Temporada Livre

Temporada Livre is one of the most intuitive, easy to use, and precise application that brings the best range of vacation rental portal with all the properties over Brazil and nearby areas. Temporada Livre is a sleekly designed tool developed in the market by TemporadaLivre Inc… read more

Apps Like Temporada Livre for iOS

#1 Hotels Scanner


Hotels Scanner lets you enjoy hotel booking for your desired scenarios in the most reusable way while providing the lowest prices available. Hotels Scanner – Find the best hotel is a stunning app developed by Travel Companion 360 that makes it so convenient to search for the cheapest and fine hotels from all across the globe. You can instantly diver the directory of the most sensible prices of all the available hotels and provides the entire result sheet over one page and get one that matches your requirement.

It enables you to instantly get to know all the verified reviews regarding the stuff that you are interested in. You can reserve things directly from your most likely travel websites and book nearby apartments with some simple swipes. Hotels Scanner – Find the best hotels app also carries Hotel Scanner options that help independent travelers while getting precise information.


#2 Expedia Group Partner Central


Expedia Group Partner Central app enables its global folks to manage your business from anywhere, anytime. Expedia Group Partner Central is a stunning platform presented in the market by Expedia Inc. that lets you make instant conversations with guests instantly, take and upload pics from your cell phones, and address feedback from in-house guests, etc. You can enjoy dozens of vital tools and all the significant data that you need by using this partner central app.

You can instantly make updates to your availability and rates, and the eligible closeout inventory. You can make your listing stand out by inspiring travelers to book with pics that you upload, tag, and take from your cell phones using local POIs. You can start instant conversations with guests anytime you want before guests arrive, manage guest reviews, and respond to feedback as well. So just download the Expedia Group Partner Central app and enjoy everything flawlessly.

#3 HomeAway Vrbo Owner App


HomeAway Vrbo Owner App makes it superbly easy to manage your vacation rental by using your cell phones and tablets. HomeAway Vrbo Owner is a superb platform presented by Vrbo Inc. that lets you stay connected with travelers, run your entire business, and manage your booking anytime, anywhere. It never lets its users miss any booking by getting instant alerts whenever you receive any booking requests and other queries. You can precisely stay connected with the guests after, before, or during their bookings.

You can precisely update your calendar by add, edit, cancel, and managing your reservations over your calendar with some simple swipes. HomeAway app enables you to add your listings, stay in control, and update the rules and policies of your houses intuitively. HomeAway Vrbo Owner App allows you to inquire and decline triply or approves bookings right from your cell phones and tablets.


#4 BedBooking


BedBooking is a superb app that helps you to manage a small hotel and is necessary to have for vacation rental owners or hosts. BedBooking: Booking Manager Reservation Calendar works perfectly for private accommodations, B&B hotels, apartments, agro-tourism, holiday resorts, villas, inns, guest rooms, boarding houses, and other hotels. It is a simple, sleek, and intuitive booking calendar through which you can access everything whenever you want. It enables instant access to booking calendar, online booking sales, booking calendar widget, and simultaneous management of booking calendar, etc.

Bed Booking app is a significant platform of hotels, vacation rental owners, apartments, lofts, bungalows, travel agencies, camping, campsites, condos, property managers, flats, vacation homes, resorts, motels, hostels, guest houses, private accommodation, bed and breakfast hosts, and guesthouse, etc. You can download BedBooking: Booking Manager Reservation Calendar app for free to get a single app for scheduling bookings and planning for rooms whenever you want.

#5 Travelzoo


Travelzoo lets you join a community of more than 28 million people from all across the globe and discover the latest travel, local deals, and entertainment. Travelzoo – Find Amazing Vacation Deals is a stunning platform presented in the market by Travelzoo Inc. that contains an exclusive team of experts that brings the most amazing deals, recommendations, and offers for the global folks every day. You can precisely make it effortless to discover and get advantages of amazing deals and offers.

The app lets you get exclusive deals over the international app editions in states, including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, Canada, Australia, and France, etc. You can instantly discover high-quality travel dining, entertainment, and spa deals without letting you do much. Travelzoo – Find Amazing Vacation Deals helps you to browse the definitive list of the most flamboyant deals of the week and lets you enjoy everything flawlessly.

#6 TakeTours


TakeTours is a widely loved, award-winning, and independent application that covers loads of stuff on entertainment, traveling, and local deals for its global users. TakeTours – Book Travel & Vacation Tours is a beautifully designed app presented by GotoBus.Com that helps you in taking tours, booking tours, and discovering tours right under a single platform. The app brings over 7K tour packages from more than 2K cities from all across the globe for you to book or even compare things.

You can precisely enjoy booking as well as exploring travel trips, tickets, and hotels without wasting any money or effort. It brings plenty of exclusive offers and deals with amazing promotions in Canada, Mexico, European Countries, Africa, and Asia, etc. You can precisely earn your next free trip as well. TakeTours – Book Travel and Vacation Tours app lets you enjoy tour packages from thousands of cities at the most reasonable prices.

#7 Hotel Deals by BestHotelOffers


Hotel Deals by BestHotelOffers brings one of the most precise, elegantly designed, and fun hotel app that brings dozens of fantastic options for everyone to enjoy. Hotel Deals by BestHotelOffers – Hotel Booking App is a stunning tool developed in the market by BestHotelOffers BV enables its global users to enjoy coverage of more than 500,000 hotels worldwide. You can enjoy all these hotels without any booking fees or enjoy the lowest prices guarantee.

The app lets you search for stuff in all the hotel booking sites, platforms, and apps right over one place. Moreover, you can compare prices over thousands of booking platforms and discover the most exclusive on 1.500.000 accommodations globally. It brings the coverage of 28 currencies and supports 40 languages. Hotel Deals by BestHotelOffers – Hotel Booking App features a catalog of thousands of hotel sites, the database of a massive range of hotels, the lowest price guaranteed, ads-free atmosphere, etc.

#8 Wyndham Rewards


Wyndham Rewards is an all in one place to book stays, get exclusive offers, discover the best deals, track points, and do much else whenever you want. Wyndham – Hotels & Resorts is a stunning platform presented in the market by Wyndham Hotel Groups Inc. that allows you to join Wyndham Rewards to earn and redeem exclusive points without paying for anything. You can enjoy these at dozens of vacations, vacation rentals, and vacation club resorts from all over the world.

You can precisely join the program for free and book its exclusive member rate and get yourself registered directly from the application. You can securely book rooms from more than 9000 hotels and across 20 trusted brands from all across the globe. Wyndham Rewards – Hotels and Resorts app lets you book a discounted night starting at 1,500 points or a free night starting at 7,500 points.

#9 Four Seasons Hotels


Four Seasons Hotels brings your next personalized gateway right just a swipe away, presented in the market by Four Seasons Hotels Ltd. It allows you to manage all your outings and plan your trips with ease. Four Seasons Hotels app enables its global users to discover plenty of amazing, unique, new, and most wanted destinations across the world. You can instantly book as well as track your stuff and activities with its unique itinerary feature.

It allows you to set room preferences for the sleep of your dreams right over your profile picture. You can also make secure chatting with the team of hotels. Four Seasons Hotels app also brings highly personalized travel recommendations that help to get great suggestions whenever you needed them the most. So just download the Four Seasons Hotels app to plan a holiday, explore places for the next trips, get amazing holiday ideas, and enjoy travel guides and top things to do.

#10 CheapTickets


CheapTickets is one of the most flexible apps that helps you to search for vacations, packages, activities, hotels, and other stuff for making fun trips. CheapTickets – Hotels, Flights & Travel Deals is a widely loved application presented in the market by CheapTickets.com that helps you to search for your travel destinations and book cheap flights, rental cars, hotel rooms, and other activities. The app lets you earn CheapCash on select flights, cars, hotels, packages, and other activities.

You can use its elegantly designed traveling tools to watch the details for the upcoming trips, get maps for direction, access address information, and do much else. CheapTickets Hotels & Flights app lets you instantly receive alerts for flights, get to know hotel check-out times, gate changes, and other significant information that is necessary for you to know. CheapTickets: Vacation Deals and Activities app uses information for advertising, personalization, and analytics as well.

#11 PropertyGuru Singapore


PropertyGuru Singapore app lets its global users discover as well as explore their perfect home. PropertyGuru Singapore is probably one of the most secure and precise property and real estate platform that you ever needed for managing your concerning things. This property searching mobile application enables you to get instant access to a massive range of residential properties such as commercial properties, landed houses, condo, and HBD in Singapore.

The app made the searching for your desired property so easy that you can find your desired apartment, house, and other property rights from the couch of your sofa. The app brings free text searching where you can precisely search for more than 210K properties in different locations of Singapore. You can also see rental homes and properties for sale over your present location or the MRT station near you. Property Guru Singapore lets you search property flawlessly.

#12 ZEN Rooms #1 Budget Hotels


ZEN Rooms #1 Budget Hotels is a budget hotel booking platform that brings suitable prices for you to travel across the globe. ZEN Rooms #1 Budget Hotels is a stunning platform presented in the market by ZEN eServices Pte Ltd. that lets you enjoy the most authentic and reasonable hotel chain in South Asia. The app provides you with instant and safe access to thousands of hotels in Southeast Asia and also lets you get places according to your price range.

You can precisely select your perfect hotel that lies under your imagination or money limit to live. You can also choose breakfast and airport transfer as well. ZEN Rooms #1 Budget Hotels app brings hotels with all the comforts and never let you miss any essential amenities such as hot shower, cool AC, fast Wi-Fi, lowest rates, instant care customer support, clean linen, and spotless beds, etc.

#13 Vacation Rentals Owner App by TripAdvisor


Vacation Rentals Owner App by TripAdvisor is a free to use app that makes it precise, robust, and quick to discover, manage, and monitor all your vacation rentals right under one platform. Vacation Rentals Owner App by TripAdvisor is a superb platform where you can grab all the significant features and access them with a single click of the button. You can instantly confirm bookings, respond to guests, and send quotes from anywhere around the globe.

The app also carries calendar support and keeps you stay updated with all the news and other significant data that you need to know. It enables its users to see who is checking in next instantly. You can also monitor and track stuff regarding your payment as well. Vacation Rentals Owner App by TripAdvisor app enables you to manage and monitor your TripAdvisor vacation rentals using your Android and iOS cell phones and tablets.

#14 Treya


Treya is a superb tool through which you can effortlessly plan your trips to enjoy your vacations or outings whenever you want. Treya: Itinerary, Travel Planner & Trip Expenses is an elegantly designed trip advisor and assistant that helps you to enjoy your outings and trips by providing endless features. It allows you to discover your most likely vacation spots, accommodations, and restaurant recommendations from local travel influencers right over your smartphones.

You can precisely discover the best route and transportation to achieve your travel destination over each itinerary. Treya app helps you to create your travel profile and share it across multiple platforms with your friends and family members. It enables you to customize your unique itinerary and make an automated travel plan based on all the destinations that you want to visit. So just give a chance to download Treya: Itinerary, Travel Planner, and Trip Expenses app and enjoy everything flawlessly.

#15 Hotelsmotor


Hotelsmotor makes it effortless to search for hotels globally while making instant reservations with amazing discounts as well. Hotels near me – Hotelsmotor is a stunning platform presented in the market by Bookingautos SL Inc., where you can precisely find cheap hotel discounts and deals without paying for anything. The app carries a catalog of more than 1 million hotel apartments and motels and instantly locates nearby hotels. You can get up to 70% off or various other discounts.

You can share your travel plan with friends and family members through email, social media, or other platforms. You can also attach your travel docs and other stuff inside your itinerary, such as flight tickets, hotel book docs, and photos, etc. Hotels near me – Hotelsmotor app also helps you by providing new people from around the globe whenever you are alone and have some vacations or don’t have anybody with you.

More About Temporada Livre

Temporada Livre is one of the most intuitive, easy to use, and precise application that brings the best range of vacation rental portal with all the properties over Brazil and nearby areas. Temporada Livre is a sleekly designed tool developed in the market by TemporadaLivre Inc. that brings easily navigable properties along with exclusive tools to make your lifestyle effortless and cheaper. You can instantly get to know more than 10K updated and registered properties in Brazil.

You can precisely search, discover, filter, and get the best property to spend your entire vacation (either alone or with your family). It carries a community of more than 8 million people across all the globe who love to surf the app due to its secure and elegant service. Temporada Livre is a highly trusted app, and people love it for its precision of providing property in all the regions of Brazil.

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