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textPlus is a free SMS and calling application for making free calls and sending messages to anyone living in the United States and Canada. textPlus deals in two kind of services like textPlus for personal usage and textPlus for commercial or business usages… read more
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23 Apps Like textPlus


Burner – 2nd Phone Number

Burner – 2nd Phone Number is one of the markets leading application that provides the most genuine and best second line for private texting, calling, and picture messaging. It lets you create a second number for your business, work, salespeople, forms, shopping online, deliveries, domestic and official work just to keep your exact or actual phone number private.


TextNow is a free texting and video calling app that don’t require any credit card details or mobile balance recharge at all. It although featured premium call making services but that section deals in commercial and business services only.


Talkray is a free group-based messaging and video calling application for the iOS and Android devices. This simple to use the app, allow its clients to send free text messages, share images including multimedia files, make voice calls and video calls for free.


Wire is a multifunctional and interactive communication application for the smartphones and tablets. The major benefit of using Wire is that it puts a great emphasis on the security and protection of the communication made by its clients.

Google Duo

Google Duo is a one to one video calling and messaging application that is a best means for getting closer to all those you love for having high quality and simple video calling on any smartphone.

Verizon Messages

Verizon Messages is a new means for starting a conversation on any carrier or compatible device. This communicating app will empower the smartphone users to get their selves connected all the time using Verizon Messages synchronization features to the smartphone, tablets, PC and even to the smart watches as well.


Zalo is a free and new messaging application containing all those features that are found in the leading messaging and calling applications. It is packed with the amazing features like unlimited group chat, send files instantly, capture screen for recording favorite memories, synchronization messages from the smartphone, compatible with almost all operating devices.

AW – Free Video Calls and Chat

AW – Free Video Calls and Chat is a personal and business communication application that offers a free platform for sending text messages and making free voice and video calls. It works equally on both smartphones and tablets.


FreePP is a free and multifunctional multimedia communication application that offers diverse number of features and functions to the smartphone users like free SMS sending, free voice calling and free video calling.


There is no work of a calling app at all if it is not capable of offering you HD quality videos that are backed by the high-quality sound. YeeCall is listed among those messaging and calling apps that are offering the revolutionary high-quality phone to phone call, all with HD voice and video technology.


SOMA is a free video, voice calling and chatting app made for multiple communication purposes across all parts of the world. It is called to be one of the most secure messaging applications because it puts significant focuses on the communication of its users by not storing any of their data into or on the servers of third parties.

Fast Messenger-Lite Messenger

This IM and video messenger works in synchronization with Facebook that’s why most of the time taken as original Facebook Messenger as well. This will allow you to use it with the official profile of Facebook;

Zangi Messenger

Zangi Messenger is called to be the safest and relatable messaging and video chatting application. It is safest because it puts the vast emphasis on the privacy and protection of the chatting and calls its users made to anyone.


Glide is a kind of live video chatting messengers that in addition to holding video chatting used for the purpose of live streaming and broadcasting as well. The specialty of Glide is that it combines the convenience of video calling and text messaging at one place.


Having communication with beloved ones and for business purposes is no more a big deal. The instant messaging and then video calling apps have made the communication easy for the people.


Sideline is a tool that helps its users to enjoy a second phone number yet it is more than a second phone number app. It is superb communication application introduced by the Pinger, Inc.


Hushed brings a private phone number to talk, text, message, and call. It is a widely used platform through which users from all over the world enjoy end to end encrypted messaging and infinite private disposable phone numbers.


Telos is an app to enjoy unlimited free calling and text messaging experience that brings ease for getting your personal number secure from others, or any of your desired scope. It brings the fun of unlimited calling and text messaging through which you can not only have the fun of these things but also keep all these things in a well-protected atmosphere.

Line2 – Second Phone Number

Line2 – Second Phone Number is your second number that is working immensely great on your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches as a fully-featured business phone system. It is elegantly designed for some professional, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who have pretty much concern with their mobile phones.

TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts

TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts is an exceptionally great app for getting your phone service just like emails. It is an elegant application for having a second phone number for any of your desired need.


Talkatone is another amazing application to have a second phone number for free. It is a great utility introduced by Talkatone, LIc. It is a superb communication app that helps you enjoy all of your commercial activities in a secure and protected way.


RingCentral is another ultimate tool for business persons. Through this stunning app, you can use your business phone numbers for calls, faxes, and texts for free. You can better manage your things through update phone settings, check voicemails, and more from anywhere anytime.

Ring4 – Phone Number, Texts & Calls, Call Recorder

Ring4 – Phone Number, Texts & Calls, Call Recorder is something amazing that enables you to generate smartphone numbers, calls, and text with no limit in almost 20 countries. It lets you establish a work number for your personal mobile phone for your business etc.

More About textPlus

textPlus is a free SMS and calling application for making free calls and sending messages to anyone living in the United States and Canada. textPlus deals in two kind of services like textPlus for personal usage and textPlus for commercial or business usages. Your personal phone number will work as your textPlus number that you need to share with others. For the information of the readers, you are not bound to use the same phone number as anytime it can be changed. Anytime the users can change the phone number by simply selecting from any area code. All of these shuffling is free for all time. Although, textPlus is packed with a lot of advantages, still there are many disadvantages attached to this application. At first instance, the users can make free video calls and text messages to those living in the United States and Canada only. They can create the group and invite the others to join the group for sending group messages and making group voice and video calls.

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