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Talking Tom Camp

Talking Tom Camp enables you to join the best water fight of your life, grab your water guns, pack your water balloons to get ready for the mission and get your opponents soaking wet. Talking Tom Camp is a fabulous application which enables you to plan your sneaky and kiddy attack to collect the other ream coins as well as energy… read more
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1. Talking Tom

Talking Tom is a fabulous app people use for their entertainment purpose while having fun with their Virtual Talking Tom on their cell phones. Talking Tom Cat is a free to use application introduced by Outfit7 Limited Inc. used by billions of people from all over the world. This application enables you to have a gaming like scenario and enjoy loads of exciting and super stunning things from Tom. The main feature about this app is its talkback support due to which he can talk whatever you speak. Talking Tom Cat enables you to talk to Tom, and it will repeat the same after you, you can laugh out loud with its funny voice, and even record the videos of Tom while talking to share them with your family or friends. This application allows you to play with Tom until he sees stars over his head, make him purr with happiness, and you can even make him fart for a smelly, hilarious situation. Talking Tom Cat also makes it possible to treat this virtual, give him spicy chillies to watch what happen and hand him ice cream for an icy surprise. So just download Talking Tom Cat over your cell phones for you or even your kids and let amazing fun never stops.


2. My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is another super stunning application which carries even more stuff to have with your virtual talking Tom. My Talking Tom enables you to grow your virtual cat by taking much care of everything he wants or what usual cats do in their lives. This app enables you to get a smart, little, entertaining cat, and enjoy everything it offers. For this reason, you have to take much care of your cat by letting him sleep properly, get things for his dinner, lunch, and breakfast for his survival, and let him play multiple games. As the days progress, Tom also grows and become an adult. In this talking tom app, there are loads of games to play with Tom like Piano Tiles, driving, balloons, links, cake making, and so much more. This app also carries so many outfits that can be applied on your Tom as you progress and you collect coins. Apart from taking all your words back with super precision, My Talking Tom includes lot more stuff for your entertainment and lets you pass your time in a way like never before. If you feel bored for sometimes then just let My Talking Tom app be your pet just to get a bit entertained and transform that lazy time in an exquisite one.


3. Talking Tom Cat 2

Talking Tom Cat 2 is another amazing application that enables its users to enjoy loads of entertaining stuff from a virtual Tom right from their cell phones. Talking Tom Cat 2 is another classy product of Outfit7 Limited Inc. through which you can play, talk, poke, and dress him in exquisitely cool outfits. You can even customize its home and everything related to that for making him worthy to have. It enables its users to make funny videos and you can then share them with your family members and friends for laughing out loud. This application allows you to have quality stuff with your Tom and you can capture everything you have. Talking Tom Cat 2 allows you to speak and the Tom repeats whatever you said in a hilarious voice. You can stroke him, make him explode a paper bag, poke him, smash a pillow, make him fart, and so much more. You can even dress your virtual Tom with new accessories including clothes, hats, mustaches, and so much more. So just download Talking Tom Cat 2 app in your phone to adopt a cute little pet and get intense fun in return.


4. Talking Tom & Ben News

Talking Tom & Ben News is used by billions of people from all across the world which helps them enjoy Tom by letting him say and do whatever you want. Talking Tom & Ben News carries two characters, One the Tom and the other is Ben which is his buddy. You can join them in their TV news Studio, talk to them of any kind you want and watch them talk it in returns to repeat what you’ve said. You can poke or swipe the screen to have them fall off their chairs, and you can even create the news by providing your own photos and videos on their TV screen. This application allows you to express your creativity by creating the news or just enjoy watching the two teases each other. Talking Tom & Ben News allows you to check out several of its hilarious animations by getting the full app. You can see them take turns to repeat what you say and enjoy them afterwards by capturing all those moments. It helps you watch their interaction with one another, and you can teach both of them hilariously. You can even upload your own photos and videos to see what happens. So just download Talking Tom & Ben News app in your phone and enjoy making and sharing your Tom and Ben and share it on Facebook, Email, or Youtube.


5. Talking Ben the Dog

Talking Ben the Dog makes it easy to enjoy Ben, who is a retired chemistry professor and enjoy his life as reading newspaper, eating, drinking, and having other stuff. You can talk to him, have a conversation with him, tickle him over his body, and do so much more. You can poke Ben to make his newspaper fold and then have a lot of entertaining stuff with him. You can say whatever you want to let him repeat the same. You can intuitively bother him long to make him responsive that he will fold his newspaper. You can slap, tickle, or poke Ben’s face, feet or hands in the way you want to make him irritated. Talking Ben the Dog enables you to record funny videos while having a telephone conversation with him and share those funny videos over Facebook, Youtube, and other social apps that you want. Other than these, Talking Ben the Dog allows you to tickle Bens’ belly, swipe or poke Ben graduation pic, press to the button to make Ben belch, eat, and drink, mix any of the two test tubes together to have hilarious reactions in the lab, and enjoy so much more. So just download Talking Ben the Dog app in your phone and enjoy having loads of fun with Ben.


6. Talking Ginger

Talking Ginger is a fabulous app in which cute little Ginger needs your help for getting him ready for bed and have entertainment along the way. Talking Ginger app brings the best company of Ginger through which you can enjoy talking with him, play games and tickle him, and enjoy lot more. You can have quality fun time with your little kitten and record fun videos and share them online. You can have fun with Ginger like a cute pet by poking him, hearing his cute laugh, tickling him over his body, and what else you want. You can talk to the cute little cat, and he will repeat the same in his cute voice. You can shower, blow, and dry his fluffy fur, take him to let him the potty, and brush his teeth, etc. This application also carries some exciting games regarding Pop toothpaste bubbles, play the Jigsaw puzzle game, roll down the toilet paper, and various others. You can even watch all his dreams that he sees at night. Other than these, Talking Ginger also lets you collect all the snapshots of Ginger vivid dreams, brush teeth with Ginger, and record or share videos in simple swipes. So just download Talking Ginger app and enjoy several of its features for free.


7. Tom Loves Angela

Tom Loves Angela is another widely loved app which carries a huge number of lovely features. Tom Loves Angela is a fabulous application introduced by Outfit7 Limited Inc. which lets you help him out by giving him the words he needs to woo Angela. This application enables you to repeat whatever you say and you can make him say whatever you want to listen in a cute, funny voice. You can talk to Angela, and she will really answer everything you asked and said. It also carries funny animations, and you can enjoy watching everything you do with Tom and Angela. You can up the romance factor by swiping the Tom, and he’ll blow a kiss with the Angela. You can also share the ground of Tom by shaking your device to see the whole drama. You can intuitively have a chat with the letter button, and even hear Tom and Angela by pressing the button of Sing. You can precisely record and send funny videos to your family, colleagues, and everyone you want. So just download Tom Loves Angela app in your phone, talk and he’ll repeat whatever you say, and help lovely Tom to win Angela’s Heart.


8. My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela is a fabulous application through which you can explore the world of the glamour of Talking Angela. My Talking Angela allows you to adopt Angela and make her your own virtual Pet. This app helps you grow her up by taking care of her and by giving her all the necessities that are required. This application enables you to have quality time with Angela by letting her eat, sleep, speak, and let him have other usual stuff in her life. This application enables you to play addictively cute mini-games and collects coins to get cool items for Angela. You can intuitively dress her up in the latest fashion and choose the perfect pair of shoes to match her outfit. You can remember to collect coins and use them to make Angels’ home cozy and chic. This app helps you pick a lip balm, and give her a hint of some mascara, voila, and eyeshadow. It carries all new cool features to enjoy the latest updates and new sticker swaps, gifts, discount, rewards, and so much more. So just download My Talking Angela app in your phone to adopt baby Angela, take care of her, express your flair for fashion, create colourful makeup looks, collect stickers, play mini-games, and so much more.


9. My Talking Pet

My Talking Pet is another elegant app through which you can choose your pics from the gallery or take a fresh photo than speak into the microphone to see your pet convincingly speaks back to you. You can intuitively choose your pics saved to your gallery for intuitive reuse and also get a lot of free animal pics to get started here. This application carries many improved animations which enables you to enjoy your pet looks in 3D approach. My Talking Pet allows you to add text to your videos to make your own memes and you can precisely share them as videos over the Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, and various other social platforms as a special greeting to your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone you want. My Talking Pet app allows its users to change the voice from a little cat or big dog, and anything in between. You can make your friends talk just like whatever you want them to say and share them over your timeline in simple swipes. You can easily fix the top of head, eyes, mouth, and chin of your pets and let them start talking to you in no time. So just download My Talking Pet app in your phone to bring photos of your pets to life and make them say anything to share it with your friends.


10. Talking Ginger 2

Talking Ginger 2 is another gorgeous product by Outfit7 Limited Inc. which enables its users to adopt the cutest little yellow kitten and fulfil all his life desires and needs to help him become an adult and celebrate all his birthdays with him. Talking Ginger 2 is a stunning tool that helps you get real entertainment having a cute virtual pet and do a lot of stuff with him. You can intuitively talk to the Ginger to let him speak in his cute voice, and you can even record them to listen to them afterwards. Users can play with the Ginger such as cuddle, poke, tickle, and slap the Ginger to see his funny reactions and get entertained. You can blow the party whistle as long as you can and celebrate with him. You can also win free snacks by getting a free spin of the fortune wheel one for each day, or even earn snacks within the app. Talking Ginger 2 helps you record videos while having funny stuff with the Ginger and share them with your family members and friends for a hell of fun. So just download Talking Ginger 2 app in your phone and keep playing with this cute little and even enjoy 50 different jigsaw puzzle images.


11. My Boo

My Boo is your own virtual pet that helps you enjoy countless hours of fun in this entertaining and engaging game bought to you by Tapps Games Inc. My Boo – Your Virtual Pet Game is like having a real pet and lets you do whatever you want to do with that cute little pet. This app enables you to grow him up properly and watch his progress by watching him eat, sleep, play, and various other things. This application enables you to have real fun time by playing more than 20 exciting games that will surely keep you entertained whenever you want. This sweet little pet needs lots of attention, and your task for him is to take much care of everything he needs for growing up. My Boo – Your Virtual Pet Game lets you feed little Boo with cookies, pizza, fruits, candies, sushi and various other stuff to keep him happy, smiling, and growing. You can even bathe your pet to keep him clean and tuck him when the day is over. You can also play Keepie Uppie jump rope, trampoline, and various other to keep him healthy. So just download My Boo – Your Virtual Pet Game app in your phone and just adopt Boo, give him a special pet name, watch it grow up, and have fun.


12. Bubbu

Bubbu is a cute little pet that wants you to adopt him and enjoy funny stuff with him. Bubbu – My Virtual Pet is an emotional, gorgeous and adorable cat who loves to eat healthy and tasty stuff, take selfies, dancing, visit friends, and the like. It enables you to have fun at Bubbu’s home and find out other stuff about his life. You have to take much care of your virtual pet and make sure that he’ll become smiling and happy for all the time and never bored, sleepy, hungry or sick. Bubbu is waiting for you to be dressed, cuddled, bathed, and fed properly and needs your attention and love every day. Once you adopt this cute pet, you have to take much care of his eating, sleeping, playing, health, and almost everything regarding what his life needs. You can also take your pet to a funky showroom and dress him in the way you want. Bubbu – My Virtual Pet enables you to customize and decorate your pet from its fabulous and up to the mark collection to make him as well as kitty’s home warm, cozy, and beautiful. So just download Bubbu – My Virtual Pet in your cell phone and explore the colourful and fantastic world of Bubbu with various adventurous activities.


13. Talking Puppy

Talking Puppy carries another superb virtual pet carries loads of stunning new features for having fun with that gorgeous pet in a way like never before. Talking Puppy is a gorgeous tool introduced by Talking Baby Inc. which help you have a number of exciting and entertaining features to keep your virtual pet in the way you want. This virtual Puppy repeats everything you say with his own cute yet funny voice. This application allows you to talk to puppy and record your own words in his accent. Talking Puppy enables its worldwide users to threw Frisbee to puppy, feed puppy his favourite food, play with your puppy to make him healthy, look at puppy dancing, play mini-games with a puppy, poke your pet to watch him act hilariously, and various other exciting things in this pack. This healthy puppy enables you to play superb games and decorate his house with cool furniture. Talking Puppy also allows you to customize your puppy by choosing from a number of exciting accessories. So just download Talking Puppy app from the store, and join the world of your virtual puppy and start fun time with him.


14. Mimitos cat

Mimitos cat is a lovely and funny cat that is watching and wanting you to be looked after it and keep it happy and healthy. Mimitos Virtual Cat – Virtual Pet with Mini Games is a superb product introduced by Axelerum S.L. Inc. which enables you to grow this cute pet by eating, playing, sleeping, and having fun with it. You can feed him, tickle him, look after him, slap him, and customize your little pet in the way you want to make him see charming and sweet. You can take Mimitos home and start to grow and play with him to make him a charming adult cat. You can dress your virtual pet by choosing from a collection of tons of garments, accessories, dresses, and so much more. You can choose the most bizarre costumes, glasses, hats, and other typical stuff for your Mimitos to let him look gorgeous. Mimitos Virtual Cat – Virtual Pet with Mini Games enables you to have 12 amusing mini-games and an outstanding customizable garden. You can play any of your most likely games and earn real coins to purchase things for your cute little Mimitos. So just download Mimitos Virtual Cat – Virtual Pet with Mini Games app in your phone and grow your Mimitos to have lots of fun with him.


15. Talking Tom Candy Run

Talking Tom Candy Run is a widely used app bought in the market by Outfit7 limited, which enables you to play an addictive game with your cute little pets available here. Talking Tom Candy Run brings an endless fun having this exciting and addictive game to play with your favourite character. You have to pick up chests to get free diamonds, new characters, free coins, and their upgradations and chase after the robber together with fun buddies who help you with their special abilities throughout your running tenure. You can collect powers, coins, and lots of candies by running, jumping, and sliding through the levels full of exciting obstacles. You can also upgrade your characters to improve their playing capabilities and also unlock new worlds and get your candy back. Talking Tom Candy Run carries a lot of fun and engaging levels, and you have to go through all the levels by catching lollipops, coins, ice-creams, cones, tomatoes, and so much more. So just download Talking Tom Candy Run app in your phone and enjoy this super exciting running game packed with an infinite amount of fun through its free and best gaming scenario as well.


16. Tom’s Love Letters

Tom’s Love Letters is one of the cutest app ever that shows your special ones how you feel. Tom’s Love Letters bought in the market by the superb and one of the famous most OutFit7 limited which enables you never to get worried if you want to tell someone what you feel and how important he or she is in your life. Talking Angela and Talking tom helps you get lots of ideas, including the cute songs, cards, and so much more. Through Tom’s Love Letters app, you can precisely send an awesome card to your special ones from a collection of almost 19 to choose, and enjoy or buy four great songs as well. This lovely app helps you get inspiration by watching animation love gurus Angela and Tom. It enables you to send emotional and romantic messages as well as cute pics to your special someone. It allows you to tell the real importance of someone in your life through some of Toms and Angela’s gorgeous scenarios. This app never allows the younger child to share their information and keep to protect your child’s personal information. So just download Tom’s Love Letters app in your cell phone, and start your very romantic love story.


17. Talking Carl & Gugl

Talking Carl & Gugl is an excellent fun tool for passing your leisure time having a cute dose of entertainment. Talking Carl & Gugl is a gorgeous tool introduced by which brings two characters, Carl and Gugl in the same app and lets you have fun with them by annoying them. It lets you talk to anyone and he will repeat the same with a hysterical voice that surely amazes you, and you can tap the other one for making him speak as well. You can tickle him, and he will laugh out loud, poke his eye to let him yell or shout, swipe up to make him fly or fall, pinch him to hear him growling, and enjoy lots of other fun facts with both. Talking Carl & Gugl app is equally joy able for both adults and kids where they can enjoy having tons of hilarious features and laugh for hours having Carl and Gugl. It enables users to swipe down and lets them make an acrobatic jump. So just download Talking Carl & Gugl app to enjoy some of its classy features which include singing mode, fun with two characters simultaneously, hilarious songs and voice, response to multiple inputs, playing Carl, Mr. Poo, Sleeping Carl, Talking Gugl, Greeting Carl, and various other features for free.

More About Talking Tom Camp

Talking Tom Camp enables you to join the best water fight of your life, grab your water guns, pack your water balloons to get ready for the mission and get your opponents soaking wet. Talking Tom Camp is a fabulous application which enables you to plan your sneaky and kiddy attack to collect the other ream coins as well as energy. You can use them to build an unbeatable camp and even upgrade the camp as fastest you can to get cool water weapons just before your enemies in this stunning app. You can precisely set up your unbeatable camp before the other teams see you and construct your troop shop, tower, coin factory, energy generator, hero hall, and other exciting stuff as well. You can also bring your Minivan and the buildings in your camp to get the best weapons with the most energy to beat others. Talking Tom Camp also lets you set up defences like a tower, puddle, catapult, cannon, sprinkler, and more and stay secure by grabbing your water gun, wingsuits, ling shooter, and other weapons. If you are looking for a stunning game to play with a Tom, then play this brand new game called Talking Tom Camp and enjoy cool water balloon fighting battle builder game for having a quality fun time.