SUP Multiplayer: Race cars Alternatives

SUP Multiplayer: Race cars

SUP Multiplayer Racing allows you to leave your rivals behind in the dust and just enjoy jumping, blasting off with boosters, drifting, and reaching the final lap in one piece. SUP Multiplayer: Race cars is an exciting game developed in the market by Oh BiBi Inc… read more
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26 Apps Like SUP Multiplayer: Race cars


1. Fun Run

Fun Run is a classy running game loved by millions of worldwide folks where they can enjoy fun racing against their desired opponents, friends, or strangers. Fun Run – Multiplayer Race is an exceptional racing game presented in the market by Dirtybit Inc. which brings loads of exciting gaming features for everyone love racing or running. It contains a lot of furries and cutest creatures of the forest which are out for running in the way you want them to run. It is necessary for you to finish the race before your friends who are participating in the same way, for you to remain a calm critter. Fun Run – Multiplayer Race is an amazing online real-time multiplayer racing game for cell phones and tablets which can enjoy both iOS and Android mobile phone holders. Fun Run game enables you to enjoy it from anywhere in the world no matter where you are living. Four persons can play this multiplayer game at a time, but only the best can win the battle of the race against friends. So just grab the Fun Run – Multiplayer Race gaming app, play with your friends or even get random matches with random players from all over the world and enjoy whatever it brings for you.


2. Ninja Kid Run Free

Ninja Kid Run Free is an amazing game which allows you to play the most exciting running scenario available over the Play Store for sure. Ninja Kid Run Free – Fun Games is a great game presented in the market by Fun Games For Free Ltd, which allows you to be a ninja for a day and run through the city to collect exceptional items and to grab real-time awesome experience. You can simply swipe to escape from obstacles, jump in your own way to avoid street blocks, shoot stars to break objects, duck to avoid being hit, and race as fast as you can to achieve the best that it provides. Ninja Kid Run VR: Fun Game brings very easy to understand and simple to use controls which helps you move through the game in an excellent way. Ninja Kid Run Free – A Beautiful Infinite Runner game allows you to go as far as possible to collect coins to beat the scores of all your friends to be on top. Ninja Kid Run Free is a fun and exciting game if you are not having a good day. Ninja Kid Run VR: Fun Games amazing game helps eradicate the frustration from yourselves by letting you run through the exciting city in a way like never before.


3. Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run enables you to take the angry gran to the way through the street of Miami and get exciting stuff as the game progresses. Angry Gran Run – Running Game is a widely used game presented in the market by Ace Viral Inc. where you have to jump, dash, run, and slide over and around loads of difficult and wacky obstacles right away. It is a crazily new, endless running game which enables its worldwide users to enjoy everything through the run on the streets of Miami. The granny has locked away in the angry asylum where she is plotting her escape and badly need you to assist her through the streets once she busted out. Angry Gran Run – How far can you run? Game allows you to change the look of the granny by purchasing new costumes including wonder gran, zombie gram, 70’s hippy gran, and even the costume of the Penguin. Angry Gran Run – Running Game allows you to purchase as well as update tons of power-ups including invincible shields and bullet time in your own way. So just download Angry Gran Run – Fun Running Game and forget the jungles, subway stations and temples to enjoy the road of the cities of Rome and New York.


4. Fun Run 2

Fun Run 2 is an excitingly new app which allows you to run with all your might, and enjoys racing and crushing random people, your close buddies, and your family members for the real time. Fun Run 2: Multiplayer Race is an exciting game developed in the market by Dirtybit Inc. which brings a pack of cute and furry creatures of the forest and play to win and prove that you are the fasted amongst all. You can cut, magnetize, electrify and slash your running mates to slow them down and even teleport and rocket yourself to boost your run in the coolest and one of the most addictive multiple online games. You can even play fun online games to become the fastest runner in the clan in a way like never before. Fun Run 2: Multiplayer Racing Game is not as simple and easy to it sounds because you and your opponents do their best to defeat one another in the best possible way. You can run solo or even with your buddies by joining the online racing game to race against strangers or your closed buddies in an exciting and straightforward way online. Fun Run 2: Multiplayer Racing Game allows you to enjoy everything through running cute creators and become the top runner of all the times.


5. Lep’s World

Lep’s World game lets you play as Lep who has to beat all the enemies and overcome obstacles to discover his gold. Lep’s World – Jump n Run Games is a legendary platformer introduced in the market by NerByte GmbH Inc. which allows you to run and jump through breathtaking levels and awesome places with dozens of hiding stuff. The game contains more than 160 exclusive levels with more than 2 awesome characters including Super Sam, Colleen, Long John, and more. Lep’s World Game – Best Jumping Platformer contains more than 6 different world themes, 9 challenging enemies, multiplayer functionality and fabulous in-app graphics and animations. Lep’s World is a completely free to use running game where you can enjoy competing with your friends and be the best by putting your efforts on board through the game. Lep’s World – Jump n Run Games lets you enjoy playing the running game with your buddies and even compare your score with your social media friends. Lep’s World Game – Jumping Platformer app allows you to be calm, quick and nimble and assist Lep to discover his gold which is covered in a diverse collection of amazingly designed levels and he’s determined to discover it all.


6. Ricky + Level Editor

Ricky + Level Editor is an exciting game where you have to assist Ricky for discovering his brother Parry in more than 20 excitingly engaging levels along with 4 bosses in almost 4 worlds. Ricky Lite + Level Editor app brings exciting gameplay with easy to use controls and amazing sound to enjoy under one platform. The app contains exciting new levels, new abilities, lives, checkpoints, power-ups, bosses with new abilities, new enemies with new moves, and loads of other things for you to enjoy. It enables you to share as well as create your own levels, with enemies, items, and power-ups at your leisure in the game. Ricky Lite or Level Editor Game allows you to share these levels with your friends and with the whole world through Bluetooth, W-Fi, or via the internet. You can even download the levels from the internet and enjoy them in the way you want. You can update the game to enjoy 2 new types of controls, and even the difficulties decreased in the initial levels of the game. It all begins with the birth of the kid, and the young Parry was abducted, and you should make your efforts to get him back out of danger alive. Ricky Lite and Level Editor allow you to move through its exciting levels and get Parry back home.


7. Super Cat Bros

Super Cat Bros is an awesome game which brings an exciting pack of levels and helps you explore the mysterious islands. Super Cat Tales is an amazing gaming app introduced in the market by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG Inc. which brings an amazing cat running game which carries amazingly new levels, enemies, milestones, and a hell of exciting features under one platform. It contains cat as the leading character, and you have to help the cat to pass all the levels and beat the enemies using your mental and technical skills. Super Cat Bros Game allows you to control 24 paws with 2 thumbs tapping the right or left side of the screen. It contains more than six cats with ultimate abilities, simple yet rewarding controls, cute pixel visuals, achievements and leaderboards, loads of hidden secrets, and loads of other features for everyone plays the game. This gaming app helps you realize how easy is that to climb, jump, swim, run, and stick. It is tailor-made for the touch screen and has never been so easy or satisfying to play the platformers over your mobile phone. You can freely download Super Cat Tales game to open the kitty door for the app and meow away the frustrating day.


8. Lep’s World 2

Lep’s World 2 is the upgraded version which carries more characters, more scenarios, more functionalities, more engagingness, and an extra dose of daily fun. Lep’s World 2 – Run and Jump is a great game presented in the market by nerByte GmbH Inc. which enables its worldwide users to enjoy excitingly new levels, exclusive items, better graphics of the game, beautiful sound, more enemies, and love features for free. In the Lep’s World 2 game Lep is the hero who has to save his friends and other mates all alone, and you have to help him get more powerful to defeat the wizard. It is an incredibly good and amazing game which brings engaging gameplay where the happiness become faded, and you have to fight with the enemies to bring that fun back in your village. Lep’s World 2 – Run and Jump Game brings more abilities to play the game including more than 12 unique worlds, a collection of over 90 levels, 10 items and abilities, challenging boss fights, and almost 13 demanding enemies. Lep’s World 2 Game allows you to run through the amazing world and collect the gems and coins to catch the boss and kill him to clear the world. Lep’s World 2 – Run and Jump Game lets you get exciting and dangerous things on your way to help Lep’s family and friends get out of danger.


9. Jungle Castle Run

Jungle Castle Run is an exciting game which lets you get ultra-modern mega-hit Jungle castle run along with hundreds of challenging levels as the game progresses. Jungle Castle Run – Multiplayer Running is a gorgeously created game presented in the market by Simplified Apps Inc. where millions of worldwide folks are enjoying these excitingly new levels and amazing gameplay right over their mobile devices. This is a multiplayer game that contains amazing graphics to explore the mysteries of more than a hundred castles by making your efforts through. It is an awesome running game where you need to overcome danger, cross multiple obstacles, and beat the enemies while collecting as many coins as you can to score the highest. Jungle Castle Run – Multiplayer Running Game allows you to enjoy an exciting pack of challenging levels, lightweight game, simple to use and understand game controls, ultimate quality graphics, and real engagingness to enjoy everything it delivers. Each of the steps contains coins, hurdles, fireballs, and explosive, and you just have to pick the coins in order to be the best amongst all. Jungle Castle Run brings everything needed for enjoying hundreds of awesome levels and intuitive characters right away.


10. Fun Run 3

Fun Run 3 is an engaging game that contains players from all over the world who are enjoying this online multiplayer game right over their tablets or mobile devices. Fun Run 3 – Multiplayer Games is an awesome game introduced in the market by Dirtybit Inc. which allows you to get ready for the running game with loads of exciting features, even more, action-packed craziness, and ultimate user experience for everyone uses the game. It allows you to enter into the fantastic world and win big against your furry opponents from all over the globe. Fun Run 3 – Race, Play & Beat other People allows you to challenge a collection of 8 of your online buddies or even choose random ones to run faster than them in this exciting online multiplayer game. It brings the legendary gameplay of classic running race games and also upgrades new dimension of a cool race against the worldwide players. Fun Run 3 – Multiplayer Games allows you to crush, slash, beat, or destroy your opponents in the race and become the top runner by reaching the finish line first. You can download Fun Run 3 – Race, Play and Beat Players game for free to become the fastest runner as you crush your rivals in one of the deadly amazing and engaging racing games that you have ever played before.


11. Fun Race 3D

Fun Race 3D is an amazing game which is magnificent for people who want to experience full parkour with tons of exciting levels as you keeps on running through it. Fun Race 3D – Multiplayer Game Free was developed in the market by Good Jobs Games, which brings an exclusive pack of exciting features for anyone who love running through ultimate hurdles. You can enjoy racing with your buddies, your siblings, your colleagues, strangers from all over the world and anyone you want in this game and enjoy everything in a way like never before. Fun Race 3D – Multiplayer Game Free brings loads of hurdles and levels, and you have to clear them all to get more abilities after succeeding each of its worlds. Each of its levels brings new unique, and fun experience, and its easy controls help you enjoy it in a way like never before. You have to beat all your opponents and reach the finish line in order to gain the top score and become the winner. The app contains amazing graphics, and all the hurdles are made perfect for each of the players. Fun Race 3D – Multiplayer Game’s sensationally awesome levels or amazing gameplay drive you crazy and help you go through each of its levels to be the best.


12. Run Race 3D

Run Race 3D is an engaging game which is played along with your buddies to become the best runner of all the time, loved by millions of worldwide folks. Run Race 3D – Run Fast, Be the Best, is an awesome gaming app developed in the market by Good Job Games Inc. which allows you to enjoy the running experience along with your friends and compete them to become the top runner in a way like never before. In this 3D running game, you have to move your cute character through one wall to another, climb ropes, flip to jump higher, grab to swing, climb ropes, use monkey bars, and loads of other stuff and try not to fall. The one who beat all the other players can win the exciting battle over Run Race 3D game. You can play with 5 friends online and enjoy racing in the way like never before. Run Race 3D – Running Game contains loads of maps, and each of them contains their own flexibility and require multiple sets of skills as well. You can intuitively increase your ranking by beating your opponents and also customize your characters by changing their skins, dancing, clothing, and many more. Run Race 3D – Run Fast game allows you to be the Best by beating all your opponents in this fun run.


13. Monsu 2

Monsu 2 is an exciting game which allows you to run, jump, fly, or even ride the dragon and enjoy exciting features of the game right on the palm of your hands. Monsu 2 – Underground Palace adventure is an exciting game presented in the market by View Kingdom Inc. which brings a multiplayer fun game with collectible cards, and you can even upgrade the cards, evolve your own boss, defeat the boss and do much else. You have to beat the player from all over the world and climb the world tree. Monsu 2 game contains awesome graphics, ultra-HD sound gameplay, fine sound quality, and simple tap controls for your touchable mobile devices. Monsu 2 – Underground Palace adventure contains awesome platforming action with collectible cards, and you can even collect and update endless power-ups, characters of the game, weapons, mountains, and more. All you need to do is to defeat the boss and evolve your own boss to become the winner. You can discover the mysterious treasures, collect awesome, epic, rare, and unique companion cards as well. Monsu 2 – Underground Palace adventure allows you to play with your buddies from all over the world, defeat their boss, and boost to the top of the world tree.


14. Sword of Xolan

Sword of Xolan is an exciting game which includes the juice of pixel art style where you are loaded with a sword and have to face tons of exciting levels with multiple enemies and hurdles. Sword of Xolan is an exclusively engaging game developed by Alper Sarikaya where you meet Xolan who is brave and young and fight for justice no matter what the cost really is. You have to help him over his adventure to stand up against evil and bring the peace and serenity back that once was somewhere in the town. This exciting game contains more than 30 handcrafted adventure levels with almost 9 time-restricted challenge levels and 3 ends of act bosses who have to kill right away in order to proceed the level. It contains more than 30 kinds of enemies including zombies, pieces of acerose ice, giants, flying creatures, fire guns, and loads of others. Other than these, Sword of Xolan also contains customizable touch controls, controller support, 19 game center achievements, 10 unique game cards to improve the Xolan’s skill and load more things on the move as the game progresses. Sword of Xolan game lets you be the hero by helping the hero for fighting against unjust creatures and get the innocent folks out of danger.


15. Race Day

Race Day is a physics-based, fun multiplayer racing game which allows you to enjoy racing with your own friends and random opponents right from your mobile phones and tablets. Race Day – Multiplayer Racing Game was presented in the market by Bertheussen IT Inc. which brings multiplayer racing for all the worldwide racing lovers and is packed with really fun features. It is an online fun multiple racing where you have loads of competitors to beat and stay on top to boost your score and efficiency of playing the racing game. You can even raise your skill level to unlock and check new cars, add-ons, extensions, and more. Race Day Game – Multiplayer Racing game lets you race online and crush some random opponents and even your friends to stay on top. It is a fun physics-based gaming app which contains a huge selection of cars where you can win races to earn XP and increase your skill level. Other than these, Race Day Game contains awesome power-ups, pack of 12 levels (set in deserts, forest, jungles, and arctic sceneries), support chatting with opponents, level up to unlock multiple functionalities within the game, record and share replays, and lets you invite your buddies to play a multiplayer race.


16. Jumpy

Jumpy is a unique and amazing game which allows you to get to know how accurate and fluently do you jump through the hurdles in this exciting game. Jumpy is a gorgeous game developed in the market by Ketchapp Inc. which allows its worldwide users to jump through all the hurdles in its exciting levels and earn more and more coins to go on top. All you need to do over Jumpy is to tap over the screen to jump through its steeplechases by avoiding all the red cones available on the way. In the Jumpy game, you have to tap over the screen to jump (press longer to jump bigger), jump over the enemies to destroy them (and tap to double jump after destroying them), jump over the trampoline to jump higher, and use collected gems to unlock new characters. You have to destroy special blocks by jumping in contradiction of them from beneath. Other than these, Jumpy allows you to jump over the action button to jump higher and use collected gems to unlock new characters as well. You will lose the level whenever you fall off the platform. Jumpy allows you to enjoy jumping over these exciting levels and enjoy discovering three exciting worlds as the game progresses.


17. Paddington Run

Paddington Run game allows you to enjoy the fun-filled endless runner game where you have to run through the demanding streets of London to assemble the delicious marmalade, unlock loads of exciting levels and features, beat all the challenges, and experience quality stuff in each of its action-packed levels. Paddington™ Run – Endlessly Fun Adventures is a gorgeous game presented in the market by Gameloft Inc. which allows you to help the panda run through amazing paths and collect ultimate things on the move. Its effortless and easy controls allow you to go through the streets and its engaging paths in an effortless way. Paddington™ Run – Endlessly Fun Adventures Game contains instant play sessions for any time you fancy a game and smooth gameplay for an immersive experience. The game contains endless fun with plenty of new challenges to discover and helps users to be on top through running. You have to run through the bustling streets of London and see the iconic landmarks and Paddington’s home as well. It also lets you upgrade boosts that helps Paddington grab extra bounce, and tokens over the trouble and also make almost any challenge easy. Paddington™ Run – Endlessly fun adventures game also lets you discover mini-games throughout each of its levels to unlock the Skateboard, Jet Ski, and other mini-games for free.


18. Freak Run

Freak Run is an ultimate run game which can’t be played alone, but you can enjoy the fun game by playing it with your buddies as well as with other players from all over the world. Freak Run – Multiplayer Race game was presented in the market by NuriGames Inc. which brings an exciting game with ultimate graphics and classy sound to enjoy competing friends or random folks in this racing game from all over the world to run the race faster. The game lets you stop resetting or breaking your own records and helps you enjoy racing with your buddies or strangers from around the globe. Freak Run – Multiplayer Race contains more than 70 costumers along with more than 450 combinations, and you can customize everything in the way you want. Freak Run Game carries almost 6 stages with glamorous background, and also keeps on updating the stages for providing real fun under one platform. It carries colorful combinations of players as well as levels, and you have to run through the hurdles safe and sound to reach the destination. Freak Run – Multiplayer Race is a fun racing game which can be played with your friends and is designed superbly for smartphones, tablets, pads, and other devices for live online multiplayer engagingness.


19. Spirit Run

Spirit Run game allows you to join the ballet arena in the universe of the game and enjoy running, fighting, and winning the fun, real-time race, acquires souls of your enemies as well as friends. Spirit Run: Multiplayer Battle game was presented in the market by RetroStyle Games, which contains deadly awesome graphics where you can enjoy ultimate levels and exciting characters, awesome backgrounds, and a hell of fabulous things as you run through these hilarious worlds. In the Spirit Run game, you have to run to defend the Aztec temple from the Apocalypse by helping your brood. You have to be careful while dodging the killing snakes, evading fireballs, and jumping out dangerous traps in a way like never before. Spirit Run: Multiplayer Battle and Online Fun allow you to show your mental and gamer skills by using its ultimate powers and funny spells to compete with your friends and other players from all over the world in this multiplayer game. Spirit Run: Multiplayer Battle contains dozens of characters that can easily be customized in the way you want. Other than these, Spirit Run: Multiplayer Battle – Online Fun Game contains non-stop Fun Run multiplayer action, bonuses and weapons, user-friendly customization with hundreds of skins, instant network battles, continuous updates, offline mode, and a lot more features for the gamers.


20. Mega Run

Mega Run is one of the most exciting and esngaging running game available over the store where you have to run across plenty of attractive levels with loads of exciting things on the way. Mega Run: Redford’s Adventure game was developed in the market by Get Set Games which brings an epic running platform complete with awesome landscapes to run through, incredible stacks of explosive power-ups and an ultimate cast of characters for all the worldwide folks. It contains appealing gameplay where Redford’s sister and brother had been kidnapped by the monster and taken far away. You have to help the Redford through this amazing adventure across plenty of challenging stages as well as multiple worlds to get his family back home. Mega Run Game contains eye-popping cartoon graphics, simple tap control design (which works amazing with the touch screen), epic platform actions, tons of stages over plenty of worlds, and hundreds of collectible and secrets behind the gameplay. Other than these, Mega Run game brings more than 28 explosive power-ups, unlock hilarious new characters, new limited-time characters added every month, game center achievements and leaderboard, exciting sound and genuine graphics, regular free updates. So grab the Mega Run: Redford’s Adventure app, assist Rutherford to find his family, discover loads of amazing worlds, and tons of exciting stuff on the move.


21. Zombies, Run! (Free)

Zombies, Run is an amazingly engaging running game which contains audio adventure, co-created by the novelist Naomi Alderman. Zombies, Run! (Free) is a widely loved tool presented in the market by Six To Start Inc. which allows you to get fit, escape zombies, and become a hero in no time. It allows you to join millions of runner over this epic adventure game and get ready for the run of your life. You just need to tie your shoes, put your headphones on, take your first step outside of your home, and enjoy covered real distances in no time. It is highly an engaging game while you run through the most appropriate mix of pulse-pounding songs from your music collection as well as heart-pumping audio drama, you will collect supplies to grow your base back home. In the Zombies Run Game, there are hundreds of lives counting on you and you have got to rebuild your base from some a minor amount of trembling fighters into a fortified beacon of development by collecting crucial supplies and avoiding the roving hordes of zombies. You can also get its PRO version to unlock all the 300 story missions immediately for unlimited play in a reasonable amount of money. Zombies, Run! – Free Game allows you to choose your desired custom playlist before you start running and enjoy it in your own way.


22. Super Cat Tales 2

Super Cat Tales 2 allows you to join the cat named Alex along with his friends in this new super platformer adventure. Super Cat Tales 2 is a great game introduced in the market by Neutronized Inc. which brings a mysteries army of tin soldiers has invaded cat land as well as it is up to cat heroes to save your precious day. It is a pure mix of explorative and fun adventure, along with the custom made for mobile touch controls. The game allows you to play more than hundreds of levels and you can unlock new cats as you went through these exciting levels. Other than these, Super Cat Tales 2 game also contains boss battles, equip neat items, retro pixel art, outstanding music of the game, and exciting gameplay right away. The app also contains achievements and leaderboards so that you have to perform well to establish your command on the game. It allows you to explore beautifully portrayed villages with amazing backgrounds and ultimate stuff on each of your move. Super Cat Tales 2 game brings easy controls for enjoying these exciting levels with awesome villages and a bunch of cute cats to enjoy in the game as well.


23. The Castle Runner

The Castle Runner is an exciting endless running game for girls who love Barbies as well as for the princess lovers or fun run games altogether. The Castle Runner – Fun Run Game is an easy to use game developed in the market by Pretty Teen Games Inc. where you need to assist a princess with a classy frock and let her earn more and more coins spread on the way to escape the castle. It allows you to meet a pretty royal princess runner who is escaping through the castle where you can enjoy running, jumping, dodging, and sliding through the obstacles to run as fast as you can to escape the castle in this exciting game. The Castle Runner Game carries tips to play princess running game with easy to understand controls regarding the jump, run, or slide, etc. The Castle Runner – Fun Run Game lets you race and jump to skip the obstacles over this girl running game along with having attractive sound effects. You can intuitively collect unlimited gems as well as gold coins and open the prizes for the premium rewards and upgrades. So just give a chance to download The Castle Runner – Fun Run Game in your mobile phone and run, slide, and dash with the royal princess in this excellent girl running game.


24. Run Fun Panda 3

Run Fun Panda 3 is an easy to use and engaging running and jumping game for kids where they can enjoy helping a panda run through amazing levels. Run Fun Panda 3 – Running and Jumping Panda is a fine game presented in the market by uGoGo Entertainment Inc. which allows you to run as well as jump over multiple mountains, river, canals, and more. It allows you to run through these amazing valleys as far as you can. Run Fun Panda 3 – Panda Running Game brings multiple difficulty levels so that you can enjoy every single level with its own charm. Panda Run Fun is easy to play and understand run game where the panda needs to grab coins and to avoid all the obstacles come on the way. Run Fun Panda 3 – Running Panda brings the panda from China, so the panda also knows the professional moves about the Kung Fu to run in the jungle. The panda in the game can also swings while jumping and also shows some classy Kung Fu moves on the move as well. It is a unique and interesting game where you need to help the panda to jump over the obstacles and bamboos and from one hurdle to the next, and save from falling. Run Fun Panda 3 – Running and Jumping Panda game allows you to run through exciting levels and make the best of score that you can in one run to enjoy the journey in the best possible way.


25. Dialog Mega Run

Dialog Mega Run allows you to run around the iconic places in Sri Lanka and enjoy jumping and dodging over the obstacles. Dialog Mega Run Game was presented in the market by Dialog Axiata Inc. which brings loads of exciting levels, cute little runners, cool power-ups, amazing boosters, and real fun for users who love running games. You can be the top scorer of the island by collecting more and more coins, boosters, and power-ups. It allows you to choose between the characters of the Mega Boy and Mega girl after downloading the game, and then unlock other of its players as you make progress through the game. You can use the game’s Wasana draw number to run even more. Some of the exciting features of Dialog Mega Run game includes the support of Tamil and Sinhala language, awesome places of Sri Lanka, cool and unique power-ups, spin the mega wheel option, and various other things whenever you start your run over the game. Dialog Mega Run game brings an excitingly new AR mode for users to have an immersive experience, and you can even collect diamonds and bombs to pave your journey.


26. Fun Run: Run Race 3D

Fun Run: Run Race 3D is easy to control and engaging running app which includes the fun run racing game along with the skyward jumping brain games, introduced in the market by Lui Yuzhui Inc. Fun Run: Run Race 3D – Supreme brings an exciting place for all the worldwide users where they can slow down or boost like calm to draw line ladders to jump, driving games, calm to shoot free fire at hurdles while on a fun run, and also free games for adults as well. The game allows you to jump through the obstacles, launch, grab and chase the speedball through the options of fingers slide down, instant launch, chase and grab speedball, and loads of other power-ups. Fun Run: Run Race 3D game allows you to shoot free fire at the target to wreck the obstacles as the growing speed achieve around almost 1200. You can also unlimitedly improve the supreme speed of the fight mode over its limit mode, and you can even hit your targets by buying firearms. Fun Run – Supreme Speed .io game brings new, exciting and nice looking music, ultra-sharp graphics, climb through the leaderboards, and amazing power-ups in the game. So just grab the Run Race 3D – Supreme Speed .io game from the stores and enjoy the real fun of multiple games under one platform.

More About SUP Multiplayer: Race cars

SUP Multiplayer Racing allows you to leave your rivals behind in the dust and just enjoy jumping, blasting off with boosters, drifting, and reaching the final lap in one piece. SUP Multiplayer: Race cars is an exciting game developed in the market by Oh BiBi Inc. which is loved by millions of worldwide car racing lovers due to the set of classy features that it provides. It is an excitingly awesome racing game where you have to crush your opponents in the way you want and beat them in the race to become the winner. SUP Multiplayer – Cars Racing Game allows you to think of your desired techniques and use its extremely engaging crushing options to beat your rivals and smash them off the track to push your own car to the limit. It allows you to compete with almost three opponents from all over the world over the amazing tracks of the game. SUP Multiplayer – Crush Your Rivals in Real-Time app allows you to personalize your cards with a diverse range of color or skins, complete your collection of muscle cars, rally cars, hot rods, and monster trucks, etc., and even evolve your cards to unlock amazing upgrades as well. SUP Multiplayer – Cars Racing Game app allows you to crush your opponents with your crushing techniques, run the racing through exciting tracks, and earn real achievements right within the gaming app.

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