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Textra SMS is a lightweight, super-fast, and highly customizable app that helps you experience an ultimate messaging utility. It is an outstanding application that helps you experience a bunch of awesome features. It brings a collection of nearly 180 design themes, bubbles and app icons colours… read more
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1. Android Message

Android Message is an amazing way to send or receive SMS message and is developed by the great Google LLC. It is a widely used Android application which has made it handy and easy to communicate with each other by using MMS, SMS, and more. Android Message is a simple to use yet powerful application through which users can easily share a variety of multimedia stuff. The sharing of pictures and videos directly from this mobile app has made much faster, reliable and safe so that you just have to select any of your desired photo or video and it delivers that stuff instantly. You can also search conveniently and effectively through conversations threads and contacts to discover exactly what you are looking for. It has an attractive, colourful, and intuitive that has made the communication process more fun. You can control your desired situations by blocking offensive people you don’t want to archive messages and hear from. You can better express yourself using tons of emojis, audio messages support, a variety of stickers, or your location support as well. So install Android Message and enjoy your conversations with enhanced features.


2. Apple Message

Apple Message is a reliable conversation app for Android users which comprises some iPhone like approach and more creativity. It is an ultimate application introduced by Arvin Jayanake that enables free chatting with other Android phone holders. You can easily make effective communication with people you want to chat. It delivers a sleek design to give you a superb experience of messaging and chatting you that you never feel before. Apple Message is a great application for users who have great concerns with phone calls as well. You just have to swipe left on the contact that you intend to call without even going to your contact list or call logs, you can easily get all these stuff right on your conversation panel of this app. Hence, using simple taps, you can easily delete or call any of your desired contacts. Apple Message has made it so easy to pick the person you want to text, and you can express yourself more precisely by its emojis and stickers providence. You can also use this app as your default messaging app to stay in touch with your beloved ones.


3. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is a remarkable application through which users from all over the world can do better, simple, smooth, and well-protected conversations with their friends and family members. It brings the messaging approach with some enhanced features through which users can not only carry their chatting experience to an ultimate level but also can make effective conversation with their beloved ones. It occupies lots of cool features which includes password app lock, scheduled SMS sender, privacy options, reminders for any wishes or something, stop a text while sending, SMS blocking, pin favourites to the top, blacklist support, etc. Other than these, it also brings quick replay pop-up, better MMS support, group messaging support, signatures, text snippets, multi-select picture gallery, dual sim, and way more things to enjoy. Chomp SMS also provides a variety of customization features and options for LED colours, ringtones, vibrate patterns, icons, a diversity of font styles to choose, font size, background wallpapers, and way more things. You can better define your situations and expressions through 1600 Android, Twitter, and iOS style emojis. So just download it, and give Chomp SMS a try today.


4. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS is a fine tool for making effective and fully features conversations with its material design and flexible working criteria. Handcent is a great application for making an immersive experience which enables the next generation of texting. It is one of the most simple, customizable, and powerful applications that helps its users to bring their chatting to the next level. Handcent Next SMS is one of the best replacement texting apps for your stock text messenger. It is the customer oriented app making the user experience more convenient and enjoyable that never before. This SMS app is filled with all the complementary features through which users from all over the world can enjoy chatting with their beloved ones with its sleek design. This most popular message customizer provides gorgeous and startling backgrounds and themes to choose. Hence, you can personalize text message, colours, fonts, notification ringtones, LED colours, Vibration patterns, and so on. So download Handcent Next SMS and enjoy all of your chatting functions on PC, Laptop, Mac, and Tablet.


5. Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger is an extremely amazing messaging client with a number of amazing features and ultimate level customisation of stuff for ensuring a fully-featured, compatible, and an awesome experience. It is the most beautiful and colourful messaging application that not only brings users experience to the extreme level but also never let them bore for a second due to its imaginative and cheerful interface. You can customise things in the way you want on this flexible, effective, simple to use, and intuitive app. Mood messenger – SMS & MMS messaging efficiently replaced your classical and ordinary SMS application by providing unique and more graceful features and content. It lets you express yourself in the way like never before through a gigantic collection of emojis, stickers, emoticons, and smileys, etc. You can set font style, message notification sound choice, background image, and themes of your own choice and it features almost everything for an entirely customized MMS and SMS app. You can even watch videos through SMS, send and watch GIFs, share your location for the real-time, hide conversation, share multimedia stuff, and more. So just download mood messenger – SMS & MMS messaging and attach more fun to your daily life chatting.


6. Swifto SMS

Swifto SMS is another stunning messaging application that helps you manage your messaging to the upper level with ease and joy. It is developed by Free Codextry App. It is a fast, and reliable app that delivers a series of useful, attractive features. It is an ultimate app for the users who get bored by seeing the same traditional messaging interface of their mobile phones for messaging and chatting and want to add some colours and imagination to them. It carries the new and more imaginable environment with the attractive looks and handy features. You can enjoy its interesting customisation functions by adding colours, backgrounds, fonts, size, and other things of your own choice. Swifto SMS – Messaging App brings fast and accurate conversations with family and friends. It provides fully personalize shape, colours, sounds, font, and manage them in the way you want. Swifto SMS – Messaging App has a material design and customises themes, and you can instantly do chat without even opening the app. It provides a number of amazing features that enables an ultimate level of SMS and MMS experience so just download it and have fun.


7. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is a powerful and extremely beautiful MMS and SMS application that helps you have an entirely new level of mobile messaging and chatting experience. It is a beautiful messaging client which is available in dark and night mode. You can professionally apply custom themes to individual conversations. Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web) is packeted with some gorgeous features and allows you enjoy messaging on all devices. It has an ultimate app design, functionally, features, deep integration, and speed than any other app holds. You just have to create an account through the phone app, and you will have instant access to your messages across all of your devices. Some of its core features include sleek design, fluid animations, sharing of GIFs, Endless per and global conversation theme options, powerful searching through messaging, automatic message backup, preview web links, delayed sending, dual sim support, blacklist pesky spammers, and more. It is also available in some attractive purchase options with monthly, three months, yearly and a one-time purchase. Just download Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web) and have the extreme fun of chatting with your beloved buddies.



QKSMS is a magical messaging application that brings intuitive features for making awesome conversation between family members, friends, and more. It brings an ultimate responsive and material design to the stale state of chatting and text massaging. QKSMS – Open Source SMS & MMS is an open source application that helps you enjoy a number of exciting features. It brings the most beautiful text messaging features that let you enjoy nearly 200 themes, and you can control yourself and easily personalise them in the way you want. QKSMS SMS & MMS app is available in dark themes as well so that you just have to turn it on when it is dark out. It lets you replay to any message without ending your particular task that you perform and having to leave what you are doing. You never need to open this messaging app whenever you get an SMS. You can also experience its MMS feature when words are just not enough to communicate. Other than these, it ensures robust security, searching for contacts and messages threads, delays messaging, group messaging, free to use environment, and much more. Just after installation, QKSMS – Open Source SMS & MMS is your apps, so manage it as you wish.



YAATA SMS is another messaging client that helps its users to enjoy ultimate messaging and chatting experience. It brings some marvellous features that help you personalize and configure this application to your desired definition. YAATA – SMS/MMS messaging is a full-fledged substitute for your ordinary messaging app but yet provides more flexibility, compatibility, and more fun. Its speed, reliability, and speed bring this app to an entirely new level. You can enjoy its complete multimedia support so that you can enjoy unlimited sending and receiving of pictures, videos, GIFs, Audio, VCards, and other multimedia stuff between you and your belongings. Other than these, some of its highlighted features include the support of precise delivery reports, group chats, send delays, converting SMS to MMS, backup and restoring support, tons of emojis, emoticons, and smileys, and lot more things to enjoy. While YAATA – SMS/MMS messaging app’s premium version includes Schedule messaging sending, Auto forward, Audio responder support, Blacklisting support, autoresponder, night mode, and tons more to explore. You can explore its never-ending list of messaging features and enjoy chatting uniquely. So just download YAATA – SMS/MMS messaging app and have the ultimate fun of chatting with your beloved ones.


10. EvolveSMS

EvolveSMS is a great messaging application and one of the best replacement of your ordinary and boring texting application that not only let you chat flawlessly but also allows you to have pretty unique chatting experience. EvolveSMS (Text Messaging) is a great texting application that helps you make conversations with your friends in a fun, quick, easy, and handy way. It is designed efficiently from the bottom up by keeping the sleek Android design guidelines in mind to look fully functional and beautiful just as well. You can enjoy a definitive fun of chatting with tons of its amazing and fully-customizable themes that can easily be managed and applied to your own colour and choice. It brings customization in a way that you are guaranteed never to get bored of this superb messaging client. EvolveSMS (Text Messaging) carries a fast and more powerful interface so that you can smoothly do everything with simple swipes and its simplicity makes the keeping up of your friends a breeze. Its robust media support let you work perfectly for sending and receiving an unlimited number of pictures, videos, GIFs, audio, contact cards and other stuff with any of your contact in seconds. So just download it, and have a hell of messaging fun.


11. GO SMS Pro

GO SMS Pro is another GOMO Apps production that helps its users to enjoy communication having tons of amazing features. It is a choice of nearly 100 million individuals from all over the world and is keep on increasing its charm. GO SMS Pro – Messenger, Free Themes, Emoji is a simple, intuitive, and powerful application that helps its users to enjoy a gigantic pack of beautiful themes, lovely collection of stickers, private box, pop-up windows, dual sim support, and much more. GO SMS Pro is a widely used app that helps you enjoy hundreds of personalized themes that can bring more colour and passion to your messaging experience. Its private box captures the real beauty of your private messages and protects your privacy in an ultimate way. Due to its sticker conversation, you can bring more realistic and deliberate expressions through picking from tons of important and useful emojis, emoticons, and more. It provides pop up support for capturing new messaging for quick view and replay. You can also enjoy Go chat, delay sending messages, folded stranger messages, SMS blocking, Avatar popup, identifies calls, and way more things. This app also has committed to making GO SMS Pro – Messenger, Free Themes, Emoji’s Pro version more powerful, safer, and to add tons of great features.



ZERO SMS is another GOMO product that helps you enjoy the smallest, powerful, fastest, more protected, and elegant app for best SMS and MMS experience. It is a smaller message app on the Google Play that efficiently replaced your default SMS and MMS app. ZERO SMS – Fast & Free Themes supports rich themes that promise never to let you get bored. You can better express your current face expressions with the collection of more than 800 emojis. Using this app, you can precisely capture your most secure and private chats into the private box to keep all of your personal chatting stuff secure from others. Other than these, you can also enjoy MMS group chatting, dual sim support, font styles and sizes, popup messages, and has matched close in almost 50 languages. ZERO SMS – Fast & Free Themes also lets you block offensive chat and spam messages so that you can easily ignore people that annoy you with SMSs and MMSs. It smartly blocks offensive and harassments stuff, and filter spam messages. So just download ZERO SMS – Fast & Free Themes and bring more colour and fun to your ordinary messaging app.


13. Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger is an extremely well-known and widely used pack of way many interesting applications through which users from all over the world can enjoy not only free messaging but also make free calls to their beloved ones. Viber Messenger brings an exciting platform which is connecting millions of people from all over the world by making effective messaging and phone calls, and share stuff with anyone. It is your go-to free messenger that helps you to chat or make calls to anyone in the globe through your internet connection. Using this app, you can enjoy messaging with a hell of features including tons of fonts, themes, styles, and say it with thousands of stickers. You can make effective and instant video calls with free and high-quality phone calls. It lets you express yourself with more emojis, cool stickers, sharing photos, send your favourite videos, and more. Viber Messenger enables awesome group chatting by making particular groups of your important and usual buddies. So install it to have secure video chatting, protected messaging, instant video calling, hassle free long distance calling, chat hidden features, and outstanding conversations.


14. Google Allo

Google Allo is another amazing utility for getting an awesome messaging and chatting experience, introduced by Google LLC. It is a smart messaging application which lets you say precisely, securely, and smartly. This awesome chatting app let you express yourself in a more elaborative way with a fine collection of stickers, smart replay, huge emojis, better text and font styles, and more. Its Smart Replay feature enables the responding of messaging without typing a single word so that it learns over time and suggests extremely amazing responses to text and photos in your style. Google Allo allows you to bring your artist outside of your character and get creative with photos you send by adding text and doodling on them. It provides perfect sticker for your facial expressions and provides efficiently designed stickers by some amazing creators from around the world. Google Allo lets you send encrypted stuff with end-to-end encryption and use secure notifications to keep your conversations more discreet and in control. So just Donald Google Allo and meet your Google Assist for the real-time.


15. messaging – SMS

messaging – SMS is a great SMS and MMS messaging application that helps its users to enjoy chatting and messaging with a bundle of awesome features. It is the simplest yet attractive application that has almost full features and functions that a traditional messaging application could have. More specifically, it brings some unique and additional features such as send messaging with a massive collection of unique and cool emojis that helps you to express better, MMS messaging in a protected atmosphere, and lot more. Messaging – SMS has also made it easy and handy to share multimedia stuff like photos, videos, GIFS, and others to enhance the fun of chatting. Its high-security mood enables you chat with your close family members, friends, girlfriends, and other confident persons, and hide their stuff from others. Its youthful design style brings more creativity and charm to this app through which you can enjoy its material design as well as change the background colour to suit your interest. This app brings smart and cute emojis that helps you bring your expressions with more cuteness and more precisely. So just download messaging – SMS and have fun.


16. Messages

Messages are widely used application that helps its users to have a refreshingly beautiful and responsive material design through which you can have a superb chatting experience. In the most selfish world of SMS and MMS applications cluttered with ads and bloat, Messages is something new in the market to get excited about. It has made the chatting and texting in a magical way by providing a huge amount of features to its loyal users. It is a lightweight and simple application that helps its users to have a sleek messaging experience. You can make better customization by letting users do whatever they want to do with the app after the installation. It let its users replay to conversations and coming messages without having to leave their current work so that they can say anything without going to this app again and again. Some of its core features include the support of precise and in-depth searching of message threads and conversations, extreme security to keep the conversation in a well-protected atmosphere, group MMS and SMS messaging, delay messaging, night mode, and tons more to enjoy.


17. Messenger for SMS

Messenger for SMS is a great app to bring more charm and liveliness to the next level by replacing your ordinary and boring messaging applications with this exquisite app. It is a great messaging and calling app by SMS and MMS Team that helps you better communicate with your friends and family members with a variety of chatting functions. It never let you get bored of seeing the same messaging app again and again by letting you extemporize your app with a collection of fancy themes and to show off your style with more colour and attractiveness. Messenger for SMS app brings a damn collection of more than 3000 new and unique emojis through which you can describe and express more. It enables healthy conversations between you and your contacts. Other than its countless themes and emojis, you can also enjoy wallpapers, ringtones, call features, stickers, GIFs, Lenny faces, and more. Some of its key features includes SMS restore and backup, Caller ID, connect calls with messages, SMS blocker, private box, funny emoji messages, funny SMS collection, free animated GIFs, and extremely amazing customisation at the end to make ultimate interaction.


18. Flipsi

Flipsi is an Infinite Semantic production that lets you manage all your messages in social media networks on the single screen. It brings a damn interactive and new design that helps you to manage stuff more easily. Using its expressive collection of stickers and shiny backgrounds, you can bring the comfort of having the messaging experience to the next level. SMS + Yahoo + VK + Messenger application brings a platform where you can easily manage all of your chats and conversations that you make separately on all of these social media apps and your ordinary SMS client as well. Having this app on your mobile phone, you can enjoy the charm of all social media massagers and bet works on a single platform. This app has efficiently increased the ease of getting your messing to an extreme level. SMS + Yahoo + VK + Messenger provides better integration with all of you popular social media apps, brings a secure chatting encryption algorithm, limitless access to SM accounts, multiple smileys for any themes and moods, stable access, birthday reminders, sharing of multimedia stuff and more. So just download this full-fledged messaging tool on your phone to manage all of your messaging in a single app.


19. Material Messaging

Material Messaging is a fine and a newly developed application that helps you communicate with your friends and family members in a new way. It is a Noah Seidman production that helps you make gorgeous communications with your beloved ones. It is elegantly designed for users who get tired of the boring stock messaging app, get frustrated with the most typical group messaging, and get bored for lack of customization of their existing text messaging applications. It brings more charming interface, more personalization options, intuitive user interface, and extremely amazing features for worldwide individuals. Material Messaging app brings a modern interface, material design, and more realistic features for having a superb chatting experience that never before. This app carries more features including Quick view, extreme security, animations, enhanced customization, font, colour, and display customization, enhanced SMS and MMS group chatting, message scheduler, and way more things to enjoy. Material Messaging offers a collection of 7 font styles, 9 animations, and almost 8 vibrant patterns for ultimate customization. Some of its additional features include MMS over Wi-Fi, inter-app communication, Samsung gear notification, intuitive searching support, etc.


20. mysms

mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync is a great application provides some amazing features that help you make SMS messages from any device. Using this app, you don’t have to restrict just on your mobile phone but also makes it so handy to send and receive messages from your personal computer, Tablet, laptop or any other device. This app has made it faster, easy, and handy to make quick conversations with your beloved ones with more enhanced keyboard and other utilities. There is a never-ending list of features of this application through which you can enjoy unlimited free texting with friends and family members. Using mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync, users can receive text in the browser, MMS sync support, better synchronization, backup in the cloud, the unlimited fun of themes, Group chatting, tons of smileys and emoticons, remote SMS, native notifications on any of your device and more. This app has efficiently replaced your stock SMS app by providing tons of elegant functions. So when you are in your living room and in your office, just drop your phone in your bag and start sending and receiving messages from your laptop.


21. Twinme

Twinme is an awesome product of Twinlife that helps its users to bring their mobile phone chatting experience to the extreme secure level. It is an awesome app for getting your private relationships more secure and protected from others. Such a classy app bring way many important features for its users through which they can enjoy an ultimate experience of messages as well as HD voice and video calls. It is a free, more secure, and one to one instant messaging and videos calling application that not only provides an extremely amazing experience but also let you do all of your messaging and video chatting in a secure and secure way. Twinme – private messenger is an extremely protected and secure application through which you can easily share your messages and use any of your personal data to share with your beloved ones. It does not harm your personal data by keeping your conversations smooth and protected from others. You also can choose what you want to disclose about yourself regarding your name, image, etc. and it does not use your phone number as well. So just download twinme – private messenger for having a damn secure conversation with your private person.

More About Textra SMS

Textra SMS is a lightweight, super-fast, and highly customizable app that helps you experience an ultimate messaging utility. It is an outstanding application that helps you experience a bunch of awesome features. It brings a collection of nearly 180 design themes, bubbles and app icons colours. You can enjoy this app in both light and dark modes and customize them in the way you want according to the situations. Other than these, you can also enjoy multi-select pictures, quick relay, schedule SMS and MMS, SMS group messaging utility, quick snap camera, multi-select picture gallery, awesome MMS group chatting, GIFs support, and more. You can block offensive messages with simple clicks and manage your contacts in an amazing way. Textra SMS brings a collection of 21 text sizes, pin message to the top, automatic videos, pictures and video compression, heaps, and quick voice memos support, etc. You can make conversations instantly and also stop sending messages during send. It offers an amazing collection emojis, smileys, and emoticons to deliver your emotions precisely.