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TopBuzz is an amazing application that helps its users to enjoy the live trivia game show to win exciting cash prizes without making any effort. TopBuzz – Win Real Cash in Beat The Q is a widely used application that enables its users to answer some simple question to win big prizes on the move… read more
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7 Apps Like TopBuzz for Android

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1. 100 PICS Quiz

100 PICS Quiz is an immensely great trivia game and is one of the most popular guess the picture games present on this planet. 100 PICS Quiz – guess the picture trivia games bring an exciting collection of more than 10,000 pictures to guess, play over 100 quiz topics, and new game pack categories added just to engage its users in a better way. You can enjoy lots of fun factors over this superb picture trivia platform and bring real-time fun to your boring span. You just have to install this app, identify the gives pictures, and win coins (win more coins by using less clues). It lets you use coins for getting hints, and to go more quiz packs. 100 PICS Quiz – guess the picture trivia games provides a free pack every day when you comes on this app to have quality fun time. This picture trivia game app is best for all of your family including kids, toddlers, mums, dads, adults, boys, grannies, and granddads. You can even enjoy this family-friendly app to enjoy funny word and photo puzzles and while guessing the Animals, games, fairy tales, emojis, pets, and more.


2. Logo Quiz

Logo Quiz has an outstanding community of people enjoy this app on a daily basis. It is probably one of the world-known app having more than 60,000,000 downloads from all over the world to guess the brands with this app. Logo Quiz is free to download and use app where you can amazingly enjoy guessing the brand’s names of tons of logos from some popular companies from all over the world. It lets you see various brands logos every day and everywhere. It has made more than 2500 logos available for you to guess in more than 52 exciting and breathtaking levels. Some of its core features include the Food Quiz (famous food from famous countries), Guess The Color (colour of tons of logos), Slogans (identify over 200 famous slogans), Minimalist (some surprise for you), and an expert mode having more levels on the way. Logo Quiz lets you enjoy over 2500 logos, 52 exciting levels, 15 languages support, 12 free hints every 15 minutes, switch between logos, details statistics, cloud save, learn more about the brand (after correct guessing), helpful clues, and frequent application update. So just download Logo Quiz app to enjoy the ultimate trivia app.


3. Food Quiz

Food Quiz is an efficient app for foodies and food lovers. It is an ultimate food quiz utility on this planet having more than 9600 items and keeps on growing. Food Quiz provides one of the largest collection of worldwide items related to food and allows you to discover foods from various regions. It brings more excitement for foodies from all over the world by guessing these foods and items, and let you challenge your friends to see who can have to nerves to solve the most foods. Food Quiz is a Trivia Box production that helps its users to enjoy the real challenges of guessing the most food precisely. Its progress will be synced with the Fb so that you enjoy this utility on your PC-like devices as well. You can enjoy tons of food items in more than 500 packs of foodstuff organized into almost 25 categories. This app is available in over 8 languages that enables you to compete with your Facebook friends and even ask them for help. You can compare your ranking with friends on its scoreboard. So just download Food Quiz to enjoy a high-quality graphics food quiz app.


4. Bible Quiz 3D

Bible Quiz 3D is a religious game by Byteweaver Games through which lets you get on a missionary journey and helps the persists baptize as many unbelievers and make them Christians. Bible Quiz 3D – Religious Game is a fun quiz trivia game so that you have to answer the questions from the Holy Bible to help as many admirers embrace the love of God. It allows you to play against other missionaries and see who will complete all the baptism ceremonies first. It brings a fun way to enhance your information and help especially children to get more knowledge about the Holy Book ‘Bible’ through playing and fun. This app brings more engaging way to learn more about their religion and accept GOD by answering these interesting and attractive quizzes about Bible characters and verses. In this app, you have to choose from 4 offered choices, answer correctly to travel around the world, collect tokens with angel wings, use traps to decrease the progress of your opponents, use helps, and way more things to enjoy.


5. Logo Game

Logo Game is a brilliant app to have quality fun time by enjoy playing the logo quiz game for tons of brands from all over the world. Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz allows you to guess the names of thousands of logos from around the world. It brings a fine collection of more than 4500 worldwide brands to solve. Its progress is synced with your Google Plus and Facebook so that you can easily play on all devices and compete with friends by securing more score than your competitors. Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz enables you to enjoy more than 4500 logos in more than 140 packs, and you can enjoy these logos grouped into unique categories. It brings expert packs for those who like challenges. You can also get helpful clues as well where you need them the most, its every puzzle rewards 2 hints. You can also switch between logos by swiping the screen. Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz deliver hints to help you finger out the most appropriate answers, high-quality graphics, timely updates, scoreboard and lets you enjoy more.



PICS QUIZ is a widely used application for finding the right idea to answer the enigma and become a real-time problem solver. PICS QUIZ – Guess the words! is a fine app that lets you find the word using easy to use and addictive scenario. You can play solo as well as in dual mode and find funny puns and pictures. It occupies a collection of over 4,000,000 players from all over the world. It allows its users to find the secret words for more than 1350 stunning and funny pictures. While on the other hand, if you are playing in multiplayer mode then you have 100 seconds to solve the enigmatic quizzes and puzzles. You can enjoy more by guessing the words, having one remarkable photo at a time. PICS QUIZ – Guess the words is a fun and fast challenge for everyone to enjoy guessing words in an exciting manner. It allows you to enjoy fun and quick quizzes and when you are going multiplayer, then you are provided 100 seconds to answers as man words as you could. So download PICS QUIZ to enjoy hundreds of levels, multiplayer quiz, multilingual thinking quiz, online and offline brain games, and much more.


7. Bible Quiz

Bible Quiz is an exciting application that spreads the God’s words by doing this amazing bible trivia quiz game. Through this amazing trivia game, you can enjoy questions and answers from Bible and enhance your knowledge as well as strengthens your faith with more fun. It is an addictive application that is not merely a game, it is a new way to study Bible and boost your faith. Bible Quiz – Religious Game allows you to get questions related to Bible and answered from 4 offered selections. It picked questions from Revelation and Genesis and almost everything in-between. You can easily test your knowledge on what Bible said, and you can also play this intuitive trivia game while offline. Bible Quiz – Religious Game helps its users to remember the Bible verses in an innovative way. You can intuitively get results if you have answered it wrong and right. So just download it to begin the fun of enjoying trivia game as well as learning Bible in a pioneer way.

More About TopBuzz

TopBuzz is an amazing application that helps its users to enjoy the live trivia game show to win exciting cash prizes without making any effort. TopBuzz – Win Real Cash in Beat The Q is a widely used application that enables its users to answer some simple question to win big prizes on the move. It allows you to enrich your mind and win big prizes using your own mind and knowledge. It allows you to beat the Q in live trivia game show for getting exciting prizes. While on the other hand, TopBuzz – Win Real Cash in Beat The Q also provides more than 10,000 trusted news sources including USA Today, Reuters, Mashable, CNN, Bloomberg, Refinery29, and more to personalize your own sports, news, and your interests. It also delivers an awesome collection of funny GIFs and videos, and you can easily see what the world is watching from its popular and most trending games, news, sports and more. TopBuzz – Win Real Cash in Beat The Q lets you scroll through thousands of funny videos and GOFs, and you can also share one with your friends.