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Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces is another amazing hall-of-fame game where you have to run and complete the challenging levels with the real players from all over the world. Sonic Forces – Sonic Dash Evolution is an extremely engaging game introduced in the market by SEGA Inc… read more
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23 Apps Like Sonic Forces for Android

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1. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is one of the most ancient yet the most engaging and a kind of exquisite action game that you can play with only a single hand. Super Mario Run – Control Mario With just a Tap, Game was presented in the market by Nintendo Co., Ltd. which allows its global users to enjoy ultimate gameplay with exclusively simple controls, being loved by millions of kids and adults alike. You can control the Mario with a single tap as he is constantly running forward and you can make stylish jumps, wall jumps, mid-air spins, and various other things to gather more coins to reach the goal. It enables you to enjoy all the modes such as World Tour, Remix 10, Kingdom Builder, and Toad Rally, etc. Super Mario Run – Control Mario With just a Tap, Game is free to download platform, and you can enjoy all the modes of the game without any additional payment. Each of its levels contains their own essence and helps you travel through caverns, airships, castle, airships, ghost houses, and various other things on the move. Super Mario Run – Control Mario With just a Tap, Game allows you to clear all the exciting levels and courses to reach and rescue the Princess Peach from Bower, who is waiting in her castle at the end.


2. Manuganu

Manuganu is an amazing platform running game which enables its worldwide users to enjoy one of the best running adventure available on play store. Manuganu is a gigantically used running adventure game introduced in the market by Alper Sarikaya, in which you have to help Manuganu while running, sliding from ropes, jumping through mountains, dodge rocks, and do loads of other exciting things. The game allows you to avoid jump over moving ice block and swinging hampers, and don’t get burned. It allows you to jump between walls to grab more and more coins and medallions. You can break stones blocks and effectively activate the platforms before you fall into the fog. Manuganu is an ultimate 3D side-scroller running game where you have to control the boy from all the obstacles as well as monsters. It brings the Halt feature to avoid hammers, flames, swinging rocks, and other enemies with the right time jump, slide over and slide down, etc. It contains more than 30 difficult and engaging levels, each with its own fragrance and design according to the level theme. Other than these, Manuganu supports two-button controls, genuine soundtrack, and a set of three different environments in full 3D graphics.


3. Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures is a marvelous game that comes with an exciting mix of breathtaking visuals and timeless adventures right under one platform. Rayman Adventures – Run, Explore and Collect Game is a widely used gaming app produced in the market by Ubisoft Inc. which enables its worldwide users to have quality time through this epic platformer to explore gigantic worlds. In the game, the antique eggs have been stolen and scattered across the world where you have to help Rayman along with his buddies to rescue these eggs. Rayman Adventures – Run, Explore and Collect lets you embark on an amazing adventure which consists of more than 55 playable characters including Rayman, Teensie, Globox, Barbara, and various others. Rayman Adventures – Run, Explore and Collect game allows you to run, hover, swim, and take a giant flying leap as you dash over more than 200 amazingly engaging levels. Rayman Adventures game allows you to explore almost 7 exquisite worlds in this action-packed 2D platform. You can grow your own Sacred Tree to soar above the competition and even to unlock extraordinary adventures. Rayman Adventures – Run, Explore and Collect game lets you jump into the action and enjoy nail-biting battles against Bandits, Minotaurs, and many other thrilling monsters.


4. Jungle Adventures 2

Jungle Adventures 2 is an amazing game where the fruity jungle is in real trouble, and an enormously ugly magician has stolen all the fruits of the forest to become immortal. Jungle Adventures 2 is a fine game developed by Rendered Ideas Inc. where you can meet Addu, which is the fearless adventurer who is set out to bring all the fruits back to the homeland with the assistance from you. This adventure game is loved by millions of folks from around the world due to its classic gameplay, easy and effective controls, simple yet awesome graphics, ability to double jump, tons of boss battles, over 60 ultimate levels and much more features which is suitable for people of all ages. Jungle Adventures 2 allows you to explore the real fantasy world where you can choose which character you want to play along with engaging power-ups. It enables you to use your two pets a Coco and Bullian who have very significant traits to assist you in your battles against gigantic bosses. Addy (the character of the game) can swim, jump, pick up or throw stones over enemies to kill them, ride over his pets in his journey, and do various other tactics. Jungle Adventures 2 allows you to enjoy the extreme engaging gameplay with awesome hurdles and enemies and lets you explore the arcades intuitively.


5. Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic brings the real speeds across seven classic zones as sonic the hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog Classic – SEGA’s Platform Hit Returns App was presented in the market by the most famous SEGA Inc. which allows you to run and spin through loops and loops as you collect rings as much as you can and defeat enemies over your missions to rescue the world from evils. It allows you to join one of the SAGA forever classic game collections, and enjoy the treasure trove brought for the very first time over mobile. The Hedgehog now plays over widescreen at a smooth 60fps contributing unrivaled performances, and the game’s realistic music has been full-remastered. It allows you to challenge yourself in its mode of Time Attack. Sonic The Hedgehog Classic – SEGA’s Platform Hit Returns offers intuitive support for the Power A, XBOX, HID, Nyko, and Moga controllers. The Sonic Jam contained the first release of the game that gave sonic his spin dash move which returns yet again in this re-creation. Sonic The Hedgehog Classic – SEGA’s Platform Hit Returns is a free to play, awesome Sonic game which is optimized for all sort of mobile devices.


6. Wind-Up Knight 2

Wind-Up Knight 2 contains high-end platforming gameplay along with the mix of beautiful 3D world and realistic graphics. Wind-Up Knight 2 is a fine tool presented in the market by Robot Invader Inc. which brings your most likely clockwork automation with a humongous world, more insidious levels, and even crazy new mechanics. It allows you to double jump over the spike trap while plunging sword first over the crazed hippogriff which is so bad. The game contains elegant checkpoints, ice blocks, bouncy pads, rolling builders, wraps and a whole slew of unique mechanics. It also contains the feature of providing side quests in each of its engaging level which forces you to ruminate outside of the balloon. Wind-Up Knight 2 Game allows you to enjoy the tournament mode where you can school your leaderboard with your buddies by playing daily challenges having just a single life. You can also use awesome power-ups and flawless items to play your way and even customize the night intuitively. It is being played by millions of worldwide folks and has turned all the dials up to 11. Wind-Up Knight 2 contains engaging gameplay and incredible graphics to let you enjoy side quests, plenty of modes, and extreme customization of your Knight.


7. Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is a widely loved game which allows you to get your hands over the most epic, greatest installment of the Robot Unicorn Attack series to date. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is a marvelous game bought to you by the Adult Swim Games Inc. which allows you to choose between team inferno and team rainbow to play a unique level every day to win extremely awesome prizes. It allows you to enjoy race through 2 worlds at war, one of the Ice and Wonder and the other of harmony and rainbows. You can intuitively build and customize the unicorn in the way you want by selecting through plenty of bodies, wings, horns, manes, trails, and more. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Game allows you to unlock and arm yourself with more than 12 boost abilities including the gallow’s gallop, the rainbow savior, and various others. You can achieve both personal and community goals, enjoy battle against mighty bosses or giants, dash through their heavy solar beams, and personalized your quests by purchasing background music. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 game allows you to enjoy plenty of unique and amazing features of the game and customize their own unicorn in the way they want.


8. Sonic CD Classic

Sonic CD Classic is a great game where future, present, and past collides as Sonic Battles, and you have to save Amy Rose as well as the seven time stones. Sonic CD Classic is a marvelous product of Sega Inc. which allows you to get indulged into a collection of plenty of exciting levels to grab the coins and travel time to save the world. You have to travel through time to defeat the rival (Dr. Eggman) and his fiendish creations as well. It is a part of the collection of Sega Forever Class game, a treasure trove of SAGA Consoles classics became available over cell phones and tablets. In the Sonic CD Classic Game, you have to grab all the seven time stones to beat the rival and save the heroine of the game named Amy Rose. You can enjoy traveling through time between all the time versions of its level. You can use the spin dash and super peel out moves to zoom around stages. Sonic CD Classic is a free to play game which saves your progress, contains controller support, save the progress of your game, and have quality gaming time. You have to clear the game to unlock miles powers and also enjoy loads of new features both in Japanese and US soundtracks. So just grab Sonic CD Classic game and time travel to save the globe over the highly acclaimed sonic platformer which introduced Metal Sonic as well as Amy Rose.


9. Manuganu 2

Manuganu 2 is another marvelous gaming app which is probably the modified and more engaging version of Manuganu platform runner game. Manuganu 2 is a great product introduced in the market by Alpher Sarikaya Inc., which brings a classy version contains lots of action and ultimate features for new adventures, for all the lovers of Manuganu. Manuganu-2 is a side-controller running game where you can enjoy controlling Manuganu and help him in all the exciting levels. This gaming app contains never-ending action with a collection of almost 40 unequally designed levels where you have to beat almost four epic bosses to complete the SAGA. It enables you to collect all the items to win extra rewards and follow alternative paths to collect the three stars and gain real achievements. Manuganu 2 allows you to run away from the enemies and dodge the obstacles by using the halt feature. Some of the platforming actions of Manuganu 2 includes running, rolling, jumping, flying, and swimming, and you can enjoy the original soundtrack as well. So just grab Manuganu 2 game where the Manuganu has flying and swimming feature, which can easily be mages with the single touch of the button and it will be more stimulating than ever with the enhanced climb feature as well.


10. Super Bino Go

Super Bino Go is a marvelous school adventure game which amazes you with one of the most engaging adventures of Bino and contains loads of surprising features as well. Super Bino Go – New Games 2019 is an up to the mark gaming app presented by OneSoft global PTE. LTD. which enables all the adults and teenagers to lead their step back in the time of their childhood with the legendary missions of rescuing the princess being hacked by the monsters. In the game, you have to fight against all the rivals and ugly monsters through plenty of islands to rescue the beautiful princess at the final stage. It contains 7 iconic islands and almost 140 classy levels having 7 fierce to defeat to move to the next islands. Super Bino Go – New Games 2019 carries cool controls like in the ancient times where you just feel free to save the princess at her fort. You have to seek assistance using your collected coins to buy as well as from almost 3 powerful items hidden in the bricks. You can grow up drinks to get bigger, fire drink to throw the bomb, and shield drink that will protect you from harm in a limited amount of time. Super Bino Go – New Game lets you go under the pipes to reveal some classy lands as well, which contains even more excitement and are filled with a bundle of coins.


11. Super Tux

Super Tux is a classic 2D jump and runs sidescroller platformer which contains a cute penguin which needs your assistance to run safely through all the levels. Super Tux is great run’n’jump game presented by Pelya Inc., which contains loads of engaging and unique levels which you need to finish safety. The game contains loads of exciting levels having their own pitch of complexity and engagingness. You are provided by a penguin which can jump, collect coins, move forward and backward, and throw fireballs to destroy the enemies. Apart from these fireballs, you can also beat your enemies by jumping over them. Super Tux Game brings cute little enemies, and you have to destroy them all and go to the end to complete the level. It allows you to catch more and more coins available on each of the levels. The Super Tux game is recommended to play over the mobile phone or TV (avoid playing through your remote, even if you can). Super Tux is an engaging game which allows you to beat all the enemies and clear the rounds to become the winner.


12. Super Jabber Jump 3

Super Jabber Jump 3 is a classic platform game which takes you back to the old days where you have to take all the gold coins back and enjoy the adventure ultimately. Super Jabber Jump – Play as You are Young, is a great adventure game presented in the market by Gameone Inc. where the ancestral gem of the Jabber has been robbed, and you have to start the adventure to get them back. You have to help and control jabber to jump, pounce, and run over monsters. It allows you to start your adventure anytime you want, run across 5 worlds as you successfully smash all the ugly monsters that you face in the game. Super Jabber Jump 3 – Play as You are Young! The Game is filled with unexpected and tricky obstacles where you have to make the ultimate struggle to get to the final destination. It contains a collection of more than 100 fully furnished levels, ultra-realistic graphics, amazing sound, magnificent animation, and the journey full of challenges. Super Jabber Jump – Play as You are Young Game contains customized props which can easily be unlocked and you can even upgrade them to get more assistance.


13. Jungle Monkey Run

Jungle Monkey Run is one of the most engaging jungle running game which enables its worldwide users to enjoy running through the jungle to have fun time. Jungle Monkey Run is a marvelous game presented by Marble.lab Inc. which enables its worldwide users to have loads of exciting levels for finding food in the jungle. There are dozens of crisis in the forest like spiders, bouncing flowers, savage species, fountains, and so on. It brings wonderful graphics along with amazing sounds to run through a pack of 100 exciting levels. It supports simple controls where the monkey would have to run and jump only. Other than these, you have to break all the stone ball, catch tree rattan to glide further, wreck the wooden box, and destroy the enemies who are resisting you to finish the levels. Jungle Monkey Run is a fun game where the bouncing flowers and fountain can make you jump higher, and the banana leaves let you slide over the water. You just have to help monkey running out of the forest and collect as more and more bananas as you can. Jungle Monkey Run adds more exciting features as well as levels to let all the players enjoy one of the best jungle running game right over their mobile phones.


14. Amazing World of Ted

Amazing World of Ted is another simple yet engaging game where the princess of the wonderland got kidnapped by the monsters and evils, and you have to rescue her from danger and let her feel free. Amazing World of Ted was presented in the market by Island.std Inc., which brings one of the most enduring and popular series of all time. It allows you to assist Ted (the super boy) to run and jump over all the obstacles while fighting against the snakes, snails, bees, and dozens of other small and gigantic monsters in the dangerous forest. You can also climb up huge mountains or stairs, and explore plenty of jungle, castle adventure world. Amazing World of Ted Game carries smooth gameplay, beautiful graphics, attractive sound, classic platform game style, and various other things to enjoy. It lets you explore almost 3 worlds which includes forest, desert, and beach, and keeps on updating its map as well. Apart from these, Amazing World of Ted also contains more than 20 enemies (including King Kong, spiders, ghosts, bees, bugs, snakes, and more) and various other items including burger, tennis balls, bullet, and Powerball, etc. You can press right or left to move, direct crash enemy, collect all coins and bonus items, eat fire to shoot enemy, and earn more points to win.


15. Adventure Beaks

Adventure Beaks allows you to begin your quest with the game which is only the platform running simulation where you assemble an expedition party of the Penguin Adventure. Adventure Beaks – Run, Duck, Jump, and Swim is a fine game developed in the market by GameResort Inc. which enables its worldwide users to enjoy exploring antique lands and exotic ruins over the journey to discover the hidden mysteries of the artifacts. It supports running, jump, dive, and slid your way through tricky traps, cavernous mazes, enemy hoards, and various others through simple and responsive touch controls. It contains more than 50 tricky and exciting levels to explore where each of its levels with its own charm. Adventure Beaks – Run, Duck, Jump, and Swim bring 16 brutal challenge levels with over 150 mind-blowing side missions and over 198 clothing items to dress your penguins. The game brings engaging gameplay where you can enjoy tricky levels, exquisite challenges, and loads of customizing tools on the way. Adventure Beaks – Run, Duck, Jump, and Swim is a fine game where you can grab more and more coins, enjoy exciting levels, engaging gameplay, effortless controls, and more.


16. Alfie Run

Alfie Run is an exquisite platform runner game which allows you to enjoy an ultimate adventure filled with thrilling levels and exciting gameplay. Alfie Run is a fine game developed by Free Games for Everyone Inc. which brings a cute character with a mustache on his face and needs your help to complete the journey. The game enables its worldwide users to run and collect more and more coins by killing or dodging all the enemies which cone on the way. The game allows you to join Alfie in this exciting side-scrolling adventure through the ultimate set of levels of jumping and running. It contains easy to play, screen touch controls where you have to simply touch the screen to jump and tap twice to double jump as well. Alfie Run is a fun game which contains simple gameplay with easy controls where you have to jump over the hurdles to collect more and more coins and enjoy things in the way like never before. Alfie Run Game is a thrilling runner game which now introduces a Dino Friend to assist you in your adventure as well. The game contains a hell of new items, one hand play scenario, amazing crystal clear graphics, highly animated characters, Dino Friend Mount, and various other features. Alfie Run Game is a classic runner game style which lets you run and jump through amazing levels, collect coins, and enjoy plenty of amazing things on the way.


17. Mega Man

Mega Man lets you play a piece of gaming history with the original game, the action-packed classic platformer right over your mobile phone. Mega Man was presented in the market by Capcom Co., LTD Inc., which optimizes the difficulty and gameplay for all the mobile phones and brings loads of exciting features for everyone uses the game. It captivated users at the time of its release with its challenging gameplay as well as an innovative concept of taking the weapons from your enemies, then using them to exploit the faintness. Mega Man game features a choice of two difficulty levels, including the normal mode (unlimited continuous) or the hard mode. In the normal mode, the continue screen is displayed whenever the character dies, selecting continue enables you to restart from the last checkpoint that you have gone through in the present stage. While on the other hand, the challenging mode limits your number of continues as well as enemy attacks compact more injury. You can search Elec Man’s stage for the magnet beam which allows you to place platforms wherever you like. You will have to defeat guts man and get his weapon to access the magnet beam or even defeat the Elec Man and play through the stage again with his weapon.


18. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure lets you join Alto and his friends they embark on endless snowboarding gameplay. Alto’s Adventure – A Serene Snowboarding Odyssey is a flamboyant game presented by Noodlecake Studio Inc. which allows you to enjoy the journey across amazing alpine hills of their native deserts or wilds, through ancient woodlands, neighboring villages, and long-abandoned ruins. Along the way, you will save runaway llamas, leap over terrifying chasms, grind rooftops, and out with the mountain elders, and various other stuff while bracing the ever-changing elements as well as the passage of time upon mountains. Alto’s Adventure – A Serene Snowboarding Odyssey brings graceful, exhilarating and fluid physics-based gameplay, procedurally generated terrain based over real-world snowboarding with procedurally generated terrain based over the real world snowboarding. It brings fully dynamic lighting and weather effects such as a thunderstorm, rainbows, blizzards, shooting stars, and more. It is easy to learn app, which helps you test your skills with over 180 handcrafted goals. Alto’s Adventure – A Serene Snowboarding Odyssey also allows you to challenge your friends and compete against them for achieving the best score, best trick combo, best distances, and more.


19. Adventures Story 2

Adventures Story 2 lets you jump into the world of adventure and real fun, from a Pirate ship to a green island and from the candy land to the bunny land right under one platform. Adventures Story 2 – Super Jungle Adventures/Action is a fine game for everyone love picking candies and winning against ugly enemies. The game brings Chingu who has the weakness of sleeping and candies, who dream about candies for all the time and you have to help him while grabbing all the candies comes on the way. It helps you experience an amazing mix of exploration and fun by facing plenty of bosses and super cute enemies to fight with. Adventures Story 2 – Super Jungle Adventures/Action lets you enjoy smooth controls and funny animation which gives life to all the characters of the game. It lets you set off over an ultimate adventure with awesome visuals. It contains loads of challenging levels to explore with your companions and pets while you fight for survival in this fantasy world. The game lets you show off your skills by going through all the challenging levels and special bosses. Adventures Story 2 – Super Jungle Adventures/Action Game lets you explore engaging levels while collecting delicious candies and fight against ultimate bosses to be the hero.


20. Penguin Run 2

Penguin Run 2 is one of the most adventurous running game which allows you to enjoy easy controls to run through exciting levels. Penguin Run – Running Game is a great tool developed in the market by CoolStudios Inc. which allows you to explore the secret world by grabbing coins, fighting against enemies, dodge the barriers, and have quality time with your buddies. The Penguin Ruba found an antique map over the warehouse of his grandfather and leads to a mysteries world. The Ruba decide to explore the secret world and is so danger and also plenty of monsters in the whole universe. Ruba needs your help, and you have to help the penguin run out of the world. Penguin Run 2- Running Game lets you run as well as jump across plenty of platforms and atop all the enemies in themed levels. It has plenty of challenging and engaging levels to play and discover tons of things underneath. Penguin Run 2- Running Game contains amazing world (such as green snow and ice world), awesome graphics, addictive gameplay, more than 50 challenging level design, easy and intuitive controls, and plenty of highly animated enemies on each step of your journey.


21. Super Cat World

Super Cat World is one of the most complex and engaging action game filled with exciting challenges and traps, made for only the most experienced gamers from all over the globe. Super Cat World: Syobon Action HD is an amazing game developed in the market by Chis Dan PFA Inc. which allows you to control a cute little cat inspired by a Japanese Emoji and your task is to secure the world from the troll chicken who was transformed the world inhabitants evil. It contains old-style gameplay where you can get power-ups, exciting set of enemies, and tons of exciting things on the move. The gameplay of this game is in style of old platformers, but a lot more organization, as well as coordination is required along with the jumps need to be timed flawlessly. Super Cat World: Syobon Action HD is amazing and pretty much a modern cover of the classic game for cell phone devices so that it can intuitively be played for loads more years by the fans. It is a 2D Japanese video game which contains elements parodying the classic game and is famous for a high level of unpredictable traps and difficulty. Super Cat World: Syobon Action HD lets you enjoy engaging gameplay, and you can play it in the way you want.


22. Super Plumber Run

Super Plumber Run is an exclusive game for all the crazy fans of adventure game where you can enjoy things in the way you want. Super Plumber Run Adventure was developed in the market by Free Apk Inc. where you have to run through a bundle of awesome levels which contains engaging enemies, intuitive gameplay, elegant sound, amazing power-ups, and plenty of classy things on the way. The game contains a plumber man as a character who is the hero in his own world. One day the plumber man realizes that he must track as well as collect all the coins in his world before the monster stole them all. It allows you to enjoy the run through the amazing land where you have to run, jump, and collect as many coins as you want. Super Plumber Run Adventure Game contains many challenging obstacle, an intuitive touch interface, physics-based platforming, and you can precisely share your high score with your buddies through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and various other social media apps. It contains amazing graphics and cute little enemies over each of its exciting levels. Super Plumber Run Adventure Game lets you help the plumber to collect all the coins and protect the world from being the hero.


23. Super Boy

Super Boy carries exciting gameplay where an evil wizard appears and kidnaps all the villagers except the super boy who is the main character of the game. Super boy – Super World and Adventure Run Game is developed in the market by Super Jungle Adventure Inc. where you have to go through amazing levels filled with loads of coins, amazing mini creatures as enemies, amazing graphics, realistic sounds, and plenty of features for free. The game brings more than 120 challenging levels with over 12 bosses to fight and keeps on updating its stuff. Super boy – Super World Game is an adventure run game with amazing controls and great graphics where they super boy run also having sound effects. Its amazing graphics and awesome music retains your attention and helps you enjoy everything whenever you want. Superboy – Adventure Run is a classic platform game with over 5 multiple worlds including forest, desert, ice, and more. You can customize the props, upgrade as well as unlock them to help you in a way like never before. Other than these, Super Boy – Super World & Adventure Run lets you enjoy battles against more the 20 enemies and power up obstacles with 7 leaderboards and almost 26 achievements.

More About Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces is another amazing hall-of-fame game where you have to run and complete the challenging levels with the real players from all over the world. Sonic Forces – Sonic Dash Evolution is an extremely engaging game introduced in the market by SEGA Inc. which enables its worldwide users to enjoy running through many exciting arenas along with their friends just to find out who is the real master of speed. Apart from running the game also lets you sprint, attack, set traps, and dodge other fans intuitive and lets you enjoy the fun multiplayer game right over your mobile phones. You can run as fast as you want with on-track grind rails and dash pads. Sonic Forces – Sonic Dash Evolution Game allows you to drive other players into badniks and hurdles, and attack your enemies with the lightning, fireballs, tornadoes, mines, and more. It lets you win ultimate trophies to unlock dozens of new and challenging tracks available in the game. You can race as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Rouge and more. Other than these, Sonic Forces – Sonic Dash Evolution game allows you to unlock unique and ultimate characters, compete for rings, complete missions for having spectacular rewards and top the leaderboards.