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Tiles Hop is slightly different but has the same engaging criteria which enable its users to play various types of music such as the beautiful piano, hard rock, guitar song, metal rock, EDM masterpiece, and various others to enjoy over your smartphone… read more
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1. Piano Music Tiles 2

Piano Music Tiles 2 is a superb quality app which enables its worldwide users to get the fastest and the most enjoyable musical game over their smartphones and play it whenever and however they want. Piano Music Tiles 2 – Songs, Instruments & Games is a famous product introduced by Amanotes Inc. which lets you have the same piano tiles experience but with improved graphics, high-class and ultimate music, improved user experience and many other features. It is a colorful application which carries various instruments, and you can intuitively choose any of your desired one. This app is significantly entertaining for all the music lovers and does not stop its charm and functionality by providing only one or two instruments. Piano Music Tiles 2 – Songs, Instruments & Games brings more than 5 instruments where you can play songs with Grand Piano, Harp, Vibraphone, Celesta, Nilon Guitar, and Home piano, etc. It lets you enjoy more than 200 hottest piano songs to feel the beautiful piano music melodies beyond everyone’s imagination through every tap with perfect timing tiles. You can also enjoy your favorite musical tiles without internet connection as well. So just download Piano Music Tiles 2 – Songs, Instruments & Games app in your phone and enjoy these cute and super-entertaining piano tiles experience.


2. White Tiles 4

White Tiles 4 is an interesting app enjoyed by millions of folks from all over the world to pass their leisure time. White Tiles 4 brings an entirely different scenario of playing rather than shooting, arcade, or other genres of games. This app has transformed your cell phone’s screen with a floating piano, and this piano carries two colour tiles which are the black and the white as in the traditional one. In this app, you have to tap only on the black tiles over the scrolling screen. As long as you keep on tapping only the back tiles, you keep on going far and far, but on the same end, if you accidentally touch the white tile, your turn will be over. This app only continues its scenario until you hit the white tiles which equal defeat. This application carries numerous modes and lets you select any of it which you want to play. Some of the mode that White Tiles 4 brings includes rush, classic, easy, moderate, Zen, and various others. It is a super addictive app which has fine graphics and sound quality that lets you enjoy every moment on it. So just download White Tiles 4 app in your cell phone and enjoy its ultimate gaming features.


3. Piano Tiles 2 (Don’t Tap The White Tile 2)

Piano Tiles 2 (Don’t Tap The White Tile 2) is just like a music game for piano lovers. It is the sequel to the one of the most popular game Piano Tiles (Don’ts Tap the White Tile). DON’T TOUCH ON ANY WHITE TILES is the core rule of Piano Tiles. It has a collection of delightful piano soundtracks, and you have the ability to customize your playlist. Adorable color themes and dozens of color options are the part of this app. You will find a fast-paced thrill with the help of first-class sound quality and a global competition mode at the time of piano playing. Login feature is added to enable synchronization of game data and competition with friends. With this new feature, you can compete with players around the world. It will provide you great music, and you will feel like a professional pianist. It will allow you to share your music with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and others.


4. White Tiles 4 : Piano Master 2

White Tiles 4 : Piano Master 2 enables its users to tap on the black tile or the colourful tiles but avoid to touch the white tile to enjoy it for long. White Tiles 4 : Piano Master 2 bought in the market by Brighthouse Inc. which brings a collection of almost 300 awesome game modes for each of its users to enjoy it whenever they want. This application contains mixer system which lets you play two or more modes at the same time with 5 ultimate instruments, and you can choose any of your choices from Piano, Drum, Guitar, Dubstep, and Classic. White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2 brings an easy to play and understand scenario with an unparalleled gaming experience. You can shake your cell phone to switch between modes and enjoy almost 100 colours of tiles. Some of its modes includes Multilayer Mode, Amazing Mode, Reverse Mode, Flappy Mode, Crossy Mode, Lighting Mode, 2048s Mode, and various other. One of its involving game modes is its Heartbeat Mode where one tile equals one heart, and in case of losing one tile it costs the loss of 5 hearts, so you don’t have to lose your heart. So just download White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2 and enjoy ultimate modes that you love.


5. Don’t Tap The White Tile

Don’t Tap The White Tile is a fast pace tapping game based on the single player gaming. This free to play a game that is available in six compelling modes is at the moment available for only Android and iOS devices both smartphones and tablet devices. The game features six differed playing modes that include multiple gaming structures and elements like lighting, bomb, double tiles, and bilayer. The objective of the game is very interesting and to complete desired mission the player need to be attentive and focusing on what is going on. The main playing system of the game is that the player needs to tap on all those black tiles that are appearing from the top of the screen. These are coming into the random format, and pattern with the player only need to tap on the black without touching any white tile at all. With each black tile tapped, it will emit the sound of the piano. Touching the white tile will result in loss of a chance. That is the simple playing system of this game.


6. White Tiles 4: Classic Piano

White Tiles 4 : Classic Piano is an engaging classic version of White Tiles 4 which brings an awesome collection of more than 100 awesome free mini-games for its entire users. White Tiles 4 : Classic Piano bought in the market by Brighthouse Inc. which brings the same app as White Tiles 4 but with improved modes, quality and efficiency. It carries a collection of more than 160 involving game modes with a mixer system where two or more than two modes can be played simultaneously. It carries Piano, Classic, Drum, Guitar, and Dubstep and enjoys tiles colour in 100 styles. White Tiles 4: Classic Piano app is working so hard to updating and adding more mini-games for letting you have as much as they can in one single app. It can easily be played by people of all ages and let them have an unparalleled gaming experience. You can play this app with your friends at the same time. Other than these, Classic Piano also brings Lightening mode, Crossy mode, Heartbeat Mode, Flappy Mode, and some other modes as well with improved functionalities and graphics. So just download White Tiles 4: Classic Piano app and enjoy a smoother and super excellent app with exquisite modes.


7. Rolling Sky

Rolling Sky is the name of a really interesting, challenging and all time entertaining game that is pushes the boundaries of the puzzle game lovers and their speed and reaction towards the fast paced moving games. First of all we will discuss about its splendid 3D effect scene that offer the players to experience the new kind of imaginary barriers and traps that are basically the shape of challenges in the game. The player needs to control the ball in the hand and have to conquer the world by overcoming all these imaginary traps and barriers. The playing system of the game is very simple because of the simple controlling system of the game. Start the game by dragging the ball right or left to avoid the obstacles on the way and try not to fall off the track. Here you can double the fun by simply challenging your speed with rhythm of the music. Try your best to win each round to get top position on the scorecard.


8. Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3 is a widely loved application having a classy gaming scenario with a mix of some very famous songs. Magic Tiles 3 is a widely used product of Amanotes Inc. which allows you enjoy the piano tiles scenario with some hot new songs of the current decade. It is a superb and one of an extensively loved piano games among millions of free games in store which carries more than 100 million players from all over the world. This application brings entirely new effects and themes in the game scenario with a mix of awesome songs and lets you enjoy ultimate music and an engaging game simultaneously. Magic Tiles 3 carries band mode, challenge mode, battle mode, and various other modes which can easily be chosen according to your choice. It lets you enjoy ultimate piano songs with a touch of some popular pop music which are updated frequently. It lets you enjoy it with Piano, Guitar, Classic, and various other instruments. So just download Magic Tiles 3 app in your phone and enjoy this advanced featured piano app which is even more challenging and entertaining than you imagine.


9. Dream Piano Tiles 2018

Dream Piano Tiles 2018 is an awesome musical app which lets you enjoy playing floating piano with amazing music at the same time, developed by Tap Lab Inc. Dream Piano Tiles 2018 – Music Game brings a scenario in which you have to tap the musical tiles fast, challenge your tapping speed, and enjoy the music. This application brings a huge number of engaging and excellent feature that helps you enjoy the piano musical game in a way like never before. It is much similar to other piano games where you have to tap the tiles which generate mesmerizing music and enjoy wonderful rhythms in a real game. Dream Piano Tiles 2018 – Music Game carries simple graphics with breathtaking music that tiles that will challenge your focusing capabilities and limitations of the speed of your hand. It brings the updates of numerous songs, classic, anime, pop, original, classic, and almost all styles to satisfy multiple tastes of the users. This is definitely more than a musical game which sounds like you are attending a concert. You can also recommend your favorite songs over this app and may see your ones here on the very next week maybe. So just download this musical game named Dream Piano Tiles 2018 – Music Game for free which contains a rich library of songs that lets you enjoy experiencing excellent stuff here.


10. Piano Magic Tiles

Piano Magic Tiles is an awesome app which combines various instruments including drum, violin, saxophone, guitar, and especially the Piano and lets you enjoy anything you want. Piano Magic Tiles bought in the market by Erahopes Studio Inc. which enables its worldwide users to enjoy piano in First Snow, Jingle Bell, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and various other songs in the background. This is an ultimate high-quality piano game with a beautiful piano game-play. To survive, all you need to do on Piano Magic Tiles is to tap on the black tiles and avoid all the white tiles. Piano Magic Tiles application carries a band mode where you can play with multiple instruments at the same time. It brings customizable settings, and you can also enjoy wonderful melodies as well. You can start the game with ease, and all aged folks can easily play it with the same intensity of engagingness. This application also brings high-quality guitar songs, piano songs, and some trendy pop music which keeps on updating frequently. So just download Piano Magic Tiles app in your phone and try awesome customizable experience to enjoy the better game performance.


11. World of Goo

World of Goo is a highly efficient, beautiful and award-winning application used by millions of folks, introduced by 2D Boy Inc. This application carries a fine collection of mysterious levels, and each of its levels is dangerously beautiful and strange, introducing some new puzzles, outstanding areas, and the creatures that live in them. It is a beautiful and surprising, where millions of Goo Balls who live in their own world and are curious to explore but they do not know that they are in a game, or they are ultimately delightful. As you proceed, you can find undiscovered new species of Goo Ball, come together with unique abilities to the ooze through reluctant tales of discovery, beauty, love, electric power, beauty, and the third dimension. There are thousands of human players around the world compete in a living leaderboard to establish the tallest towers of Goo in this app. Some awards and recognition of World of Goo app includes Wii Game of the Year, iPad Game of the Year, Best Indie Game, Best Design, Best Downloadable Title, Technical Excellence, Best Indie Game, Game of the Year, Best PC Puzzle Game, Best Wii Puzzle Game, Best New IP Wii, and various others.


12. Piano Kids

Piano Kids is a fine application specially designed for kids, teens, toddlers, and parents to effectively learn to play musical instruments, exquisite songs, and discovering various sounds and develop real-time musical skills. Piano Kids – Music & Songs bought in the market by Orange studios Games Inc. which brings a fine way of learning piano especially for kids and toddlers. It carries a charming and colorful interface and will interest you and please your kids as he/she will learn music while playing exciting games and listening to famous songs. This application effectively improves your skills of listening to or playing the piano. Piano Kids – Music & Songs enables everyone to develop memory concentration, creativity and imagination as well as motor skills, sensory, speech, and intellect. It allows your entire family to develop and polish their musical talent and composing songs altogether. Apart from the piano, Piano Kids also carries various instrument modes which include electric guitar, drums percussion, flute, xylophone, and saxophone as well. You can enjoy songs mode, sound modes and game modes over here. So just download Piano Kids – Music & Songs app in your phone and enjoy sounds of real instruments, above 30 famous song learning, multilingual support, and intuitive way of learning music.



MELOBEAT is a marvelous application introduced by Float32, Inc. which brings an awesome music game where you can enjoy both game along with your favorite music simultaneously. MELOBEAT – Awesome Piano & MP3 Rhythm Game lets everyone be a pianist having this tool in their mobile devices. This is an exquisite rhythm game which lets you play MELOBEAT with most likely mp3 music files to have more entertainment. You have to select your most likely music whenever you want to start the game, and it will let you enjoy that while playing MELOBEAT. MELOBEAT – Awesome Piano & MP3 Rhythm Game app can intuitively play any song from your device gallery and lets you enjoy playing the game with the mix of sound that you want, while the DRM-protected files would not be supported. When you tap the start button over the screen, this application starts throwing bricks type of solid material, and you have to tap over them which plays that songs whenever you tap. This app ads more than 30 famous music songs every month just to put your entertainment on an up level. So just download MELOBEAT – Awesome Piano & MP3 Rhythm Game and enjoy playing an awesome game with your most likely music.


14. Piano Tiles ™

Piano Tiles ™ is another great and engaging app which has the only core rule of don’t touch the white tile, introduced by Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited. Piano Tiles ™: Don’t Tap The White Tile lets you watch each of your steps and just ignore touching the white tile in this excellent piano tiles game. It lets you enjoy charming piano soundtrack while you touch the piano and enjoys a superb mix of music. This application brings customizable playlists where you can select your very favorite soundtracks and enjoy them while playing. Piano Tiles ™: Don’t Tap The White Tile carries the multi-color theme and dozens of color options for its entire users. Its smooth and involving gameplay lets you enjoy everything like a pro and is optimized for high-resolution screen. This application also brings a feature of social network sharing as well where you can share your interesting stuff with others. It is a simple, fun, and addictive app which carries Classic mode, Arcade mode, Zen mode, Arcade+ mode, Rush, and various other modes as well. So just give a try to Piano Tiles ™: Don’t Tap The White Tile app in your phone and enjoy the most classy piano tiles app in more colors, more songs, more modes, and more fun.


15. Magic Twist

Magic Twist is a great tool used by millions of people from all over the world to spend their leisure time with real joy and entertainment. Magic Twist: Twister Music Ball Game bought in the market by AMANOTES Inc. which lets you challenge yourself with this exquisite engaging game with the hardest twisty tiles and so much more. It carries a simple white ball, and all you need to do is to keep it rotating over endless twisty tiles. There are almost three scenarios of the game in which firstly you have to tap the screen, again and again, to keep rolling. Secondly, you have to control the twister and finally just follow the music. Magic Twist: Twister Music Ball Game is an ultimate game which enables you to improve your focusing capabilities as well as enjoy some great music game that your friends want to make some twists. You just avoid falling off the tiles to enjoy more than 30 top EDM soundtrack and the dancing ball on your fingertips. So just download Magic Twist: Twister Music Ball Game app from the store and start enjoying a twisty game and show your skills in front of the whole world.


16. Jojo Siwa Piano Tiles

Jojo Siwa Piano Tiles is another marvelous tool introduced in the market by Melissa Cipriani Inc. which lets you enjoy the ordinary piano tiles app but with more entertainment. Jojo Siwa Piano Game: Famous Piano Tiles allows you to enjoy piano tiles through mutliple modes and various attractive backgrounds. This application carries some top challenging modes which give you the real level of excitement of playing piano tiles. It supports high-quality sound which makes you feel like a concert. This application carries a set of some famous songs, and you can choose any of your favorite ones to win this game. Jojo Siwa Piano Game: Famous Piano Tiles carries beautiful graphics and a set of engaging modes which are suitable for all the ages. You can also share your results with your buddies and be the highest rated player in a short time span if your progress is outstanding. This app carries more challenges via boom mode and timer mode with better self and more bonuses. This piano tiles game does not needs high-level skills for approaching the high rated player list. So just download Jojo Siwa Piano Game: Famous Piano Tiles app in your cell phone and start the fun of this challenging and beautiful piano tiles app.


17. Music Theory with Piano Tools

Music Theory with Piano Tools makes it tremendously easy to enjoy the music theory knowledge with the playful and simple way. Music Theory with Piano Tools bought in the market by Andrii Koyliarenko Inc. which makes it so easy to understand the notes, chords, intervals, chord progressions, and all the related things. You can easily get all the major as well as minor scales and their modes. It provides the most authentic details on the notes of music and intervals which helps you improve your professional stuff. It provides all type of chords of your favorite instruments with a lot of other things as well. Music Theory with Piano Tools lets you understand the core and crux concepts of how music works in a very understanding and comfortable way. This application brings the best guide with the topic section to get into the music theory without any comfort. This application also shows the practical usage of all the theories that is described in topics. This app also has charts with piano chords, piano intervals, and piano scales. So if you are getting bored, just download Music Theory with Piano Tools app and have fun learning of your favorite instrument with topics and tools.

More About Tiles Hop

Tiles Hop is slightly different but has the same engaging criteria which enable its users to play various types of music such as the beautiful piano, hard rock, guitar song, metal rock, EDM masterpiece, and various others to enjoy over your smartphone. Tiles Hop: EDM Rush bought in the market by Amanotes Inc. which enables its users to listen to the magic beats intuitively and use your reflexes to grad the cute white ball left or right to guide the ball from tiles to tiles. All you need to do on Tiles Hop is to make the ball jump and just try not to fall the magic music tiles. You have to follow the rhythm and do not try to miss any tiles to bounce the ball and make the insane combos and just defeat your friend’s score. Tiles Hop: EDM Rush carries auto-generated content where you can upload your favorite songs to bounce with ultimate music. Other than these, Tiles Hop also includes more than 30 absolutely fun and beautiful songs, over 10 sky balls to choose, 20+ backgrounds, collect multiple skins for your dancing balls, enjoy high-quality sound and breathtaking 3D effects and ambient, and so much more. So just download Tiles Hop: EDM Rush app in your phone beat your best friend’s score over here.