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Tik Tok lets you make freestyle, hip-hop, or any type of dance to perform and engage more and more people from around to world to enrich their following. Tik Tok is a fine app which is designed for the global creators and let their imagination run wild and set their expressions free… read more
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23 Apps Like Tik Tok for iOS

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1. Dubsmash

Dubsmash is a fabulous application introduced by Mobile Motion GmbH and is loved by millions of ordinary, politicians, celebs, kids, and almost every individuals with any genre and age. It has makes it so easy to create funny clips and real-time startling videos through enjoying its amazing features. You can make limitless videos using this stunning app and share your fun with friends to let them entertain. This fabulous app enables its users to add multiple sounds, quotes, and fine music to their videos to set their imagination free. Dubsmash probably has the largest library of music to choose. It offers favorite iconic quotes from your favorite television characters and way more things. You can also make awesome videos through using the best classical as well as new movies dialogues, fun musical sounds from almost all the genres, and some new sound also. You can even watch awesome dubsmash videos from its community. Its users can enjoy tons of videos from challenges and trends to the movie themes, comedy, and television dialogues. Dubsmash enables you to edit and add effects such as stickers and text to your videos to makes the extra awesome and add your videos to its community, to daily motion, Youtube, WhatsApp, etc. and see the magic.


2. Lomotif Music Video Editor

As the name suggesting, Lomotif Music Video Editor is a video editing application that combines the features of music editing within videos. This simple to use video editing application allow its users to easily add music and effects on each and every kind of their videos. What make this video editing application special one is that it even allows its users to easily create the music based videos for multiple social media platforms including Instagram and Snapchat as well. Millions of users across the globe are using this video editing application for making an instant music video montage, enjoying drag and drop features for better editing of the videos, automatically transforming the clips into camera roll to get awesome videos, can use unlimited number of photos and video clips in the ongoing project, trimming and editing videos into few simple steps, sharing of videos over the social media platforms and much more. Lomotif Music Video Editor has special section for those users who even want to edit their Instagram videos like adjusting the square crop easily.


3. Vigo Video

Vigo Video is one of a one of the most intuitive apps which enables its users to get paid just by creating usual yet awesome videos right using their mobile phones. Vigo Video – Formerly Hypstar is a great app which helps you capture the life’s moment and post them in front of your followers to grab attention and real fame. It brings a very convenient way to expand your fan following in the real-time, and you can become a celebrity in no time. This application enables its users to get rewarded for your original content which is so much engaging, and you can easily redeem your cash through the PayPal. Vigo Video – Formerly Hypstar helps you discover trends and even make friends from all over the globe. You can become a short video maker to receive genuine rewards and cash prizes. It brings a collection of awesome editing tools and creative decorations just to let you extemporize your video with all the complementary stuff that is needed for your video. Vigo Video app is one of the best platforms which helps you show off your artistic vision. So just download Vigo Video – Formerly Hypstar, open your mobile phone’s camera, make a short length video, and earn rewards or fame for the real-time.


4. Musical.ly

Musical.ly is the fines tool for making fun-looking videos with incredible music and sound effects. Its sound library filled with millions of free songs to add and enjoy. Musically is a creative movie maker that brings some extra features for taking videos editing experience to the top. There are many amazing features of this application that helps its users to make professional looking videos with a marvelous touch of motion stickers, selfie filters, simple stickers, awesome video editor, selfie camera, makeup camera, and way more things to bring your ordinary video to the extreme level. It is a simple to use and intuitive video editing application that helps you get some professional tools for making some classy collages, adding frames, and enjoy art pics effect video editors. Musically lets you add your favorite music to your slideshows and movies for free, perform with your favorite movie dialogue, add funny stickers and emojis, and join the creative community of some talented people to reveal your class. So just install the Musically app and let the video fun happen.


5. VivaVideo

VivaVideo: Free Video Editor is a video editing tool that permits you to work with recordings and pictures to make your special video montage specifically on your smartphone. In the fundamental menu of VivaVideo: Free Video Editor, you can pick if you need to record a video specifically from the application, or on the off chance that you like to pass straightforwardly to the montage stage utilizing photographs and recordings. On the off chance that you pick the second choice, you will need to select which records and pictures you need to add to the video. When you have chosen the media material that you need to utilize, you can begin using the greater part of the tools that VivaVideo: Free Video Editor offers you. You can cut and glue recordings, include diverse sorts of moves (cuts, blurs, and so on.), apply numerous kinds of channels, and significantly more. VivaVideo: Free Video Editor is an exceptionally thorough video proofreader for Android that will permit you to accomplish some truly shocking results. What’s more, once you’ve completed the video, you can naturally share the outcome on YouTube or other interpersonal organizations.


6. Vine Camera

Vine Camera is a fine product by the Vine Labs that helps you create 6-minute looping videos. You can make stun-looking videos using this superb application. This app has made it so beautiful to edit and make perfect video loops. People love to make or watch some vines for fun or some of their professional activity such as YouTube channel, blog, or something. For the sake of this reason, Vine Camera is probably the best application to make fabulous vines for your followers or your friends and family members. It also offers a variety of standard Vine creation tools. Some of these tools include Multi-clip trimming, ghost tool, front and rare camera support, AF focus, grid overlays and way more things. Vine Camera lets you save drafts for having the fun of these videos to enjoy them later, and it effectively lets you edit your memorable videos to create a perfect loop. So just install this app on your Android Phones and get the class of editing video loops of 6 seconds.



MSQRD is a fun photography app that helps its users make some stunning and humorous looking photos and animations, change the look of themselves and send these photos to their friends for having fun. It provides an attractive integration with front camera and lets you take selfies with a gigantic amount of stunning outcomes. It provides a huge number of outfits that fit to your face and enables you to change the look in a swipe. It has many looks including the animals face, beardy look, funny monkey, a man with a mustache, dog face, lion, and various others. You can make your selfie with any of your favorite looks, and you can easily change them with simple swipes. It offers a list of characters and lets you select the one that suits you, and you can even share these pics with your most friends and family persons.


8. Mobcrush

Mobcrush is a classy looking app which enables its users to enjoy live streaming mobile games, watching events and tournaments, and making friends with other mobile phone gamers just using your mobile phone. It streams your favourite game creators, developers play, eSports Players, and other game stuff on this platform. Mobcrush: Livestream Games is a widely used app which broadcast live gameplay, audio, and your camera to Youtube, Twitch, Facebook Live, and even Mobcrush. It is probably the best app to build your fanbase, learning tricks and tips, and even find new people around to play with. It enables you to hang out, make conversations, and share stickers with top broadcasters and even direct message your friends. Mob Crush helps you watch as well as participate in exclusive live contests, events, and tournaments. You can even discover exciting new games to stream and play over this intuitive and easy to use app. You can broadcast your gameplay with a touch, do chat with favourite broadcasters, and get to know the events and tournaments without any effort. So just download Mobcrush: Livestream Games, and watch live exclusive broadcasts and stream including Clash Roayle, Pokémon Go, Minecraft, and Vainglory like games.


9. Videorama Video Editor

Videorama Video Editor is a stunning app with most advanced features for making your pics and videos more attractive and beautiful to save them as past memories. Videorama editor lets you create amazing movies out of your video and photos as well. Using Videorama, you can combine your videos and photos all together efficiently. You can trim, split, cut, re-scale your clips in the way you like the most. Through this platform you can; turn your still images into videos and slide shows, easily change or flip video orientation, add effects, manage the speed (slow down or boost-en up), and much more. You can make your Videos Square Blurred with some unique and special backgrounds effects. Videorama also lets you make reverse videos and allows unlimited movie length without any restrictions. It offers fast and real-time reviews with super crisp full HD output, no waiting, no loading, etc. you can add text and animate text with more than 50 professional colors and fonts. This app lets you add special FX, Music, Sound Effects, Voiceovers, apply Cinematic Filters, and offers a scenario where you can never lose your work and continues where it left off. There is a huge list of many other features which make it stand a bit more than other photo and video editor apps.


10. MoviePro

MoviePro is a classy application introduced by Deepak Sharma, which helps everyone to enjoy one of the most elegant and powerful video recording as well as filmmaking with innumerable options and features. MoviePro: Video Recorder is a gorgeous application used by millions of people to enjoy video editing on a professional level. It helps its users to capture the real beauty of their lives, extemporize them with the stuff you needed, and then bang their followers for the real-time fun. MoviePro: Video Recorder carries pause-resume, capturing of still recording, host of video resolution, better customizable frame rate, direct recording in camera roll, 4k resolution, image flip setting options, high fps modes, selection of preferring encoder, and much more. You can have the adjustable video quality by setting low bitrates to conserve space and high bit-rates for better colours. Other than these, MoviePro: Video Recorder also helps you enjoy video stabilization, 3D touch, choosing of record duration, locations tag, a timer to trigger recording, composite guides, audiometer, silent audio options, portrait and landscape modes, uncompressed audio options, and hide all controls while recording as well. So just download Movie Pro, and enjoy ultimate movie making stuff.


11. PocketVideo

PocketVideo is an intuitive and flamboyant app for vloggers which helps everyone to not only create but even edit blogs in a fast and fun like scenario. PocketVideo – Easy Vlogging is a superb application introduced by Pocket Supernova Inc. which helps everyone to start their first vlog and enjoy their life activities. It enables everyone to create, cut or edit videos and you can easily adjust the duration of the clops, reorganization of your tasks, mic your audio easily with drag and drop gestures. You can enjoy adding multiple filters with one tap and add effects individually to your clips and let you make unique vlogs. You can even search for additional GIFs and seriously discovers everything you need for flawless vlogging. Pocket Video is one of the world’s most initial vlogging apps which brings the easiest and the robots way to create or edit vlogs for any of your desired purposes. It helps you make and edit up to 10 minutes of full HD videos and is perfect for the vlog needs. PocketVideo – Easy Vlogging carries all the tools that you want to have for perfect blogging and never let you let out of things.


12. Vue

Vue is another amazing app which helps everyone to enjoy the most fashionable tips whether you want to get more likes on any social media app, trim no-crop videos, or sharing them to SNS. VUE: video editor & camcorder is a fabulous creation of VUE Video Co., LTD. which enables everyone to enjoy an elegant video camera and editing app by adding all the necessary stuff for making gorgeous videos. This app is empowering users to enjoy creating art videos and editing them by adding tons of filters, montage, and stickers. It brings an extraordinary opportunity for its users to create cinematic videos conveniently. VUE: video editor & camcorder is even a perfect tool for selfies as well because of its Cosmetic effects when transferred to the front camera. While on the other hand, VUE enables its users to get the montage effects, easy to use yet amazing editor, brand new collage making a feature, enhancement of videos with tickers, and over 30 designer stickers for you to choose. So just download VUE: video editor & camcorder, and enjoy the fun of creating and editing your precious life memories or other stuff.


13. Boomerang from Instagram

Boomerang from Instagram is a super stunning application introduced by the Instagram that helps its users to make their everyday moments to be a bit unexpected and damn fun. There are way many features if this app that helps its users to create mini videos that loop back and forth. You can make gorgeous videos with ease through this application. You can take mini videos of your life as well as yourself using your mobile phone’s cameras. Having this superb application on your mobile, you can start capturing the beauty immediately. Using Boomerang from Instagram app, you can easily find something that is moving or also create a selfie video by switching to the front camera. Just through shooting a burst of 10 images, stitches them together, loop it back and forth, and speed up the video to easily enjoy the class of delightful mini videos. Boomerang from Instagram also lets you share this stuff with your social media family just for having damn fun or save these images as well in your library.


14. VHS Camcorder

VHS Camcorder is classy Rarevision’s production used by Wiz Khalifa, Kendall Jenner, Victoria Beckham, Die Antwood, Philip Bloom, and many other and even featured on SNL, and in countless music videos. VHS Camcorder (VHS Cam) – The Original VHS App is a perfect app which enables its users to enjoy a creative tool for making movies that will definitely look as well as sounds like videotapes pulled out of the storage. It helps you change the on-screen date to prank your friends, mess up the picture by shaking your device, create flashing cheesy custom titles, and use a zoom lens to emphasize truly embarrassing moments. It helps you create new videos for your kids that look pretty same as the ones from your childhood. You can even impress your girls by using it to convince her that you have built a time machine. VHS Camcorder (VHS Cam) – The Original VHS App is probably the only app which helps you capture your 80’s and 90’s themed parties. You can make your child’s incredible boring school plays more watchable. So just download VHS Camcorder (VHS Cam) – The Original VHS App, and enjoy its ultimate features.


15. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a stripped-down versatile rendition of the desktop top pick. Gone are the complicated menus, fiddly settings, and an overwhelming number of edit and adjust natives accessible on Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Mac and PC, leaving just first instruments for bringing in, adjusting, and trimming cuts, then including music, movies, and impacts to round out the presentation. Recordings and photographs can be foreign straightforwardly from Lightroom or Creative Cloud accounts, gadget cameras, or iOS collections. Debut Clip hasn’t yet been improved for iCloud Photo Library, so at first, just a small amount of my recordings appeared. The arrangement was to open a perfect application like iMovie or Pinnacle Studio Pro and import the documents there first to ensure they were downloaded to the gadget, since opening them with the Photos application didn’t appear to do the trap. Programmed undertakings can likewise be changed to Freeform mode by tapping the filmstrip symbol, which takes into consideration more redid control over the final product. Notwithstanding having the capacity to trim the head and tail of individual clasps, include picture channels or titles, or edit and adjust volume levels, Freeform mode empowers per-cut moderate movement settings, and additionally the capacity to part or copy cuts. There’s additionally a Smart Volume setting, which benefits a vocation of consequently adjusting cut sound levels, so they don’t get lost under the thunder of ambient melodies.


16. Kinomatic Video Camera

Kinomatic Video Camera is another awesome app which helps its users to shoot like a pro with entire manual controls over the focus, exposure, white balance, mics, lenses, and more. Kinomatic – Pro Video Camera is a fine app which helps you monitor the sound levels, adjust the audio gain, change the encoding, and customize headphone settings as well for delivering the best for you. You can easily grab all its features and enjoy making exceptional stuff for enjoying extreme level editing. It carries auto exposure, manual ISO, exposure compensation, and manual shutter speed, etc. You can easily monitor the audio of your videos through its level indicator, live monitoring, and more. Kinomatic is the most suitable tool for professional broadcasting and exceptional filming. It helps you switch between the device microphones a well as the Bluetooth mics and headsets. Other than these, Kinomatic – Pro Video Camera also lets you manage white balance, micro selection, audio gain and encoding, camera stabilization, still image support, configurable zoom speed, and way more features for you. So just grab Kinomatic – Pro Video Camera from the store, and enjoy a pack of its supreme features for free.


17. FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro is one of the most efficient and advanced video cameras for mobile which comes with some enhanced cutting-edge capabilities and one of the most responsive manual camera interface. This application is used in high profile video projects due to its effective features for its entire customers. This application is merely designed for filmmakers, teachers, newscasters, vloggers, artists, musicians, and others to create highly curated videos on the go. FiLMiC Pro helps users to enjoy lots of amazing videos capturing and editing features using their cameras. Its live analytics suite includes zebra strips, false colour, focus peaking, and clipping, etc. Other than these, Filmic Pro features dual arc slider controls, white balance adjustment, live analytics suite, ramped zoom rocker control, clip favouring, live highlights and shadows enhancements, live vibrance, saturation, and RGB enhancements, syncing integration, batch uploading, and more. While some of its foundations features including multiple shooting modes, variable speed zoom, configurable time-lapse recording, adjustable video settings, customizable saved personal presets, thirds guides for dynamic compo, slow and fast motion options, portrait and landscape modes availability and many others. So just download FiLMiC Pro, and enjoy a pack of awesome videos making features.


18. Quik

Quik is another elegant tool which allows its users to create awesome videos through just a few taps. Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music is an awesome application that helps you store your memorable moments, great memories, and other photographs with damn ease. It is a stunning application that helps you find great moments by adding beautiful transitions, effects, various filters, and sync everything to the beat of your favourite music. You can add music of your own choice as well and enjoy playing videos in the music so close to your heart. Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music lets you add almost 75 videos clips and photos from your albums, gallery, Dropbox, GoPro Plus, or Go Pro Quik Key, Google photos, and more to begin the fun. It efficiently analyzes your video clips and makes smart cuts. You can even add text highlights to select your own memories. So just download Quik, and choose your favourite photos and video clips then let it do the work through its magic.


19. kwai

kwai enables everyone to enjoy the hottest lip-sync, and dubbings right through their mobile phones and snatch the attention of the audience in no time. Kwai – Video Social Network is a fabulous app which brings your most favourite content right on your mobile phone, and you can discover any of your favourite ones. It carries a collection of over 9 million active users worldwide and makes your life more fun and revealing. Kwai – Video Social Network helps you use your phone to make a short video and enjoy searching your favourite stuff as well. It brings a gigantic collection of live and animated GIFs and filters, with a touch of 4D effects regularly. Other than these, Kwai – Video Social Network also helps you get rain and sakura motion control, and selfie transformation. Apart from that, it is a superb a superb tool to edit comprehensive videos so that you can slim, merge, stitch libraries, and trim sections in the way you want.  Kwai – Video Social Network also enables you to create as well as share their awesome creations with their fans and followers for the real-time on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others. So just download Kwai – Video Social Network, and have video fun.


20. FxGuru

FxGuru is another gorgeous app bought in the market by Piadelic, Inc. which allows everyone to get indulged into a fun and elegance of Hollywood horror, action, and sci-fi movies special effects to any of your videos. FxGuru: Movie FX Director comes with a marvellous collection of effects through which you can make dead-horror movies for free. It contains groundbreaking features for you to impress, prank, or scare your friends. This horror movie making app allows everyone to unleash your creativity with longer effects and cinematic filters for more suspense and drama. It uses Virtual Decals, and MotionMatch Technology to add realistic movements while filming. You can show off your friends with ultimate HD recording, horror effects, and enhanced soundtracks or audio, etc. FxGuru: Movie FX Director brings a collection of awesome effect themes including weapon, horror, disaster, animals, and much more. Other than these, Fx Guru also brings a pack of more than 90 video special effects available from heart-pounding terror, sci-fi, and explosive action to scary. So just download FxGuru: Movie FX Director, and create banged-horror movies for free to scare your fellow beings.


21. Coub

Coub is another awesome app which carries some marvellous features to let you make video loops from YouTube, Camera, library, GIF, and whatever you want. Coub — GIFs with sound is probably an ideal app for creating tremendous loops that stay true to the genuine source material. This spectacular apps lets you have the high quality, and HD loops overlay compressed GIFs and is definitely for loops lovers. Coubs can be vertical, horizontal, widescreen, or almost of any format you like. This app helps you make coubs from YouTube, camera, GIF, or anything you love. Coub – GIFs with sound is the perfect app for trimming the best moments of your everyday livings. This app has made it possible to add any of your favourite audio tracks from your mobile phone’s library or from YouTube videos as well to add a new atmosphere. You can even subscribe to the channels of other users and collect coubs in your channel easily through the Recoub button. This app also enables you to share these coubs with your friends on Tumbler, Facebook, Reddit, and any of your most favourite social media app. So just download Coub — GIFs with sound, and enjoy.


22. Snapchat

Snapchat is a chatting based application that allows the smartphones users to take the snaps and share them with their friends by hiding a message in snaps. Most of the users take Snapchat as a simple chatting app without even knowing about it is a self-destruct message sending an app as well. Using this application, you can ensure the security and privacy of your message because the message that you will send will be destroyed automatically after a lapse of time. It is fun and easy to communicate with your friends however you want. This app can also be used for keeping up with friends, events and much more every day. The other exceptional thing about Snapchat is its blog system that makes the users able to explore handcrafted stories from the world’s top publishers. You can share your stories as well. For the better safety of personal collections, there is a memory section where you can save your favorite snaps and stories and share with others if you want.


23. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is another tremendously used application which enables its users to get the world’s fastest tool to make way through stop-motion movie making experience. It creates beautiful stop-motion animated movies instantly through mobile. Stop Motion Studio lets you catch everything you need for proper stop motion videos. It is a simple to use movie making app which brings powerful and insanely fun to use features which helps you create movies of your as well as your friends movies or can share it with anyone you want. It brings an overlay mode which shows you the difference between the frames for better control and delivers grid mode to position animated stuff more effortlessly. Other than these, Stop Motion Studio contains an integrated movie editor with an in-depth preview at multiple speed levels. It also lets you have automatically captured frames with an adjustable time interval feature, and you can even fade your movie out and in for a professional look. It helps you select, copy, paste, cut, reverse, and delete frames with simple swipes. So just download Stop Motion Studio, and do amazing things right using your mobile phone.

More About Tik Tok

Tik Tok lets you make freestyle, hip-hop, or any type of dance to perform and engage more and more people from around to world to enrich their following. Tik Tok is a fine app which is designed for the global creators and let their imagination run wild and set their expressions free. This dance video making app helps its users to instantly and easily create unique and marvellous short videos to share them with the whole world or even with their friends. It carries high-speed image capture and just perfect facial feature which is matching for all your cool, silly, goofy, outrageous, and cute expressions. It is probably the new cultural benchmark for the global creators. This app strives to empower new creative minds to be a slice of the content revolution. It enables the perfect marriage between image capturing and artificial capturing. It brings instant loading, lag free, smooth interface, a detailed display, perfect quality, rhythm synchronization, advanced technology, special features, and lot more. So just download Tik Tok – Video Social Network to not only the creation but even get a lot of fun watching these immersive and stunning videos.