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TAXImet makes it so convenient to start, stop and pause the ride and get to know the exact distance, wait, speed, and more specifically the fare. TAXImet – Taximeter is a gorgeous tool introduced by Innovemind Inc. which brings a free tool that operates same like Taximeter (and might not obeys your country’s regulatory necessities)… read more
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23 Apps Like TAXImet


1. MileUp

MileUp is a superb app through which you can automatically earn real-time points just for driving. For every mile you drive using MileUp app, you can earn 2 points intuitively. Mile Up app was introduced in the market by Agero, Inc. which is precisely focused on the safety service of the driver and pioneering new ways to keep all the drivers safe. You can help it improve its accident detection technology by sharing your driving data. This app tells you how’s your driving and you can easily access its dashboard for proper tracking of information. Its precise dashboard helps you get your driving stats and also compare you with other drivers as well by providing the overall stats and performance rating on your driving skills and styles. MileUp lets you track how much braking, cornering, and accelerating you do throughout your trip. You can easily determine how fast you are driving as compared to the posted speed. It also precisely measures how distracted you are by your cellphones for influencing your abilities to spot hazards. So just download the MileUp app if you are a driver to earn points automatically, and see your driving behaviors on the move.


2. 99 – Private Driver and Taxi

99 – Private Driver and Taxi is one of the biggest Brazilian e-hailing services whose mission is to transform people lives and revolutionize mobility. 99 – Private Driver and Taxi is a great product of 99 technology LTDA Inc. which brings a classy tool through which you can instantly request for a cap through some simple taps, and even decide how you pay for it. This application allows you to choose whether to pay the cash or even pay straight through the app. It brings several options to choose how to move around. You can easily get cards with private drivers, ride billed or taxi to your company through its corporate vouchers. 99 – Private Driver and Taxi partner drivers tend to go through rigorous sections and are relying on the online and in-person training to ensure all the comfort as well as the safety you deserve. This organization also inspects all the cars and makes sure that all the cards are comfortable. Other than these, 99 – Private Driver and Taxi also lets you have the most reasonable and cost-saving options for the ride. So just download 99 – Private Driver and Taxi if you often go to different places, and enjoy the safe and well-protected ride by calling a taxi right through your mobile phone.


3. Drivy

Drivy lets you get a car for a few hours or even for a few days. Drivy – Cars around you, ready to go helps all its users to effortlessly find a car, book it from anywhere, and enjoy its ride through your journey. It is a superb app which helps you enjoy earning real money from your car, and there are over 50,000 cars and more than 2 million dollars. Drivy – Cars around you, ready to go is a leading platform for car sharing which is available in France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Spain. All the bookings over here are really covered by the AA and precisely insured by Allianz. It comes with an intuitive technology where many of the cars are unlocked directly from the app for providing a fast and robust experience for both the owners as well as drivers. Drivy – Cars around you, ready to go lets you book a car near your span and even open it with your phone at an affordable price without any hidden charges. It helps you find whether from city cars to 4×4 and whatever you need for a few hours or for few days. So just download Drivy – Cars around you, ready to go, and enjoy safe rides.


4. Taxsee Driver

Taxsee Driver is a classy service for those who want to make money, cover the car maintained cost, start their own business in transportation, etc. Taxsee Driver bought in the market by Technologiya Inc. which brings an exciting platform for those having cars and want to make real money from them. This intuitive and widely used taxi allows you to work with several companies of Taxi, without being confined and have a flexible work schedule. Through this easy to use app you can get various types of tariffs through which you can calculate the exact order price also a fixed price is also known beforehand. While on the other hand, a taxi meter is there for charging be distance as well as the time. If someone changes his route during the ride or even ask for wait, it is easy to edit the order by yourself and calculate the price taking into account the passenger’s wishes. Taxsee Driver brings a convenient way to execute orders of multiple companies. This application also performs multiple actions including topping up your personal account by passing a photo and by using a bank card without even visiting the office. So just download Taxsee Driver and enjoy making money from your four wheeler.


5. Driver Pulse

Driver Pulse is a classy and one of the most initial tenstreet’s app for drivers having cell phones and tablets. Driver Pulse by Tenstreet is probably a software company working on bringing carriers as well as drivers altogether. They are working with more than 2 million drivers, up to 700 carriers, and have intuitively managed more than 5 million intelliApp job applications. This app never let you wait in the dark for the information about your app and provides behind the scene access to the hiring process of the carrier. Driver Pulse by Tenstreet allows you to track all the hiring process and applications for each carrier through the pulse tracking meter and you can even like your favorite carries to allows them to know the level of your interest. This efficient tool also lets you make conversations with the recruiters for the real-time and also allows you to block the carriers to eliminate them from the feed just to let them know about your density of interest. You can easily get to know whether your hiring process is in the fast lane or has slowed due to missing details or some other issues. So just download Driver Pulse by Tenstreet, and enjoy everything right on your cell phone.


6. PickMe

PickMe is an intuitive tool through which mobile phone users of Sri Lanka can enjoy one of the most sophisticated transportation hailing platform for the Western Province. PickMe (Sri Lanka) is a highly efficient app introduced by PickMe Inc. which helps a massive community of Sri Lanka to enjoy a safe and reasonable ride. Not only in the western province, but PickMe (Sri Lanka) is also increasing its span more and more by covering all the islands and other places day by day. Whether you want to get a ride in the three-wheelers, want a luxury car (to impress anyone) or anything in between, PickMe (Sri Lanka) lets you safety and comfortably get one right through this app. This app will precisely get you wherever you need to go with proper safety, and you can easily call for a ride within just a few taps on your phone. You can easily login or create a new account here to ride with PickMe (Sri Lanka) app. So just download PickMe (Sri Lanka) to enjoy blocking of your rides anytime, easy selection of vehicle type you want for your ride, tell this app where you want to go with damn comfort, and enjoy reliable rides.


7. MyCar

MyCar enables all the drivers to catch you in minutes and get you wherever you want as quickly as possible. MyCar is a fine looking tool introduced by Platform Apps Inc. which brings a classy scenario to get a ride now or book an entire trip later in less than a snap. This intuitive service makes it so fantastic to get a ride in advance or on demand with just a single tap on your phone, tracking of drivers, and finally keep them in touch, and finally recompense flawlessly with cards. Through this app, you can go any of your desired places by booking in seconds (your car is on the way the time you press it), and you can request for a car pre for booking a later journey or immediately. My Car app never let you miss anything regarding your driver’s details, get all the car statuses through the real-time maps, and see your car approach intuitively. This app also lets you catch the full description of your fare and doesn’t hide a single penny from you and even generates more secure and fast transactions with cashless payment method as well. So just download MyCar app, and get a safe ride now.


8. Uber Fleet

Uber Fleet is a super-management app for Uber partners which provides them with the tools to operate their business more effectively and efficiently. Uber Fleet comes into the market for the easy for managing all the stuff for Uber partners, introduced by Uber Technologies, Inc. This app makes it handy to track your drivers for the real-time and easily get the exact time of their arrival. You can easily catch the status of their current status and perfectly view where they are anytime you want. Uber Fleet also lets you track your driver’s performance regarding their online hours, trips, earnings, behaviors, and much more. It helps you see the daily breakdown of their cash earning and collections to make paying drivers as convenient as possible. You can intuitively see their day to day activates about when they log off or log in and other details about their trips. Uber Fleet also provides all the details about the drivers regarding their drop-off and pick-up locations, cancelled details, and more. Through this management tool, you can also get the detailed reports of both yours and well as your driver’s earnings. So if you are an Uber partner then grab Uber Fleet and enjoy extreme precise management of all your drivers.


9. One Way Cab

One Way Cab is one of the Indians most leading and spreading one-way taxi service provider at more reasonable rates as compared to the traditional two-way fare within a city. One Way Cab never let you pay for two-way fair when you are travelling just one-way. This taxi app is providing its services in more than 53 cities across over 540 routes. This app brings multi-days outstation cabs, multi-city service, hourly rental cabs, and AC taxis where you can book a cab according to your ride needs. It provides dedicated cabs, not on shared basis. You can easily select your trip type as well as your desired city and enjoy one-way trips with the local package and same day return. Other than these, One Way Cab also lets you enjoy discount coupons, multiple payment options (including pre-pay online and pay through cash post trip, etc.) request for pas invoices (rebook a ride and request past invoices instantly), and precisely get to know all the fare details before booking (without any hidden charges). This application never charge more for extra kilometers, driver allowance, and cancellations. So just download One Way Cab and grasp 24/7 multi-lingual taxi support already trusted by 69,000+ users.


10. TripView Lite

TripView Lite is another intuitive application which displays Melbourne and Sidney public transport timeable data right on your mobile phone. TripView Lite features a summary view presenting your next services with an entire timbale viewer. All the time-able data is kept on your phone and can be precisely used offline. You can catch all the info about the Service and Trackwork interruptions and get real-time delay information and vehicle map as well. You can simply enjoy its interactive maps to create your own trips by clicking on your stop or station. Its multi-modal trip editor also lets you customize the exact lines and locations. Trip View Lite app carries the most significant data for the operators regarding Sydney trains, Sydney and Newcastle busses, Sydney Ferries, Sydney Light Rail, Hillsbus, Busways Blacktown, Transdev North Store, and more. While on the other hand, TripView Lite also carries some additional features including ads-free behavior, an organization of trips in folders, save your trips, and alarms support, etc. So just download TripView Lite and enjoy getting timeable data regarding the public transport in Melbourne and Sydney.


11. Maxim

Maxim makes it so convenient to order for a taxi right through your mobile phone if you want to go to somewhere for any of your official and domestic work. Maxim — order a taxi is a great app introduced by Mobil Telecom LLC which brings one of the most elegant and probably the best way to call for a ride and get one. This application enables you to have intercity, and city to city trips, trips to airports, way to the railway station, and destinations of your own choice. This application has innovatively introduced an ultimate text order technology that makes this service even more safe, modern, and accessible. Maxim – order a taxi is helping millions of people to save their money when travelling and making city trips. You can easily catch all the price details before pressing the order button and is so useful for your planning and price estimation. It does not charge any hidden charges and only pay extra for the stuff which is merely not specified in the order. So just download Maxim — order a taxi app conveniently, and order for a taxi or any of your desired transport for your next trip while you are on the move.


12. BiTaksi

BiTaksi makes it so comfortable and quick to request for a taxi (with a single tap) and watch (as it comes to you) in Istanbul and Ankara. Bi Taksi is a widely used tool introduced by BiTaksi Mobile Teknoloji AS Inc. which helps everyone to discover the nearest taxi around and directs it to you intuitively. This application helps you get a fast, safe, and easy ride experience for any of your nearby places by choosing the most flexible payment method as well. BiTaksi helps you get the entire description of the driver by letting you discover to have the driver’s name, ratings, reviews, photo, license plate, and even the ETA on a live map. It brings with multiple methods for your payment including cash, credit BKM Express, and credit card, etc. and you can easily choose what best fits you. Through this extraordinary riding app, users can go cashless, get the ride history, calculate the fare, share their ETA, watch their taxi arrive, pay with cash or card, rate the driver, give and get reviews, and much more. So just download BiTaksi app, and enjoy riding even with top quality drivers and vehicles.


13. Clever Taxi

Clever Taxi carries one of the most smooth, easy, and fastest way to get a car for a ride. Clever Taxi is one of the best taxi apps in Romania which helps you call the cap to various companies in more than 20 major cities. This application enables you to get all the taxi drivers available from states like Galati, Ploiesti, Craiova, Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Oradea, Targu, Mures, Iasi, Constanta, Brasov, Sibiu, and some others. This app was probably the first taxi app launched in Romania having more than 300,000 active users, and now it has almost the largest number of taxi drivers present in it. This app helps you order simultaneously from more than one taxi companies, and you can pay for the trips by card or even through SMS. Clever Taxi app allows you to chat with the taxi driver and you can easily get to know the specific details as well. After ordering for a cab, this app helps you track the location of the driver on its interactive map. It precisely checks all its taxi partners and only works with reliable and reputed partners. So just download this free to use taxi app named Clever Taxi, and enjoy safe rides.


14. Kaiian taxi

Kaiian taxi is an fine taxi app working in Arab which brings an intuitive application and a freedom to move across your desired places through it. This application makes it so easy for calling a cab and lets you make your journey in the quickest and easiest way. Kaiian taxi bought in the market by Kaiian Co, through which you can catch all the necessary things needs for inter-city travelling. Through this elegant app, you can move through your destiny with new cars, cool drinks, tracking devices, mobile charges, Wi-Fi, and much more. One of the most prior things of Kaiian taxi app is to let you feel extremely safe so that you can enjoy all your new trips without moving to any other app. Kaiian taxi carries a unique and super-fast service and helps you get an ultimate experience of riding with the vehicles that you want to acquire. It carries a brand new experience of taxi cabins, and you can enjoy it in a comfortable and quick scenario. You can easily download Kaiian taxi from the stores right in your cell phone, and start to enjoy your new trips with safety and at reasonable rates.


15. Etaximo

Etaximo is one of the most emerging taxi apps which helps you enjoy all your rides and trips without any problem. Etaximo – Taxi Of Choice is a stunning app bought to you by Etaximo Inc. which helps you choose your taxi driver, take a ride, enjoy, and pay for it by cash and with the credit card. This application carries ultimately simplified cash payments techniques, and its payment will be charged automatically, so just leave the cab when you finish your ride. Apart from hiring a driver blindly, Etaximo – Taxi Of Choice also enables its users to enjoy making concise choices among rivers around you. Some of its core drivers feature to choose by includes driver rating, pickup time, ride price, and the maker, year or assemble or the model of the car, etc. You can use your MasterPass Wallet from MasterCard and securely pay for your rides that you enjoyed here. Other than these, Etaximo app also enables you to see available cabs around, choose a payment type, confirm pickup location, control your driver on the route, choose one or several drivers, rate the driver, give reviews, and more. So just pick Etaximo – Taxi Of Choice from the store and have fun rides.


16. iTaksi

iTaksi is an intuitive online taxi service which ensures both passengers as well as taxi drivers feel comfortable and safe while on trips, developed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB). ITaksi is a superb app through which you can easily calculate the estimated fare for your trip in advance, and it does not imply any hidden charges to ensure better quality service. You just have to navigate to the calculate fare menu just before requesting a taxi and simply find out the estimated duration as well as the fare for your ride or the trip. This application helps you get the most nearest taxi with the touch of a button and without have for searching and wait for a taxi anymore. iTaksi allows its riders to choose from almost 3 different ways including the in cash, with a credit card, and the Istanbulkart. You can easily choose among these alternatives of payment before hiring a taxi and comfortably get the trip fare on the app at the end of the journey. You can also get specific details of the drivers and the vehicle. Users can easily pick iTaksi from the store to enjoy its safe rides.


17. TAXI Booking

TAXI Booking makes it easy to book a cab or a taxi for any of your trip in the city. TAXI Booking – CAB Booking App is a great looking and an emerging app in India introduced by Educom Apps Inc. which has made it possible to book a cap by capturing all the cab booking at one intuitive place. You can easily set your pickup locations such as from airport, office, railway station, home, or any of your current location. This intuitive taxi booking app allows you to book the cab you want and easily tracks all the available cabs close to you. TAXI Booking – CAB Booking app helps you book a cap or a ride with a single click on the Ride Now button. After booking a ride, you can easily get the confirmation with the driver instantly. It also allows you to see the ride on the map and get to know the place of arrivals. TAXI Booking – CAB Booking App contains Ola cabs, Uber cabs, Taxi for sure, Sky cabs, Meru cabs, etc. This app emails you a receipt whenever you arrive at your desired destination. So just download TAXI Booking – CAB Booking App, sit back, take a deep breath, and go anywhere you want in India.


18. Taxi Control

Taxi Control is a fine taxi app introduced by the Energy Tech Inc. which has precisely transformed your mobile phones and tablets into a real-time precise meter GPS for your vehicle. This application helps you get the number of trips, with fully protected and programmable passwords. This application allows you to control everything regarding your journeys through it. You can set independently for night and day rates regarding minutes and time for the start of the tariff, amount trip home, distance cover on each billing hunt, time stopped vehicle peer unit, and more. This app enables you to get total collection units of the travel or the expected and the total amount collected, and new features will be added in its future release. You can easily get a real meter for any of your vehicle and all the necessary details which are necessary. Taxi Control app also used by the passengers to verify the amount which is charged on the trip. You can easily download Taxi Control from the store, and control your stuff in the way you want.


19. Raxi

Raxi seamlessly connects passengers with the nearby drivers. It is a social mobile searching app through which you can easily get nearby drivers. This app is beneficial for both, whether you are a passenger looking to get a ride, or a driver looking to give a ride. It is helping people get rides in a more comfortable way by letting your discover drivers, book trips, read real reviews, and more. Raxi brings a classy algorithm which lets you discover drivers by the type of car, rating, payment method, by price, and more. You can conveniently filter the search to match with the drivers through the best quote. It helps you get and easily read all the reviews from other passengers about any of your chosen driver. It helps you accept the trips instantly from a list of available drivers to choose from. You can contact your drivers with both through in-app messaging and through the phone. Raxi enables its users to favorite their most likely drivers to ride again. Other than these, Raxi enables drivers to access available trip requests, bid on a trip or set your own price terms, and read reviews about passengers. So just download Raxi, and enjoy your next trip.


20. ViaVan Driver

ViaVan Driver is one of the most gorgeous ride-sharing service which is revolutionizing the transportation day by day. ViaVan Driver bought in the market by Via Transpiration Inc. which guaranteed earning and premium for shared rides. Via Van Driver is an intuitive platform for everyone providing benefits for everyone from shared rides, more affordable and reasonable prices for riders, higher fares for drivers, and a city with less traffic. Safety is the first priority of this app and it also brings real-time phone support by its driver support team whenever you are on the road and wherever you want. It carries a super-smart and efficient technology which precise guides you along all your routes for the real-time. ViaVan Driver is a highly dedicated corner to corner service upon which riders are even asked to walk to nearby corners without unnecessary detours. You can apply online to get started to this app. This service is looking for driver partners and all the qualified drivers will be invited to complete their registration, download ViaVan Driver app, and get on the road for getting its benefits. So just download ViaVan Driver and enjoy comfortable rides.


21. Bounce Driver

Bounce Driver bought in the market by Altruistic Inc. which brings almost everything you need to fast track your business in one app. Bounce Driver & Partner brings a collection of almost 6 different ways to earn compensation while the company pays out nearly 90 percent of the base fare revenues to the partners. This app lets you get paid forever and even when you are not driving. It is not necessary that you should be a driver to become a Bounce Driver app’s partner because it lets you build a network that will pay you royalties. It also lets you enjoy the opportunity to precisely earn stock options so you can share in the company’s progress. You can easily earn them on rides taken and given by you and your network of referred drivers and customers or on enrolling as a partners. Bounce Driver & Partner carries so many intuitive functions through which you can easily access whatever you want. So just download Bounce Driver & Partner app, and also enjoy first of its kind Panic button, responding to ride calls, royalties and bonuses, tracking demands, keeping tabs on your referrals, and so much more.


22. Taxi Fare GPS

Taxi Fare GPS enables its entire users to easily estimate the cost of the taxi without the internet connection requirements. In the most initial time of its development Taxi Fare GPS is available for the cities Medellin, Bogota, Colombia, Cali, various areas of New York in the United States, and some others. This app lets you calculate the taxi fare so that you can easily get to know the price regarding any of your trips. It helps you discover the costs as well as surcharges to catch all the details about the amount that you have paid or going to pay. Taxi Fare GPS also lets you track the entire history of your trips just to get any of your desired details. It enables you to share all your trips with your friends just to let them know about all your journeys and even the comfort or reliability of this app. It also enables you to grab the entire travel symmetry so that you can get the fare, path details, time, and more. So just download Taxi Fare GPS and enjoy all its features right through the palm of your hand.


23. Taksi Taxi

Taksi Taxi is another fine app introduced in the market by Murat Aydin Inc. which helps everyone to calculate the taxi fee (in Turkish Liras) as well as the distance in kilometers between two coordinates for Turkey. This application have all the functionalities regarding the ride that you are going to have and you can easily store the starting and ending time, and the route details as well. Taksi Taxi also displays the route between the coordinates placed at different positions. This application is working precisely in bursa, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul, and some others. While one the other hand, taxi fees can entered manually for the other cities. Taksi Taxi is a multilingual app that can be executed in both English and Turkish. It uses the taxi fees of the chosen city. There are various other features of this taxi fee calculating tool through which you can manage all your trips that you often have. Taksi Taxi is available in the store and can be downloaded for free.

More About TAXImet

TAXImet makes it so convenient to start, stop and pause the ride and get to know the exact distance, wait, speed, and more specifically the fare. TAXImet – Taximeter is a gorgeous tool introduced by Innovemind Inc. which brings a free tool that operates same like Taximeter (and might not obeys your country’s regulatory necessities). Some of the main features of TAXImet includes GPS based distance calculation, one-click operation, printing of bills, e-bills, a summary of journeys, list of previous journeys, tax report, and does not require an internet connection for its working. TAXI met – Taximeter allows its users to share the taxi location to be called and found by the customers. This app lets you customize the setting menu including currency, charging rates, print settings, and more. TAXImet – Taximeter app needs the GPS access to begin its functionality. You just have to press start to start the journey, and end button operates when you reach your destination. It allows you to pause or resume where necessary and you can easily see the distance, waiting, and fare on the display. Make sure to download TAXImet – Taximeter app, and have a convenient journey.

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