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Stitcher Radio is a place where people can listen to their favorite shows, news, comedy, sports along with the popular radio shows from all around the world. This stuff is provided by services like BBC, CNN and much more. Anyone who is interested in having a place where they can listen to podcasts and manage them properly will find this app one of the most compatible… read more
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5 Apps Like Stitcher Radio for Android

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1. BeyondPod

BeyondPod – Podcast Manager is one of the best apps when it comes to managing your podcasts at one place. There is a broad range of content available on this platform which is the reason it has been downloaded almost 3 million times and has a big base of people who are using this platform. The user interface is updated with all the options laid out on the top which makes it easier for the person using the app to find whatever they need. There is also a search option on the top right where you can enter a keyword to find things such as podcasts, options within the app and channels. People are able to enjoy content from the most authentic sources such as ESPN, BBC, CNN and other channels. If you are interested in politics, or you want to listen to the commentary of your favorite sport, this app will provide you with all sorts of podcasts which will quench your thirst. The app is free to use. Therefore all the content here is also free of charge so you can access thousands of free audio and video content without having to worry about payment. If you are offline even then the content can be played if it has been downloaded, this feature increases its importance since the internet is not available in every place. The user also has the option of customizing their playlists. This can be done according to the channels you are subscribed, the type of content that has been downloaded and creating folders in which you want to sort everything. People can also play the content on big screens since the app has the integration for Chrome cast which gives it the edge over others and can focus on the things which they deem important. The user has complete control of everything that exists here, and this fact and many other options have made BeyondPod one of the best choices for managing your podcast on your devices.


2. Podcasts and Radio Addict

Podcasts and Radio Addict is one of the most leading platforms for downloading content on your phone and listening to it whenever required. The app has one of the best ratings on Google Play with a score of 4.6 and has been downloaded over 5 million times which shows its productivity. There is a lot on offer for the person who chooses to use this platform for their stuff. Here you can get to download your podcasts and then manage them by putting into different categories and folders. The option of listening to radio on demand is another feature which keeps this application different from others since there are a lot of people who want to hear about stuff online. There is also something for book lovers who can download and play audiobooks here. Material from YouTube channels is also existent on this site while people can also download and save the links in the form of RSS feeds. All this can be done in one application, and that is why it is famous among the public. There are more than 300,000 podcasts available on this app which can be searched through the option in the app, here you can enter keywords or the type of stuff you are looking, and the app will show you suggestions based on the choice. There are different categories into which substance has been divided so the user can go directly to those groups and reach their destination. Data from iTunes, SoundCloud, and other networks can also be exported here which is an added advantage. The application has inbuilt audio effects which can be managed according to the requirement while you can also shuffle and loop stuff if you need. Playing videos within the software and with the help of Chromecast is also possible. There are many other features of the app which can be listed here but overall it is a place where you can get the best value for your time and money if you decide to spend it.


3. DoggCatcher

DoggCatcher Podcast Player gives people the freedom of listening to their favorite shows from around the web and collecting them at one place. This app is one of the first ones for Android and gives people the option of maintaining their podcast and news feed within itself. Multiple features of this platform can be termed as advantageous if you decide to use it. But first, the main drawback, which is the fact that the app is not free to use, for everyone who wants to download it, will have to pay $3 for that purposes. It can be said that it will be money worth spending because ever since the new user interface and design there have been many improvements made to this place and it has been able to make a name for itself. There is also support for Chromecast so you can listen to stuff and play videos on the big screen. There is an abundance of podcasts available on the web which can be subscribed through this player and then people can manage them accordingly by creating different folders or sorting them into various categories. There are two themes to make sure individuals who want to spend their time here can do so during day and night with the help of models. Once you are subscribed to a channel the files can be easily downloaded without having to prompt the device. The stuff which is in your phone can then be played without having to depend on the internet. People can also customize their playlists where content is placed, and only the one which you want to play will show in the media player. There are different sounds and speed options as well which make for a collection of tools that can be helpful for everyone. All in all, there are many more features as well which can help in showing the versatility of this application but overall, this software will be a good choice for playing your podcasts.


4. Podcast Republic

Podcast Republic is a top quality platform which is multipurpose in a way that you do not need any other platform once you have this app, to manage your content such as Radio, podcasts, and audio files. There are many options within the app which can be considered advantageous for the ones who are using it. People get the benefit of playing audio as well as video podcasts, there is also integration with Chromecast so that everything can be played on big screens. The user can also browse the content which is available on the internet with the help of the search option where all one has to do is to enter the search terms and then get the recommendations based on the selection. You can listen to stuff online or even download content on your devices, in this way you will not be dependent on the internet. If you want your favorite thing to reach you as soon as it is uploaded you can just turn the auto download option on, and it will download everything on its own whenever you are on the go. You can also connect various devices and apps such as Dropbox and then manage your content from that platform. People can create folders and keep stuff sorted and can also name different categories according to the type of podcasts which are played. In addition to all this, there is an option to play live radio channels from the app which gives people an added facility and they can get rid of apps which are on the phone for the same purpose. There is support for other languages as well so you do not have to know English language only for using the application. In a nutshell, the app has all the essential functions which are deemed necessary and stuff which people want to listen through the platform and perhaps that is the reason it has been downloaded more than 2 million times.


5. Castro

Castro is one of the most advanced applications for people who want to listen to stuff on the go and do not have the time to sit with their laptops on. It has a broad range of content available on its footsteps, and that is the reason it is one of the most famous when it comes to Apple customers. This can be termed as a drawback since it is not available on the Android but people who are on iPhone love this app. The other advantage of the app is that it is not free of charge, people have to pay around $5 in order to install it and avail the features. Moving on to the positives, once you have the app, there will be new content shown in your inbox depending on the channels you are following. People can not only listen to everything online but can also download it on their devices. The option of offline mode is also there which makes it easy for people to enjoy the podcasts even if there is no internet. The user can create their own playlist where everything from their favorite news show to sports stream, can be saved. You can shuffle or play everything as it depends on your choice. The option of following various channels is also there and once you do that; the apps starts recommending stuff based on the decisions made. People can also bookmark content depending on their likes and then keep track of everything that is being uploaded on the channel. The user interface is sleek, and people can get the hang of application easily without having to worry about the content. You can search for stuff in the search bar which has many filters that will help the user to find the content of their choice. There are many other features of the app as well which can be written down here to show its benefits but be rest assured this app is for the modern day enthusiasts.

More About Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Radio is a place where people can listen to their favorite shows, news, comedy, sports along with the popular radio shows from all around the world. This stuff is provided by services like BBC, CNN and much more. Anyone who is interested in having a place where they can listen to podcasts and manage them properly will find this app one of the most compatible. There are many features of the application which can be termed as exceptional. Just like the name, people are allowed to create their own channels, they can stitch everything they like together and come up with a customized radio channel where only the programs they are interested in, will play. There is an intelligent recommendation system as well, where if you are listening to a program and other people who are doing the same, all the programs they have downloaded or played, you will be showed so that there is more variety for everyone. If you are following a podcast and can’t wait for the next episode, the app will send you a notification whenever new stuff is added by that channel. All this can be downloaded on the devices to play at a later time. This means there is no requirement of the internet when a song is playing, and people can listen to everything in the offline mode. If you are interested in news, this software will recommend you programs and give breaking news from around the world. There are many categories from which audio files can be selected, and the user can create their own folders to manage things. There is also the option of sharing your favorite shows and videos with other people on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. All in all, if you are interested in having a place where you can stay connected with the information that is important to you, without having to pay anything, then this app is one if the best choices for that purpose.