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Too Good To Go lets you join millions of waste warriors by downloading the app which are making their efforts so hard to protect the waste and helps all the charities to have it for free. Too Good To Go – Fight Food Waste, Save Great Food is a magnificent tool developed in the market by Too Good To Go Inc… read more
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1. Greenease

Greenease is a fine place which perfectly connects sustainably savvy consumers with all the nearby restaurants to buy local stuff as well as offers sustainable options of food right over your mobile phone devices. Greenease is a fabulous app developed in the market by Greenease Inc. that makes it so easy to grab food from all the local restaurants intuitively, whenever you want. It enables its global users to discover all the restaurants in your area and helps you get the meals that are offering by them. You can discover all your nearby restaurants, save your most likely ones in the favorites section, access plenty of specials and dinner deals from all the neighboring restaurants, and view the farms they source from, right over this elegant platfrom. Greenease app allows you to manage and save your most likely restaurants just to access it with a single click whenever you want. The app lets you get to know where your food exactly comes from right through this superb tool. So just download Greenease app in your cell phone and enjoy a precise connection of all the customers with the nearby restaurants which buy local and offer dozens of food options for everyone love the app.


2. NoFoodWasted

NoFoodWasted app brings an elegantly concrete solution to reduce the wastage of food and all the eatable stuff together from the supermarkets, bakery, supermarkets, and plenty of other food suppliers present in the market. NoFoodWasted: Order Good Food is an excellent tool developed by Gemoro B. V. Inc., which has saved tons of million and kilo’s of the euro’s already over good food. The app helps you to stop the wastage of the food, enjoy healthy meals, and save much of the money that you spent on purchasing food. NoFoodWasted: Local, Discounts, and Meal App brings fresh and ready meals and products to eat right over your cell phones and helps you enjoy everything with simple swipes. No Food Wasted App is making is efforts elegantly in saving all the wasted food, your precious money, and your valuable efforts in a way like never before. No Food Wasted: Order Good Food app lets you precisely enjoy all the delicious meals that you love at a reasonable price so that you can never pay more than bargained price. No Food Wasted: Local, Discounts, and Meal App is a deliciously designed tool where you can have amazing meals, save your money or efforts, and stop the wastage of food anytime you want.


3. Karma

Karma is a multi-award winning platform which allows you to buy delicious surplus food from plenty of grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, and all the nearby grocery stores at a reasonable price. Karma – Restaurants, Cafes & Groceries is a significant tool presented in the market by Karmalicious AB Inc. which allows you to purchase delicious unfold food for half price and helps you enjoy everything you want. The app contains more than 4K restaurants as well as cafes so that you can precisely follow your most likely restaurants and get up-to-the-mark yet instant notifications from them whenever they convey something. Karma – Rescue unsold food app allows you to pick up your order as take away as well and significantly helps you in fighting against wasting food in a way like never before. Karma – The Surplus Food App contains thousands of grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries, and cafes in Paris, London and all the way in Sweden to buy take away your desired food. The app also keeps on updating all the nearby restaurants to help you get everything you are looking for. Karma – Rescue Unsold Food makes it so effortless to grab unsold food as taking away or intuitively order and pay right through the app. Karma – Restaurants, Cafes, and Groceries is a great food providing app which lets you save much of your money and along with protecting the excessive food.


4. Farmdrop

Farmdrop is a unique supermarket where you can intuitively order the stuff that you needs from tons of products available, developed in the market by FarmDrop Inc. Farmdrop: Fresher, Fairer Groceries, and Delivered are an up to the mark app which lets you get all your much needed things delivered at the door of your home whenever you place an order. The app brings thousands of carefully selected farmers as well as producers who grow, rear, bake, and make food with real affection right under a simple platform. Farmdrop – Better Food All Round allows its global users to choose from free six-hour time slots (between 7 am to 9 pm) and one-hour time slots seven days a week. Farmdrop: Fresher, Fairer Groceries, and Delivered App allows you to intuitively grab your desired items including local organic vegetables and food, household, grass-fed meat, dairy, drinks, kids, baby, and plenty of other things with simple swipes. Farmdrop is featured in The Guardian, The London Evening Standard, The Times, The telegraph, and plenty of others. The app contains friendly drivers who can delivers your stuff right to the kitchen table as well as take away any unwanted packaging intuitively. Farmdrop – Better Food All Round app makes it so effortless to get your much-needed items right on the doorsteps and enjoy everything without any effort.


5. NoWaste

NoWaste intuitively tracks, manage as well as organize the food in your own home, developed in the market by KH Creations IVS Inc. NoWaste – Food Inventory List is an elegant tool which allows you to intuitively check what food you have left, plan your meals, create shopping lists, avoid unnecessary purchases, reduce food waste, and helps you in endless things. You can effectively manage the pantry and fridge, precisely secure food from wastage, save a bunch of money, check what food you need, and does things that help you in managing your pantry. NoWaste – For Freezer, Fridge & Pantry allows you to manage inventory lists for your fridge, pantry as well as freeze. It helps you scan receipts and barcodes to add food in just a few seconds. NoWaste – Food Inventory List app helps you in synchronize your lists across devices move items between lists, find and search the food you are looking, add food from a bunch of more than 200 food items, and move items between lists in a way like never before. You can also upgrade to get numerous locations, print out your lists, all in one lists, and to expand your lists from almost 200 to 500 items/lists. NoWaste – For Freezer, Fridge and Pantry app also helps you in planning meals, managing shopping lists, and synchronizing your meal plans over cell phones and tablets elegantly.



OLIO lets you make a secure and effective connection with all the local shops just to share the surplus food as well as other household items with each other and never waste it anymore. OLIO – Share More and Waste Less is magnificent tool developed in the market by OLIO Inc., which allows you to share food and plenty of other household items with your neighbors for free. The app allows you to intuitively add a pic of the food items with a short or yet brief description. After snapping, you have to message your neighbors to arrange the pick-up whether on any public location or over the doorstop. OLIO – Share More. Waste Less app lets you rate the users after you meet and collect the stuff. The app lets you add listing in almost half a minute, and most of the listing required just less than 2 hours. The app is significant for the environment, for your wallet, and the community as well. You can precisely check out the profile of the user and star rating before sharing or even block or report the users as well. OLIO – Share More and Waste Less app never waste any surplus food and helps all the needy ones to eat healthy stuff reasonably.


7. Giki Badges

Giki Badges is an elegantly loved platform which intuitively rates thousands of products from supermarkets that are based on sustainability, fairness, and health. Giki Badges – Sustainable Shopping Companion is a superb tool presented in the market by Giki Inc. that allows you to scan tons of supermarket’s products to check whether they are ethical, healthy and bearable or not. The app care about cutting population, sustainable palm oil, climate change or recycling, avoid toxic chemical, unhygienic things to eat, animal welfare, climate change, recycling or plenty of other facts in mind. It enables you to precisely get to know the true impact of all the products that you use effectively. Giki Badges – Sustainable Shopping Companion is one of a kind app which helps you to choose from plenty of brands which share your beliefs as well. The app contains a small team who have a big mission and are working magnificently great for the welfare of human. The app intuitively inspires users to make small regular changes over their daily shopping that they need in a way like never before. Giki Badges – Sustainable Shopping Companion app helps everyone in shopping the best kind of things which is healthy and suitable for them


8. Foodcloud

Foodcloud is currently helping more than 9100 charitable groups to get food which is merely surplus over tons of clean and elegant places, in the UK and Ireland. Foodcloud app is a superb tool developed in the market by FoodCloud Tech Inc. which enables all the deserving and needy people to grab food and get some comfort in their tough lives. You have to get registered over this elegant platform, and it will assign you a user name or a password to sign in here. FoodCloud app connects business that has excessive food with all the deserving charities in their local community and helps them to lead their lives with ease. Foodcloud app also intuitively connects partners sharing problems, creating collaborations and resources, as well as deriving solutions over water reduction or food loss. The Foodcloud hubs bring food business the opportunities to encounter the targets of their origin green sustainability. This platform is currently haven’t any volunteers, but all the enthusiastic folks can sign up to register their interest about its next exciting volunteer opening. So just download Foodcloud app and be a part of this superb platform which precisely connects the business having surplus stuff to eat with the local charities that deserve it the most.


9. PantryPerks

PantryPerks brings a massive range of natural organic products at a reasonable price, and you can also bargain on your desired things in the way you want. PantryPerks is a superb tool developed in the market by PantryPerks Inc. where you can have amazing cash backs that covers your entire bill. The app enables its users to earn cashback over your desired purchases as well as over all the purchases made by your friends. The major cause of the PantryPerks app is to support charities and help them in getting multiple products purchased at a reasonable price. You The real objective of Pantry Perks app is to redistribute traditional retailer margins back to the customers through the use of your cell phone, a lean chain of supply as well as social commerce. can precisely get all the natural, specialty, and organic brands without any cost. PantryPerks helps you in discovering all the nearby brands for free and you can enjoy shopping over and get exclusive loyalty cash backs months after month.

More About Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go lets you join millions of waste warriors by downloading the app which are making their efforts so hard to protect the waste and helps all the charities to have it for free. Too Good To Go – Fight Food Waste, Save Great Food is a magnificent tool developed in the market by Too Good To Go Inc. which makes it hell easy to purchase your most likely products at the most reasonable price. The app contains millions of global folks have been registered and place your ride through Too Good to Go: End Food Waste app makes it so easy to discover store and place your order through its find boy and place your order through the app. It lets you have gigantic meals that little bit more knowing you have must help reduce face waste. Too Good To Go: Eat Well, Fight Food waste app lets you have healthy meals whether these are of high cost or instance efforts. Too Good To Go – Fight Food Waste, Save Great Food lets you save money and intuitively add them to your favorites to access them whoever you want. Too Good To Go: End Food Waste app never waste any money and help others to stay healthy with anyone you face.