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The Guardian is a brilliant application that provides the latest news with a brand new and sleekly designed look. This news providing application is a famous and massively used product of Guardian News & Media Ltd, which enables its users to make space for subjects that matter… read more
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31 Apps Like The Guardian



Flipboard is an application that goes about as an online magazine for individuals who are occupied with the news. It is a spot where people can stay in contact with the most recent news, patterns, offer distinctive stories and additionally pictures and recordings with others.


Twitter is a free application that is available on Android, iOS and other platforms that let you connect with people and express yourself, and discover more about all the things you love.


Feedly is a single place to read all types of news. You can make a collection where you can add your favorite publications, podcasts, and YouTube channels. In this way, you can organize them easily, and you will receive updates about new stories and videos.


Pocket is a simple application for Android that will allow you to save any interesting content you find on the Internet, to look at it later without Internet access. With Pocket, you can keep your ‘pocket’ any content that we find on a web page.


News360 is a personalized reader able to adapt to the preferences of your searches to bring you the results that may be of interest or useful news. This advantage will become more efficient as more use you give, so much more navigate and read news, a higher rate of success will supply you when items that are under your preferences.

News Republic

News Republic is a news app that, through a simple and elegant interface, allow you to enjoy all national, international, political, economic, sports news, etc., from your Android terminal. With News Republic users have the confidence to hear from some of the most respectable means of national and international scene?

The BBC News

The BBC News is a news application which is working worldwide. This app has completely redesigned fresh look, more contents, greater professionalization and better overall performance. The BBC News lets you know about breaking news from our trusted global network of journalists.

RT News

RT News is another intuitive application which enables its users to be aware of English news. RT News (Russia Today) is a fine product which brings English-language news channel. This application set to show you how any story can be another story altogether.

Google News & Weather

Google News & Weather is another intuitive application through which users can get a comprehensive and a highly customized view of headline stories, local weather as well as news. Google News and Weather is a fine application by Google LLC, which enables its users to have the news of the whole world in their pocket.


HuffPost is another important application through which users from all over the world can take a precise eye on the news from all over the world. HuffPost – News is another intuitive application which brings the leading source of commentary and news for the most connected and diverse generation ever.


Nuzzel is another intuitive and widely used application which allows its users to have access to all the updates from all over the world. Nuzzel: News for Busy Professionals is an elegant product of Nuzzel, Inc.


Digg is another intuitive application which enables its users to keep a precise look at the trendy stories from all over the world. It provides the most interesting and widely talked stories on the internet, powered by social signals, and old-fashioned human judgment.


Reuters is another intuitive application which enables its users to enjoy a world of news in your pocket. This intuitive and easy to use news application allows you to get breaking news, precise analysis, and market data from the world most trusted news organization.


Pulse carries the latest news and entertainment updates which you don’t want to miss from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and almost around the world. Pulse Buzz – latest news & videos is great stuff introduced by Ringier Africa AG.


Circa is another intuitive application through which users can enjoy a video-driven news application. Circa – Experience News is a great application introduced by Circa, LLC which provides coverage for every human, every day.


NewsON is an amazing application that allows you to get instant access to live, local TV news, and other important content for free. NewsON – Watch Local TV News is an elegant application which enables its users to stream newscasts from more than 150 local news stations across the United States, from the Los Angeles to the New York, Miami, Seattle, and more.

Simply News

Simply News is another widely used application through which users from all over the world can enjoy getting all the topics in the palm of their hands to stay active. Simply News – Your News App is a fine application presented by Pylba Inc.


NewsBeat is another intuitive application through which users from all over the world can enjoy news podcasts for you every day with the real human narrations of top hand-picked news articles from around the web.

World News Live24

World News Live24 is an elegant News app which brings up to the mark and trending news over your mobile devices and lets you stay aware of all the things happening around your area.


Inshorts is a versatile application that brings news for people in a different manner. Usually most of the apps which are related to the news give the detailed analysis of the events that have taken place along with editorials and recommendations of similar news but this app provides you the news in just 60 words or less.


DW lets you get unbiased international information and news on the world’s most pressing situations and all the hot issues. DW – Breaking World News app bought in the market by Deutshe Welle Inc.


NYTimes is a news application which will provide you global news. The International edition of this app will keep you updated by giving international news and cultural content from 50 beareaus around the world.


SmartNews gathers in one application dozens of the most prominent newspapers in the world to offer a selection of relevant news today that happen daily. NBC News, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, Quartz, The Verge,, Reuters, AP or Perez Hilton are just some of the sources that use this app to keep you informed.


CNN is a news application which will give you news from The USA and other countries. This app is redesigned for use on both your smartphone and tablet. It will connect you to the world and informed you with the latest headlines and original stories from around the globe.


The BBC News is one the most honest and neutral platforms that brings people the latest news and proper analysis of the topics that are at the time in trending phase.

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is a standout among the applications that give the most recent news and profound understanding on the developing stories around the world. It was popular path before the applications existed and now has the capacity to become the most well-known since there are diverse options available after the mobile versions were introduced.

Fox News

Fox News is the universal news app created by news network Fox News. You can get streaming coverage of live events and exclusive programming available online. It will allow you to search the latest headline by watching Fox News live coverage and on-demand clips.

ABC News

ABC News is the one of the best news application. It will find breaking news from the USA and the world, and will keep you updated on entertainment, politics, health, technology, science, and business news.

World Newspapers

World Newspapers is an excellent tool that helps you grasp the must-have information and news right over your mobile devices. World Newspapers: Number 1 News App bought in the market by Bazimo Inc.

Microsoft News

Microsoft News is an excellent tool used by millions of worldwide users through which they can enjoy taking the most precise way of having world stories and trending news right on the palm of their hands.

Quick World News

Quick World News enables its worldwide users to read all the trendy, breaking, and the latest news from all over the world, and get up to the mark information about news, sports, and every crucial thing.

More About The Guardian

The Guardian is a brilliant application that provides the latest news with a brand new and sleekly designed look. This news providing application is a famous and massively used product of Guardian News & Media Ltd, which enables its users to make space for subjects that matter. The Guardian gives you the full access to its popular journalism and the breaking news. This app lets you be aware of all the circumstances of this planet, and you can access all the necessary topics of discussion from your mobile phones. The Guardian lets you stay up to date and active with the live news and sports. You can also receive breaking news to be alerted to the big moments in all over the world. This news telling app enables its users to enjoy award-winning video, audio, and interactive content along with the full-screen galleries with marvellous retina images. Other than these, you can also keep reading in offline mode, easily choose the topics and sections on your home screen, and enjoy your favourite series, stories, football teams, and writers for personal notifications. So just download The Guardian to stay active on all the happenings.