Sports Betting

Sports Betting enables all the sports betters to enjoy betting nationwide over all your most likely sportsbook games, including all the major sports events and live in-play betting games. Sports Betting™ the Sportsbook Freeplay App is an elegantly designed tool developed in the market by Meritum Interactive Limited that helps you open a secure player account to get a welcome bonus of $2,000 for free… read more

Apps Like Sports Betting for Android

#1 BetMines Football Betting Tips


BetMines Football Betting Tips app lets you took a precise eye over all the suggested outcomes for each match without paying for anything. BetMines Free Football Betting Tips & Predictions is a stunning platform presented in the market by Sure Bet Expert Inc. that enables you to analyze the stats of teams and draw up your bets without doing much. It is free to use the football betting app that provides several tools to help you boost your rate of success and teach you how to bet.

You can effortlessly follow its daily betting tips for football, test your strategy, follow live score, analyses team statistics, create free virtual football bets, and much more. It provides accurate, sleek, and free football betting tips and predictions on a daily basis for all the matches elaborated by AI algorithm evolving constantly. So just download the BetMines Free Football Betting Tips and Predictions app over your cell phones and tablets and join a community of more than 400K users relies on it.


#2 Best Bet


Best Bet app brings real sports, real odds, real scores, and fake money right over your cell phones and tablets. Best Bet: Arcade Sportsbook app enables you to live in the dream of winning huge at Vegas sportsbooks even without having to threaten a dime. The app is designed to be as classy as it is effective and optimized for a highly streamlined sports betting experience without letting you do much.

The app supports 5 leagues of sports, including MLB Baseball, NFL Football, NCAA Men’s Football, English Premier League Soccer, and NHL Hockey. The app features live game score updates, pre or post-game push notifications, no need for money, and place bets for the point spread, over-under, and Moneyline. You can enjoy professional football bets, soccer bets, baseball bets, hockey bets, and college football bets. Best Bet: Arcade Sportsbook app lets you enjoy real leagues, real scores, real teams, and real Vegas Odds.



PROBET app lets you discover hundreds of football betting tips on a daily basis and allows you to make team analysis as well as multiple tips of betting for each match. PROBET – Bet Predictions, Odds, and Scores is an elegant tool presented in the market by Mobcast LTD, that brings football tips of professional level and football batting simulations with a high win rate. Each of its simulations carries multiple tips for betting, such as correct score, total goals scored, home and away wins, and more.

Football Betting Tips – PROBET is a must-have betting application for all professional level bettors who often like to bet on football. PROBET – Bet Predictions, Odds, and Scores app is organized by leagues from all over the world, including the English Premier League, La Liga, the Brazilian Campeonato, The Italian Serie A, the Liga MX, Major League Soccer in the US, and plenty of others.




BETUP app provides real matches, virtual currency, live odds, more than 20 real sports, and full excitement of sports betting without any hazard or any risk. Sports Betting Game – BETUP is an amazing tool to have in your cell phones and tablets if you love sports betting and often do it for the sake of fun or money. This amazing betting tool changes the outlook of your betting by making it risk while managing the attire of gambling through the use of money in virtual form.

Sports Betting Game – BETUP app embraces social betting where you can copy the activities of other users that are using the site. You can intuitively sign into the application to get a bonus of 1000 awarded bet coins. While on the other hand, BETUP – Sports Betting Game features virtual currency that helps you understand the world of betting without any hazard.

#5 Zcode


Zcode app lets you took a precise eye over all the doings of sharp bettors, get to know what the smart money is doing, where the value is, how the line moves through the day, and much else. Zcode Line Reversals app carries plenty of popular tools, including helpful sports betting tools showing hoe the odds change and how the line moves. You can intuitively get the information regarding the money moves and avoid betting against Vegas oddsmakers.

You can intuitively get real-time odds and charts, live updates, and everything without any delay. It features Vegas traps, ticket information, public percentages, sharp money moves, and various other things. It never lets you miss any of the upcoming bet through its exclusive push notifications. Zcode Line Reversals app enables you to find out what the sharp bettors are up to and trace their bets through over 250 fully automated winning systems.

#6 KingPin Sports Betting Picks


KingPin Sports Betting Picks lets you get exclusive and significant betting tips from the website of KingPin and win your sports picks. Sports Betting Tips & Sports Picks by is an intuitively loved tool presented by LLC brings plenty of valuable features regarding sports betting right on the palm of your hands. The app provides a list of all highest ranked sports betters from all across the globe over its sleek section (only made for this purpose).

You can intuitively view and monitor all the stats as well as the betting history of almost all the sports bettors over this section. It has covered the top NFL picks, college football picks, NBA picks, College Football Picks, NCAAF Picks, NHL Picks, Tennis Picks, Soccer Picks, and various others. Sports Betting Tips and Sports Picks by app lets you get amazing betting tips and follow the best sports betters right from your cellular devices.

#7 Live Scores and Odds


Live Scores and Odds App provides precise and real-time odds from more than 30 top Vegas and offshore sportsbooks without paying for anything. Live Scores and Odds is a stunning tool presented in the market by Luno Software Inc. that provides its global users with up to the mark and sleek notifications regarding odds from 30 top Vegas and Offshore books right on the palm of your hands.

The app lets you get odds and live scores for all the NBA, NHL, WNBA, CFL, EPL, MLB, division 1 NCAA football NBA, NFL, ELP, and men’s basketball games. It provides instant alerts for game start, end of the period, score changes, line moves, final score, and more. You can instantly view stats regarding all the major as well as pro-NCAA conference games. Live Scores and Odds app enables you to get access to both paid and free picks from top handicappers.

#8 Onside Sports


Onside Sports is a significant app for sports betters that helps you get the most precise stuff on sports betting odds from online sportsbooks and Vegas. Onside Sports: Scores, Live Odds & Bet Tracking app lets you get everything from total teams and live bets to totals and spreads. You can keep an eye over the live scores, proprietary betting stats, a community of bettors, up-to-date line movements, and various other information whenever you want.

It is an elegant live score and sports odds app that brings Bankroll Management simulation to get exclusive performance. Onside Sports: The Betting Edge app lets you access all the online sportsbook odds and Vegas over all the live games whenever you want. It brings information regarding all the major leagues, including MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, NHL hockey, NCAA Basketball, and various others. Onside Sports: Scores, Live Odds, and Bet Tracking app provide information regarding La Liga, Barclay’s Premier League, Bundesliga, and other international soccer leagues.

#9 Action Network Sports Betting


Action Network Sports Betting is one of the most exclusive sports betting app that enables you to make smarter bets, developed in the market by The Action Network, Inc. Action Network Sports Betting – Scores, Odds & Picks Tracker is top-rated sports betting app that provides real-time bet tracking and odds right on the palm of your hands. You can intuitively get information regarding fast live scores, sports betting analysis, odds, and various other things.

You can precisely track your action regarding all the sportsbooks and helps you share your wins whenever you want. You can get live odds and scores that provide you with the storylines, latest news, analysis, information, and much more. Action Network Sports Betting – Scores, Odds, and Picks Tracker app enable you to get money totals and bet tickets directly from the sportsbook along with the exclusive analysis and content from the sharpest minds.

More About Sports Betting

Sports Betting enables all the sports betters to enjoy betting nationwide over all your most likely sportsbook games, including all the major sports events and live in-play betting games. Sports Betting™ the Sportsbook Freeplay App is an elegantly designed tool developed in the market by Meritum Interactive Limited that helps you open a secure player account to get a welcome bonus of $2,000 for free. Sports Betting app offers unique mobile technology and an exclusive user interface.

It enables you to experience the joy of sport betting over all the major sports, including baseball, football, soccer, tennis, golf racing, basketball, racing, and various others. You can get full game props and game odds for college football, hockey, college basketball, MMA, boxing, tennis, and more. So just download the Sports Betting – the Sportsbook Freeplay App over your cell phones and tablets and enjoy secure and safe betting with no fees or deposits requirements.

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