Stash: Invest. Learn. Save. Alternatives

Stash: Invest. Learn. Save.

Stash: Invest. Learn. Save. is an effective platform that simplifies investing, saving, and retirement. It enables you to start it by investing just $5 and learn as you go. It is an outstanding platform that helps you to turn on smart save to make effortless savings… read more
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26 Apps Like Stash: Invest. Learn. Save.


Acorns – Invest Spare Change

Acorns – Invest Spare Change has made it simple and secure to invest the spare in your future. In fact, there is a community of more than 2 million people doing it in an intuitive way.


Betterment is a powerful finance related app that brings an awesome financial advisor with a purpose to let you make the most of your money. This app is efficiently taking proven investment strategies and user intuitive and modern technology to provide them to all investors.

Qapital: Save Small Live Large

Qapital: Save Small Live Large is a classy stuff that helps you save money for what you want, spend less on crap that you do not need, and way new kind of checking account designed to help you save.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a pretty straightforward app that helps you to make the most of your money in a quite handy way. There are millions of people trust this app for the delivery of its free credit scores, reports, and monitoring.

Monzo Bank

Monzo Bank is a smart bank in your pocket. It intends to bring a smart banking experience right through your mobile phone. It delivers instant payment notifications for assuring the security at the new level.

Clarity Money – Budget Planner

Clarity Money – Budget Planner is an efficient app and your personal financial advocate. There are a huge number of features that it provides for professionally analyzing your personal finances. This app uses machine learning and data science to evaluate your personal finances and enables you to make smarter decisions that where to spend your money.

Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance

Mint is an all in one money management app using which you can control your entire financial life like bill payment records, credit score, budgeting, investing, and much more. It is said to be personal money management application but can be used by small to medium size enterprises as well.

Mvelopes Budget App

Mvelopes Budget App is a budget app that helps you to add your financial institutions and come up with a budget that retains you on the mystery of financial freedom. Using this finance-related app, you can get all of your transactions sent to your Mvelopes Budget account, and you will effortlessly be able to track all of account balances in this easy to use app.

Unsplurge – save money with a frugal & thrifty lifehacker

Unsplurge – save money with a frugal & thrifty lifehacker provides a great way to focus on saving by maintaining your budgets in an effective way. It delivers the best, easiest, and the funniest way to save money for your private doings.

Goodbudget: Budget & Finance

Goodbudget: Budget & Finance is a splendid money managing tool that helps you to track your expense and is one of the splendid apps for measuring home planning regarding budgets. It is the personal finance manager in your pocket and a proactive budget planner that helps you stay on the upper level of your finances and bills.


Truebill brings one of the most easiest and elegant ways to discover, track, manage, and maintain your recurring bills, and paid subscriptions. It provides one of the most powerful and fastest ways to take control of where your money goes.

Spendee – budget and expense tracking & bank sync

Spendee – budget and expense tracking & bank sync is the finest tool that enables you to track your spending, savings, and budgets. It acts as your personal finance tracker that helps you to spend money in an effective way and keeps your savings more and more for achieving your established goals.

Pennies – Budget and Expenses

Pennies – Budget and Expenses is a great app that enables you to track your spendings, income, and savings and track your income in a way never before. This is an award-winning app that brings more ease for its users to measure its credit stuff for better monitoring.

YNAB Classic

YNAB Classic is a classical approach that brings an extraordinary ease of planning your monthly income. This app lets you monitor your income, spendings, expenses, and other expenditures to better monitor your monthly income.

Digit Save Money Automatically

Digit Save Money Automatically is a robust platform when it comes to saving your money for any of your motives. It enables you to save money without thinking about it along with the surety of unlimited withdrawals and without any account minimums.

E*Trade Mobile

E*Trade Mobile is an excellent platform that helps to simplify trading and to invest, no matter what your level of experience is. E*TRADE: Stocks, Options, and Mutual Funds app bought in the market by E*Trade Financial Inc.


Robinhood is a great application for making investments for free. It is a finest and super secure tool that helps its users to invest in ETFs, Stocks, Cryptos and options without spending a single penny.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is an exclusive app that enables you to take charge of your financial future with its effective algorithm and supremely manage your money on the move. Schwab Mobile: Own your tomorrow app is a great tool introduced in the market by The Charles Schwab Corporation Inc.


Stockpile is an excellent tool through which you can start investing with almost $5 and enjoy the fruits afterward. Stockpile – Stock Trading and Investing Made Simple app was presented by Stockpile, Inc.

TD Ameritrade

The TD Ameritrade is a traditional stock trading app developed by TD Ameritrade Mobile, LLC. The app is equipped with all the latest and best tools that are required for managing and trading the stocks.


TradeHero allows users to enjoy easy investing in CFDs with tight spread and zero commission fee, introduced by TradeHero Inc. TradeHero – CFD Social Trading enables you to learn how to trade in the virtual mode and experience in a sandbox.
0 is an exclusive application for all the users who have like a little concern with stocks, bitcoins, and the like. Forex, Stocks, and Bitcoin app presented in the market by Capital Com SV Investments Limited Inc.


Fidelity is a classy tool loved by millions of worldwide folks which enables everyone to get custom content about everything about their investments and interests. Fidelity – NetBenefits app is presented by Fidelity Investments Inc.


SigFig brings an intelligent portfolio and personalized investment guidance which enables you to get extremely talented access to licensed advisors. SigFig Wealth Management is a great investment tool introduced in the market by Sig Fig Wealth Inc.


Investmate is a reliable and helpful education app which brings comprehensive knowledge of CDF trading in one of the most convenient way. Investmate – Learn to Trade Shares and Derivatives app bought in the market by Capital Com SV Investment Limited Inc.


CowryWise is an excellent, free to use digital personal financing assistance app which lets you monitor saving and investing in a way like never before. CowryWise – Save and Invest Securely app bought in the market by CowryWise Inc.

More About Stash: Invest. Learn. Save.

Stash: Invest. Learn. Save. is an effective platform that simplifies investing, saving, and retirement. It enables you to start it by investing just $5 and learn as you go. It is an outstanding platform that helps you to turn on smart save to make effortless savings. It is a saving genius app that automatically puts away the right amount for you. You can choose to invest them or make all your savings to earn interests. This app brings an outstanding platform for saving money in a damn innovative way. There are a huge number of features of Stash: Invest. Learn. Save app that enables you to become an investor and all you need is just five dollars. This amazing platform lets you invest in themes so that you can create a balanced portfolio that reflects you. Apart from that, its financial education elaborate that learns how to invest with Stash. Its educational content will lead you to develop smarter financial habits by providing simple investment and saving tips for its users to become a confident investor. It lets you built your retirement and protected your money in one of the most protected atmospheres.

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