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Story Saver is an easy to use tool which carries lots of interesting stuff for Insta users and let them have the standalone app which sends you precise push notifications when any other Insta user share Instagram stories, and it can even do not send push notifications for stories… read more
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21 Apps Like Story Saver for Android

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PLANN is a multi-award winning tool which makes it easy to design, plan, schedule, get analytic, and preview stuff regarding Instagram with damn comfort. Plann: Preview, Analytics + Schedule for Instagram is a widely used application for planning and scheduling posts on your Instagram account and lets you manage your account in the way like never before. You can visually design your feed with seamless drag and drop positioning for your stuff on Instagram feed. This application carries more than 60 pic editing tools and excellent text overlay tools which help you change the look of your ordinary pics and enjoy everything as you want. It enables you to preview the Instagram analytics for the Instagram likes, best performing posts, follower growth, best hashtags, best color swatches, and other related stuff. Plann: Preview, Analytics + Schedule for Instagram application carries an exclusive pack of features and a community of more than 60k Instagram account holders who are using it as their favourite Insta weapon. Plann contains lots of superb features which lets you manage Instagram at an upper level. So just download Plann: Preview, Analytics + Schedule for Instagram app for getting an entire exclusive way to plan, design, schedule, and preview posts and even get precise tracking of analytics.


2. Follow Cop

Follow Cop is an exclusive tool for the management of your Instagram stuff in the best possible way, presented by Follow Cop Inc. Unfollowers for Instagram, Follow Cop is elegantly designed to control your Instagram account crafted with Google’s material design in mind. This application lets you track people who won’t follow you back, and brings an ultimate way to gain more visibility and get so popular over here. It enables its users to add up to three Instagram accounts and easily log in from any of these. Apart from non-followers, Unfollowers for Instagram, Follow Cop app also enables you to track people you don’t follow back, and people who unfollowed you recently. It carries an excellent algorithm through which you can discover your fake followers, mutual followers, and fake followings. Unfollowers for Instagram, Follow Cop carries lots of exquisite features with a classy yet modern interface. This application allows you to add your favourite Instagram users to a precise whitelist by swiping them as well. So if you love Instagram and already have an account on it, so give a chance to Unfollowers for Instagram, Follow Cop app and be a cop of your Insta’s profile.


3. Garny

Garny superbly lets you preview any of your Instagram feed and organize it with excellent drag and drop feature. Garny – Preview Instagram feed application is a fine application introduced by Garny Team, which is going so far by letting your dream about the perfect Instagram account’s profile. This application helps everyone to be consistent with your Instagram content and achieve selecting the most suitable photos for you. You can elegantly plan your Instagram feed and track things in the way like never before. This awesome Insta management tool enables everyone to use drag and drop feature to rearrange by long press and even save a diverse collection of photos and videos as well. Garny – Preview Instagram feed makes it easy and more quick to repost pics with and even without the description, so it’s up to you whether to add your desired words or not. It also enables you to share your videos and photos and save feature works with the carousel. So just download Garny – Preview Instagram feed app on your phone, and enjoy saving and reposting photos and videos over your Instagram account.


4. Feed Master

Feed Master comes in the market by SameBits Inc. which helps everyone to manage and maintain their account on Instagram and lets you manage all the marketing and private campaigns over the Instagram account. Feed Master for Instagram enables its users to visually arrange and plan all your images grid before posting just to do things in the perfect and professional way. You can effortlessly add new photos and upload your current Insta feed from any resource including camera, gallery, mega, Dropbox, and other social media account, etc. You can even remove, exchange, and move (two ways of drag and drop), your pics to arrange your feed smoothly. Feed Master for Instagram allows you to add photo caption, notes, and description having content that you want so ever. It helps you to plan your photos conveniently and design the most suitable feed with them. It enables you to store and preview designs and further edit them as you want. You can directly share your images and other stuff over Instagram and other sharing apps. So just download Feed Master for Instagram, to enjoy it for all companies, Instagrammers, and even just for pic design perfectionists.


5. Planoly

Planoly is working great for managing things over Instagram and lets you get the best experience of using Instagram. Planoly: Posts Planner for Instagram was bought in the market by Planoly Inc. which brings one of the most initial planner as well as scheduler for Instagram. This Insta management tool made it possible to view your engagement rates and data for each post and intuitively track and replay back to comments directly through this app. You can visually see how your profile deed looks like with its drag and drop feature and enables you to manage all your content effectively. Planoly: Posts Planner for Instagram is an end to end platform for Instagram management through which you can comfortably maintain all your Instagram marketing campaigns and other content visually before publishing it for the real-time. You can also enjoy its intuitive scheduling of your Insta posts months, weeks, and dates in advance. Other than these, Planoly also brings direct uploading of pics and videos, manage multiple accounts, add team members for help, view your data engagement, track and replay to comments, plan stories of Insta, and more. You can easily download Planoly: Posts Planner for the Instagram app from the store, and enjoy managing everything regarding Instagram ultimately.


6. Statusbrew

Statusbrew makes it easy to share as well as schedule posts from the Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and more from a single elegant dashboard. Statusbrew: Schedule Posts, Know Twitter Followers enables its users to share any text, links, images, and other content by adding it to queue. This application makes it enormously comfortable to schedule and post stuff to your favourite social networks automatically. Statusbrew also enables you to add a custom or post now from the app itself and elegantly discover followers, unfollowers, and even get analytical insights for all the social media accounts and profiles. Statusbrew: Schedule Posts, Know Twitter Followers app is a widely used application which makes it so easy for all the businesses, music, theatre, artists, makers, influencers, individuals, marketers, individuals and various other professional individuals to manage social accounts. You can spontaneously filter out inactive and fake users with smart filters, unfollows those who do not follow you back, and whitelist users you wouldn’t want to unfollow by mistakes. You can even create and maintain post schedule and easily design or view these posts using the custom time for campaigns and events. So just download Statusbrew app in your phones, and manage your social media existence in one of the most splendid ways.


7. 9Cut For Instagram

9Cut For Instagram makes it so accessible and easy to crop pics for an Instagram profile page and intuitively allows you to split the images as well. 9Cut For Instagram is a stunning application developed by Aboten App Inc. which allows its entire users to post the split images to the Instagram feed and demonstrations it as one gigantic photo on your profile. This application makes your feed so interesting by making a gigantic profile photo of yours into your feed and makes it a bit unique to portray your images. It can easily crop your pics, zoom in your pics, lets you choose five grid (such as 3*1, 3*2, 3*3, 3*4, 3*5, etc.), and post your final photo directly over your Instagram. 9Cut For Instagram app makes it easy to cut an image into almost 9 or even other slices and intuitively upload them to Instagram and play as a whole big profile page. 9Cut app entirely transforms the look of your Instagram feed, and you can become a person having an extraordinary Instagram feed. So just download 9Cut For Instagram app in your phone and just give a unique touch to your Instagram by creating a huge profile pic in your Insta feed.


8. Iconosquare

Iconosquare enables its worldwide users to access ultimate Instagram analytics and intuitively grow your followers while on the move. Iconosquare is an easy to use yet an effective tool for Instagram which enables you to schedule your entire collection of Instagram posts in advanced and also provides precise notification on your cell phones when it’s time to post. This Insta tool makes it easy to manage all the scheduling, getting analysis, and other managerial things regarding your Instagram account with simple taps. Iconosquare is one of the most emerging analytics and management tool for Instagram having more than 35,000 customers throughout the world. You can catch all the exclusive Insta insights and intuitively view how your community is growing day by day. You can take a precise eye on how many followers you gained and lost, and even identify your most engaging stuff. This application enables every Instagram user to plan as well as schedule all their posts in advance from your computer. It carries an elegant post schedule, multi-account management, post scheduler, etc. So just download Iconosquare app on your phone, and enjoy uploading as many photos and videos, add your desired captions and catch all the necessary notifications in your smartphones.


9. Story Saver for Instagram

Story Saver for Instagram is another elegant application which makes it easy to save videos as well as photos from Instagram stories. Story Saver for Instagram is a widely used application developed by YOBA Inc. which enables everyone to save their most likely stuff from the Instagram with quite ease. This application effortlessly saves the images, videos, and other visual stuff automatically in your device and also lets you repost them on WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks that you often use. You can easily go into the app by signing in with the Instagram, and even log in with Facebook. Story Saver app enables the saving of Instagram stories into 3 simple steps by which you can store everything you need. This application lets you have three features when you want to store it which includes reposting, sharing, and storing. Other than these, Story Saver for Instagram also lets you explore, share, and even delete downloaded stories on Facebook, Twitter, and others. So just download Story Saver for Instagram app from the stores, and enjoy saving or reposting any of Insta posts to any of your favourite social network.


10. IGTV

IGTV is another widely used tool for Instagram users which makes it easy to watch videos (vertical or long-form) from any of your most likely Instagram creators. IGTV bought in the market by Instagram itself, which brings an app different from your typical video experience. This application is developed for letting your enjoy videos both vertically and horizontally, in fact how you use your phone. This application lets you see more of your favourite content, and its videos are not limited to one minute. IGTV app lets you watch videos from the creators that you are already following and even others you might like (but not follows). This application enables you to browse others videos or also search for any user which contains a special channel as you watch. You can even like or comment on videos and send those videos to your friends in direct. This application enables easy discovering of creators and follow them right from the IGTV app to watch more of who they are on Instagram. So just download IGTV app on your phone, sign in with your existing account of Instagram, and start watching videos of your favourite Instagram users right away.


11. InstaDom

InstaDom was developed by Robles interactive Media Inc. which brings the best app for Instagram users let them enjoy scheduling and automation effortlessly. InstaDom – Schedule & Automation for Instagram bought in the market for enabling you to schedule and plan Instagram stories, pics, videos, and other posts from both the mobile and the web. It has made it so easy to upload limitless photos and videos directly from any of your mobile as well as computer devices and save much of your time by in-advanced planning and scheduling of your Insta posts. InstaDom – Schedule & Automation for Instagram carries subscription charges at $5.99 per month, but you can enjoy all its features entirely free for the very first week only. Other than these, Insta Dom app lets you manage multiple Instagram accounts, publish anything (regarding videos, albums, pics, and stories, etc.), preview your Insta feed in the way you plan, and manage Instagram intuitively. You can simply upload your pics, schedule posts, type comment, automate your actions, and do a lot more having this app in your cell phone. So just download InstaDom – Schedule & Automation for Instagram, and enjoy planning, posting, scheduling, and automating your Instagram stuff in an ultimate way.


12. Schedule Posts for Instagram

Schedule Posts for Instagram is a substantial app for people who are looking for a way to schedule posts for your Instagram account. Schedule Posts for Instagram bought in the market by Unfollow App Inc. through which you can not only schedule posts and even track all your posted and scheduled items professionally. This application makes it super easy to schedule posts and easy to access app features. You can easily schedule things and declare when you want your posts to be posted on the Instagram account. Schedule Posts for Insta app is one of the most secure and easily managed tools where you can easily choose to be notified once your scheduled stuff is posted on your Insta account. You can securely log in to your Insta account, and add posts by choosing your own captions, images, and posting date and time. It also lets you choose to get a notification when the post is live on Instagram. It also allows you to browse through the posted Insta posts and know if they were succeeded or not. So just download Schedule Posts for the Instagram app from the stores, and post any pic, video, or story at a fixed time in the future.


13. Regrann Pro

Regrann Pro is another elegant application which carries magnificent features to enjoy reposting in an ultimate way. Regrann Pro – Repost for Instagram is bought to you by JaredCo Inc. which brings an app which helps you pre-schedule your entire campaigns and do all of it effortlessly. All you need to do is to schedule your posts, and this app does the precise posting at the exact times and dates you want, automatically. Whenever you found a pic which attracts you ultimately to repost, but you already posted you daily traditional post, then there is nothing to cry, Regrann Pro – Repost for Instagram lets you schedule that posts for tomorrow or any other day’s post. All you need to do is to schedule any of your most likely post from your gallery or even from any other Instagram user’s profile and let it do the rest. It also carries a direct post feature through which you can add captions automatically to your post if you are tired of posting the caption. It also lets you choose to enable watermarks if you want to give even more credit when you repost videos and photos and Instagram and can add signatures automatically. It enables you to download Insta photos instantly and will precisely save Insta pics to your image folder with the name of the Instagram poster. So download Regrann Pro and enjoy it in your own way.


14. SKEDit

SKEDit is an excellent application used for scheduling posted stuff over WhatsApp effortlessly. SKEDit Scheduling App: Schedule WhatsApp SMS Calls bought in the market for letting you have all in one app features message scheduler, send emails later, schedule posts, set call remainder, schedule WhatsApp messages, and various other things intuitively. It enables you to put your communication on autopilot with this superb app. You can easily eliminate all your streamline and all your communication, so it runs smoothly and calmly breeze through your entire day. It makes it so easy to structure, schedule, and plan all your communications intuitively. SKEDit Scheduling App: Schedule WhatsApp SMS Calls is an all in one WhatsApp scheduler, Call scheduler, SMS scheduler, Email scheduler, and Facebook Post scheduler. It enables you to tackle your top priorities with laser-like focus with a fully-free post, SMS, WhatsApp, scheduler, and boost your productivity in a way like never before. You can stay organized and automate all your communications by falling everything into an elegant place like clockwork in the way like never before. So just download SKEDit Scheduling App: Schedule WhatsApp SMS Calls, and save much of your valuable time by intuitive scheduling messages, SMS, emails and others stuff to be sent later automatically.


15. Laterpost

Laterpost is an intelligent tool through which you can plan and schedule your images, videos, and other stuff over Instagram with ease. Laterpost – Post Scheduler was introduced by Alex Buga, brings a classy app to schedule your posts in the way like never before. This application lets you get the push notifications whenever you post publishes for the real-time. You can easily manage to schedule your videos, pics, and stories even for multiple accounts from this one-stop shop. Apart from this, Laterpost – Post Scheduler also lets you get the most sophisticated time to schedule your bundle of posts for each of your account. This application also includes first comment option, usernames autocomplete, hashtags autocompletes, and even support any size photo ration in portrait, square, and landscape modes. Laterpost – Post Scheduler app offers a trail which is limited to three scheduled posts per users for free. You can intuitively catch all the necessary notifications from all your accounts and enjoy using any account whenever you want. So just download Laterpost – Post Scheduler, and enjoy scheduling posts on your Insta account from the comfort of your phone.


16. Planygram

Planygram is another intellect application which makes it possible to schedule posts for future publishing in an effortless way. Planygram – Schedule Posts for Instagram bought to you by Planygram Inc. through which you can intuitively upload as many photos and videos as you want, put your own stories, and upload videos from the app or even from the web. It lets you select your desired time as well the day of posting your stuff and Planygram will then do everything for you. It is a classy app for people in business and other busy social folks through which they can easily schedule posts for the day, the entire week, or any span that they want and enjoy everything on the move without going to it again and again. You can also add and manage more than one Instagram account through this app and schedule stuff from anywhere you want. Planygram – Schedule Posts for Instagram allows you to have a precise eye on your scheduled things ultimately. You can upload your uploaded stuff in bulk or even one by one. You can conveniently download Planygram – Schedule Posts for Instagram from the stores and enjoy entirely an ultimate way to plan and schedule anything regarding Instagram.


17. Followays

Followays is one of the most stunning applications for Instagram users where they can enjoy more ease of scheduling and automation. Followays – Schedule & Automation for Instagram app was introduced by Followays Inc. which enables you to plan as well as schedule posts, photos, videos, and other things to the future right from the web as well as its mobile app. This Insta scheduler application makes it so comfortable to manage more than one account of Instagram in one time and start uploading photos, videos, and stories directly from the mobile device or the computer. You can now save your time for any other activity by scheduling and planning your posts over Insta in advance and let it do the rest. You can now publish things on your Instagram when you are not using it and create your appearance more concise and consistent. Followays for Instagram app lets you handle your business or any other commercial account properly by letting you post things at the right time. It enables you to choose the time as well as the day for publishing your posts and be relaxed. So just download Followays – Schedule & Automation for Instagram, and enjoy excellent Insta management.


18. Shoppic Scheduler

Shoppic Scheduler comes with a damn series of features which simplifies you for intuitive creation and management of all your commercial posts on Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and any other social network. Shoppic Scheduler was intuitively developed by SocialAnnex Inc. this application brings so much interesting features through which you can catch one step process to link and schedule your posts to your gallery and enables customers to shop from your social posts directly. This elegant app empowers everyone to monetize their social media presence, boost both conversation and acquisitions with the immersive and engaging shoppable visuals. Shoppic Scheduler lets you choose content in three simple and convenient steps of adding owned and earned content to its library, set time, date, and other details for scheduling, and finally preview the posts and share it to the any of your favorite social media network regarding Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and others. Other than this, Shoppic Scheduler also lets you add images to its gallery (enables people directly from your social posts), edit or reschedule post, product association to images, and able to schedule posts from numerous handles. So just download Shoppic Scheduler, and have fun.


19. Cleaner for Instagram

Cleaner for Instagram is a much famous app used by tons of Insta lovers which let them make exceptional handling of their accounts intuitively. Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow, Block and Delete is a great tool introduced by Novasoft Cloud Services S.R.L Inc. which has introduced one of the most superb Instagram account managers that can be used to mass unfollow Insta users elegantly. You can intuitively mass block Instagram followers, mass unlike Instagram pics, mass delete Insta posts or videos, and so much more to manage your account professionally. This application enables everyone to make some much-needed changes in their Instagram account and enjoy a fine Insta experience. Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow, Block and Delete app enables whitelist management which enables you to avoid accidental blocks and unfollowers. Some of the core features of Cleaner for Instagram app includes mass unfollow, mass delete posts, mass unblock and block, quick section tools, mass unlike videos, mass download posts for backup, activity statics, help center, activity log, and various other things. It also carries cloud services and pending action services and works intuitively in the background. So just download Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow, Block and Delete, and have an Instagram experience like never before.


20. PicSlit

PicSlit brings your tile or banner option for your Instagram through which you can make slits of your choice using three, six, nine, or twelve photos from your gallery or anywhere else. PicSlit – Giant Square Image Splitter comes into the market by Sheena Allen Apps Inc. which allows its entire users to create pic banners, grids, puzzles, slits, and more on their Instagram pages. It makes your Instagram profile a bit more interesting and eye-catching by creating awesome slits. This intuitive slit making app produced free as well as a paid version for making slits using your own photos. This application enables only three slits option for tile as well as a banner in its free version, and you have to upgrade it in order to use the 12, 6 or 9 slits options. Its upgrading charges are only $1.99 along with an additional upgrading of $0.99 for getting an ads-free atmosphere. Whenever people look on your Instagram timeline, they will see squares or blocks of different of multiple photos and be amazed by your creative stuff. You can easily download PicSlit – Giant Square Image Splitter app in your phone, and start producing your own slits using 3, 6, 9 or 12 slit options accordingly.


21. FollowMeter for Instagram

FollowMeter for Instagram is another gorgeous tool which helps you track as well as monitor your followers and unfollowers with a single click right through your cell phone. FollowMeter for Instagram was introduced by BeakerApps Inc. which makes it easy to get the deep insights of your social account over Instagram and manage your Insta followers like never before. You can easily check who recently unfollowers and followed you, get a peak on your secret admirers, discover ghost followers, detect users who stopped following you, find your best followers, find your top commenters, and so much more. This Insta management tool makes it easy to discover who your best fans are, and also monitor who is not following you back. Apart from managing and monitoring all your account’s stuff, FollowMeter for Instagram also lets you get fun and interesting insights about your account and let you enjoy more. This Instagram management tool helps you get the useful and the must-have insights of your account and lets you monitor the growth with ease. There are three million people from all over the world who are trusting this Insta monitoring tool to grow and manage their social presence. So just download FollowMeter for the Instagram app on your phone, and manage everything regarding your Instagram account in an ultimate way.

More About Story Saver

Story Saver is an easy to use tool which carries lots of interesting stuff for Insta users and let them have the standalone app which sends you precise push notifications when any other Insta user share Instagram stories, and it can even do not send push notifications for stories. Story Saver & Story Push Notifier for Instagram is an elegant product of Miko – Standingstill Inc. which makes it easy to track all the new content from Instagram users and lets you reach there in no time. You can easily select the users that you want to be notified to track all their stories. This application also enables its users to search any users and select to be notified for the new stories. Story Saver and Story Push Notifier for Instagram let you get precise notifications even when the screensaver is active, and you can stalk in sheath mode, save, and repost any Insta story in no time. You can even enable you to stalk and download the photos and videos shared as stories in stealth mode. So just download Story Saver & Story Push Notifier for Instagram app on your phone, and start saving, storing, reposting, downloading, and sharing any of your most likely stuff on Instagram.