judge every jump entirely, calculating how far you have to go to land on the next platform while estimating which direction you will need to transfer further onward. Boson X video game with extremely enjoyable gameplay that also has some fantastic graphics and technical elements. Best of all, it’s totally free and also includes online leaderboards.


11. Canabalt HD

Canabalt HD is a kind of an original Canabalt designed to play directly in your web browser. The original was one of many games responsible for making the limitless running and jumping subgenre very familiar. That means that you just require one button to play – the jump button. Your character will maintain running ahead automatically, and it’s your choice to inform him when to jump from building to building and when to dodge hurdles. The game’s soundtrack is the one other fantastic element – Daniel Baranowsky of Super Meat Boy fame has composed it. Canabalt HD has become the most genuinely fun as well as simple games that have come out during the last few years. It’s a gem of a game that’s now available on any internet browser.


12. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Despicable me: Minion Rush is another ‘endless action runner’ in 3D in the type of Temple Run where the players will need to control the famous minions of the movie Despicable Me. The purpose of the game, as always happens in this style, will be to try to receive as far as possible when you collect as many bananas as you can within your run. Using these bananas, once you have completed the race, you can purchase different elements that will unlock new performances for the minions. An additional part that is very enjoyable from Despicable Me: Minion Rush is the customization of the minions. You can give them all kinds of disguises and accessories to make them look as funny as in the movies or even more.


13. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is an easy game in which you have an enjoyable character whose sole purpose is usually to go as high as possible. The controls or this game are very simple, and you only need to move your character from one side to a different, as he automatically jumps to make contact with a platform. Additionally, if you use among the many ‘power ups’ they automatically help to create your character jump even higher. During the endless ascent, you will need to be careful with falling, definitely, and also, there are many dangerous elements such as opponents or breakable platforms. Doodle Jump is an easy and fun app. Among the good ones on iPhone and now you can enjoy it on your Android handset.


14. Giant Boulder of Death

Giant Boulder of Death is an exciting 3D video arcade game in which gamers manage a large boulder rolling downhill. Your objective: cause as much chaos and damage as possible on the way. Players can control the boulder in a variety of different options although automatically they have to depend on their particular device’s accelerometer, tilting the device to the left to move the boulder left and tilted it to the right to change the boulder right. Also, you jump by pushing on screen. Along the way downhill, players need to try to destroy all sorts of challenges, such as trees, villagers, houses, fences, and several other items. However, you will need to avoid other giant boulders, and barbed-wire fences, that will stop you in your tracks if you touch them. Giant Boulder of Death is an arcade game with very simple game mechanics, but very fun development. Also, it also has a great soundtrack and graphics.


15. Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 is an action game that follows events in the 3rd film of the Iron Man franchise will again put us in the shoes of Tony Stark to fight one of the most powerful villains in the exciting Marvel universe. This app game will require us to 3 various places in which we’ll be allowed to fight against lots of opponents: Malibu, New York, and China. All these locations come with an infinite number of levels just because are generated randomly each time we start a game. During our objectives, and also ordinary opponents with which we won´t have a lot of a problem, we’ll also have to deal with better-known names like Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stane, Living Laser or the effective M.O.D.O.K. However, the Mandarin, his archenemy in the film, won´t be there.


16. Looney Tunes Dash!

Looney Tunes Dash! Is an endless action runner app where you handle Bugs Bunny, Tweety, or the Highway Runner. With them, you need to run through various levels, all filled with dangers like dynamite, cliffs, Elmer Fudd, and Tasmanian Devil. Gameplay in Looney Tunes Dash! Is extremely just like that of other games in this style like Temple Run or Hunger Games: Panem. Move your character from one side to another by moving your finger from left to right or vice versa, and jump or slide on the ground by moving your finger down or up, respectively. By using these controls, you will need to get past all the (many) hurdles you will find along the way. Your goal in every level is to reach the end without being caught by Elmer Fudd. To perform this, you need to use the different power-ups that range from turning you into a superhero to transforming you into Gossamer ‘the mighty red hairy monster in Looney Tunes’.


17. Ski Safari

Ski Safari is a platform video game app in which you need to ski down a snow slope as quickly as you can while an avalanche slowly bears down on you. Luckily you’ll have lots of help to keep this from happening. The aspects of the game are quite just like epic Tiny Wings as you have to compute the length of your jumps with a lot of precision to achieve speed and land exactly where you should land after each jump. The real difference, however, is that you can apply all kinds of crazy points to go faster and maintain dodging the avalanche a little while longer on your ride. Such as, you can ski on penguins or only ride an abominable snowman, which will run a lot faster than you.


18. Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a first-person video game app in which you have to throw iron balls against all sorts of different surfaces, beginning with glass. Your objective is to receive points by breaking everything in sight. The camera acts on its accord, and also, your sole aim is to touch the screen in the areas where you wish to throw your balls. Obviously, you will need to keep the game’s practical physics engine in your mind, since many instances your balls is unable to reach their destination. The best fun part about Smash Hit is the natural behavior of every aspect of each level. The balls bounce logically, and when the glass shatters it’s a picture to see. Smash Hit is a fun first-person ‘shooter’ along with stunning graphics as well as simple gameplay combining into a fantastic game.


19. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is the platformer/action game having a mechanic just like to Temple Run, in which you need to run away the police in a harmful and apparently abandoned train station, along with trains passing by at full speed. You had better be careful! Subway Surfers you cannot moderate your character using the accelerometer. Instead, you need to go your character among three ‘lanes’ by using your finger in all directions. Of course, you can jump over hurdles and spin on the ground to avoid some others. You also can use various gadgets like jetpacks or skateboards to help you to in your unending race. Such as you’d expect in this kind of game, you must finish different adventures that enable you to acquire coins to purchase upgrades. It’s is not new, but it is still enjoyable. The visuals of Subway Surfers are amazing. It’s correct, the character models and smoothness are a real handle. Subway Surfers is very interesting game having an easy and addictive mechanic. It maintains you glued to the display for hours while attempting to overcome our buddies records, which you can check over the internet.

More About Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash is a platform game starring Sonic. It functions very similar gameplay to the now classic ‘Subway Surfers’ to create a thrilling experience that requirements that you have real reactions if you wish to succeed. Everything that you’d expect from a Sonic: The Hedgehog game is here: familiar-looking levels, power-ups that provide you different capabilities, and well-known characters like Tails and Knuckles. In Sonic Dash, you may also challenge your friends and family to matches on the internet, thanks to online category tables. To do this, you simply play the game as you normally would, then send your score to your friends to allow them to try to beat it. If they do, they win – if they don’t, then you’ve won.