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11 Apps Like SwipePad – One Swipe Launcher

SwipePad – One Swipe Launcher is the finest launcher overlay that can be used from within the application using one gesture and one hand. It makes it so simple, intuitive, and handy to use, that you just have to swipe from the edge of your screen and releases it to access your most favourite app, most often used contacts, and settings on the over pad. This app brings multitasking to a whole new and exciting level. It provides a pad that can hold a mix of applications, dialers, contacts, bookmarks, and shortcuts, etc. SwipePad – One Swipe Launcher is memory and battery friendly application that does not get many of your space and never halt your battery as well. You can easily access your most favourite apps using this intuitive platform, and you can place your beloved stuff right in the bar to access them on the go. You can manage the position of the toggle and get things quicker than ever.

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1. Sidebar, Edge Screen, Pie Control – Swiftly Switch

Sidebar, Edge Screen, Pie Control – Swiftly Switch is an exclusive and the most sophisticated app that provides the ability to use your mobile phone with one hand by gestures. It lets you switch between recent apps and contacts, access your favourite apps, quick settings and toggles, shortcuts, and related…

2. Pie Control

Pie Control is a super stunning tool that lets you open apps and does other mobile stuff quite easily as with simple taps. It consists of an easy to use and ultimate interface that lets you understand and manage stuff quite effortlessly. It comprises of user shortcuts, pie style launcher,…

3. Edge Launcher

Edge Launcher is a productivity tool that delivers outstanding features for its worldwide users. It is another elegant and classy stuff that has efficiently increased the ease of getting mobile settings, apps, and other material without applying any effort. Using this app, you can easily access some of your settings,…

4. Meteor Swipe – Edge sidebar launcher

Meteor Swipe – Edge sidebar launcher is one of the most classy, elegant, and ultimate sidebar app and a must-have tool for all android users. Some of its core features include the providence of multiple panels, support for contacts, apps, shortcuts and other actions, folders support, icon pack supported, blacklisting…

5. Circle SideBar

Circle SideBar is a finest and the most ultimate application to make your mobile phone experience better, and provides easy multitasking from anywhere, anytime. It is a highly customizable app, and the users can easily customize the way it works and the stuff it holds. Circle SideBar even runs in…

6. Switchr – App Switcher

Switchr – App Switcher is a fully-functional and well-designed application that brings more ease and convenience for getting your mobile phone apps and other stuff with extreme ease. It is well polished and intuitive application that allows users to success their apps conveniently and quickly. You just have to swipe…

7. Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere

Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere is an outstanding side launcher, sidebar application that brings the ease of accessing your apps and other mobile doings that you often use on your mobile phone. It is always there when you read or listen when you play and perform other options when you swipe…

8. Omni Swipe – Small and Quick

Omni Swipe – Small and Quick is a great app that lets you access your mostly used tools, most frequent contacts, settings, incoming notifications, and most recent applications with simple swipes. You can easily put your favourite tools and apps to this application and access them on the go. It…

9. Notification Toggle

Notification Toggle is the finest application that helps you to access things that you often use when you use your mobile phone. This app is something great that creates your notification panel more productive and responsive. It effectively creates a notification in the status bar to enable you quickly switch…

10. 1Tap Quick Bar -Quick Settings

1Tap Quick Bar -Quick Settings is one of the best apps for Android smartphones. It helps its users to do most common and most frequent tasks in a shorter span of time. You can instantly access your favourite stuff including Wi-Fi settings, torch, call your wife, add an event, launch…

11. Sidebar Lite

Sidebar Lite delivers a brilliant new way to access multitask through your mobile device. It is a non-instructive, minimal, and very functional app that delivers an awesome sidebar approach. It is one of the most flexible, fast, fluid, and customizable application that popular the sidebar with your most favourite applications,…

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