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TaskBoard is another Trello like app which can manage your projects and tasks easily and more efficiently. It has an online demo that is for your practice before you download and use this app. It provides a visual and simple way to keep tracks of what project or task needs to get done… read more
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22 Apps Like TaskBoard



FogBugz is a widely used software to track work across multiple people, clients, projects, and teams. It allows you to share your ideas feeling and other multimedia files to your business in a well-organized way so that you can easily manage your workflow.


Avaza is an astonishing software to run your client-focused business. It lets you collaborate on a project, track time, invoice your customers, and manage expenses, and is available in the cloud, from any devices.

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is a task and project management app for professionals. It is used to keep all the tasks and lists of your teams under one platform. It lets you work and collaborate in real-time for real results.


ProWorkflow is an app made for making business life simple, more productive and more pleasant. It is a fully featured software with 14 days free trial. It allows you to create unlimited projects, gives a space of 25 GB file storage, and allows 1+ users.


Slack is in fact a business communication based application that brings all type of collaboration at a centralized place. Slack is in fact a real-time archiving, messaging and searching application for the complex teams of today.


Bolste is a widely used app for agile managers. It is an all in one digital workplace with business messages, video conferencing, file and media sharing, task management and much more.


SpiraPlan is a flexible and agile project management software and with integrated bug tracking with lots of features. SpiraPlan is an app which manages unlimited iterations, release, tasks, and projects. It captures user’s requirements, stories and uses cases with size estimates.


Basecamp is a project management and real-time online collaboration application with the quality of putting those entire things that any team or group need to get work done in a centralized place.


Do is another task management app for Android and other users. Do allows you to manage your projects efficiently. You can create, delete and edit boards and manage them for an effective workflow.

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is a Microsoft product for managing professional and personal tasks and projects. It lets you efficiently organize your teamwork. Microsoft Planner makes it easy for your group and team to create new plans, assign and organize tasks, share different soft of files and do chat with your team members in a safe and secure pool.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is smart to-do application for busy people. It allows people to handle their workflow on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers in an efficient way. It is an application for managing tasks and remember you their workflow so that you do not have to write your to-do lists on whiteboards, random scraps of paper, on sticky notes and the back of your hand.


Wunderlist provides one of the easiest ways to get stuff done. Whether it is a multiple work project, sharing a shopping list with partner and planning for a holiday, Wunderlist is there for managing all these deeds efficiently and quickly.


This simple to use app will enable the team members to manage projects and tasks on the go. Asana is basically a team tasks, conversations, team and project management application that offers the easiest and simplest ways to its users to track their work and get faster results.


Bitrix24 is an app which makes your business more transparent and efficient. It is a place which neatly collects and easily manages your business information and communication at any time. Through this app, you can instantly get feedback and reactions as from you and your team work.

Jira Software

Jira Software is an amazing team, task and project management application which is working immensely great throughout the world. This is an easy and effective software for making teams and gets your work done from them in an efficient and classy way.


MeisterTask is one of the most intuitive collaboration, project management and task management application for both web and smartphone users. First make an account following some simples steps and invite the team members to start working and communicate in real-time from the communication platform of this application.


Restyaboard is a platform which allows you to manage your tasks and projects quite handsomely. It is a great app which lets you manage your projects using your smartphone. You can coordinate with your subordinates and members easily from almost anywhere using this app.


Libreboard is not a great software but working fine in the field of project management scheme. It has less information than some other project making tools. It supports your workflow with some of its lightweight features and tools.


Kanboard is a widely used project management software for start-ups and agile developers. It is probably not for everybody; it is basically for the people who want to manage their tasks and projects simply, efficiently and quickly.


Taiga is a free, open source, simple and project management tool with user-friendly interface. It is simple to manage and use. It is a platform for agile designers or developers and project managers who want an amazing tool that makes work truly convenient and enjoyable.


Wrike is a tasks management and project management application for all level of users from team of five members to the large group having dozen of members. This web-based project management app empowers its users with the features of enjoying full visibility and getting full command and control over their tasks.


Trello is a kind of project management and real-time collaborating application for all level of teams and groups. This app is basically designed to be used from the smartphones for the purpose of making meaningful collaboration and making the reasonable outcome from the work done.

More About TaskBoard

TaskBoard is another Trello like app which can manage your projects and tasks easily and more efficiently. It has an online demo that is for your practice before you download and use this app. It provides a visual and simple way to keep tracks of what project or task needs to get done. There are many features that it offers like, beautiful theming, amazing animations, drag and drop on lists to reorganize stuff, move tasks to different boards, etc. Rather than this, you can also create, edit and remove boards, projects, and tasks, manage how the app behaves. TaskBoard allows you to access the Dropbox backup and restore, add colors to tasks, auto backup options with dual column landscape view. This app allows you to edit the projects and boards, and you can also view all projects and boards which are to be organized. It is one of the fully-featured apps with comments, filtering, attachments and most of the standard features of Trello (project and task management app). So TaskBoard is a free, open source and self-hosted app for project management.

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