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TowerMadness 2

TowerMadness 2 is an exquisite app where you need to protect your flock through instant thinking and an arsenal of amazing TD weapon. Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense is presented by Limbic Inc. where you need to attack the evils which will destroy you if you don’t do the same with them… read more
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12 Apps Like TowerMadness 2

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1. Oczilla

Oczilla is an excellent game that enables you to experience the brand new sort of tower defense game right on your mobile phone device. Oczilla – Amazing Tower Defense Madness app is developed in the market by Khao Tran Inc. which allows you to enjoy the octopus to have a hilarious fun time. Tower Defense – Mutant Octopus gaming app enables you to touch and hold on the right and left side of the screen to rotate the octopus, and you can use his arms to destroy enemies. This app lets you collect the DNA eggs, and gems to evolve their mutant octopus. Oczilla – Mutant Octopus carries simple and straightforward gameplay with cute and beautify cartoon graphics. Oczilla – Amazing Tower Defense Madness brings a set of plenty of octopus arms which includes the lobster, elephant, porcupine, dragon, shark, and various others. Tower Defense – Mutant Octopus game enables you to get super weapons including the nuclear, frozen, and armor. Oczilla – Mutant Octopus app enables you to precisely share your game record and even share your gameplay over Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more. Oczilla – Amazing Tower Defense Madness lets you enjoy various other excellent and engaging features waiting for you to discover.


2. Kingdom Rush

Looking for an epic fantasy defense game then why not going to play a game like Kingdom Rush that is containing a lot of challenges for you. This acclaimed action defense game is right the moment available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Prepare the weapons, arrange your strategy and get ready for defending your kingdom against the folks of trolls, orcs, wizards, evils and those other nasty fiends whose aim is only one and that is to demolish the entire kingdom. But they can’t get succeeded in this at all if your skills and strategy are so professional and strong to be broken easily. If you are facing issue while fighting alone then you can recruit more number of troops and can get eleven warriors of the world. They will give you the more advantage and control over all of your enemies. So enter and epic world and spells at your command each and everything.


3. Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes has earned a good name in the world of tower defense games because of two main reasons – the high class and graphical environment and better control over the entire gaming environment. This game is an epic battle between bloom and doom for ruling over an area. Collect as much outrageous and incredible heroes as you can because they will help you fight against these ridiculous zombies. Start building the time and get in touch with all those having supernatural powers because these are your main weapons against this brutal creature. Make the base, set the plan and start collecting the heroes so that you can get the competitive edge over your enemy. This game is going to take your unlimited hours because on some levels you will be completely stuck off.


4. Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a renowned power defense mobile game where the player needs to build a base for the habitats of the area and also need to survive by defending his tower. This defense game contains multiple home owners with a variety of plants to prevent the army of zombies from entering in their area and eating their brains that are like diminishing their power and making cause them to death. Plants vs. Zombies was first released for the PC devices and at the moment available for even smartphones as well. Several improvements have been made to the latest version in which the main one is that it is now being offered for free without any ads at all. Just imagine protection of almost fifty zombie zapping plants that is the only arsenal to defend. Wall nuts, peashooters, cherry bomber and other tools are available as a weapon so that you can slow down the attackers.


5. The Creeps

The Creeps is an engaging and fun-horror game in which all you need to do is to protect the boy from the nightmares. The Creeps: Tower Defense is an excellently engaging game introduced in the market by Super Squawk Software Inc. in which there are loads of creepily animated nightmares as zombies, and you have to save the boy from them. The Creeps is an engaging strategy game in which you have to destroy all the obstacles to earn money in this game to enjoy various other things intuitively. In this game, you have to tilt your way to victory using the mega towers available in the game. The Creeps: Tower Defense Game brings so many exciting modes which include Endurance, Survival, and Doorbuster which will keep you on your toes. You can precisely build towers, use flashlights, boomerangs, earn ultimate badges, toy blaster and various other things on the move to stop these creeps. You have to stop all those creepy animated creations before they get under Johnny’s bed. The Creeps lets you beat all the levels by fulfilling the game requirements and be the best among all. So just give a chance to download The Creeps app and enjoy one of the most engaging, and amongst the best tower defense games available in the stores now.


6. Kingdom Rush Frontiers

The tower defense games have gained a lot of popularity among the game lovers because these involve the full presence of mind and quick responsive skills. The Kingdom Rush Frontiers of today is more bigger and badder than before so make it sure you have the enough guts to do what this game demands from its players. Apparently it seems to be nice and easy and maybe it is because initial levels of the game are very easy to complete. These are because developers want to grab toward the next levels where the real fun begins. You must know about the interesting features of this fantastic tower game that is holding a lot of strategic decisions environment in it. You must know about the interesting features of this fantastic tower game that is holding a lot of strategic decisions environment in it. you will be given an unlimited access to the all kind of weapons, meteor strikes, reinforcements, freeze bombs and several other kind of medieval devastating nukes.


7. Bloons TD Battles

Bloons TD Battles is a game emerged following the successful Bloons Monkey City that comes down to battles against a powerful general. That is, in Bloons Monkey City the aim was to build a city and for this you must conquer the territory based on your defense towers. In Bloons TD Battles have at your disposal all of our adorable monkeys combat with all the same features as the original, but with the advantage that the battles will focus exclusively on our level defeat. The fun in this game is still high, thanks in part to the additions that incorporates this new and lie mainly that you can send balloons murderers your opponents and enjoy watching is not able to handle everything you send to you . The game mechanics is summarized in a split screen; same initial money, equal life, identical for each board and accurate balloons. Thus, the only difference between victory or defeat will only your ability to manage the best strategy. Place all your monkey warriors across the battlefield and save some money to send attacks on your enemies. Choose from the power of each package as very high rounds need not send too to make him suffer. The attack is based on sending extra balloons that the opponent must destroy before they slip through your field. If you do, you will lose many lives as balls have entered. Enjoy your soldiers to grow and improve your skills while you challenge to exploit the May issue of possible dirigibles. If you are a fan of Bloons Monkey City will be easier to find balance in the frantic battle point, but practice will help you overcome anything, impossible as it may seem.


8. Castle Defense

Castle Defense is one of the gigantically loved arcade and strategy castle defense game which brings an entirely a new but engaging experience for all the castle defense lovers. Castle Defense is an intuitively designed gaming app introduced in the market by Elite Games Inc. which brings loads of exciting features, levels, worlds, and lot more things to enjoy castle defense. This app not only carries orcs, but also lets you enjoy spirits, devils, goblins, and other monsters who are trying to destroy you. In this exciting strategy and castle defending game, you have to build your own defense and stop them from destroying you. Castle Defense game enables you to choose paladin, barbarian, and the wizard as your warrior and deploy them to the battlefield and can kill or stop enemies on their own with advanced equipment. It carries more than 4 fantastic props for you which can be good options for you rather than you want to heal yourself or even destroy all the enemies. It carries 4 basic towers which can be established into almost 8 premier towers with plenty of shapes, multiple combinations and a variety of functions as well. Castle Defense lets you enjoy Might warriors, robust towers, fantastic props, epic graphics, arena mode, mission mode, and a lot more with an exquisite pack of features.


9. War and Order

War and Order let you get ready to build your world in this exquisite strategy game which brings the perfect fusion of the real strategy, castle building, and tower defense games available in the store. War and Order app was presented in the market by Camel Games, Inc. through where the orcs, mages, and the elves are yours to command this excellent 3D medieval game world and just raise a massive fantasy army for huge funny battles. The app enables its worldwide users to clash with all the enemies from all over the world for real-time. In this strategy game, you have to choose your alliance and take the castle, stake new territory, and slay monsters ultimately. You can recruit and train more than 50 fantasy soldiers, elves, mages, beasts, angles, orcs, and more. War and Order let you construct and build thousands of buildings for the new buffs, soldiers, and resources. You can reach new technology and magic fast for amazing tactics and weapons. It brings the features of chatting with people from all over the world as well. Multiple players can fight and build together to conquer the enemies and build castles that they could ever hold alone. You can precisely share to expand territory for game bonuses and enjoy this strategic war game intuitively. War and Order let you enjoy exciting levels and to have simple gameplay for enjoying exciting features.


10. Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 is loved by billions of worldwide folks in which people can enjoy playing this award hit action-strategy adventure where they can meet, defeat, and greet legions of the hilarious zombies from the dawn time to the end of the days. Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 Free apps presented in the market by Electronic Arts Inc. which enables you to discover hundreds of zombies and plants. This app lets you amass an army of awesome plants, device the ultimate plan and supercharge them with the plant food to protect your brain. This app enables you to collect your favorite lawn legends like the peashooter and sunflower along with tons of other horticultural hotshots such as creative bloomers including laser bean and lava guava. Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 Free app enables you to earn seed packets as you play and use them to grow your plants like ever. You can power up attacks, speed up planting time, double-down defenses, and even gain entirely ultimate abilities. You can boost your plants to ensure those zombies are lawn-gone. It enables you to enjoy battles across 11 crazy worlds and more than 300 levels, fun mini-games, and daily party events from the old Egypt to the future and beyond. So you download Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 Free apps where you can enjoy the best defenses and go to the end of every world like a professional player.


11. Star Warfare

Star Warfare is an intuitive app which brings consoles-quality boss battles, multiplayer support, more than 40 single player levels, tons of gear and unique avatars to collect over this significant platform. Star Warfare: Alien Invasion app presented in the market by Freyr Games Inc. which brings various exciting features, plenty of exciting tools, and loads of battles to enjoy here. This app brings solid single player mode which carries loads of enemies with rich AI, 8 maps and plenty of levels console-like smooth control, and loot can be used in multiplayer and solo modes. Star Warfare: Alien Invasion brings console-quality boss battles and enables you to team up to 3 players and earn gold in team survival mode in a way like never before. Star Warfare: Alien Invasion app brings armor and bags specially designed for the team battle mode. Star Warfare app brings 42 weapons and each of them can be upgraded eight times a day and can easily be unlocked as you promote up the ranks. It contains 18 suits where each part with special attributes and a collection of extra bonuses and brings 24 military bags with special features as well. Star Warfare: Alien Invasion app lets you enjoy unique avatars to collect and enjoy tons of gears in a way like never before.


12. Crystal Defenders

Crystal Defenders is an ultimate defensive strategy game in which players deploy famous jobs from the final fantasy tactics A2 including the soldiers and black mages to fend off encroaching enemy hordes and prevent them from thieving their party crystals. Crystal Defenders is a great game introduced in the market by Square Enix Co., Ltd. is an excellent tool where players can enjoy more than 240 stages of action in one of the two game versions. In the first version, the players can learn game basic, and in the second version the introduction of this app opens up new doors allowing for more, deeper details strategies. Crystal Defenders game allows you to deploy units on the area map to protect crystal reserves from the intruding the monster hordes. In this game, the monsters will enter a place and March through it until they are defeated or approach an exit, at which time they will steal one or more crystals. It carries simple up-tempo play as well as touch panel-driven controls make this app conveniently accessible whether at home on the move. So give a chance to download Crystal Defenders game and enjoy innovative level design allows for the ultimate quality replay-ability.

More About TowerMadness 2

TowerMadness 2 is an exquisite app where you need to protect your flock through instant thinking and an arsenal of amazing TD weapon. Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense is presented by Limbic Inc. where you need to attack the evils which will destroy you if you don’t do the same with them. This app is optimized for a wide range of phones and tablets. This app carries more than 70 exciting maps to master the game and enjoy 7 campaigns on varying environments, and each of them with unique gameplay challenges. It carries 9 robust towers including the missile launcher, plasma gun, rail gun, stun gun, and some others. Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense game brings ultimate TD arsenal through which you can enjoy more than 16 different alien enemies with ultimate abilities and weaknesses. It brings special deals on the latest alien weapons technology, and you can even play unique Google play quests as well. Tower Madness 2 app lets you complete all the challenges and levels with your friends to see who has the fastest time on the leaderboards and enables you to test the waters about the capabilities that you and your friends have. Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense lets you play the game while using the gamepad for the consoles like the ultimate tower defense gaming experience.

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