12 Apps Like Super Flashlight + LED

Super Flashlight + LED is a very fast and easy flashlight app that consists of the various screen mode along with LED lights. It also includes the some additional plug-ins regarding blinking light, storm huge and super flashlight as well. It is merely utilized to turn the device on a private flashlight quickly. This app is built-in with the features of alarm signal mode, SOS signal, flashing mode, multi-colored neon light, beautiful graphics, LED light patterns, simple to use off and on the program, and a user-friendly interface. The one problem connected with this application is that most of the time light never remains consistent. Although, there’s it’s blinking mode in this app occasionally in normal mode it automatically begin blinking that may be dangerous to the battery life and irritates the users as well. Users are needed to utilize this application at their risk. But if you discuss the brightness then it could give you the best brightness level, but again the restriction is simply one that is its regularity.

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1. Mega Flashlight

Mega Flashlight is a useful and efficient app for getting light in the darkness. The easy to use widget of Mega Flashlight application that it offers the users complete command and manage over their flashlights. Whenever the user installs this specific app automatically change button on the main screen and…

2. Brightest Flashlight

Brightest Flashlight Free app is an application that switches on the genuine lights of the mobile phones. This application is basically for the Android users and is available for all cell phones and model which use the Android operating system. The majority of the functions of this application are regarding…

3. Tiny Flashlight + LED

Tiny Flashlight + LED is usually an ultra-bright and incredibly helpful flashlight plus LED app that offers the user best flashlight experience by caring about the life of the battery as well. The very best about this application is that it have merely those functions that automatically adjust according to…

4. Galaxy Flashlight

Galaxy Flashlight is totally free and easy to use flashlight app that’s available for almost all mobile phone models of the Android operating system. It is the greatest replacement of the real torch. The fantastic features of Galaxy Flashlight are the accessibility of more functionalities that it increases the integrated…

5. iHandy Torch

iHandy Torch is the bag of several type of lights. The good thing about this application is that it is built-in with lights based on events and occasions. The most desired lights and illumination effects in this app or police light, reading light, fire truck light, night time light, flashy…

6. FlashLight LED HD

Android iOS
Flashlight LED HD is considered the most powerful and brightest light application designed for the smartphone. The great design and smooth interface of this app allow the mobile phone users to obtain a good command and manage over the flashlight of the camera. Whenever the user starts this app, the…

7. iTorch Flashlight

iTorch Flashlight is an LED flashlight for the iOS devices for obtaining the quickest and smartest flashlight. It is free of charge application that’s integrated with the coolest and stylish slide effects that truly boost the real flashlight functions by adding the new and also advanced functionalities. After using this…

8. Best Flash Light!

Best Flash Light! Is known as a torch flashlight for the mobile phone users to obtain the brightest and quickest front light by utilizing the flashlight of the camera. This application uses the front camera of the cell phones and then allow the smartphone users to use this in the…

9. Brightest LED Flashlight

Brightest LED Flashlight is a better lighting app as compared to the real flashlight of the mobile phone. Photographs of Ten different wavelengths, frequency indicator as well as an easy-to-use LED switch are the area of the Brightest LED Flashlight. The majority of the LED Flashlight apps are best in…

10. Flashlight

Flashlight is an entirely functional flashlight app that provides the users using the options to choose the directions in the darkness. In addition to a smooth light system, it is built-in with a compass and mini map that allow the users obtain the direction in the darkness. The most useful…

11. Color Flashlight

The Color Flashlight is an app for mobile phone user that allows them to modify their easy flashlight using the multi-colored flashlights. It includes the different styles and colors that are LED burner, candle lamp, disco light, Police light and paranormal flash-light. It also works with the built-in smartphone flash…

12. TeslaLED Flashlight

TeslaLED Flashlight is a flashlight widget in the shape of application which allow the mobile phone users to show their camera light into a stylish flashlight. It’s an app for getting the very best benefit of the camera light. The beautiful things about the TeslaLED Flashlight are a smart widget…

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