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Super Battery Saver

Super Battery Saver is a finest and a widely used application by Pckmn Labs. It is a great tool to save the battery time of your mobile phones and tablets. Whether battery goes too much down or runs low, just tap the application to turn the saving mode… read more
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18 Apps Like Super Battery Saver



Greenify is an extremely amazing utility, and a must-have application for rooted devices that never let your phone, as well as your tablet get hanged for a minute. It is an ultimate application for users who really care about their smooth interaction with their phones and their battery consumptions as well.

Accu Battery

Accu Battery is an efficiently designed application that helps its users to capture their mobile phone’s battery in the best possible shape and working scenario. It is a fine production of Digibites that helps its users to protects the battery health, measure the capacity of the battery, and precisely displays the battery used information for its users.

NQ Green Battery

NQ Green Battery is an amazing product of NQ Security Lab and is becoming user’s choice to monitor your battery consumptions in a professional and well-manageable way. It delivers a simple and sleek design that helps its users to have quality time and working scenario with the app.

Whaff Battery

Whaff Battery is another amazing tool for getting your battery life with ultimate protection and never let you consume battery unusually, to run your mobile a bit longer. If you are getting tired of an unnecessary battery low situations, and want an app that enhances your battery lifespan, then it is the most elegant stuff for you.

CM Battery

CM Battery is an entirely new battery saving application that enables its users to let their battery works smoother and in a well-organized manner. It is a free power saving application that helps its users to manage and monitor the consumptions of their batteries professionally.

Power Clean

Power Clean is a battery saving tool introduced by LIONMOBI. It is a light, smart and fast application that helps you optimize your battery elegantly and removes the unnecessary consumptions of your batteries.

Clean Doctor

Clean Doctor is one of the best cleaner application that helps its users to manage their battery consumptions at an ultimate level. It is a widely used iOS app that helps its users to monitor and manage their iPad as well as iPhone battery and memory (storage) concerns precisely.

Magic Phone Cleaner

Magic Phone Cleaner brings an easy and quick way to save much of your space to manage a clean and smooth working experience. It is a great tool of Daniel Anderson through which users from all over the world can easily manage and clean all of your phone’s space or storage in a quick, precise, and simple to carry scenario.

Amplify Battery Extender –Root

Amplify Battery Extender –Root brings a variety of valuable features to save the working criteria of your battery and is introduced by Ryan Steckler. It efficiently puts on the control of how your mobile device uses your battery by controlling and managing it in an ultimate way.

GO Battery Pro

GO Battery Pro is a great tool that helps you save battery with ultimate battery saving modes and other features. GO Battery Saver is a great tool for managing and monitoring your mobile battery in the best possible way.

360 Battery

360 Battery is a widely used app for making your mobile phone works smarter and smoother. It is a fine production of mobimagicdevelop Inc. that efficiently enables one tap power saving through which users can save their power comprehensively with just a tap.

Dr. Battery

Dr. Battery is another amazing product of Smart Battery Doctor that brings way many interesting features through which users can monitor their mobile performance and working criteria in an ultimate way.

Battery Saver

Battery Saver is an inelegant tool for bringing your mobile experience smoother and slicker. It is a fine manufacture of ISNIS APP STUDIO through which users can manage their mobile and battery related stuff on a professional level to let their mobile phone works flatter.

My Battery Saver

My Battery Saver is a fine product of SimilarGroup that helps users to manage their mobile phone’s battery in a superb way. This is a simple and easy to use battery saver through which you can save more battery and have interaction with your phone more than usual.

Kaspersky Battery Saver

Kaspersky Battery Saver is a must have application to get precise status and low consumption of your battery by managing it in a superb way. There is a huge list of its important features that helps its users to enjoy their battery lifespan more than their traditional times and use their phones whenever they needed it the most.

Cool Battery Saver

Cool Battery Saver is a widely used battery optimizer and handler and is elegantly put in the market by Shenzhen KHome Cloud Technology Co., LTD. It provides an amazing battery optimizer through which its loyal users can easily increase the smoothness of their mobile phones.

Watchdog Task Manager Lite

Watchdog Task Manager Lite is another amazing tool that monitors your phone by letting you kill the most misbehaving apps randomly. It is a great monitoring tool that helps its users to manage all the apps in an ultimate way so that you can never get your phone become mad in any situation or working span.


Tasker is another amazing tool by Crafty Apps EU that provides a variety of features for its users. It is a superb application that performs sets of actions based on the context in the user-defined profiles as well as in the timer or clickable home screen.

More About Super Battery Saver

Super Battery Saver is a finest and a widely used application by Pckmn Labs. It is a great tool to save the battery time of your mobile phones and tablets. Whether battery goes too much down or runs low, just tap the application to turn the saving mode. It brings an amazing task killer utility that helps you eliminate unnecessary apps and tasks going in the background. It provides the extremely great modes including saving mode, sleep mode, and customized mood, and let users choose one according to the current scenarios. You can precisely monitor the detailed stuff regarding the health, current battery, voltage, temperature, status, voltage, technology, and plugged. Some of its core features include manual power options, saver recommendations, task killer feature, display all the running apps with detailed memory, memory booster, and lot more. Its amazing battery saving options not only extend your battery life but also lets your mobile works smoother. It offers easy customization of all modes and depends on your usage to capture the battery as much as you acquire.