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Total Commander

Total Commander is a file manager who also acts as shareware. It has different versions such as free and paid, and both have various features which can benefit the person who wants to use it. The paid version costs around $40 which are a lot for just one software but in this case, due to the advanced features which are there, it makes all the money worth spending… read more
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15 Apps Like Total Commander


Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer file manager is a software where people can manage all their data in one place. This app allows them to access all the information that is present in the phone memory or the memory card, thus giving a platform which makes it easier for everyone to reach the content which is present on their phone and is scattered here and there in other places.

Ghost Commander

Ghost Commander is a multi-purpose tool which allows you to manage your files from your phone as well as online, thus making it one of the best places to perform this task.

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is an open source, smooth and lightweight file manager application for the Android devices. This simple to use app is based on the material design and you will surely like its working style too.

ES File Explorer

Managing the Android devices through its internal management system is still not an easy task at all because of the involvement of too many complexities. ES File Explorer is one of the best files managers available over the Google Play Store for managing all files listed in the smartphone more efficiently and easily.

X-plore File Manager

With the availability of a broad range of functions on the Android’s files system, X-plore File Manager is a dual pane offering file explorer and file manager. This advanced and efficient file manager offers those great amounts of file management tools to the smartphone users that make it easy for them to explore all of their files and folders stored in their device.

ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is listed among those limited file managers that are offering a lot of files management functions to the smartphone users. These functions are about browsing, organizing, compressing and even sharing the files and documents across cloud and local storage spaces.

Open Explorer

Open Explorer is a file manager for Android phones which is free of cost and is open sourced. There are two different versions of this software, but most people use the free one.

MK Explorer

MK Explorer is a simple file manager based on the advanced material design. It, of course, the best file manager and file explorer available from the Google Play Store. The best about MK Explorer is that it offers the two windows view system so that the users can get the clear view of the files stored in the device.

OI File Manager

This open source file manager allows the smartphones and tablets users to easily manage the content of their internal and external storage easily from their Android based terminals. This file manager and file explorer allow them to create directories inside the device so that the movement of data can be made at a super fast transfer rate.

File Commander

File Commander, claim to be the most versatile file manager available on the Android store with multiple features. It also says that all the types of files can be opened on this platform without any hesitation, and it also provides many other tools which will make it easier for people who want to keep their stuff managed.


AndroXplorer File Manager is one of the many file managers available on the play store which help you to control your device in a proper way. It can be one of the best places for this purpose depending on a personal choice because it has all the tools which an app needs to perform the tasks required for this category.

SD File Manager

SD File Manager is one of the simplest, tranquil and interactive places where people can manage their records and different folders without having to do through the trouble of using multiple applications for various purposes.

Archos File Manager

Archos File Manager is a software which is only for advanced devices and won’t even work on the old Android versions. It has multiple tools which are there for people to use and it prides itself on giving all the features to people who want to work on an advanced level to manage everything they have on their phone.

Grid Size File Manager

Grid Size File Manager is different from other file managers in such a way that it shows all the space captured by various features in the form of a grid. The bigger the size of the network, it means the larger space it has taken on the phone.

ELECOM File Manager

ELECOM File Manager is a versatile application when it comes to managing your files and folders. This app has all the functions that a proper platform like this needs but there are some advanced features as well which make it one of easiest applications to utilize.

More About Total Commander

Total Commander is a file manager who also acts as shareware. It has different versions such as free and paid, and both have various features which can benefit the person who wants to use it. The paid version costs around $40 which are a lot for just one software but in this case, due to the advanced features which are there, it makes all the money worth spending. It has been one of the oldest file managers in the world and has been there since 1993. It was initially built for the computers and allowed people the privacy they required on their records and folders, but then it also developed its mobile versions for Android and has become one of the tops most ever since. It was initially known as Windows Commander. Some of the main features of this application include the dual windows which are present on the home page, this allows people to copy stuff from their existing folders and then pasting it in one of these folders to move them. The other benefit of this app is that you can see two files side by side on the homepage thus you don’t have to scroll down to find the word you need. There are different languages present in which the app can be used, making it easier for people who are not accustomed to English. You can search for multiple files in the search option. The user also gets the opportunity of opening ZIP, RAR, ARJ, ACE and many other types of data which are not shown in the standard phone directly. People can create their own columns while they can also view all the media in the thumbnail version. Overall, these and many other features make this application a good choice if you want to access your media in a proper way.

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