15 Apps Like The Christmas Movie Card

The Christmas Movie Card delivers a unique and intuitive way to congratulate the special occasion of Christmas to your belongings. Through this app, you can easily convert your friends, brothers, and sisters into a cool and cute Santa Claus or mother, and even in a reindeer, in an Elf, and a snowman that will dance to the theme of a Christmas carol. It is a straightforward mobile application through which you can create more awesome and surprising Christmas greetings from your buddies. This app lets you add almost five different heads right on five different bodies of Santa Claus, Elf, Snowman, Reindeer, and noel mum, etc. Rather than making simple videos, you can even add your favorite text lines, share them on your social media networks, and also save them to watch them at any time. You can easily create stunning Gifs using this Christmas Movie Card app, save them intuitively, and share them on some social media platforms right from this app.

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1. Dance-ish Me

Dance-ish Me is an app that helps you move and dance like a Kenichi Ebina, which is the world-famous dancer having a worldwide recognition and fan following, and who is actually the winner of America’s Got Talent too. This app was originally used to make two of the judges named…

2. ElfYourself by Office Depot

Android iOS
ElfYourself by Office Depot is an entertainment app that enables its users to make elf dancing videos just for fun. It is a hilarious video making app that allows its users to put the faces of their family and friends on the dancing elf and make them laugh all the…

3. Facejjang

Facejjang is photography and entertainment app that helps users make fun images and video clips. Using this app, you can easily upload your face pics to the Facejjang video clips, use accessories such as wigs, cool sunglasses, hats, and more, input your message on the video and easily share it…

4. JibJab

Android iOS
JibJab is an entertaining app that enables its users to get some amazing fun-image experience regarding your family members and friends. There are some amazing and extraordinary qualities in this app that people love it. JibJab is the finest app comprises thousands of free Starring-You GIFs for sharing these stuff…

5. Elf Dance – Fun for Yourself

Elf Dance – Fun for Yourself is an entertaining and unique Christmas app that helps you explore your inner elf, become an elf, and be popular. This app comprises an attractive collection to pick any of your favorite photos and make funny dancing media. After the selection of the best…

6. Crazy motion: Share funny dance videos

Crazy motion: Share funny dance videos is an astonishing app that helps its users create wild-looking videos with the brand new and creative features. It is a hilarious gem by Storm which is working flawlessly on iOS devices. This intuitive app provides seamless creative control and lets you insert any…

7. Crazy Flamenco Dance

Crazy Flamenco Dance is a crazy photographer app that lets you turn your friends into funny flamenco dancers, make them dance into an authentic flamenco tablao, along with the providence of many other interesting, fun factors. This app provides many characters to choose from, and you can pick any photo…

8. Crazy Flamenco Rumba Dance

Crazy Flamenco Rumba Dance is one of the most amazing apps that lets you make your friends and other buddies as an authentic and funny Spanish flamenco dancer. This app lets you make a hell of fun by telling your friends what a mesmerizing, breathtaking, and hilarious dancer he or…

9. Dance Video Maker

Dance Video Maker is an entertaining app that helps users make a funny-looking video of their friends, babies, family members, colleagues, and others. It is an amazing app that lets you make dance videos along with the changing background support, add music, and create videos using your own photos. This…

10. Funny Dance

Funny Dance is an app famous for its fun providing stuff, introduced by Vietnam. Some of its amazing features include the providence of taking your photos, upload them right in the app, and this app with automatically generate a custom video for you. This app explores your funny dancing experience…

11. Dance With Santa 3D Free

Dance With Santa 3D Free is an app that lets you create amazing videos by making Santa available for you to dance on the occasion of this Christmas. It lets you choose any photo from your gallery, or quickly made a new one right from the camera. You can easily…

12. Harlem Shake Booth

Harlem Shake Booth is something amazing that helps you create your own Harlem shake just to impress your friends in an old retro 9-bit scenario. This app is amazing to make effective animations for making fun facts. You just have to take a pic of you and your friend as…

13. Dance Booth – My singing & dancing tou

Dance Booth – My singing & dancing tour is an amazing app that brings attractive fun to everyone. There are a huge amount of people use Dance Booth app to amuse themselves, their friends, and their mates with some amazing dance videos. This app makes you use your photos and…

14. Harlem Shake Super Dance Yourself

Harlem Shake Super Dance Yourself is another entertaining app that enables its user make fun activities by adding your pic to a dancing dummy. It is a superb app that turns your friends into a dancing King by following some simple steps. You just have to add any of your…

15. Animate Me – Dance Video Maker

Animate Me – Dance Video Maker is a marvelous entertaining app that enables its users makes some awesome videos by applying your face to the video. This app enables you to create yours and your friend’s stunning music video to become a star. It provides a valuable chance for you…

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