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Splashtop Whiteboard

Splashtop Whiteboard is another awesome product of Splashtop Inc. which has miraculously turned your iPad into an interactive whiteboard. This application is an upgraded version which precisely improves your efficiency and enhances the ease of use as compared to the original one… read more
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17 Apps Like Splashtop Whiteboard for Android

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1. Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes is a fine application which lets you create your own quizzes in seconds and play anywhere, on your own as well as with friends and have learning fun. Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes lets you unleash your creativity and the true magic of learning for teachers, office superheroes, trivia fans, students, and lifelong learners. It is a highly optimized and easily customizable app comes with a whole bunch of superpowers. This intuitive application allows everyone to create a game in minutes, or when you’re on the move. Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes works tremendously great for student projects and can also be a hot hit at parties whenever you want to amaze your friends. It helps you discover quizzes on any of your respective topics from millions of games on this intuitive platform. You can even join Kahoots hosted live as well. You can easily use the app as a game controller and win real-time medals. Apart from this, you can also put your quizmaster’s hat on and intuitively host your game for others on the big screen right using your own mobile phone or tablet. So just download Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes to play on your own and challenge any of your friends.


2. Logo Quiz

Logo Quiz has an outstanding community of people enjoy this app on a daily basis. It is probably one of the world-known app having more than 60,000,000 downloads from all over the world to guess the brands with this app. Logo Quiz is free to download and use app where you can amazingly enjoy guessing the brand’s names of tons of logos from some popular companies from all over the world. It lets you see various brands logos every day and everywhere. It has made more than 2500 logos available for you to guess in more than 52 exciting and breathtaking levels. Some of its core features include the Food Quiz (famous food from famous countries), Guess The Color (colour of tons of logos), Slogans (identify over 200 famous slogans), Minimalist (some surprise for you), and an expert mode having more levels on the way. Logo Quiz lets you enjoy over 2500 logos, 52 exciting levels, 15 languages support, 12 free hints every 15 minutes, switch between logos, details statistics, cloud save, learn more about the brand (after correct guessing), helpful clues, and frequent application update. So just download Logo Quiz app to enjoy the ultimate trivia app.


3. QuizUp

QuizUp is widely accepted as one of the most challenging and biggest trivia games over the internet because of shaking the minds of its players by throwing very interesting and mind challenging puzzles and questions. This free to play game is also the platform for making new creative friends as well. The main benefits that you will get by playing this game are access to the wide range of topics on every interest and subject, playing against friends in real time in case of having internet connection, getting the chance to discover the like-minded people and best above all it is a free game without any limitation and trial system. The playing system is not difficult at all. All you required is to challenge your friends or the new opponents in any topic for quick match. If they will able to solve it, they will get the point otherwise your rank over the scoreboard will improve. QuizUp contains a lot of topics on which discussion can be held and challenges can be made to others.


4. 7 Little Words

7 Little Words is a tremendously used application which enables its worldwide user to enjoy crossword puzzles, anagram games, word finds, and lot more. Each of its bite-sized puzzles includes almost 7 mystery words, 7 clues, and a collection of almost 20 letter groups to let you find mystery words by deciphering the combining and clues of letter groups. 7 Little Words – Daily Puzzles is a pretty much engaging platform which guarantees its fresh candidates that they would never have faced this kind of awesome stuff ever in their lives. This app contains almost 25 puzzles, and you can easily play any of them without any cost. This intuitive puzzle app keep on adding some fresh, new puzzles monthly and these may include non-themed or themed puzzles from its 5 difficulty levels. 7 Little Words – Daily Puzzles also brings a catalog of tens of thousands of additional puzzles that have been amassed since the original release. 7 Little Words app also carries subscription options as well, and you can subscribe here on monthly, weekly, and annually subscriptions basis. So just download this highly recommended word puzzle app named 7 Little Words – Daily Puzzles, and enjoy effective learning of various shocking and inspiring facts regarding stuff of this universe.


5. Quizlet

Quizlet is a massively used application which enables its global users to get one of the most intuitive and highly efficient ways to practice as well as master on stuff that you’re learning. Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards enables its users to create their own flashcards and learn sets or even choose from tens of thousands created by other of its students. There is almost over 30 million students study through this app because of it is one of the most leading flashcard and education app. This app helps its users to get test-day ready with learning and put your memory to the test with Write as well. Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards app has effectively made the learning of tons of stuff on language, history, science, vocab, Geo, and more in a simple yet handy way. You can even upgrade to Quizlet’s premium version to upload your images and stuff and get faster help from its team. It lets you race against the time in a game of Match and shares flashcards with friends and classmates of even to your students. So just download Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards, and enjoy learning as well as enhancing your study with the custom audio and images.


6. Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard app where people can collaborate, learn, and share with others without any boundaries. Explain Everything Collaborate bought into the market for letting you capture everything and share anything right on your mobile phones. This app enables its users to create unique and engaging visual stories and turn their ideas into real understanding. You can easily start with the infinite canvas, merge existing as well as new media, and annotate and text as well. It allows you to record every experience to store the best moments of ideation. Explain Everything Collaborate app allows its users to create videos and gifs, and then precisely share their most appealing and compelling stuff for their audience just to inspire them. You can communicate visually on the infinite canvas and easily use a laser pointer, add shapes, text clipart, web browsers, and draw in any colour. It helps you import document and multimedia in multiple formats such as PDF, PPT, KLS, TXT, BMP, PNG, MOV, MP3, MAV, AAC, and more. You can easily record the canvas to build guides, tourists, and immediate explanations of any kind to bring your ideas into real-life. So just download Explain Everything Collaborate app on your mobile phone, and share and connect without boundaries.


7. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free to use service or non-profits, schools, and almost everyone with a personal Google account. It is a great platform for learners as well as instructors to connect outside and inside of schools right through their smartphones. This app intuitively saves much of your time and paper and makes it super convenient to create classes, make communication, distributes assignments and stay well  organized. Google Classroom is an intuitive application which enables its users to get lots of benefits of effective learning. It enables teachers to add any number of students directly and share code with their class to join and only takes a few minutes to set up. The paperless or simple assignment workflow enables trackers to create, mark and review assignments intuitively and instantly, all in one place. While on the student point of view, Google Classroom enables all the students to see their assignment on an assignment page and all the class material are automatically filed into a folder in the Google Drive. It also enhances the communication for the real-time. You can easily download Google Classroom app on your phone, and get one of the most affordable and secure education sharing apps.


8. Trivia Crack

If you are an Android phone geek and like playing Trivia games then Trivia Crack is a social competing game designed for you. This add supporting application allow its players to set the funny but difficult challenges for their friends and opponents to lead in the world of trivia. The playing process of the game is not difficult at all but nothing could be said about those levels that take many days of the users for getting completed. The spinner wheel that is the main part of this game will throw some question to you that you need to answer. The player needs to answer the questions from the list of available six different categories. If you will be able to solve the question first you will get point and that will give you edge over your component. You need to be responsive and sharp minded for playing this game. In case you don’t possess both of these skills then doesn’t worry as this game with sharpen your mind with its fast moving questioning system.


9. Socrative

Socrative is an intuitive application which helps everyone to engage, access and personalize your classes for the real-time. This intuitive application allows educators to enjoy quick question polls, exit tickets, space, and quizzes races all with their Socrative Teacher app. this app will instantly aggregate, grades, and delivers visuals of the results to help you identify opportunities for further instructions. It helps everyone to save their precious time and visualize student understanding when it matters a lot. You just have to register for a Socrative Teacher account to get started here. This account will even work with other Socrative applications and even through all the browsers for its website as well. Your students can intuitively connect to your own unique space by opening their applications or joining your room at its official website on any device. While on the other hand, Socrative Teacher also enables its users to teachers to sign in using their Google Domain Email Address. Socrative Teacher features asking multiple choice or T/F questions, open-ended questions, the creation of your won quizzes, sharing quizzes with teachers, play games with its space race, and view students result for the real-time.


10. Nearpod

Nearpod is a one-shop-stop for computers and all the mobile devices in education, introduced by Nearpod, Inc. This is a must-have tool for schools and teachers that have access to a set of cellphone devices and computers for their classes. Near Pod is a highly sophisticated app which enables all the teachers, districts, and schools to use their tablets to manage the entire content on student’s mobile devices. This app seamlessly merges he interactive presentations, real-time assessment, and collaboration tools into one integrated platform. It is a great tool for teachers where they can access all their students using polls, open-ended queries, and multiple choice questions. Nearpod is a super powerful tool which provides us with the flexibility in as well as out of the classroom. It brings one of the most intuitive capacity to guide students through the presentations due to the interactive element of the presentation. You can intuitively create new slides and turn your PDFs, Google Slides, and PowerPoint into the interactive Nearpod presentation and choose from an ever-green library of CCSS content from the distinguished publishers and educators. Hence, Nearpod is a highly compatible app for both teachers as well as students to enjoy learning in an ultimate new way.


11. Seesaw

Seesaw is another intuitive application which has superbly deepen the family engagement in their kid’s learning and inspire them to do their best work. Seesaw: The Learning Journal introduced into the market by Seesaw Learning Inc. which brings a fine platform that inspire all your students to do their best work by saving much of their time. It helps you enjoy working on any device, shared or even one to one and is always free for teachers and parents. Seesaw: The Learning Journal allows its users to enjoy using more than 200,000 classrooms and 1 out of 2 schools in the United States. You can intuitively browse thousands of great and engaging activities ready to use in your classroom, lug home fewer papers, and easily collect student responses digitally. It even helps you hear and see what kids and students know so that you can better understand and manage their future progress. You can also give more differentiate support through feedback and comments and is compatible with hundreds of other application such as Apple and Google apps. So just download Seesaw: The Learning Journal, and let your students and kids to enjoy learning at the best possible level.


12. Photomath

Photomath is another intuitive math problem-solving app which allows you to point your camera towards a math problem. Photo Math is a tremendously used app introduced by Photomath Inc. through which you can enjoy scanning math problems for instant results. All you need to do is to point youth camera in front of any of your math problem and let it do the rest. Once you scan your camera, Photomath will miraculously show the results with the detailed and intuitive step by step instructions. This widely used math problem-solving app enables its users to enjoy camera calculator, handwriting recognition feature, step-by-step and more elaborative instructions, extraordinary and precise graphical approach, and a smart calculator right on the palm of your hands. Photomath supports decimal numbers, roots, arithmetic operations, integers, fractions, algebraic expressions, linear equations or inequalities, absolute equations and inequalities, quadratic equations and inequalities, trigonometry, exponential, systems of equations, logarithms, logarithmic functions, derivatives and integrals, and lot more. So just download this highly recommended match problem-solving app named Photomath, and resolve your next math mystery with simple clicks.


13. Aurasma

Aurasma is an AR app for image recognition. This deploys a tablet’s or smartphone’s camera to recognize real world images and then overlay media on top of them in the form of 3D models, videos, animations, and web pages. This app is changing the way you interact with the world. Use Aurasma and turn everyday objects, places, and images into new opportunities for engagement through striking augmented reality experiences. The platform of this app contains a powerful drag & drop web studio that makes its users able anyone to easily create, manage and track augmented reality experiences. First, create an account and create Aurasma and after that share with customers and fans. The best about Aurasma is that it has a wizard system making you able to use simple step by step procedure to make your own Aura and share it with others. You can build Aura using your photos and videos as well.


14. Airserver

Airserver is one of the most effective and advanced apps which allows you to project your mobile screens wirelessly, not just to a single, but to various Apple TVs, PC’s and other devices running AirServer at the same time. This application comes with a fine list of features for its worldwide users through which they can easily manage one of the most ultimate AirServer mirroring sender for your mobile phone. AirServer Connect for Apple TV is a great tool for teachers which allows them to freely move around with their device in hand, and makes it so easy to engage students and even enables them to share their collaborations and ideas with the entire class. While on the other hand, AirServer is a significant app for the business point of view through which they can seamlessly in the boardroom, meeting room, or anywhere you need to make that gigantic impression. Other than these, it also helps gamers and programmers to play their favorite games on the big screen and record tutorials consecutively. It does not support audio because of its lack of system audio capture support. So just download AirServer Connect for Apple TV, and enjoy intuitive mirroring.


15. Padlet

Padlet is a handy tool which is like your paper for your screen which allows you to start with an empty page and intuitively put whatever you want on it. This application allows you to upload a video, snap a selfie, write your own text posts, record an interview, upload some documents, and watch your Padlet come to life for the real-time. There are millions of people are already using this super talented application for Biographies, Blogs, Collaborative note-taking, Collages, Essays, Exit tickets, Feedback, Inspiration boards, Group birthday cards, Fashion design, Fitness tracking, CVs or Resumes. Digital bulletin boards, Creative writing prompts, Curriculum planning, and more. Padlet app has made it super convenient to collaborate in any settings along with views tailored for smaller devices as well. Other than these, Padlet is also ultimate beneficial for managing To-Do lists, Travel planning, Photo albums, Portfolios, Music playlists, Noticeboards, Lookbooks, Nutrition logs, Pen-pal messages, Professional development, Solo or group presentations, Q+A, Real estate listings, Timelines, Video playlists, Wedding planning, and Workflow organization, etc. right through your cell phone. So just download Padlet, and enjoy managing anything that you want through this extraordinary tool.


16. Lucidchart

Lucidchart is another flawless app which enables its users to edit and view all your Microsoft Visio files and Lucidchart files on your Android device. Lucidchart – Flowchart, Diagram & Visio Viewer is a classy application introduced by Lucid Software Inc. which allows you to import as well as view visual documents right through your mobile phone. You can easily view and manage all your Lucidchart documents using this app and enjoy importing visual docs from other apps, and export to PDF as well. This application enables you to get into a community of more than 6 million people who trust this app to make process flows, network diagrams, flowcharts, wireframes, and nearly any other diagram using their smartphones. Lucidchart – Flowchart, Diagram & Visio Viewer lets you create a free account over here to easily create, view, edit, export and manage diagrams on your phones, tablets, and the web. You can create new docs, edit existing docs created by another device or the teammates, and import your visual doc’s diagrams to collaborate with colleagues and for keeping your previous work. So just download Lucidchart – Flowchart, Diagram & Visio Viewer, and enjoy creating, viewing, and sharing stuff with ease.


17. Pearltrees

Pearltrees is another intuitive application which enables its users to save bookmarks, eBooks, PDF files, photos, images, notes, files, and so much more and you can easily manage them into meaningful collections. Pearltrees is a much-needed app introduced by Pearltrees Inc. which allows everyone to discover as well as share millions of contents on your much loved topics for free and intuitively access all their interests anytime, anywhere. It has introduced the most elegant and visual way to collecting as well as sharing online content and lets you put the whole of your library in your pocket to let you access the much-needed stuff on time. You can easily access your favorite and important documents and have everything at your fingertips. It allows its users to access their collections anywhere including computers, mobile, tablets, and other portable devices. It helps you keep your preferred books, comics, movies, photos, tutorials, pieces of art, and almost everything you like right in your mobile phone for an easy and quick access. Rather than these, you can also browse your favourite things and explore millions of topics blazingly fast. You can easily collaborate on your favorite topics and give more strength to your stored stuff by creating their sections. So just download Pearltrees, and enjoy effective management.

More About Splashtop Whiteboard

Splashtop Whiteboard is another awesome product of Splashtop Inc. which has miraculously turned your iPad into an interactive whiteboard. This application is an upgraded version which precisely improves your efficiency and enhances the ease of use as compared to the original one. This application allows students as well as teachers to turn their iPad into an interactive and highly efficient whiteboard. Once they connected to their PC’s over the Wi-Fi, they can watch the Flash Media along with the fully synchronized audio and video, control MAC, and PC apps and then annotate lesson content from an iPad without any interact of the teacher from four corners and students at their desk of the class. Splashtop Whiteboard 2 enables users of existing interactive white boards (IWBs) such as Mobi, Polyvision, Promethean, Smart Technology, or Mimeo, etc. to extend their investments by retrieving their tools from anywhere. This app allows its users to get things in dam control by monitoring the computer applications such as PowerPoint, Keynote, or others on the classroom PC. It also lets you use the spotlight and screen shades tools to keep students committed and be free of room. So just download Splashtop Whiteboard, and enjoy precise access to its entire features.