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The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App is a great application for meditation for both beginners and advanced meditators who keep on improvising their lives through meditation on a daily basis. The Mindfulness App – Meditation for Everyone is a great product introduced by MindApps, which lets you enjoy awesome access to its more than 200 meditations and courses… read more
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21 Apps Like The Mindfulness App



Omvana is one of the best and the world’s most powerful meditation platform which comes with some intuitive and powerful features for its entire customers. Omvana: Meditation, Yoga Sleep is an all in on solution through which you can enjoy the world’s most relaxation audios, yoga music, self-improvement stuff, and the best meditation tracks in this all in one beautiful meditation app.

Simply Being

Simply Being is an elegant meditation application which comes with a number of intuitive features. Simply Being Guided Meditation comes from the Meditation Oasis, which enables its users to enjoy the easy mediation with this sophisticated application.


WhiteNoise is a TMSOFT production which helps its users to improve their lies with more health and fitness. It features ambient sounds of the environment that allows you to relax a bit to sleep at night as well as during the day.


Daylio is an intuitive application which enables you to keep a private diary without having to type even a single line. Daylio – Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker is a fine application introduced by Daylio, which enables its users to pick their modes and add activities that they have been doing during the day.


Calm is a widely loved meditation app which helps everyone to learn the life-changing skills of mediation for both beginners as well as professionals. It helps you get one of the most elegant apps for mindfulness, meditation to bring more clarity, peace, joy and more to your daily activities.

Sleep Better

Sleep Better is elegant health and fitness application introduced by Runtastic, which enables its users to enjoy some elegantly designed features for better sleep and much more. Runtastic Sleep Better: Sleep Cycle & Smart Alarm enables you to keep track of your sleep cycle, improve bedtime habits, sleep patterns, monitor bad, ordinary, and great dreams, and wake up better with the free app.


Equanimity is another widely used and elegant application that brings a meditation timer with a number of intuitive features for its entire customers. Equanimity – Meditation Timer & Tracker is a fine product which helps you establish and maintain a daily meditation practice right from your mobile phone.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is one of the most elegantly designed meditation application which helps you join a catalog of millions for learnings to meditate on this intuitive application to helps you reduce anxiety, manage stress, sleep deeply, calm the mind, and improve happiness in an ultimate way.

10% Happier

10% Happier is an amazing mediation application through which you can meditate anytime, anywhere right using your smartphone. 10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics is an effective application which brings some effective features to approach meditation with class.


Buddhify is a fine application introduced by Mindfulness Everywhere, which brings one of the best and the most intuitive meditation app which fit seamlessly into all parts of your day. Buddhify – mindfulness meditation on the go allows you to bring more calm, kindness, and clarity to all parts of your life.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think is one of the best application which helps you deal with your emotions and even happiness. Stop Breathe & Think: Meditate brings the best meditation, acupressure, breathing, yoga, and more.


Headspace is another intuitive application for meditation lovers which allows you get guided meditation for everybody. It helps you enjoy fun animations to guide your practice and get daily meditations and mindfulness exercise, and much more.


SimpleMind+ is an intuitive meditation app which helps you organize your thoughts and remember things to generate new ideas in an elegant way. SimpleMind Free – Intuitive Mind Mapping is a beautifully designed, easy to use app which helps you mind map whenever you want and wherever you are.

My Mood Tracker

My Mood Tracker is one of the best companions for tracking your emotions and moods for the real-time. It is pretty much the perfect app for the tracking of your emotions and moods and almost everything else that can affect how you feel.


Breathe2Relax is a well-managed and portable stress management application which brings the detailed info on the effects of stress on the body and practice instructions and exercises as well. These exercises allow you to learn the stress management skill called diaphragmatic breathing.

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is an effective app-based program developed by some well-known educators and psychologists to bring balance to people lives in a well deserving way. It is another intuitive tool which provides a variety of meditation features for its users.

7 Cups of Tea

7 Cups of Tea is an amazing application which helps you remove unwanted stuff like stress, sadness, loneliness, and worries from your life. 7 Cups: Anxiety & Stress Chat is a fine app which brings the platform for free, anonymous, and confidential conversations with trained listeners and volunteers by an instant connection.


Aura is another emerging tool which brings and intuitive app for relieving stress and anxiety in just 3 minutes on a daily basis. Aura: Mindfulness & Happiness is a great application which provides meditation according to your moods whenever you need.

Complete Relaxation

Complete Relaxation is another intuitive application which lets you overcome stress, anxiety, and worries to achieve a deep state of relaxation with this high quality and superb hypnosis relaxation audio app.

Meditation Timer Pro

Meditation Timer Pro is one of the best meditation apps for beginners and advance level meditators who do meditation on a daily basis. This app helps everyone to do meditation better and let them focus on meditation without noticing or taking any tension of the time.


MindFi carries an open eye meditation for busy life holders, which let them meditate precisely without having to close their eyes. MindFi: Be Mindful Anytime brings the same traditional meditation to the market but in an entirely new way.

More About The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App is a great application for meditation for both beginners and advanced meditators who keep on improvising their lives through meditation on a daily basis. The Mindfulness App – Meditation for Everyone is a great product introduced by MindApps, which lets you enjoy awesome access to its more than 200 meditations and courses. This application helps you meditation for everyone beginners and advanced practitioners to start as well as sharpen their journey with this superb application. This app helps you lead more relaxed, and healthier minds as well as life in easier and pretty much accessible way. The Mindfulness App – Meditation for Everyone helps you become more present in your life and eliminates the laziness. It provides a precise 5-day meditation introduction course to elegant mindfulness. It provides guided and silent session from almost 3 to 30 minutes and users can enjoy their timed sessions. The Mindfulness App brings customizable meditation with a guided introduction including bell and nature sounds. You can enjoy its unlimited remainders and mindful notice to help you be mindful throughout the day with the statistics to keep track of your meditation journey.