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TheLivePoll is an effective approach for putting your opinions in front of the whole nation right using your mobile phones. We the People – TheLivePoll is a great product of Hype Inc. which carries some intuitive and amazing features of voting for your opinions right using your mobile phones… read more
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1. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is one of the most elegant and effective applications which helps you take the world’s most leading survey platform with you right on the move. SurveyMonkey is an intuitive product which lets you send surveys and monitor your results or take surveys and help charities for the real-time using your mobile phones. This application is trusted by more than 25 million individuals from all over the world. You can easily create simple surveys with its builder and get the results for the best decision-making process using this tool. You can effortlessly create effective surveys from scratch and even choose a custom survey from its effective library too. Survey Monkey lets you send surveys out through social networks, text, and emails. There are a number of helpful templates to get started over here like the customer satisfaction, event and conference feedback, field research, market research, neighbourhood questionnaire, patient feedback, product testing, retail feedback, volunteer feedback, and more. So just download Survey Monkey to enjoy filtering, comparing, and analyzing your results, display your data in different tables and charts, protect your data, and share your opinions as well.


2. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an effective application which helps you respond to live activities with this superb Android application right using your Android cellphones. Poll Everywhere is a handy app introduced by Poll Everywhere, Inc. where you simply need to sign in and register with speakers or graded questions. This application lets you have a precise grip and reviewing your response history and check correctness intuitively. This application adds live audience interference to slideware so that the one who presents can deliver engaging and effective presentations. It carries a web-based audience interaction or response system which enables speakers to embed interactive activities directly into their presentations. The audience can easily give their particular responses through private response pages or through SMS texting as well. You can easily login or create an effective account to access recurring presenter sessions and track attendance assessment for the real-time. Using your mobile phones or tablets, you can respond to polls from anywhere, anytime. You can even track your current question and get automatic updates when the presenter begins a new activity. So simply pick Poll Everywhere from the store, and be ready for getting your upcoming interactive event or class right on your mobile phone.


3. Swelly

Swelly is probably one of the best application to get the instant and extra advice by comparing stuff for getting other’s opinions in the way you want. Swelly decisions – Daily votes is a great product introduced by Dvel Inc. which helps you compare two pics and enjoy one of the quickest ways to gather opinions from all of your friends and an active worldwide community as well. This platform carries one of the most flexible ways to discover the newest trends in Fashion Beauty, Sports, Food, and the Tech from Youtubers to International bloggers. Swelly decisions – Daily votes is an efficient application which helps you create your own polls or Swells and vote on other’s questions in order to help them make the best or the right choice. It lets you know the point of view of others on some crucial matters just to make a conclusion. Swelly decisions – Daily votes lets you decide what to post, what to wear, and what to eat, or anymore. It also brings a brand-new chat feature through which you can chat and discuss to make private decisions together with people and friends whose decisions matter for you.


4. Wonder Polls

Wonder Polls carries one of the best platforms to enjoy one of the most elegant and free contents for everyday polling. Wonder Polls: Question/Answers is a great product of Wonder Polls LLC, which enables its users to enjoy thousands of featured polls and hundreds of public polls. This platform has made well-curated questions just for your friends or shares its featured and public polls whenever you want. You are also provided by fun games every day to test you wonder polls knowledge. Wonder Polls: Question/Answers lets you ask any of your desired questions that you want and get real answers for the real-time. This application allows you to create polls so that any individual of your area can answer. You can even share these questions and even some of its featured and public pools with any of your friends. It lets you have instant results from your polls as well as the polls you answer. You can chat with individuals about any poll in the comment section and enjoy answering some of its craziest questions ever asked. So just download Wonder Polls: Question/Answers, and enjoy polls from the people around the world.


5. Polldaddy

Polldaddy is an elegant application which lets you do quizzes and collect survey data in the field without any internet connection. This is a widely used application introduced by Automattic Inc. which helps you sync quizzes and surveys for the collection of data from the customers in person on some events and at trade shows. All you need to do is to download this awesome app and create dashing account information to start the damn fun here. After the login criteria, you just select the survey from your account up here, and Polldaddy will precisely download all of the questions info to the device. After this step, you can now enter the world and collect online as well as offline responses intuitively. When you get offline responses, you can easily sync those responses back to this app when your internet connection is back for making all the decision making and analysis process that you have come to rely on. Polldaddy is one of the perfect mobile tools for surveying on the move all by simply loading the surveys from a crispy looking interface. So just download Poll Daddy, and enjoy the best surveys on the street.


6. Bedloo Voting

Bedloo Voting is a two-choice question with a fast, fun, and addictive voting criteria. It is a fine application which enables everyone to create and vote on two choice questions using the photos, videos, music, or whatever you want. This application enables its users to enjoy voting in questions with as comfortable as the VS circle right or left. This application instantly counts the votes and lets you share that stuff with your friends and family members on your mostly used or probably the best social hubs. You can easily sync your already available account with its website. Bedloo Voting lets you choose any of your interests and get an instant and customize feedback right on your polls. You can even browse suggested users and invite any of your friends to vote for you on your polls. Other than these, you can also enable its attractive privacy and allow only the approved users to vote or follow your things. You can use any of your two photos or search from Bing to compare and get notified when someone votes, comments, or creates on your questions in real time. So just download Bedloo Voting to enjoy voting for your things for free.


7. icitizen

icitizen is one of the best application to fetch or track the trending news, polls, and issues in your community for the real-time right using your mobile phones. It is a great tool to put weight on issues and debate on thing upon which you care about. It is one of the widely used voting apps which helps everyone to vote on issues that directly or indirectly affect your government and community. This application brings a fine connection between you and the community so that you can easily put your opinion on some crucial issues that you or your society encounters. This application precisely sends results to the policy makers just to inspire meaningful change in your democracy. Icitizen lets you vote in polls to get an idea of where you and other stands on different matters. It is the best application to enclose your inner thoughts on some issues revolving around. You can easily participate in polls during the advocacy or political-oriented things like the presidential debate and general election. So just download icitizen and enjoy a precise connection with your society on some minor as well as gigantic matters.


8. Poll Followers & Friends for Instagram

Poll Followers & Friends for Instagram brings an attractive tool to be creative and have damn fun with these awesome polls. Poll Followers and Friends for Instagram is a widely used application introduced by Qin Dou, which helps you attract more number of likes for your creative and instinctive thoughts. This application makes it so easy to create a poll and share that with friends for getting attractive and instant feedback or perspectives for the real-time. You can make anonymous voting so that you can bet on the honest feedback from your most loving peoples and from those you care about without revealing your identity. This application helps you add friends as well as followers as options to vote in the polls that you’ve created. Poll Followers & Friends for Instagram lets you customize your poll’s interface and single tap support to add it on the Instagram. It provides an instant notification support when your friends reacted to your polls so that you can precisely track all your results right from your mobile phone. So just download Poll Followers & Friends for Instagram, and enjoy happy or memorable time with followers.


9. Blendin

Blendin is another newly developed application which helps its users to enjoy creating different polls, asking questions and gets opinions from the private or public polls from your friends on your favourite social media hubs like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and anywhere else. Blendin – Poll Maker. Ask Questions. Get Opinions is a new polling app which helps everyone to enjoy providing their opinions on social media platforms. It carries an easy, fun, and attractive way to ask questions to the entire community or from other social networks. It is a fine application that helps you get opinions and start engaging discussions about various topics. Blendin – Poll Maker. Ask Questions. Get Opinions app lets you get the best solution for settling your arguments, tough decisions, or any of your interest. This application never let you get tired with the same design polling for creating both public as well as private polls. It enables you to make stunning custom layouts for your polls from its gigantic library of layouts to choose from. So just download Blendin – Poll Maker. Ask Questions. Get Opinions to enjoy polling in an entirely new way.


10. Show of Hands Polls & Politics

Show of Hands Polls & Politics is an intuitive and fun community polling app for individuals who love burning questions and answers instantly and on a daily basis. This application is crucial when you need an extra decision from people around you who really care for you. This is one of the best application to get decisions from some brilliant minds anonymously from around the county. This info is broken down by age, income, religion, and more. You can ask any of your desired questions from its clever community and get instant feedback on things that you publicize. Show of Hands Polls & Politics application also helps you get an exciting range of questions from your buddies and lets you enjoy more through its efficiency. You can put any of your desired thinking portion regarding politics, sports, games, lifestyle, fashion, and more to get the reviews and opinions of people for getting precise conclusions. Show of Hands Polls & Politics lets you research some in-depth topics and allows you to have smart discussions about the current events, global issues, national issues, and more right on your smartphones. So just download Show of Hands Polls & Politics, and enjoy the endless exchange of opinions.


11. Live polls for Facebook

Live polls for Facebook brings one of the most accessible and easiest way to create and enjoy live polls for your Facebook. Live polls for Facebook is a fine application introduced by Viko & Co, which brings an amazing tool for creating effective polls for everyone. This application allows you to choose images from your gallery or camera, pick a reaction to go with the poll, precisely customize the questions that you want to ask, and ask the right questions to engage your followers in a damn attractive activity. It brings an exciting way to get popular opinions from people that cares for you and who follow your stuff. Live polls for Facebook application brings one of the best way to publicize your opinions in front of the whole world and let people know about your inner strength or feelings. You can easily ask any of your desired questions by comparing two photos by asking the best one about them both. Live polls for Facebook provides instant feedback notification right on your mobile phone and precisely let you enjoy things more conveniently. So just pick Live polls for Facebook from the store, and enjoy the damn fun.


12. Presentain

Presentain brings an interactive an elegant way to engage your audience. This is basically a presentation app which never lets you face any of the disastrous things while you are presenting including some technical, physical, or dull aspects. Presentain – Interactive polling app is a great application which helps you make some exceptional changes using this app while you are presenting some sort of presentation. This application enables you to change slides with the smart PowerPoint, KeyNote clicker, or the Google Slides. It let anyone in the audience to ask questions using the browser without any additional application for this feature. You can also enjoy the instant feedback-poll your audience and also let the audience see your slides in their browser without the need of any projector. Using this app, you can even add a Youtube channel to your PowerPoint or any other and even record your presentation easily. You can then simply convert the presentation to video for sharing it with others. It provides the best way to engage your audience in the best way and is effective for getting new audience, growing your business, improving your skills, and share your work. So just download Presentain – Interactive polling app, use it as a remote controller, and bring your presentation to the next level.

More About TheLivePoll

TheLivePoll is an effective approach for putting your opinions in front of the whole nation right using your mobile phones. We the People – TheLivePoll is a great product of Hype Inc. which carries some intuitive and amazing features of voting for your opinions right using your mobile phones. This polling application lets you vote your opinion in a number of its polls and see the results in its heat map for real integration. We the People – The Live Poll is one of the best apps to get the top news from every source. This app makes it easy to make your voice count by answering its poll questions and get a pulse on what the world thinks through its effective approach to the heat map. Its heat map helps you get the beat of world’s best thinks. This application helps anyone to discuss politics or anything else with individuals near as well as far from you to get other opinions across the political spectrum. So just download We the People – TheLivePoll and enjoy anonymous debate with people, submit your own opinion, get the top news, and see who is your supporter.