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SonicBox is a platform for independent artists. It is a live video streaming app. It is one of the best most visited video chat community. SonicBox offers a variety of videos of many artists and musicians. It has a huge list of categories, and each category contains many videos… read more
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21 Apps Like SonicBox



Streamago is a platform through which you can make interaction with your beloved ones through live video. This app provides the dream for live streaming. This app gives you options to share your video broadly and privately.

Facebook Live

Facebook live is an app by Zuckerberg with an outstanding feature of video sharing. The live streaming of this platform has a significant advantage built into the societal networking site itself.


Meerkat is a video streaming application that despite what its name indicates, the official app from the developers of Meerkat that allows you to watch Meerkat streams live from your mobile phone devices.


Periscope is an efficient and light-weight official live streaming application from Twitter. By using it, you can broadcast online using just your Twitter account. Finally, its interface is stylish, user-friendly, and pretty.


Walkie is an amazing feature for smartphone users for live streaming. This app offers you to get live videos and allows you to live stream with a twist. Through this live streaming app, you can realize who is watching Youtube video at the same time so that you can interact and share in real-time.


InstaLively is a live video streaming platform. InstaLively is a platform from which Android users can choose to broadcast their videos on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. Your family members and friends can look out your doings with these sort of social sites.

YouTube Live

Youtube Live is a platform which comes into existence for sharing watching and downloading different sort of videos. This is a miraculously leading site for watching different videos of the various broadcasters across all over the world.


YouNow is a platform for live video streaming. You can connect to the audience by going live and can chat with the live broadcast through this platform. YouNow is a remarkable platform through which you can stay in touch with the audience.


Livestream is a remarkable app through which you can stream and explore your content live. You can broadcast live through your smartphone to viewers to watching on Livestream, Twitter, Facebook or any other website.
0 offers a platform through which you not only can do live streaming but also can chat in real time, gives likes and just like a popular streaming app you can see view counts.


Zapstream is a new competitor in the live streaming sector. This app allows the user to draw, add visual and aural effects and add text directly to the live streams in real-world.

Hang W/

Hang W/ is a video streaming app through which you can share your exciting moments and experiences with your fellow beings including friends, family members, and other peoples. If you have an interesting life, then this platform enables you to share your fantasy videos to others in a convenient way.


Glide is a kind of live video chatting messengers that in addition to holding video chatting used for the purpose of live streaming and broadcasting as well. The specialty of Glide is that it combines the convenience of video calling and text messaging at one place.


Teleparty is a live video sharing and streaming app. It is an amazing communication tool. This app allows you to do video chat and get connected with each other. You just have to record your experience and memories and share it with your friends, colleagues and other members of your life.


Skeegle is an app established for live video streaming. It is a social platform that allows the people to broadcast their live videos to their followers and beloved ones. You can share different sort of videos to your friends and family members and get them aware of your doings.


IPFSTube is an uploader for videos. It is a platform through which you can refer or receive the videos from your friends and family members. IPFSTube is a video provider app developed in July 2016 and updated on Dec 2016.


Sendvid is a simple and convenient video sharing and uploading app. This site does not provide privacy settings so that the uploads remain secured until shared. Sendvid is a perfect and costless platform through which you can easily share and host all of you videos.


i-Flicks is a video sharing web app where access is controlled by the broadcaster of the video. i-Flicks is a video sharing platform with links to the source code and software.


Beme offers the most unfiltered and simplest way to share your personal experience with others. Capture your real moments from the world with a convenient gesture and without interpretation. You can get acknowledgment about family, friends and entertaining peoples from placed far and near honestly live their lives, and you can also send them genuine reactions and reviews as you watch along.


Twitch is a live streaming video platform developed by Twitch Interactive, a subvention of, introduced in June 2011. This site primarily focused on broadcasts of eSports competitions, video gaming, including playthroughs (instruction that tells how to play a game) of video gaming, music broadcast and more recently creative content.


Dailymotion is one of the best video apps you can find today. Using a directory greater than thirty million videos, it grows bigger every day with all types of content through each and every source you can imagine.

More About SonicBox

SonicBox is a platform for independent artists. It is a live video streaming app. It is one of the best most visited video chat community. SonicBox offers a variety of videos of many artists and musicians. It has a huge list of categories, and each category contains many videos. You can upload your stuff to this platform to make your own community. This site offers a huge gallery of related data about games and TV shows. You can also enjoy different sort of plays and dramas over this platform. This platform keeps you touch with your fellow beings via videos. There are numerous artists and musicians who upload their videos on a daily basis for the amusement of other people. SonicBox is a multilingual site which is available in more than one languages. You can share SonicBox videos to some other platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and some others. This platform has its pages over Facebook, Twitter, and some other social media networks. This app contains modern and latest stuff about your favorite personalities. This platform aims to provide you the videos in bulk and from all over the world.

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