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STAELLA enables you to enjoy an ultimate music video maker and visual music player without any editing, and you can import your photos and music concisely. STAELLA – Audio Player and Video Clip Maker Without Editing app was presented in the market by Monocro Inc… read more
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MelodyLab lets you record reasonable videos when you play any instruments or whenever you are in a mood to sing, and even add more recordings for creating your own songs. MelodyLab is a great video song recording tool introduced in the market by Mats Eriksson Inc.


BEAT FEVER is an excellent tool where Janet Jackson, Steve Aoki, Sia, Bruno Mars, and hundreds of world-famous and your most likely artists brings music to life. BEAT FEVER – Music Planet app was developed in the market by WRKSHP Inc.


Tunable is a chromatic chord generator, tuner, metronome, tone generator, and up to the mark recorder which helps you in learning to play steadily, on the beat, and in tune, etc.

The Piano.

The Piano is an ultimate music generating tool being loved by billions of worldwide folks who love the app for playing and recording music in the way they want. The Piano.

edjing Mix

edjing Mix is presenting the brand new and exciting version of the world’s famous and most downloaded DJ app voted best by Google and is reworked to make sure even the gigantic level of performance.


TUUNES™ is an excellent superstore for ringtones which contains a massive library of music and everything regarding it to enjoy your most likely music sensation. TUUNES™ – Ringtones and Music app was presented in the market by WhitePoint GmbH Inc.

Real Guitar Free

Real Guitar Free is a massively used application to learn and play guitar on your tablets, mobile phones, or any portable mobile device. Real Guitar Free – Chords, Tabs and Simulator Games app was introduced in the market by Gismart Inc.

Drums – Real Drum Set Games

Drums – Real Drum Set Games is a simple to use app which contains ultra-realistic sound and feel for every beginner to the pro drummer that enables them just to make a tap and hear the kick drums, snare drums, and cymbals instantly.

Drum Set Music

Drum Set Music is a significant tool that helps you feel the beat of the drum right at your fingertips in this exquisite mobile drumming experience. Drum Set Music Games & Drums Kit Simulator app was introduced in the market by Gismart Inc.

Beat Maker Pro

Beat Maker Pro carries one of the most easiest and reasonable way to learn and master the art of beat making capabilities right using your mobile device. Beat maker pro – Create beats and make music app was presented in the market by MWM Inc.

Guitar – Real Games & Lessons

Guitar – Real Games & Lessons is a significant tool for all the guitar lovers through which they can enjoy learning and playing guitar with ultra-realistic sound and an amazing quality pack of lessons.

Guitar – Chords, Tabs and Games

Guitar – Chords, Tabs & Games is an exciting application through which people can enjoy playing guitar effectively and engagingly. Guitar – Chords, Tabs and Games app was presented in the market by Gismart Inc.


WeDrum lets you master the drums by playing the beats right from your cell phone devices. WeDrum – Percussion Set, Loops and Beats app was presented in the market by one of the well-known developed named Gismart Inc.

Ditty by Zya

Ditty by Zya is an excellent tool which sings anything you text and allows you to make awesome songs, and stupidly hilarious music videos right through your mobile device. Ditty by Zya – Music App of the Year was presented in the market by Zya Inc.


Launchpad is a marvelous application which is used by tons of musicians, beginners, and pro DJs to make and remix electronic music of their own choice right using their tablets and smartphones.


UniPad is a brand new and exclusive form of rhythm game based over the Launchpad that concisely produces the songs by tapping the buttons right on your tablets and cell phones.


Voloco is an ultimate music or voice processing application which intuitively merges the automatic harmony, tuning, and vocoding in a way like never before. Voloco: Auto Voice Tune and Harmony is a fine music tool introduced in the market by Resonant Cavity Inc.

insTuner Free

insTuner Free is one of the most advanced, free to use, and intuitively chromatic tuner which helps you tune instruments instantly and accurately. InsTuner Free – Chromatic Tuner is a fine tool presented in the market by EUMLab of Xanin Tech.

Beat Maker Star

Beat Maker Star is an excitingly engaging drum and pad game which provides you with the opportunity to perform beats, play awesome music tracks and have an ultimate fun time right on one place.

Real Guitar – Guitar Playing

Real Guitar – Guitar Playing is one of the most classy too that helps you live the dream of learning the guitar at its peak without any prior efforts or spending money.

AmpliTube CS for iPad

AmpliTube CS for iPad puts of power of turning your device into an exclusive guitar and bass tone studio right in your hands with a gigantic collection of virtual gear. AmpliTube CS for iPad – Guitar Amps and Effects to go app was presented in the market by IK Multimedia Inc.

Drum Kit

Drum Kit brings one of the sleekest, easily accessible and simplest way to create your own beats right using your tablets and mobile phones. Drum kit (Drums) Free App was introduced in the market by CrimsonJet, Inc.


GuitarStudio is a superb tool which enables you to learn and play your most likely songs with guitar, the awesome acoustic guitar app for your iPod and iPhone touch. GuitarStudio is a fine tool introduced in the market by Frontier Design Group Inc.

Tuner Tool

Tuner Tool is a string and guitar instrument tuning tool which brings both beginners and experts can tune their guitar instantly and share their riffs with the globe. Tuner Tool, Guitar Tuning Made Easy app was presented in the market by InQBarna Inc.

Multi Track Song Recorder

Multi Track Song Recorder is a premier 4 track recording application which enables you to record up to 4 tracks with an easy and simple to use interface. Multi-Track Song Recorder Pro – Simple 4-track Audio Recording app was presented in the market by Derrick Walker Inc.

Pro Chords

Pro Chords is an ultimate iPhone App intuitively developed to build songs with the awesome chord progressions, in an intuitive and easy way. Pro Chords – Instant Inspiration – w. WiFi MIDI app was presented in the market by GrounControl Aps Inc., which makes it so easy to write songs using a professional set of stuff right from your mobile phone device.

More About STAELLA

STAELLA enables you to enjoy an ultimate music video maker and visual music player without any editing, and you can import your photos and music concisely. STAELLA – Audio Player and Video Clip Maker Without Editing app was presented in the market by Monocro Inc. which lets you enhance your music experience through its amazing and real-time audio reactive system. You just need to select the music and enjoy it with ears and eyes having STAELLA – Music Visualizer app on your phone. Its visual packages include Terra and Stella. Some of the highlighted features of STAELLA Pro includes video recorder, 10 wallpaper blend modes, 10 screen effects, and various other features for its entire users. STAELLA – Audio Player, and Video Clip Maker app includes some ultimate screen effects including slip, noise, vignette, mirror, angle, rain, hexagon, Light leak, noise, distortion, and various others. You can intuitively mix effects in the real-time, tap knob to return to default, and select the customizable background image from your own library of photos. STAELLA – Music Visualizer also includes various wallpaper blending modes including screen hard light and mix, soft light, pin light, overlay, linear dodge, subtract and more.

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