11 Apps Like Splashy Fish

Splashy Fish is the enterprise of a flappy little feathered creature fish, and you need to help this powerless animal to accomplish its fundamental reason. The life of this fledgling fish will be in your grasp and by controlling this, you are required to swim it through the greatest number of hindrances as you can yet subject to two conditions, and that are; without tumbling to the base of the ocean or crashing into any of the snags. On the off chance that you have played Flappy Bird then, you will doubtlessly appreciate the Splashy Fish as the greater part of its components and play framework depend on the arrangement of Flappy Bird yet with enhancements in a significant portion of the elements. All control will be by a method for tap just that will make the fish to swim and after that, it is dependent upon you how cleverly you look after all – not touching the base and no crash with the hindrances and foes. For a superior execution, there are different currencies that you need to gather with a specific end goal to get the best high score to beat your companion. At that point, there are targets set for collecting the particular measure of coins against which you will get the fabulous things like the gold balance, ruler of the sea crown and different others.

Good alternative app?

In all actuality, there is no genuine flying fledgling in this app based game, yet the seat for flying is under the summon and control of a beautiful doggy. In this game, you will enjoy the flying of a little doggy that is the master in flying like an expert…

2Clumsy Bird
Good alternative app?

Clumsy Bird is an exciting flying experience game that everyone can play to substantiate himself. Here the player is required to get this flying winged animal departure through all sorts of snags and obstacles to make them ready to get back their eggs. This app based game is loaded with…

3Flying 2048
Good alternative app?

Flying 2048 is perhaps a standout amongst the most addictive flying recreations for the Android and iOS smartphones. It is a one of a kind sort of flying game that depends on the numbers framework where the flying numbered box came one by one, and the player is required to…

Good alternative app?

Ironpants is aptitude cleaning and an aeronautical testing game where the player is required to fly taking care of business keeping in mind the end goal to cover the more extended separation. Yet, these separations are not intended to be so natural like strolling on streets or avenues. There are…

5Flappy Bee
Good alternative app?

Flappy Bee is a lightweight app based game where the players have to stand out capacity to perform, and that is to keep the little honey bee safe and spare and make it ready to get his destination effortlessly. A truly addictive flying game that is perfect for each age.…

6Epic Bird
Good alternative app?

Epic Bird is a free flying and experience game that is loaded with savage foes and hard obstructions to surpass. There are a lot of funnels and massive amounts of adversaries wearing different senseless outfits in your way so as to make your adventure troublesome toward your last destination. It…

7Swing Copters
Good alternative app?

Swing Copters is a shiny new kind of flying game where the player is given the charge and control of a little helicopter that flies like a winged animal. In begin, it is exceptionally cool yet with the progression of time start to get hard and requires the most abnormal…

8Cookie Bird in Flying City
Good alternative app?

A charming and one of the best games for smartphones that were mainly created for the children yet now most famous for the adults as well. Cookie Bird in Flying City is the discover network up of a little winged creature and its propensity to gather treats that come in…

9Fluffy Bird
Good alternative app?

Fluffy Bird is a genuinely amusing and numerous hours of match playing game that is brimming with a riddle. Not at all like other flying recreations, it is minimal diverse. It is fit as a fiddle of mystery game where you need to coordinate the three flying creature and get…

10Flappy Wings
Good alternative app?

We should fly through the sky fit as a fiddle of a feathered creature in the brilliant world where all over gold and mint pieces and you need to gather all these to wind up the champion of your reality. The game is extremely easy to play however as you…

11Fly Birdie
Good alternative app?

Fly Birdie is a one tap flying experience game where you will be appointed to the gatekeeper boat of a modest flying feathered creature. The game is anything but difficult to play yet require the hard authority aptitudes for a glad consummation. The life of a winged creature is under…

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