TIO: Battlegrounds Royale Alternatives for iOS

TIO: Battlegrounds Royale

TIO: Battlegrounds Royale is an online battleground multiplayer survival game which enables its worldwide users to play against other players and become the last man standing to be ranked on first. TIO: Battlegrounds Royale app bought in the market by Webstarks Inc… read more
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12 Apps Like TIO: Battlegrounds Royale for iOS

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1. Fortnite

Fortnite lets you build your own team and compete to be the last one standing in this classy and the most loved Battle Royale. Fortnite: Battle Royale is probably the widely loved game introduced by Epic Games Inc. and is the number one adventure game present in the store. You have to use your imagination to create your dream Fortnite experience, and you also need to have an internet connection for enjoying everything it delivers. Fortnite: Battle Royale is an excellently creative and uniquely designed game which enables you to have an ultimate gaming experience along with your buddies. You can board the battle bus and drop your player in the zone you want, collection gear, gather resources, and battle your opponents. The person who is standing lasts will win the Fortnite game at the end, so you have to be up to the mark on what you do here. Fortnite: Battle Royale brings an ultimate collection of imaginative and exciting islands and is featured on the ‘The Block’ in the Battle Royale map. You can enjoy building and destroying things and shape the battlefield by creating your own cover. So just download Fortnite: Battle Royale app and enjoy a Battle Royale with your own friends, your own rules and your own Island, and have an ultimate gaming experience.



PUBG is an exclusive gaming app which is now available to play over all your desired smartphones to enjoy the battle with teams in a heavily designed graphical world. PUBG MOBILE: Player unknown’s Battle Ground Mobile app designed in the market by Tencent games is loved by millions or billions of folks from the entire universe through which they enjoy playing Battle Royale with their true buddies and unknown individuals from all over the world. In this game, PUBG MOBILE app where more than hundreds of players parachute onto an island for a winner takes all showdown. PUBG MOBILE: Playerunknown’s BattleGround Mobile app lets you jump into an exquisite island with your own squad and be the last man standing to win the battle. It brings ultimate quality audio, and HD graphics and a robust Unreal Engine 4 build a jaw-dropping visual experience for all the Battle Royale lovers. It brings consistently growing realistic weapons including melee weapons, firearms, and throwables with realistic ballistics, and commandeer plenty of vehicles such as cars, boats, motorcycle, trucks, and lot more things to enjoy. So just download PUBG MOBILE: Player unknown’s Battle Ground Mobile, The original Battle Royale game where tons of exciting and new Royale Pass Rewards await you.


3. Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends lets you join your buddies in an ultimate new MOBA showdown against the breathing human opponents and lets you enjoy a battle in a way like never before. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang app bought in the market by Moonton Inc. which enables you to select your own hero to enjoy thrilling battles with easy controls. This is an exclusive 5 Vs. 5 battle game with real opponents where you can enjoy fighting over 3 lanes to take the tower of the enemy. It includes a collection of almost 4 jungle areas, 2 wild bosses, 18 defense towers, and a classy and realistic interface to enjoy all these sights. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang lets you block damage, 2 wild bosses, and 18 defense towers to enjoy. It is an ultimate human vs. human app which lets you shatter your opponents with the touch of your finger and just claim the crown of the most powerful and intuitive challenger. Mobile Legends game lets you choose from mages, assassins, supports, mages, marksmen, tanks, and various other things to anchor your own squad or match MVP. It keeps on updating some new heroes, new places, new machines and weapons, and never let you get bored of having same things. So just download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang gaming app and bring an end to the reproductions of classic MOBA.


4. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is an exclusive survival shooter gaming app introduced in the market by Garena International I Private Limited Inc. where each 10 mins game places you on a remote island where you are pit against almost 49 players, all seeking for the survival. Garena Free Fire lets you freely choose your player along with the starting point with their parachute and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as they could manage to do. You can intuitively drive various categories of its vehicles to explore the vast map, become invisible by proning under grass, hide in trenches, and do a lot more. You can search for the weapon, loot your enemies, stay in the play zone, and become the last man surviving to win the entire battle. You can also go for the legendary airdrops while dodging airstrikes to enhance that little edge in contradiction of other players. It brings smooth, realistic graphics and easy to use controls which promises the level best survival experience you will ever find on mobile devices to help you immortalize your name among legends. So just download Garena Free Fire app and enjoy an ultimate app of the 4-man squad with in-game voice chatting and enjoy the real battle with real humans from all across the world.


5. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is a classy Battle Royale gaming app for everyone love action gaming, intuitively made for mobile devices. Battlelands Royale: Casual Battle Royale game is an excellent product of Futureplay Inc. which enables its worldwide users to have lots of fun of Battle Royale by choosing their desired hero and fighting against enemies to become the best. It supports 32 players with 3 to 5 minute matches, and you never have to wait in lobbies, and there is no complicated menus to navigate. You can precisely land wherever you want, pick ultimate weapons, move freely across the map, enjoy the collection of guns, and do everything in a marvellous top-bottom view. Battlelands Royale: Casual Battle Royale game lets you play solo or you can also join a force with fellow players in Dous. It lets you play over a huge map with awesome locations like the Ship, Maze, Hideout, Trainyard, and more. Battle lands Royale players also can collect new characters, parachutes, emotes, and more as they level up. Other than these, Battlelands Royale also brings real-time fast-paced 32-person matches against worldwide players, mega rewards, tons of items, shrinking play area, tons of items, and loads of fun. So just download Battlelands Royale: Casual Battle Royale game app choose your landing spot, drop on your desired location, start the battle, and win.


6. Critical Ops Battlefield

Critical Ops lets you experience action where tactical skills and fast reflexes are essential to make the success. Critical Ops: 3D MULTIPLAYER FPS app is an excellent product of Critical Force Ltd. which enables its users to enjoy the first-person shooter that features competitive combat through the amazingly crafted challenging game modes, maps, and more. Critical Ops lets you join or create your clan, gather your friends, host private matches, and also join your friends in exciting combats. It brings 2 teams with 2 goals where one team tries to plant and defend the dynamite until detonation, and the other one should trying to defuse it. In this game, two multiple teams will battle it out in a timed match and also make each bullet count as well. Critical Ops: 3D MULTIPLAYER FPS is currently featured almost three challenging games modes which include the defuse mode, team deathmatch mode, and the gun game as well. All the individuals’ players are working their own deeds in both the teams and working their own way through all the stuff in the game. So just download Critical Ops: 3D MULTIPLAYER FPS app and enjoy playing the game how you like through its matchmaking such as Quick games, Custom games, and Ranked games.


7. Grand Battle Royale

Grand Battle Royale is an online multiplayer game that lets you experience a massively new world of the battleground and enjoy surviving by eliminating your enemies. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS app is a great product of GameSpire Ltd. which enables its users to welcome to a Battle Royale filled with unique stuff and lets you enjoy quality gaming time here. Grand Battle Royale gaming app is loved by millions of player who love to play military blocky pixel games and battle royale games from all over the world. The app has improved the visuals, sound, and graphics and helps you enjoy killing enemies with ultimate fast and unique guns. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS app brings hilarious blocky pixel characters which let you show your style of the gameplay. You can battle on online multiplayer games and play against worldwide players. This app brings the random appearance of guns, and you have to collect more and more for surviving here. You have to survive through playing in the blocky city by shooting your enemies. So just download Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS app, choose your most likely player, grab a gun, and jump into the battle to become the kings of the battlefield if you were the last man standing.


8. Knives Out

Knives Out let you jump into the ever-tightening area and makes your entire efforts of skills, nerves, tactics, and creativity to be the last man standing. Knives Out-Tokyo Royale game brings in the market by NetEase Games Inc. which enables its worldwide users to explore the map, take aim, pull the trigger, enjoy a collection of weapons, move freely in the area to kill the enemies, and become the last man standing and become the winner. The game supports a collection of 100 players who are scattered throughout the massive battlefield, and you have to kill everybody to become the king. From all these 100 players only the one man will be the winner of the entire Battle Royale. Knives Out – Tokyo Royale lets you explore the entire island which carries train tunnels, house buildings, snow-capped mountains, and various other ultimate locations while you wait for your moment to fight. You have to storm the battlefield with the battle buddies in the Duo Mode, Fireteam Mode, and the Squad Mode. You can also coordinate your attacks with your entire teammates through real-time voice chats to outmaneuver and crush your enemies. So just download Knives Out-Tokyo Royale app and become the last man standing in the Battle Royale by fighting against all other enemies of this island.



RULES OF SURVIVAL is an intuitive gaming app loved by millions of worldwide folks who are enjoying epic clash right on their mobile devices. RULES OF SURVIVAL: Battle Royale app was introduced by NetEase Games Inc. which brings a superb Battle Royale game which enables almost 300 players to battle on a wide variety of terrains, and only the one last survivor will be the winner. This app brings exquisite updates and awesome gifts in the game including daily login diamonds, valuable VIP system, anniversary carnival, up to 30% bonus, adventure and classic support discounts, 1 million dollars cash and shoot, and various others. RULES OF SURVIVAL: Battle Royale game brings a brand new battle survival area where the deathmatch has been raised and taken to as supreme exciting epic scale. You are allowed to play in a team mode in a 120 survivors’ battle and even solo to become the last man standing. Rules Of Survival game contains a wide collection of accessories, firearms, and you can drive vehicles over various terrains. So just download RULES OF SURVIVAL: Battle Royale app in your mobile phone devices and enjoy an exclusive Battle Royale app with absolute fair play in an ultra HD map.


10. Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction lets you enjoy a sandbox survival game which infusing Battle Royale and sandbox crafting with a light-weighted cartoon art style. Creative Destruction: Sandbox Survival Battle Royale gaming app was presented by ZuoMaster Developer Inc. which brings an outstanding comprehensive map with tons of terrains to enjoy playing Battle Royale ultimately. All its players will intuitively parachute on a large scale battlefield of more than 16,000,000 square meters with almost 13 exquisite spots to explore everything you want. C D: Sandbox Survival Battle Royale carries cartoon style art with fabulous graphics, and you can run through deserts, fields, and mountains in this classy game. You can precisely explore a secret weapon named ‘Destructor’ to dismantle anything in sight and build bastions through an effective workshop system. Creative Destruction: Sandbox Survival Battle Royale lets you collection unique weapons, race against snowstorms and windstorms, and just battle to the death. You can precisely build, destroy and dismantled anything in this virtual world and enjoy everything on your fingertips. So just download Creative Destruction: Sandbox Survival Battle Royale app in your mobile phone, and join a smash and shoot Deathmatch in the wonderland to start building the best, break the rest.


11. Bullet Strike Battlegrounds

Bullet Strike Battlegrounds lets you have an amazingly epic multiplayer experience of Sniper 3D shooting game and unlock a variety of modern weapons to have tons of achievements. Bullet Strike Battlegrounds: Sniper Games – Free Shooting PvP app is a great tool introduced by Horus Entertainment Inc. which brings a free to use 3D shooting game where you can become a sniper assassin via fighting with the ultimate snipers from all over the world in a diversity of sniper arena. The gaming app allows its worldwide users to unlock tons of modern and unique sniper guns with tons of achievements and defeat other worriers to reach on the top of the leaderboards. Bullet Strike Battlegrounds: Sniper Games – Free Shooting PvP lets you unlock dozens of robust, new sniper rifles and armors and it also keeps on updating it timely and also has Grenade and Bazooka guns with you. You can also use the sniper tactics to reach on the top to be the king and enjoy really amazing awards from this app. So just download Bullet Strike Battlegrounds: Sniper Games – Free Shooting PvP app and enjoy a multiplayer free online shooting game and experience kill shot battlegrounds of the FPS shooting games intuitively.


12. Rocket Royale

Rocket Royale is an intuitive battle royale game where the main objective is to build a rocket and fly away from the island. Rocket Royale is one of a kind Battle Royale game introduced in the market by GameSpire Inc. where you need to discover crafting resources from falling meteors and survive in the rocket royale to be at the top. You can precisely collect wood and build a fort to defend your positions in this unique battle royale game. It is a multiplayer game which requires less than 100 MB without any additional downloads and is intuitively optimized for low-end devices as well. Rocket Royale: Battle Royale brings a unique battle Royale gameplay where everything is destructible. Some of its craft defenses include sky bridges, towers, forts, and anything possible. You can also play with your friend online and also connects them via friend list. Other than these, Rocket Royale also brings the highest FPS support, tons of items and weapons, large open world battlefield, real-time fast-paced online matches, and enjoy everything which is destructible. So just download Rocket Royale: Battle Royale app if you are ready to be smart, act creative, cause massive destruction to survive here.

More About TIO: Battlegrounds Royale

TIO: Battlegrounds Royale is an online battleground multiplayer survival game which enables its worldwide users to play against other players and become the last man standing to be ranked on first. TIO: Battlegrounds Royale app bought in the market by Webstarks Inc. which lets you indulge into a world of royale surviving game where you have lots of things to enjoy. This Battle Royale gaming application makes it so easy to explore the vast island, salvage, forest and almost anything that helps you survive. You have to kill anybody who is ever stands in your way and be the leader of the battle royale to get exciting rank. TIO: Battlegrounds Royale lets you build small shelters or huge buildings to protect yourself at night through its dynamic building system. You can roam around the nature-filled and amazing world and collect loot for survival and crafting resources. You can precisely craft and store all your collected items and lots of raw materials and use them to your survival. Other than these, TIO also brings post-apocalyptic battles, communication and killing, skills and strategy, zombies and undead, and various other stuff to enjoy. So just download TIO: Battlegrounds Royale app and become the leader for the real-time.

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