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TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts

TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts is an exceptionally great app for getting your phone service just like emails. It is an elegant application for having a second phone number for any of your desired need. Having this app, you can easily make free calls and text messages to any individual in the world even if he or she is not using the TextMe Up application… read more
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9 Apps Like TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts

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1. Hushed

Hushed brings a private phone number to talk, text, message, and call. It is a widely used platform through which users from all over the world enjoy end to end encrypted messaging and infinite private disposable phone numbers. Hushed Different Number App Get a 2nd Phone Number lets you enjoy multiple phone numbers and custom voice calls for each number along with the creation of as many messages aliases as you want. You can manage all of your respective stuff with extreme security so that you can message and call in robust privacy. Other than these, you can also enjoy self-deleting messages with custom expiry, and no credit check and a credit card is required for all this stuff. Hushed Different Number App Get a 2nd Phone Number is an elegant approach for getting a private number and to connect with persons that work for you. Hushed Second Phone Number is a sophisticated app to have a second phone number and enjoy calling, messaging, and any other stuff with extreme protection. This app efficiently has over 7 million downloads, 250 million calls, and above 1 billion text messages has been sent through this platform.


2. Ring4 – Phone Number, Texts & Calls, Call Recorder

Ring4 – Phone Number, Texts & Calls, Call Recorder is something amazing that enables you to generate smartphone numbers, calls, and text with no limit in almost 20 countries. It lets you establish a work number for your personal mobile phone for your business etc. and a private number for your siblings, relative, and other family members. You can build a local as well as an international phone number without any roaming charges and with your preferred area code. You can intuitively create and manage phone number in a damn easy and intuitive way so that you can better handle your life experience with phone calling and texting. These smartphone numbers are available in Canada, France, UK, Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands. Ring4 – Phone Number, Texts & Calls, Call Recorder enable cheap calls in the United States and over 22 countries. Except these, you can also enjoy text with emoji, call recording, customizable voicemails, do not disturb mode, deletion of phone numbers, block or unmask unwanted phone numbers, and much more.


3. Sideline

Sideline is a tool that helps its users to enjoy a second phone number yet it is more than a second phone number app. It is superb communication application introduced by the Pinger, Inc. that helps its users to work collaboratively without revealing their actual private phone number. There are a lot of amazing feature of this app that ensures an efficient workflow with some of your subordinates and customers or a collaborative team. Sideline – Second Phone Number delivers some professional features which come with all calls, voicemails, and texting you that you need to run, grow, or start any business. Some of its core features include the providence of Auto-replay, Team Numbers, Custom Number, Local Area Code, Business Area Code, Business Texting, and Enterprise Texting as well which provides their respective functionality. Other than these, some of its professional features include Carrier Reliability, the fun of Unlimited Calling, SMS and MMS Messaging, Custom Caller ID support, Voicemail to text support, Number Porting, web messaging, and do not disturb mode as well. So just download this app to have real-time fun as well as work efficiently.


4. Burner – 2nd Phone Number

Burner – 2nd Phone Number is one of the markets leading application that provides the most genuine and best second line for private texting, calling, and picture messaging. It lets you create a second number for your business, work, salespeople, forms, shopping online, deliveries, domestic and official work just to keep your exact or actual phone number private. Burner – 2nd Phone Number is a perfect business phone number app for solo entrepreneurs, startups, side projects, small firm holders, and integrate with productivity applications such as Google Drive. Slack, Dropbox, etc. It is flawless if you want to keep in touch with someone, but may not want to reveal your personal number. Temporary phone numbers are ideal for online dating, job searching, some professional individuals, private conversations, anonymous and secret texting, and more. You can get phone numbers in any area code, create multiple disposable numbers, access your address book, manage ringer and SMS notification, and lot more. Hence, using this app, you can make your dealing and do your work by staying anonymous and private.


5. Telos

Telos is an app to enjoy unlimited free calling and text messaging experience that brings ease for getting your personal number secure from others, or any of your desired scope. It brings the fun of unlimited calling and text messaging through which you can not only have the fun of these things but also keep all these things in a well-protected atmosphere. Having this app in your pocket, you can pick a second phone number in any area code of U.S, add a second, third or fourth line for your tablet or phone, enjoy the hell of fun of both calling and texting, and save a lot on international texts and calls. Telos Free Phone Number & Unlimited Calls and Text is the best utility for people who want to keep their phone number private from persons who engage with him due to some work or any public deeds. It is the perfect application for having the fun of text messaging and calling for free via Wi-Fi and cellular data. So just download Telos Free Phone Number & Unlimited Calls and Text app, and enjoy receive incoming calls and texts from anyone in any country.


6. Line2 – Second Phone Number

Line2 – Second Phone Number is your second number that is working immensely great on your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches as a fully-featured business phone system. It is elegantly designed for some professional, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who have pretty much concern with their mobile phones. Line2 – Second Phone Number efficiently lets you call and message from the separate number on some devices that you and your team already have, right through your existing cellular number or Wi-Fi with anyone in Canada and United States for a reasonable price or with the Line2 users for free. This app is ideal for you and your business mates that brings a designated number in the area code of your own choice. It lets you keep your personal and business stuff separate without needing to purchase any additional bulky hardware and chunky landline phones. You can communicate with your partners without any disturbance from ads and without any additional cost. Its paid service possesses some powerful features while you can use ordinary features for free.


7. Talkatone

Talkatone is another amazing application to have a second phone number for free. It is a great utility introduced by Talkatone, LIc. It is a superb communication app that helps you enjoy all of your commercial activities in a secure and protected way. Talkatone: Free Texts, Calls & Phone Number allows its users to call anyone without using call minutes. You can easily change your mobile number anytime by keeping your messages and call history safe. It provides hundreds of stickers for having the great fun of conversation with your buddies and other unknown numbers, without revealing your personal information. Talkatone: Free Texts, Calls & Phone Number lets you get a second phone number of your choice and lets you make free phone calls. You can have the fun with free calls, MMS, and SMS with your free Canada or US phone numbers by downloading this utility in your phone. You can easily change your phone number anytime, enjoy free picture texting, free burner number, and lot more. It brings cheap international calls in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nigeria, Columbia, Guatemala, and other calling destinations.


8. textPlus

textPlus is a free SMS and calling application for making free calls and sending messages to anyone living in the United States and Canada. textPlus deals in two kind of services like textPlus for personal usage and textPlus for commercial or business usages. Your personal phone number will work as your textPlus number that you need to share with others. For the information of the readers, you are not bound to use the same phone number as anytime it can be changed. Anytime the users can change the phone number by simply selecting from any area code. All of these shuffling is free for all time. Although, textPlus is packed with a lot of advantages, still there are many disadvantages attached to this application. At first instance, the users can make free video calls and text messages to those living in the United States and Canada only. They can create the group and invite the others to join the group for sending group messages and making group voice and video calls.


9. RingCentral

RingCentral is another ultimate tool for business persons. Through this stunning app, you can use your business phone numbers for calls, faxes, and texts for free. You can better manage your things through update phone settings, check voicemails, and more from anywhere anytime. You can make an effective connection with clients and colleagues using your business number and keep your personal number private. You can easily schedule your meetings, host your meeting, or join a meeting even when you are absent from office. RingCentral app has made it so handy and easy to message your team, share different files and related stuff, assign tasks, create events, manage meetings, and more using Glip. Through getting a cloud phone system from this app that delivers toll-free or local numbers, visual voicemails, advanced call management system, multiple extensions, business text messages, custom greetings, internet fax, call screening, music on hold, call queues and lot more. You can also access the details such as the time, date, and duration of all the messages and calls.

More About TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts

TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts is an exceptionally great app for getting your phone service just like emails. It is an elegant application for having a second phone number for any of your desired need. Having this app, you can easily make free calls and text messages to any individual in the world even if he or she is not using the TextMe Up application. TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts app allows you to create multiple phone numbers and manages them from one single account so that you can easily create a phone number for your business, for online shopping, and anything else for having all the dealings of your lives separate and safe. You can also create an international phone number if you are a traveller and for chatting with your friends overseas. You can use TextMe Up from anywhere so that if your phone is stolen or if you lose it for any other reason, you can easily get your phone number back by login from your computer, laptop, tablet, or any other phone. TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts also delivers a variety of unique features for enjoying free texting and calling. So just download it to have a smart number for your business.