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Storybeat is another excellent tool to set your imagination free by creating your stories in the best possible way right using your mobile phone, introduced by Social Stories S.L Inc. Storybeat, unleash your creativity lets you use your own pics, videos, and music for making extraordinary stuff to share your favourite moments… read more
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1. Unfold – Create Stories

Unfold – Create Stories is a superb tool for storytellers which let them create marvellous stories on the go using tons of intuitive features. Unfold – Create Stories is a superb application introduced by Unfold Creative LLC which brings a stack of minimal and classy templates for creating engaging and beautiful stories. This application carries more than 25 template and over 45 premium templates through which you can explain your story in the way you want. Apart from this, Unfold – Create Stories also contains almost 5 font styles and advanced text tools through which you can intuitively set the mood of your story. Its elegant photo and video support let you make stories flawlessly and put anything related to images as well as videos to enhance the structure of our story. It enables storytellers to export their stories in the best possible resolution for seamless sharing to other platforms. You can say in the form of text, pics, and even use videos to elaborate all your stories precisely among the audience. So just pick Unfold – Create Stories app from the store, get a grip on thousands of classy features, and tell your own stories how you want to.


2. Lumyer

Lumyer is the one of the ultimate famous application which helps you select your most likely effects and start recording in the way you want using its hilarious features. Lumyer – Augmented Reality is a classy tool bought to you by Lumyer Inc. which brings a platform where you can express your creativity and share your feelings with more than 200 high-resolution animated video effects. It helps you enjoy not only the simple filters and effects, but you can even have its animated effects for the better enhancement of your photos. This application makes your photos taken from your phone to become work of the pure class of art. This application brings all your selfies, funny moments with your friends, memorable moments with your family members, beautiful landscapes, and artistic photos to life by putting tons of extraordinary stuff with ease. Lumyer – Augmented Reality helps you record yourself and apply tons of artistic effects to create live Lumies. It carries hundreds of effects for any occasion and situation, lets you promote your business, and you can even edit your photos as well. So just download Lumyer – Augmented Reality from the stores, and have fun sharing your masterpieces with your friends to impress them.


3. Canva

Canva is a fabulous application that allows you to enjoy free photo editing and ultimate graphics tools. It amazingly produces designs with extreme simplicity. You can easily create beautiful looking designs for your work, school, play, college, and anything else and it does not need any rough and tough designing skills and complexity of software for having such level of designs. Whether you want to make Instagram posts, Facebook profile, Photo editing, Pic collage, poster making, or Wedding invitation, etc. it lets you do all these things with ease and much convenience. Canva – Free Photo Editor & Graphic Design is an extremely amazing utility through which you can make your brand and your life look awesome on your social media account. You can easily add design to Flyers, Posters, Blog banners, Invitation cards, Photo collage, and any other part of your life. It lets you select over 60,000 templates, add text to your photos, choose from over 1 million stock photos, share and publish directly, and enjoy lot more. So just download this amazing designing tool Canva – Free Photo Editor & Graphic Design to create beautiful designs anywhere.


4. Hypetype

Hypetype carries one of the most amazing ways to bring your posts to life with the ease of use and so much precision. Hype Type Animated Text Videos is a famous tool of Setona LLC through which you can enjoy making marvellous posts for sharing on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media applications. It brings one of the most comfortable and engaging ways to animate any of your most likely text over videos and photos. This application carries tons of animated text filters, and you can enjoy what you need to put on your photographs. Hype Type Animated Text Videos app also enables you to add music from your music collection and even adjust the timings as well. Other than these, Hype Type Animated Text Videos also carries pro version which features animated packs, remove ads, remove the watermark, and make your stories stand out. HypeType app also lets you save and share directly over Instagram life. It helps you have much comfort while making extraordinary stuff, and you can even express yourself in a more fun and easy way as possible. Hype Type Animated Text Videos is available in the stores, and you can intuitively download this lightweight app to enjoy motion typography for stories.


5. Over

Over carries one of the classiest ways to both write and design over photos right through your cell phones. Over Edit & Add Text to Photos is a deadly famous app through which everyone can edit their pics with the best quality stuff, and create awesome designs with ease. It carries a collection of more than 10,000 templates, tons of font styles and graphics through which you can make your posts stand out. It lets you join millions of consumers and business already using this stunning app for content marketing, social media management, blogging, the health specialist, parents, fitness coaches, brands, and more. Over Edit & Add Text to Photos lets you make social posts with visual content and lets you share them straight to your social profile with templates for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more. You can even overlay the logo of your business post for the better customization. Over Edit & Add Text to Photos even lets you market and promote yourself by creating business cards, email templates, blog headers, retail posters, flyers, album covers, kindle covers, video titles, and so much more. So just download Over Edit & Add Text to Photos and choose millions of graphics, templates, font to overlays, and various other things to make your photos even more gorgeous.


6. 8mm for iPad

8mm for iPad is a superb application which enables its users to shoot authentic retro films, introduced by Nexvio Inc. This application allows you to turn your iPad or other iOS devices into an authentic Super 8 camera. 8mm Vintage camera captures the real magic and beauty of your old school vintage movies through your viewfinder. 8mm for iPad enables its users to add dust and scratches, retro colour, flickering, light leaks, frame shakes, and much more with a tap of your finger and enjoy amazing retro pics. It enables everyone to record videos with sophisticated live effects. You can explore tons of filters and easily apply them on your own stuff for making them look outstanding. It even supports up to 1080p HD quality with the real-time video effects. 8mm for iPad brings a collection of super 8, clear, flickering frame, colour fringing, classic, light leak, spotlight, and other lenses, and enables you to enjoy almost 12 retro and aged films for free. Other than these, you can even use its jitter button to imitate formal shakes and sound switch to add projector sounds for extra legitimacy. So just download 8mm for iPad to enjoy creating Pro quality movies.


7. Bazaart

Bazaart is an awesome app for artists through which they can make masterpieces through its free version and do a lot more with the premium one. Bazaart Photo Editor & Collage application helps you make stunning edits, awesome collages, and gorgeous photo manipulations with its creative tools, unparalleled simplicity, and fast processing time. You can easily select any of your favourite photos and design them in the way you want. You can magically remove the background of your photos and even cut out pics artistically with the finger, shape cut-out, and scissors tools. You can intuitively scale, rotate, resize, position, flip and duplicate your photos with simple touch gestures. Other than these, Bazaart Photo Editor & Collage also allows you to edit in full wide color gamut, add up to hundred layers, enjoy multitasking, add hundreds of awesome backgrounds, add text using outstanding fonts, apply exquisite pic filters, and save in HD quality. This superb tool makes it possible to easily adjust things such as contrast, saturation, vibrance, warmth, colour fill, tit, shadows, fade, blur, sharpness, opacity, blending, and other minor things for getting the best details of what you want. So just download Bazaart Photo Editor & Collage app, and enhance your pic experience ultimately.


8. InShot Video Editor

This all in one editing application is packed with two basic functions of editing videos and images. On the App Store and Google Play Store, there are few applications that support for both editing of images and videos. InShot Video Editor is also listed among those few apps serving in both sections. One of the best things about InShot Video Editor is that for the Instagram users it has separate editing section that allow the users to blur the border for video and photo, make square ready photos, colored border to make square ready photos, movie photo or video inside the square and much more. InShot Video Editor is jam packed with a lot of music, effects, and voice overs. It allows the users to add their own music to video in any format. A lot of fun sound effects will be at your disposal. The special voice overs system of this app will allow you to add voice over videos. One of the best things about InShot Video Editor is that it can easily got synchronize sound and video with timeline features.


9. Enlight Videoleap

Enlight Videoleap is another superb tool which enables its users to be a story or movie maker in no time through advanced and stunning edit and mixing features. Enlight Videoleap Video Editor is a product of Lightricks Ltd. which is beneficial for both whether you want to make artistic ultimate level films or even simple share moments and memories with friends. This app carries high level and powerful editing features and ease of use at the same time so that even amateurs can also have fun editing through it. Through its creative composing people can easily mic images and videos together to create artistic looks and double exposures precisely. It enables layer based editing through which you can add videos, effects, images, and text together than reorder them in the way you want. You can even customize layers with blending modes, masking, and transformations and apply flawless cinematic transitions to your clips right through this genuinely outstanding app. Apart from this, Enlight Videoleap Video Editor also carries keyframe animations, green chrome compositing, fit clips to format, non-destructive editing, unlimited redo or undo features, an intuitive timeline with zoom, various special effects, and rich editing possibilities. So just download Enlight Videoleap Video Editor app in your phone, and get creative with video.


10. Preview

Preview is another elegant application introduced by Preview App Pty Ltd, which brings everything you need right under one platform. Preview – Plan your Instagram is a superb tool through which you can preview your post before you post it on Instagram. This is your visual planner for Instagram and caries all the features you need. It brings drag and drops support through which you can arrange your Instagram videos and pics and even design your own theme. This application lets you track your performance and let you have the most suitable time to post your stuff and the best hashtags. You can easily optimize your account to get the hell out of it. Preview – Plan your Instagram lets you create your own amazing feed that reflects your passion, brand or even personality. This intuitive visual Instagram planner is pocketed with almost 12 beautiful filters, more than 73 unique filters and you can choose tropical, pastel, colourful, white, and various other themes. Other than these, the Preview app provides analytics and insights, reposting of videos photos and albums, unlimited grid space, schedule, caption, plan and design, multi-device, and much more. So just download Preview – Plan your Instagram in your cell phone and predict that how your timeline looks like before your post any photo or video.


11. Vidstitch

Vidstitch is one of the most classy story maker app which helps everyone to combine photos along with videos and post them on the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social platform. Vidstitch Free – Video Collage is a superb app introduced by Fresh Squeezed Apps, which helps you merge your pics and videos to share your collages with your friends and family members. This application carries a simple and intuitive interface through which you can easily choose your frame, combine your desired stuff, and share them over your favourite sites. It carries a diversity of frames to choose, and you can add your own soundtrack as well. Some of Vidstitch Free – Video Collage app’s core features include the support of playing preview before saving, GIF support, intuitive optimization, rotation of pics and videos, and much more. This app is compatible with videos that you have taken from your device rather the others. It also brings a single frame which enables you to post your full-sized visual stuff without any cutting or cropping. So just download Vidstitch Free – Video Collage and enjoy making excellent collages and share them on the move with your beloved ones.


12. A Design Kit

A Design Kit is another super stunning application which enables its users to enjoy extreme level photo editing using superb brushes, elegant text, and more. A Design Kit is a superb application developed by A Color Story LLC, which brings a modern platform where you can add exquisite colourful designs to your pics anywhere and everywhere. This application carries more realistic brushes which help you draw in colour or textures. Through its wide collection of brushes, you can enjoy extremely ultimate designing over your photos and text. A Design Kit makes it easy to get started, and you can create designs over your pics in the way you want to see. It lets you start with the more realistic and minimal brushes (might be in gold) to draw whatever you want. You can choose from more than 30 modern fonts to say whatever you in the most engaging way. It carries more than 30 modern font styles, over 120 designs, tons of stickers, elegant background, and textures such as metallic, marble, gradients, and more. So just download A Design Kit app, and enjoy whether to add stickers over your pics and to anchor it with classic designs.


13. Loopvid

Loopvid is a superb tool through which you can capture your life’s crazy moments and intuitively turn them into a looping video with one touch of the button right through your cell phone. LoopVid- pic video gif maker is a stunning product of Visual Playground Apps, which helps you loop your mini videos over and over again in a much precise and simple way. LoopVid- pic video gif maker is much similar to Boomerang but even with more features and longer video lengths. It is a free to use app which helps you take short videos from 1 to 9 seconds of length and allow them to play in a loop again and again in both reverse and forward in a never-ending sequence. LoopVid- pic video gif maker app allows you to enjoy making unlimited videos from your phone and share them with everyone you want. It is a lot of fun to capture anything moving from your face doing various things, something falling, water moving, kids jumping, and anything you want to do. So just download this elegant app named LoopVid- pic video gif maker on your mobile phone, and make yourself happy with looping videos.


14. Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox is a widely used application which helps you create stunning effects with all the much-needed features right under your fingertips. Enlight Photofox: Photo Editor lets you have everything from blending and layer modes, to special brushes, tonal adjustments, stunning fonts, brushes, black and white effects, film, and duo presets right in your pocket. This application brings superior pic mixing through which you can enjoy creating double exposure and surreal iPhone art. Through its sophisticated layer feature, you can effortlessly combine pics and re-edit them at any time you want. It also carries cut and paste mode which helps you select and place parts of one pic onto other quickly. Enlight Photofox: Photo Editor enables you to adjust blending modes regarding transformation and transparency of images. You can easily control and adjust colour, grain, vignette, fade, structure, intensity, and tonality, and more with much comfort. Other than these, Enlight Photofox: Photo Editor also lets you enjoy multitasking, colourize images, apply beautiful gradients, instant blemish remover, drawing on images, create professional-looking posts for social media, and so much more. So just download Enlight Photofox: Photo Editor and enjoy your stuff in the way you want.


15. DesignLab

DesignLab is another intuitive application to edit your photos and graphics, introduced by MuseWorks, Inc. DesignLab – Creative Design enables its users to create awesome stories, posts, posters, thumbnails, cards, invites, and so much more right using your mobile phone. You can comfortably make engaging stories with hundreds of inbuilt templates and share them on any of your most favourite social platforms. You can easily create beautiful designs and professional looking graphics by choosing from millions of images, customizable templates, fonts, and more. DesignLab – Creative Design application lets you make typography design, event promotion, special sales, birthday invitations and cards, wedding invites, real estate promotions, scrapbook making, special sale offers, watermarked pics, and so much more. Other than these, Design Lab app is also beneficial for making business cards, album covers, meme creation, and creation of inspirational quotes, etc. DesignLab – Creative Design allows you to create stunning graphics with more than 10k images and editable templates and it even keeps on updating it for providing more and more. So just download DesignLab – Creative Design from the stores and produced awesome visuals perfect for your social media sharing.


16. Story Maker

Story Maker brings an easy to use app for creating engaging stories and excellent videos from photos. Story Maker – Make stories from Photos with music bought in the market by Abhishek Bhardwaj through which you can add pics and audio over your videos to enjoy it in the way you like. It is a stunning app to create stories of your most memorable events like wedding, birthday, get together, picnic parties, college trips, and anything you need. You just need to select multiple pics from your gallery, or you can even create new ones and apply music of your own collection to start creating masterpieces. It also enables its users to merge multiple stories and create a single one from them to share them on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and much more. This app enables its users to create videos using various filters, frames, text, and many other editing features to produce eye-catching stuff just for sharing with friends, family members, and special ones. It helps you make videos using the pics as well as background music of your own choice. Story Maker – Make stories from Photos with music is a simple to use app which lets you enjoy creating and saving stories directly over your mobile devices.



SEEZER is one of the most perfect apps if you are looking for creating stories which are explaining every single thing that you want to elaborate. SEEZER Full Size Instagram Collage Story Maker is a classy tool introduced by Seezer Inc. which helps you create attention-grabbing stories and share them on Facebook, Instagram Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other social media application that you often use. It enables you to capture awesome double photos and share them on your favourite social news feed. This elegant story making app helps you record videos and photos with both front and back camera, and you can combine both videos on one frame. You can easily use mix features to combine pics and stickers or even take images and upload them from your already captured ones. SEEZER Full Size Instagram Collage Story Maker comes with a collection of excellent stickers where you can find the perfect one that matches all your expectations, and you can apply them over your videos. So just download SEEZER Full Size Instagram Collage Story Maker, and enjoy the most elegant tool for capturing your best moments in the form of photos and videos right through your cell phone.



A Color Story is another classy tool which emphases on the fresh photos, colours that pop, and bright white, apart from concentrating on a moody look. A Color Story is a great tool introduced by A COLOR STORY Inc. that brings excellent features. This application carries your photography experience to the next ultimate level, and you can have tons of superb quality features for managing and creating things in the way like never before. A Color Story carries a collection of more than 100 awesomely crafted filters, and you can even purchase more right through this app. Its awesome pack of over 40 moveable effects, people can enjoy their photography in an entirely unique way. Through this stunning app, you can also enjoy 20 plus free tools and even the custom filters saved from your editing steps. You can even enjoy A Color Story’s both free as well as purchased version and get things done in a way like never before. There are lot more functions of this superb app, and for getting an extra dose of features, you can enjoy its purchases as well. So just download A Color Story and enjoy moveable blending effects, carefully crafted filters, bright colours, and so much more.

More About Storybeat

Storybeat is another excellent tool to set your imagination free by creating your stories in the best possible way right using your mobile phone, introduced by Social Stories S.L Inc. Storybeat, unleash your creativity lets you use your own pics, videos, and music for making extraordinary stuff to share your favourite moments. This application enables you to add the background music to your stuff with millions of tracks from the world’s best artists and with the trending track in every genre such as pop, rock, reggaeton, trap, electronic, R&B, country, rap, and more. This app keeps on updating its music on a daily basis to let you have the most recent and trending songs to add in your exceptional stories. Storybeat, unleash your creativity lets you add sound by recording your own voice as well and create photo slideshows with any music that you want. It enables you to transform your live photos into videos with the stunning boomerang effects and even add music to it. You can also enjoy its one-tap sharing of your masterpieces over Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, Email, Messenger, Twitter, and more. You can easily download Storybeat, unleash your creativity and enjoy making stunning stuff with your own photos.