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The Hardest IQ Test

The Hardest IQ Test is a significant gaming app through which users can get to know how sharp and smart they are. The Hardest IQ Test game was developed in the market by NVQ Std Inc. that helps everyone to measure their intelligence by answering a series of questions right through the palm of their hand… read more
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21 Apps Like The Hardest IQ Test for Android

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1. 94% – Quiz, Trivia and Logic

94% – Quiz, Trivia & Logic is a magnificent game which allows you to enjoy an amazing trivia to test your inner aptitudes and your logistics. 94% – Quiz, Trivia and Logic is a fine game developed in the market by Scimob Inc. which brings thousands of different questions that tests your knowledge and thinking capabilities in a way like never before. 94% – Test Your Knowledge app contains a series of exciting levels which are locked initially, but you can precisely unlock all the levels. the app features loads of exciting levels, each level with three questions, guess answer given by people to common queries, discover almost 94 percent of the given answer, letter joker for helping, and keeps on updating what it brings right to you. 94% – Quiz, Trivia and Logic us a superb gaming app which is created for folks who love answering trivia and solving exciting puzzles. Other than these, 94% – Test Your Knowledge Game allows you to connect with Facebook (to share stuff with your friends), unlock various achievements, and share intuitive questions with buddies to get assistance from them. You can download 94% – Quiz, Trivia and Logic app for free from the store and enjoy discovering tons of questions bases on words, photos, and expressions.


2. Skillz

Skillz magnificently test your memory, inner capabilities and your brain all at once in an engaging, fun, and exciting way. Skillz – Logic Brain Games is an ultimate game developed in the market by App Holdings Inc. which enables its global users to improve their memory, speed of thinking, get accuracy, distinguish between colors, and much else. The app allows its global users to test their reflexes through a series of engaging questions and fun scenarios. The app help players to learn to improve their skills through answering some great questions, distinguishing between plenty of colors, and through various other schemes. This amazing brain training and logical game contains various kinds of tests to improve your abilities and skills. Skillz – Logic Brain Game is significant to use for people to improve their memory, increase their accuracy, learn color coordination, increase their speed, prove their touch ability, and think of things instantly. Skillz app contains an exciting bunch of levels and each of its level tests your abilities and skills to their peak. You can also play with your buddies with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 players. Skillz – Logic Brain Games is an elegantly engaging and fun logical game which gives a good test to your brain just to improve its power and strength.


3. Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a widely used puzzle gaming app where you can start with almost 4 basic items and use them to discover spaceship, unicorn, dinosaurs, and loads of other creatures right under this platform. Little Alchemy is an engaging game developed by Recloak Inc. which brings a fine collection of highly appealing puzzles for all the global folks who want to sharpen their mind and thinking capabilities. The app features one-handed gameplay for easy use, more than 500 elements to explore, so that you can play it at your own pace. The game contains mix elements to create fun, supervising, and engaging items as well and each of its combination is a little puzzle to solve. Little Alchemy also support the functionality of leaderboard and Google Play Games integration. This awesome puzzle game is available in English, German, French, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, and various others. It carries a sleekly designed interface to enjoy all the unique and engaging puzzles right over your cell phones and tablets. Little Alchemy is a free to use game loved by millions of global users where they can enjoy a classy pack of engaging puzzles without any Ads and no In-app purchases as well.


4. Best IQ Test

Best IQ Test challenges you to solve as many brain teasers as you can and find out whether you are healthy minded or not. Best IQ Test is a great game developed by Bubble Quiz Games Inc. which allows its global users to turn their imagination and discover a logical explanation for the endless puzzles. You can precisely find a solution, open up the app, and check what waits for you in the next level of this exciting game. It is an entertaining mental game that consists of almost 60 unique and sleekly designed riddles which are further divided into 5 levels of varying difficulty. The initial levels of the games are a bit straight and simple, but as soon as you clear all those levels, it would definitely give you tough time to go further. Best IQ Test game features a classic set of game levels, over 5 levels of varying difficulty, a bunch of almost 120 hints, IQ measurement, and detailed statistics of the play. You can precisely get to know the exact strength of your mind within the game. Each of the riddle that it contains have 2 hints which helps you during the game, but their use would lessen the value of your IQ. Best IQ Test is an exciting game designed elegantly for all the folks who are a big fan of word games, puzzle, mind game, logic puzzle, riddle with answers, and brain thinking, etc.


5. Tricky Test 2

Tricky Test 2 is a free to use and addictive game to enjoy alone or even with your buddies for boosting your level of mentality. Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain is a fine game developed in the market by Orangenose Studio Inc. which allows you to be ready to take the journey of answering quizzes and discover if you have a genius brain or not. This app improves your mental capacity and helps you enhance the span of your thinking by bringing quality features. Tricky Test 2™: YOU WILL BE TRICKED is a whole new game in the world of puzzle that brings a series of tricky brain teasers an absurd solutions which you will never even think of. You can also challenge your friends over these tricky questions and access your mental capabilities to see who is the most genius. Tricky Test 2™: YOU WILL BE TRICKED Game contains amazing brain teasers and each of it is new and boost your creativity and productivity to the limit. This app contains the features of testing your friend mode, mind blowing brain teasers, and quality learning time for people of all the ages. Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain pronounce you as a genius if you can finish almost 111 trivia queries in merely 2 hours, so just download it and test your mind capabilities.


6. Smart Puzzles Collection

Smart Puzzles Collection brings a superb set of puzzles designed with pure class, along with tons of other games right under one platform. Smart Puzzles Collection is a fine game developed in the market by App Holdings Inc. which enables you to play a fine collection of puzzle and loads of other games whenever you want. The app puts together multiple cool puzzle games in one shop stop that take up a little space in your mobile phone and pays real entertainment in response. It is a super smart puzzle game that is suitable for all those who like brain training, logic games or brain boosting games to enhance their inner capabilities. Smart Puzzles Collection app brings Block puzzles, Hex Puzzles, Pine, Pipe Games, Symmetry, One Line Puzzle Game, Path, Crystals, Puzzle with matches, and various others. This game makes it so easy to boost the performance, thinking, creativity, precisian, and various other factors regarding your brain. It is an easy to play game which does not needs any internet connection for its usage. It lets you enjoy exciting logic puzzles with beautiful design and minimalist graphics. So just download Smart Puzzles Collection game in your mobile phone and enjoy playing smart puzzles over plenty of interesting level and boost your mental capabilities exclusively.


7. TRIVIA 360

TRIVIA 360 is a free quiz game which brings unlimited questions to answer and you can get all of those for free over Android and Tablets. TRIVIA 360: Quiz Game is a fine gaming app developed in the market by Smart Owl Apps Inc. which brings an easy to play trivia app along with an excellent brain game at the same time as well. It allows you to be able to boost your brain by IQ challenges and addictive thinking, and get everything done in a user friendly way. You can enjoy playing this brain game through having a diversity of trivia puzzles to solve in order to boost your mental capabilities. These quizzes are set in a dozen of categories such as true or false question, flag quiz, landmark riddles, classic 4 answers questions, multiple choice questions, and more. TRIVIA 360: Fun and Addictive Quiz App features user friendly interface through which users can have ultimate learning experience rather than boosting their brains. Each of the players can grab their leaderboard and check how other online players are performing in this trivia game. You can play the category that you want without any term and conditions. TRIVIA 360 game merely focus on providing quality work by designing loads of healthy lessons for your to learn. So just give a chance to download TRIVIA 360 and start playing brainstorming sessions at random and enhance the way you think or imagine.


8. Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is an intelligent and crafty game which lets you have fun with more items, new art style, fresh content, and charming music right under one platform, introduced in the market by Rexloak Inc. Little Alchemy 2 – Create The World from Scratch is a classy gaming app that allows you to mix plenty of items to create the world from scratch and you can precisely discover plenty of items accompanied by hilarious descriptions to lose yourself exploring the massively unique library. The app features a brand new and comprehensive library, original sound track, vibrant art style, encyclopedia with cool description, and real fun to use scenario. Little Alchemy 2 is a sleekly designed app which contains amazing graphics and realistic sound to let you use multiple items and mix them together. The app brings all the items over the side scrolling and you can scroll up and down to pick and mix objects over the app. This intuitive crafting game is enjoyed by millions of worldwide folks and contains a world who is waiting to be discovered. Little Alchemy 2 – Create The World from Scratch lets you get started from the most basic items to mix together and create an entire new universe curated by you over your mobile phones and tablets.


9. IQ Test Free

IQ Test Free precisely determine your intellectual potential by providing a series of questions to make effective tests. IQ Test Free is a fine game developed in the market by Aliaksandr Uvarau Inc. which enables its global users to test theirselves having tricky and engaging questions. Its effective test will helps you dedicate if you need to raise your erudition if you are smart enough to answer any queries. You can start answering the questions right away after downloading the IQ Test Free app in your smartphone. This gaming app works great over hundreds of mobile devices and does not need any internet connection for its connectivity. The test that IQ Test Free app consists plenty of questions, each of which carries different level of complexity as well. You have to answer all the questions quite simply because if your score is higher than 100, then it would be normal and if it is below the level, you would need more time to spend over reading smart books and then test your IQ again after strong home work. The app allows you to take your time to answer those question and manage things in your own way. So just download IQ Test Free app in your cell phone to get thousands of engaging question to answer in order to find out your intelligence quotient effortlessly and excellently.


10. IQ and Aptitude Test Practice

IQ and Aptitude Test Practice is a fine game which brings a pack of more than 30 streams of general knowledge queries and enjoy each of them with a queue fun. IQ and Aptitude Test Practice is a gorgeously used application developed in the market by LangiS Inc. that allows its global users to test their mental capabilities, and assess aptitude or the psychometric test through hundreds of questions. The app brings hundreds of IQ test questions that you have to answer in order to access your mental capabilities. Apart from preparation from job app assessment, these puzzles will also significantly helps everybody in mental exercising and sharping numerical, spatial abilities and logical reasoning, as well as potentially improving the inductive reasoning as well. IQ and Aptitude Test Practice gaming app enables you to take IQ tests with you for all the times and enjoy solving exciting puzzles without the need of internet. The app support the feature of hint over most of the questions so that you might get a helping hand to solve mysteries puzzles whenever you got stuck somewhere. It lets you make more and more score and become person with the best mind. IQ and Aptitude Test Practice perfectly helps you in preparing for your future tests and makes you able to get more intelligent than you are right now.


11. General Knowledge Quiz

General Knowledge Quiz is a superb quiz app which helps you to enjoy a gigantic collection of quizzes which enhances your knowledge and help you in solving problems way better. General Knowledge Quiz – World GK Quiz App was presented by Nithra Inc. which boost your thinking capabilities, reasoning, and decision making skills in a way like never before. This stunning game helps you to be fast in world gk learning and become sharp-witted in gk, just to be successful in the competitive world. It allows you to move in the practice section of the gk quiz if you want to become a brilliant person. You can intuitively practice each questions with almost 4 options which makes your brain accurate. The app makes it hell easy to boost your mental capabilities by bringing a bunch entertaining and engaging questions. General Knowledge Quiz – World GK Quiz App brings a diversity of questions based on dozens of topics like world general knowledge, general knowledge about your desired area from plenty of topics like History, Geography, and agriculture, etc. It contains more than 30 streams of general knowledge. General Knowledge Quiz – World GK Quiz App makes it so easy to search your questions in order to boost your productivity.


12. IQ Test – How smart are you?

IQ Test – How smart are you? Game allows you to score as best as you can by yourself and prove that you are the true genius to the whole world. IQ Test – Test Your Brain is a significant game presented in the store by Plonk Games Inc. which effectively tests your brain skills and inner capabilities through verbal and linguistics ability, logical reasoning, mathematics, spatial reasoning attitude, and more. In the IQ Test game, the complexity of the queries is totally based on the age group you fall in, which means you might face all the questions regarding your current state of mind. While on the other hand, IQ Test game also test the IQ score of yours over the number of questions you answered correctly, your age, and their difficulty as well. IQ Test – How smart are you? Game intuitively evaluate and administrate the IQ tests with complete answers and explanations, that’s why you can enhance your capabilities of where you went wrong. The app contains historical IQ distribution charts along with IQ score charts to track your progress and watch your mental abilities increases over time. Each of the IQ test contains its own level of complexity and needs its own calculations as well. IQ Test – Test Your Brain is a free to use gaming app for people who want to take a test of their mind and want to keep improving.


13. What’s my IQ?

What’s my IQ? Lets you solve exclusive mental or IQ tests to find out what the level of your mentality or intelligence you have right now. What’s my IQ Game was presented in the market by Klikapp Inc. which brings loads of exciting and engaging scenarios for measuring the inner capabilities and improving the way they think. It provides almost 40 minutes to each player to answer 39 questions where the level of complexity of each questions increases gradually. The app contains a massive stuff of questions on Bill Gates (IQ 160), Johann Sebastian Bach (IQ 155), Sharon Stone (IQ 154), Albert Einstein (IQ 160), Stephen Hawking (IQ 160), Barack Obama (iq 137), Napoleon Bonaparte (IQ 145), Madonna (iq 140), Shakira (iq 140), and more. Other than these, What’s my IQ app also contains massive content on Arnold Shwarzenegger (IQ 135), John MacCain (IQ 133), Nicole Kidman (IQ 132), Britney Spears – IQ 104, George W. Bush, Muhammad Ali (IQ 78), John F. Kennedy (IQ 120), Brad Pitt, and various others. The app also contains questions on Hillary Clinton (IQ 145), Steve Martin (IQ 142), Jodie Foster (IQ 132), George Clooney (IQ 127), John F. Kennedy (IQ 120), etc. What’s my IQ? App allows you to begin the test and discover your mental state.


14. BattleText

BattleText is an elegantly designed and addictive word game that will enhances the limits of your vocabulary, lets you learn new words, train your brain, and increase the speed of your typing or texting. BattleText – Chat Game with Friends is a magnificent game introduced by Random Logic Games Inc. which allows you to enjoy learning amazing words and play with your friends to beat them to be the champ. It is a free to download game which contains fast paced game play with instant match rounds. The game contains almost 9 multiple game characters and each of them have different looks and personifies to compete against others. BattleText – Chat Game with Friends game contains more than 70 stages which are perfectly designed to play through in the Story Mode. Battle Text game also contains a multiplayer mode where you can play against your friend, enemy or strangers, and enjoy a flawless free gameplay. The app also carries in-app purchases to remove ads and gather more autocompletes. BattleText – Chat Game with Friends allows you to make use of your social connection just to update your progress with your friends and tell them that you are the winner of BattleText game.


15. IQ Test – Intelligence Test

IQ Test – Intelligence Test game effectively assess your mental capabilities and your IQ through plenty of engaging scenarios so that you can know the strength of your mind whenever you want. IQ Test – Intelligence Test is a fine game developed in the market by NxtGenTech Inc. which contains intelligence tests to measure the level of your mentality. The game enables its global users to evaluate their memory, learning capability, logical thinking ability, creative thinking and loads of other areas. In the IQ Test game, you have to face a series of engaging questions, each of which contains almost 3 choices to get the exact answer. IQ Test – Intelligence Test app features multiple-level quizzes, time constrained, beautiful layout and sound, and free to use scenario to measure your brain. IQs is a multiple level time constrained quiz game which is significant for people of all the ages such as kids, old age people, teen ages, or the middles aged ones. You can precisely test and improve your mentality while going through the series of 9 level quiz and see how far you progress. IQ Test – Intelligence Test app intelligently tells you how big the learning span do you have and helps you expand it even more in a fun and exciting way.


16. Logic IQ Game

Logic IQ Game contains tons of IQ tests to train your brains and helps you in assessing your mental abilities precisely. Logic IQ Game – Brain IQ Tests and Training is a fine gaming app developed by Bostudio Inc. that brings exclusive tests that challenge your logical reasoning and mental skills as well as evaluate your intelligence. The gaming app improves your speed, attention, reasoning, and flexibility in a way like never before. It contains four amazing categories of tests where each category contains effective types of test and each of which contains multiple levels. It’s Logic Tests includes analogies, progressive series, Matrices, Progressive series, and the off one out, etc. Logic – Brain IQ Tests and Training app also contains numerical tests (which contains number series, number analogies, and number matrices), Spatial tests (having pattern matching and paper folding), and various others. Its Arithmetic tests contain addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, and all of the operations. The app also brings a bonus that has 170 riddles for more fun. So just give a chance to download Logic – Brain IQ Tests and Training game in your mobile phone and let these tests to figure out how efficient and massive is your mentality is.


17. The IQ Test Lite

The IQ Test Lite is a massively used application which contains a massive content on IQ tests such as analogy, blood relationships, classification, coding or decoding, logical reasoning, direction sense, and various other to sharpen your mind. The IQ Test Lite is a magnificent game presented by Webrich Software Inc. which makes it so handy and effective to test several factors of namely logical reasoning, math skills, language abilities, intelligence, spatial relations skills, comprehension, knowledge retained, visualization, and more. The gaming app contains a massive number of queries over plenty of topics that not only helps you test your mentality but also enhance your knowledge as well. The IQ Test Lite App’s intuitive test assesses your performance in almost 12 multiple areas of intelligence while revealing the things where you are weak or where you are a. Some of these areas are analogy, number, ranking, sequence, pattern recognition, series, Venn diagram, visualization, pattern recognition, mathematical operations, and various others. You can also grab its fill version to enjoy having over 900 test questions as well. The IQ Test Lite app allows you to get indulged into efficient tests and get to know how smart you are and even boost your IQ with it.


18. IQ Test – The Intelligence Quiz

IQ Test – The Intelligence Quiz App is a free to use app which allows its global users to learn massively new content and test their mental capabilities and figure out their learning span. IQ Test – The Intelligence Quiz is a significant gaming app developed in the market by Paul Stelzer Inc. which enables you to enjoy a series of elegantly designed questions to enhance your mentality or to test your mental state of mind. The gaming app is merely designed in English but also has more languages integrated like Portuguese and German etc. It is a multiplayer game through which you can enjoy playing Party Mode and Quiz elements along with your buddies. IQ Test: How intelligent are you? Game allows you to play all quiz tasks with solutions and explanations through its exercise mode. Some of the elegant tasks that it contains processing speed, working memory, number understanding, speech understanding, working memory, processing speed, etc. Apart from these, IQ Test: How intelligent are you? Game also contains categories such as sample group, number series, matrix test, remember picture, dice test, estimate, order number, and various others. So just download IQ Test – The Intelligence Quiz Game in your cell phone to enjoy loads of exciting features functions for the IQ test and play against other to compare results with them over social app or somewhere else.


19. IQ Test Preparation

IQ Test Preparation is a unique app which contains tons of carefully designed questions in over almost 10 different topic areas to cover a complete range of IQ test preparation journey. IQ Test Preparation is a significant tool developed in the market by AwidSoft Inc. which brings a perfect app for school, university, and college students through which they can assess their mental capabilities in the way like never before. Apart from bringing a massive set of questions, IQ Test Preparation app also allows its users to get comprehensive explanations, tricks, and tips to solve all the complex problems and improve lateral thinking. The app brings an opportunity to test your level of groundwork or research within a selected time span (5 min, 10 min, 20 min, or more). IQ Test Preparation is an updated version that includes plenty of additional features along with already available intelligent features as well. Some of its elegant categories include time and date problems, visual patterns, alphabetical and number sequence, mental arithmetic, logical reasoning, age problems, verbal attitude, relationship problems, distance and time, work, profit and loss related problems, and a hell of other content right under one platform. IQ Test Preparation app also enables you to participate in weekly, monthly, or even daily IQ contests and competitions to boost your knowledge and assess your mentality.


20. Genius Challenges: Genius Or Not?

Genius Challenges: Genius Or Not Game contains plenty of tricky tests to enjoy under a single platform just to measure your mental capabilities. Genius Challenges: Genius Or Not? The game was developed by Pukido Games Inc. which brings plenty of questions as well as situations to test your problem-solving ability, thinking skills, and even determine whether you are smartly genius or not. The app includes issues and topics which needs thinking capability, real homework, and fine knowledge. You can give surprise answers and destruction of common sense as well. It effectively starts its session with a collection of almost 500 IQ points, and you lose one point after placing one wrong answer. Genius Challenges: Genius Or Not? Game believes that you are a genius if you reach more than 450 points after completing all the challenging queries in the game. You have to answer all the questions with extreme knowledge and make sure to grab over the limited points to become a genius. The app allows its users to challenge their mental capabilities and test their minds to determine whether are acquire high knowledge or not. Genius Challenges – Are you a genius? Test Now! The game helps you in improving your mental capabilities, inner strength of thinking, logical reasoning, and loads of other factors in a fun way.


21. IQ Test – Free Intelligence Quiz

IQ Test – Free Intelligence Quiz allows you to exactly get to know which percentage of the brain you have by involving you in a series of amazing stuff. IQ Test – Free Intelligence Quiz (brain games) is a superb gaming app developed in the market by iwolt Apps Inc. which lets you have intelligence test through a group of questions whose purpose is to determine the level of intelligence of the tested person. Over the test here, each of the rounds contains more than 40 questions to solve along with choices where only one choice will be correct, and you have to answer them all in almost half an hour. IQ Test – Free Intelligence Quiz (Brain Games) app allows you to enjoy complete tests for free and you can also check explanations after completing the tests as well. It brings examination coefficient which tells you in which span of intelligence does you lie. The ones having less than 55 is Idiot, between 55-70 is of very low intelligence, between 70-85 is under the average level, in 85-115 is normally developed, almost 115-130 captures above the average level, between 130-145 have high intelligence, and the one with 145-160 is genius. IQ Test – Free Intelligence Quiz (brain games) consists of plenty of tricky tasks measuring plenty of intelligence fields such as short term memory, maths abilities, spatial abilities, and analytical thinking, etc.

More About The Hardest IQ Test

The Hardest IQ Test is a significant gaming app through which users can get to know how sharp and smart they are. The Hardest IQ Test game was developed in the market by NVQ Std Inc. that helps everyone to measure their intelligence by answering a series of questions right through the palm of their hand. The app brings IQ of famous people such as Stephen Hawking (IQ 160), Leonardo de Vinci (IQ 180 – 190), Wolfgang Mozart IQ 165, Bill Gates IQ 160, Albert Einstein (IQ 160 – 190), and more. The app contains plenty of IQ tests such as general knowledge tests, logical tests, psychometric tests, intelligence tests, DAT tests, MENSA, and more. It is good for everyone if they intend to take the Kenexa or the SHL coherent or inductive reasoning tests or even prepare to join the interview IQ test as well. The Hardest IQ Test app lets you instantly find out your IQ just through a series of merely 25 questions that you have to take on within almost half an hour. These 30 to 35 minutes will precisely let you find your IQ and helps you measure it in the number of times that you want. The Hardest IQ Test lets you make the best score, share it with your friends, and even challenge them or practice together.