13 Apps Like Tap Games

Tap Games is an real money making app that give its users the chance to make real money by playing free and simple video games. Tap Games is different from the most of the money making apps on the grounds it is not a money making app rather it is a money winning app. Rather than offering you cash against each game you will win it will give you the tickets that will be included in its regular draws. The lucky player will get the chance to earn a big amount. The users of this app are only need to play their favorite games from the list of available games and get the chance of earning tickets that will be entered into the regular cash prize draws. The more tickets the users will collect, the higher their chances will be of winning the cash prizes. Tap Games is available for free to download.

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1. Solitaire – Make Money Free

Android iOS
This money making application is fully compatible with all Android enabled smartphones. However, it is yet not being offered at the global level. At the time of writing, this game based reward earning application is available for the people of the United States, Europe, and Canada. In order to earn…

2. Cash 4 Apps

Cash 4 Apps is a real time reward earning application for downloading and playing free games or using apps for free. It is one of the quickest and simplest ways over the internet for getting paid against real activities. You play a lot of games over the internet so why…

3. Cash King

Cash King is a new means of earning real cash by simply completing simple tasks like downloading and playing games for free. Cash King offers a great number of free and fun filled games. Cash King also offers several other means of earning as well in which one is taking…

4. AppCent

Android iOS
AppCent is a best and practical means for making money from playing games and using apps. This application pay back its users in the shape of free mobile balance, cash and prizes. Although AppCent deals in using of apps as well but here we will discuss about the games of…

5. My Apps – Make Money

My Apps – Make Money is the best app to use in spare time. It is fun and very easy to earn cash and gift cards with this application only in few days. It is available for every body for free, and anyone can download this application and get the…

6. Octa Glow

Android iOS
Octa Glow is a cash making application that offers the free chances of making money by playing mobile based games only. It is listed among those few money making apps that offers the free cash against playing mobile based video games for free. Octa Glow has already distributed tens of…

7. Ozoneplay

Android iOS
Ozoneplay is an application where you simply play and win the games for earning real money in return. This free mobile gaming application offers the real means of earning cash to the smartphone users. Against most of the games, Ozoneplay even offers five dollars for free. For first time downloading…

8. Big Time Cash

Android iOS
Big Time Cash is listed among those money making applications that allow their players to get cashed on daily basis by playing some games for free. This money making application don’t offers direct earning of cash or other prizes at all. After playing any game you will get ticket and…

9. Brain Battle

This money making application is pack with two main functions first testing your mind skills and secondly offering you a handsome amount against the mind challenging games that you will play here for free. This is listed among those few video games playing apps that offer the handsome amount to…

10. LuckyCash

LuckyCash is a free cash earning application where millions of people come on a daily basis to earn in their spare time. The earning system of LuckyCash is very simple that is based on playing mobile games. This simple app that was once used for content discovery purpose is not…

11. PCH Play & Win

Android iOS
PCH Play & Win offers instant gaming to the smartphone users. It offers the free gaming and the chance to earn prizes and rewards against playing these games. Here we like to make it clear that PCH Play & Win is entirely different from another same like application PCH App…

12. Perk

Android iOS
Perk is a kind of reward earning application that gives the people chance to earn too many rewards by completing some simple tasks. At the major end there is game playing that is a most favorite section of this application. The other earning options or watching TV channels and shows…

13. Lucktastic

Android iOS
Lucktastic is a money earning app that pays you on playing games from your smartphones. The rewards being offered by the Lucktastic are in the shape of free gift cards, game credits, and even real cash as well. You earn the virtual money by playing the free games and in…

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