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Transfer Contacts is a great application used by a huge amount of people from all over the world for transferring contacts between multiple mobile devices. Transfer Contacts is a product of Maine Avenue Technologies SL, Inc. through which people can enjoy sharing contacts seamlessly from one device to the next… read more
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24 Apps Like Transfer Contacts


1. AT&T Mobile Transfer

AT&T Mobile Transfer is a stunningly used application which helps you transfer all your significant mobile stuff from your old mobile phone to your new cell phone. AT&T Mobile Transfer lets you transfer all your old mobile phone stuff such as videos, messages, contacts, audio, music, and other important steps with much convenience. This application helps you establish connection between two different mobile devices with ease and you can enjoy its extremely fast scenario of data sharing. It lets you just select multiple folders of pics, messages, documents, music files, apps, and other stuff with the click of the button and then tap transfer to enjoy intuitive transferring from one device to another. This application makes it easy to share your important content from one cell phone to another and through some simple and delegate steps. AT&T Mobile Transfer also lets you transfer call logs from one android device to another. You can simply transfer anything in three simple steps which includes the installing of app, connection with your old devices to AT&T network, and move anything from your old device with simple taps. So just download AT&T Mobile Transfer app in your phone, and seamlessly share everything from your old device to the new one.


2. SHAREit

SHAREit is an intensely used application which Android users love to share stuff from one phone to the next. SHAREit – Transfer & Share is a third party application which allows its users to get one the best and the fastest application to share stuff. This application brings the fastest cross-platform transfer speed and free online feeds such as movies, music, wallpapers, videos, GIFs, and more. SHAREit – Transfer & Share also added powerful media player as well which helps you enjoy your own music and videos. It brings 200 times faster than Bluetooth, and the highest speed probably goes up to 20 M/s. It never let you lose the quality of the stuff that you transfer to your mobile phones via this application. SHAREit – Transfer & Share allows you to transfer all types of files including photos, music, videos, installed apps, and any other files. You can also enjoy infinite online videos through which you can enjoy HD and selective videos, offline watching, and continuously updated stuff. Other than these, you can get excellent video player, find trending music, elegant music player, GIFs, Wallpapers, and Stickers right from this application. So just download this highly recommended application named SHAREit – Transfer & Share, and enjoy file sharing in an ultimate way.


3. Zapya

Zapya is the trust of millions of people from all over the world to enjoy instant sharing of anything they want from one device to the next. Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing is a tremendously used app developed by Dewmobile, Inc. which brings a fine tool to share things with ease. You can easily establish a connection between different devices and enjoy sharing your favourite photos, music, videos, apps, documents, and other gallery stuff with simple taps. It establishes a connection with simple steps, and you can even scan the QR code as well. Once the devices are connected, apart from sharing multiple stuff, you can even make communication and send messages as a group with ease. It lets you share your own love with so much ease, and it effectively supports various operating systems as well. This data sharing app also supports tons of languages, and you can enjoy it on your own. Apart from downloading, Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing also lets you share the app through the Bluetooth of your device from the in-app Bluetooth sharing support from one device to the next. So just give a chance to Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing app and enjoy sharing your important stuff with extreme comfort and in no time.


4. SuperBeam

SuperBeam brings one of the most smooth, secure, and easy way to share larger as well as small files between multiple devices using Wi-Fi direct. SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share was developed by the LiveQoS Inc. which brings the blazing fast app to share things between multiple devices. This application makes it easy to discover the device and be paired using QR codes with the included QR code scanner, NFC, and manual sharing Key. It carries a modern material design user interface with simplified receiving and sending screens, and you can enjoy it in Light, Amoled and Dark color themes. It lets you pair devices using QR code as well as NFC scanning, and share single or multiple files and folders of any type such as photos, videos, zipped files, APK’s contacts, messages, and so much more. You can also upgrade the SuperBeam app to its Pro version and get much more awesome functions which feature ads-free atmosphere, change the default save location, receive using manual sharing keys, send to more device, unlimited history records, and much more. You can easily download SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share app on your cell phone from the store and start sharing unlimited files to unlimited devices.


5. Xperia Transfer Mobile

Xperia Transfer Mobile is an ultra-convenient application which brings a safe atmosphere to share your important content with others in a way like never before. Xperia Transfer Mobile is a great product of Sony Mobile Communications, which lets you copy all the content from the old phone and share it to your new device with simple swipes. This app makes it so easy to share things with other users by multiple transferring methods such as Wi-Fi direct, Cloud, and SD card. You can connect with your old devices, and new devices through the Wi-Fi connect, temporary store content before transferring in the Cloud, and back up your content to the SD card and transfer it to your new devices through it SD card support. You can easily move your contacts, messages, pics, videos, and so much more from your old Android, Windows phone, and iOS mobile to new devices. It helps you instantly share contacts, calendar events, call log, text messages, videos, music, multimedia messages, photos, apps, app data, settings, home layouts, Wi-Fi settings, email account, and so much more between multiple devices. So just download Xperia Transfer Mobile app in your phone and enjoy unlimited sharing.


6. HTC Transfer Tool

HTC Transfer Tool is a widely used app introduced by HTC Corporation, through which people can wirelessly move content to your new HTC cell phone from your old devices. It is a simple to use tool which helps you use Wi-Fi Direct to share important data such as messages and photos wirelessly. It enables its users to transfer the files of your choice and so much more. This excellent tool helps you transfer mails, calendars, messages, photos and videos, contacts and call history, music, wallpapers, settings, documents, and so much more. HTC Transfer Tool helps users to establish a connection with simple swipes, and you can share unlimited things between multiple devices. It was never been so fast and smooth to share things whatever you want effortlessly. If you carry more than one device than you can share things between them anytime, anywhere you want. HTC Transfer Tool is not limited to HTC phone, and you can easily share things over other Android devices as well. So just download the HTC Transfer Tool app on your phone and start enjoying one of the most secure and effortless way to share things between multiple devices.


7. Move to iOS

Move to iOS enables you to move all your photos contacts, messages and so much more. Move to iOS is a classy Android app introduced by Apple Inc. which helps you copy your data securely over a private Wi-Fi network. It helps you share everything you need to share and can migrate any of your desired content securely and automatically within Android devices in just a few steps. It never let you save your stuff elsewhere before transferring from one device to another. Move to iOS helps you share everything regarding contacts, camera photos and videos, mail accounts, calendars, web bookmarks, message history, and almost anything you want. You have to create a private Wi-Fi network and discover your nearby android devise running this app when you choose to migrate your data from one device to another. Move to iOS app helps you set up a connection with so much convenience. Once the connection is established, you can transfer any of your desired things over the device you are connected to. So just download Move to iOS app on your mobile phone and enjoy your new Android, iPad and iPhone or any other device and start endless possibilities.


8. Switch Mobile Transfer

Switch Mobile Transfer lets you transfer your mobile stuff from one device to the next whether you have switched to a new cell phone and want your old phone memories back, and even if you want simple data sharing between two cell phones. Switch Mobile Transfer is a classy product of Consensus Corporation, which enables everyone to transfer their contacts, messages, pic, videos, gifs, document files, call logs, and other mobile media from one device to another. This application also carries the facility of QR code scanning and all you need to do is to download and launch it on your new devices and use it to scan the QR codes for effective data sharing. You can effortlessly select the number of contacts, cloud contacts, call recordings, photos, document files, and music that you want or even select the whole folder for sharing, no matter how weighty they are. Switch Mobile Transfer effectively tells you the total size of the files that you are sharing as well as the estimated time of transferring the data. You can also check the estimated space remaining on the target mobile device. So just download Switch Mobile Transfer app in your phone and enjoy data in both sending and receiving.


9. Qikshare

Qikshare is a marvellous app used by millions of people using this effective client for sharing data, introduced by iVinnyApps Inc. Qikshare – Bump – Airdrop has made it so easy to share contacts, files, and other stuff with any android, iOS, windows, and other devices. Qikshare is your one-stop multi-platform solution which lets you share pics and videos to your nearby devices or even send the link through the email or text with simple taps. It brings one of the fastest file sharing tools on the market through which you can enjoy a smooth, secure, and instant data sharing between devices. It helps you send more than one pics, videos, documents, and other files to your PC, Mac, and other portable devices seamlessly. Qikshare – Bump – Airdrop features share or transferring of contacts, single file sharing support, multiple file sharing support, web interface, almost no setup, and an effective NFC alternate for sharing stuff with iOS devices. Qik share caller ID helps you identify numbers during the call for the real-time. So just download Qikshare – Bump – Airdrop app from the store, and start sharing any of your mobile data with other devices without any cable or other transition mediums.


10. Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile is a great application which gives you the freedom of sharing your data between devices and helps you move anything with damn ease. Samsung Smart Switch Mobile is a fine application bought in the market by Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. which enables everyone to move contacts, music, photos, text messages, device setting, calendar, videos, audios, and so much more with simple taps. You can effortlessly share all your favourite music files, important contacts, private messages, family videos, calendar, remainder, call logs, and various other things while you are on the move. It brings wireless transferring of data to a Samsung device from compatible Android devices. Samsung Smart Switch Mobile made it easy to share things from your old mobile device to your new cell phone. It is already preloaded on devices such as Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy Note 9 device. It lets you have options to select who to transfer content to your new Galaxy device, and you can select data sharing through the USB cable, wirelessly, and through the SD card as well. So just download Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app in any of your mobile devices and transfer the data which moves you.


11. My Contacts

My Contacts is a fine application introduced by Telenor Capture which enables everyone to enjoy one click to copy your contacts to a new phone. My Contacts – Phonebook Backup & Transfer App lets you secure your contact lists with ease. This application helps you backup, save, and restore all your precious contacts, and you can even transfer your contacts between Android, iOS, and other mobile devices with just a tap. My Contacts app helps you keep your contacts remain safe, secure, and under control. It is a marvellous contact saving app that efficiently supports both feature and smartphones, and you can even access your phonebook using its web interface from anywhere. Through its elegant web interface, users can remove and merge the duplicate contacts and create a clean list of their contacts with comfort. My Contacts – Phonebook Backup & Transfer App brings one tap securing of contacts even if you lose or break your cell phone. This lightweight app features safe and secure backup support, ads-free atmosphere, auto sync options, manual sync options, and so much more. So just download My Contacts – Phonebook Backup & Transfer App in your phone, and never lose any of your favourite contacts whenever you switch your phones.


12. ApowerTrans

ApowerTrans is a simple to use, intuitive, and powerful app to transfer data and other mobile stuff between different Android, iOS, and other cell phones. ApowerTrans – Phone Transfer is an elegant product of APowerSoft Ltd. which enables one click to directly share all the contacts, and other data between multiple devices without any data loss or long time weight. This application makes it easy to share anything on your phone to your new or your friend’s phone with simple clicks and in no time. ApowerTrans – Phone Transfer enables one-click phone to phone data sharing so that you can transfer contents such as apps, music, pictures, videos, call logs, calendar, messages, and many other files between multiple mobile devices. It efficiently supports all the brands of mobile including Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Motorola, HTC, and others. Apower Trans app enables up to 30x speed as compared to the Bluetooth transfer. This free and easy to use app also enables its users to send multiple files during one session as well. So just pick ApowerTrans – Phone Transfer app from the store and give it a chance to transfer data to the new cell phone from your previously used mobile devices.


13. My Contacts Backup

My Contacts Backup is another elegant tool used to send your contacts in the universal format to others or yourself through the mail and without an account, signing in, and activations. It also backs all your contacts up and intuitively transfers them in a single click and in a tangible way that can be read by every device. My Contacts Backup bring one of the most effortless ways to restore as well as backup your contacts all from your cell phone without needing any synchronization or computer. It does not need any app to restore the backup file, and you can enjoy one tap backup in the iPhone, iPad, Mail, Client, and restore your contacts without any cost. You can email the backup file to yourself, and it even enables offline backup without any need to sync to any server. My Contacts Backup also enables vCard restore feature and you can even set remainder for regular (monthly and weekly) backups. It makes it instant to transfer contacts between iOS devices using the email client. Other than these, you can even delete contacts, and its backup is limited to a maximum of 500 contacts. So just download My Contacts Backup app from the store, and enjoy contact sharing effortlessly from one device to the others.


14. Phone Clone

Phone Clone enables the transferring of mobile stuff from your old Android device to your new Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Lenovo, and any other device with simple clicks. Phone Clone is a fine application introduced by Huawei Internet Services Inc. through which everyone can share their contacts, music, videos, apps, messages, calendar, settings, audios, and various other things from one device to another. It lets you select any of your desired material from one device, make a connection between devices from this app, and instantly share things without any effort. You can effortlessly get to know the exact weight of your data that is going to share and also measures the remaining space of the targeted cell phone. You can transfer contacts, video and photos from your iPhone to your brand new Huawei Smartphone. It also carries even more transfer capabilities from one Huawei device to other ones. It carries an entirely new interface and more effortless operation and supports one key match through the QR code scanning for an Android phone. So just give a chance Phone Clone app, and enjoy transferring contacts, messages, videos, photos, music, apps, data, settings, memos, browser bookmarks, memos, phone layout, and so much more right through any of your mobile devices.


15. Phone Copier Express

Phone Copier Express is a widely used app through which you can easily transfer through the cloud, Bluetooth, and PC. Phone Copier – MOBILedit is a classy application through which you can completely transfer your phonebook and messages from almost any mobile devices. It is the only app you are looking for to transfer things in the way you want. It is working so hard for developing a tool with the ability to migrate between thousands of models from all the gigantic manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, Apple, HTC, Blackberry, iPhone, and various others. It is also an ultimate PC suite for all your Android Phones with features including rich phonebook, organizer, smart phonebook optimizer, functionality, signal indicator, memory status, battery life indicator, SMS sending as well as management, and so much more. It helps you upload from old phone and download to a new one and directly replay from achieved messages. Phone Copier – MOBILedit also carries some new features such as message archive which enables you to import many messages from different phones into one place so you can read, filter, search or replay to them. So just download Phone Copier – MOBILedit app, and enjoy it in the way you want.


16. Share All

Share All is a fabulous application which helps you share everything with a single tap between multiple devices. Share All: Transfer Files and share anything comes in the market by Soft Droid, which enables you to transfer any files hundreds times faster than the Bluetooth. This app helps you discover the easiest way to share as well as receive files in no time. Its app offers complete support for video sharing, photo sharing, photo transfer, and you can effortlessly receive files from a variety of devices as well. It is capable of sharing android files that you always wanted anytime you want. Share All: Transfer Files and share anything brings one of the fastest ways if you are planning to transfer your photos, audio, videos, installed apps, games, documents, and other files between Android devices. This application takes the files sharing to the next level and shares all delivers a very fast, ultimate speed files sharing experience. You can share anything you want by making a straightforward connection and then try things in a quick, reliable, and very convenient way. So just download Share All: Transfer Files and share anything app in your phone, and enjoy sharing anything you want from one of your cell phones to another.


17. Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer is a classy application introduced by APPS Mobile which features a lot more functions such as data transfer, phone value estimation, privacy smash, recycling, and lot more. Phone Transfer (360 clone) lets you share all your important files with your colleagues, favourite pics with your family members, documents to your friends and partners, and so much more with simple swipes. It helps you securely transfer almost ten type of data between devices such as contacts, text messages, call records, photos, phone ringtones, music, videos, Wi-Fi passwords, applications, and games as well. Phone Transfer (360 clone) connects multiple cell phone intuitively, and you just have to select things that you want to transfer and press the share button and then let it do the rest. It exclusively achieves prevention of the malicious recovery of lost or deleted files as well. Phone Transfer (360 clone) supports the safe transmission of data between multiple devices, and there is no third party in between your mobile device to steal your data. It carries lot more features as well through which you can enjoy sharing of multiple data stuff in an ultimate fun and effortless way. So just download Phone Transfer app, and enjoy it in the way you want.


18. Copy My Data

Copy My Data is another intuitive application through which you can intuitively copy your data from one cell phone to another using a Wi-Fi network without the need for any PC. Copy My Data bought in the market by Media Mushroom Inc. which helps you transfer your important data from one device to another with ease. This app helps you share all your contacts from one phone to another without any data loss. It has made it possible to share all your favorite and memorable contacts between different devices with simple taps and you can enjoy sharing things in the way you want with your beloved ones. You can intuitively make connection between devices and share things with simple clicks. Copy My Data allows you to share your calendar and all the stuff that it contains with your colleagues and other fellows. All you need to do is to connect your devices with the same network of Wi-Fi and then run the app for sharing things with simple taps. While on the other hand, Copy My Data also guides you to the scenario of copying data from one phone to the next in some simple steps. So just download Copy My Data app on your phone, and share things handily.


19. WiFi+Transfer

WiFi+Transfer is an unrestricted, unlimited, and free to use app which has made it so easy to transfer media between devices. WiFi+Transfer was bought in the market by Nero AG Inc. which lets you sync photos, music, videos and other stuff with ease and enables you to share them in the way like never before. You can seamlessly share and transfer photos between devices in an ultimate way. You can effortlessly share your PC data over your mobile devices and vice versa. WiFi+Transfer app allows you to connect your mobile device with your PC without plugging any cable or USB wire and intuitively import as well as export stuff making use of your Wi-Fi connection. It enables automatic connection through the Wi-Fi, and all you need to do is to connect and transfer media to the PC through import button. It also drags and drops media from the PC to your phone and also contains automatic transcoding to your device best quality. You can easily catch things from your PC’s and enjoy them anytime you want. So just download WiFi+Transfer app in your cell phone if you have lots of videos and photos on your cell phone and want to archive them on your computer for gaining some storage space.


20. Mobile Data Switcth

Mobile Data Switcth is another intuitive application which enables its users to enjoy data sharing in a seamless way. Mobile Data Switcth is a newly developed application presented in the market by 69 Media Devper Inc. through which you can intuitively switch phones by transferring data. It enables you to copy your data from one cell phone to another phone using Wi-Fi network without any need for a computer. This application helps you copy your entire data from your old phone and paste it into your new phone with simple steps. All you need to share files using Mobile Data Switcth is that both of the phones are to be connected via a same Wi-Fi network and then follow the instructions to achieve data sharing. This elegant data backup and recovery tool through which you can easily copy data from your old phone and send it to your new device without the need for any PC or USB. It enables its users to enjoy sharing and backing up photos, calendar, contacts, photos, settings, and other information as well. So just pick the Mobile Data Switcth app from the stores, and securely share stuff between devices.


21. SmartIO

SmartIO is a fully-functional and a robust cross-platform which has made it easy to transfer content between devices while supporting all the major brand or platforms of smartphones such as Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and various others. SmartIO – Transfer Content bought in the market by Aomata LLC which helps people transfer things intuitively. It enables individuals to share files regarding PDF, Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, text files, Apks, and some others. This application supports contacts, pics, calendars, and videos for Android to Android as well as cross-platform transfer. Other than these, SmartIO – Transfer Content also supports audios, SMS, WhatsApp chat backup, MMS, Call logs, bookmarks, Line Messenger chat backup, applications, memos, and backup of KakaoTalk messenger chat app. This app is elegantly designed for both personal as well as businesses use. It also supports the transferring of data using the 3G, 4G, and other cellular networks if you don’t have the Wi-Fi network availability. So just download SmartIO – Transfer Content app in your phones, and share things with your family members, friends, and other special persons of your life.


22. T-Mobile Content Transfer

T-Mobile Content Transfer is another classy application which enables its users to transfer files with simple swipes and let it be in no time. T-Mobile Content Transfer is a great tool introduced by T-Mobile USA, which enables users to share things in an effortless and intuitive way between multiple devices. It helps users to share contacts, call logs, messages, music, videos, call recordings, pictures, and so much more from your old mobile device to your new cell phone. Both the phones should download T-Mobile Content Transfer app in them for sharing their stuff in a way like never before. You can effortlessly connect the phones by following the commands and have various other features for instant data sharing. This data sharing app makes it convenient to transfer things through one phone to the other. T-Mobile Content Transfer also enables you to know the total estimated time of the data transfer, and you can also get the quality of data that is being sent. It also lets you have the options to share the amount of content that you need. So just download T-Mobile Content Transfer app if you nearly bought a new cell phone and wanted all the stuff from your previous cell phone instantly and with simple swipes.


23. Bluetooth contact transfer

Bluetooth contact transfer makes it so effortless to share as well as transfer contacts between multiple cell phones. Bluetooth contact transfer was introduced by The AppGuru Inc. which helps you transfer all your contacts to an Android phone from all the Bluetooth enabled devices. You just have to click on its search panel to find the nearby active devices and wait a bit for all the available devices to appear. After device searching, you can easily pick any of your desired devices to transfer the contacts that you want. You have to pair both devices and grant the permission to access all the contacts available in that phone. After intuitive selection, Bluetooth contact transfer app transfers all the contacts instantly and lets you do anything you want. This application provides you with the options of selecting the contacts individually or even reduce your efforts by providing you with the button for selecting all the contacts at once for sharing. Bluetooth contact transfer enables users to transfer stuff from Android to Android, Old Phone to Nokia Phones, Nokia Symbian and blackberry to Android and various other devices. You can download Bluetooth contact transfer app from the store, and seamlessly share your contacts between multiple devices.


24. Data Smart Switch Mobile

Data Smart Switch Mobile is a fine product of Mister Tools which enables its customers to switch mobile data between multiple devices with ease. Data Smart Switch Mobile 2018 enables its users to transfer the data from one phone to the other through the Wi-Fi network without any PC or something else. All you need to do is to connect both of your phones to the same Wi-Fi and then follow the instruction for instant data sharing. This application makes it easy to choose things that you want to transfer and make it done with one click. Smart Data Sharing app enables its users to share calendars, contacts, photos, settings, videos, and much more. Data Smart Switch Mobile 2018 is a smart data recovery and data backup tool through which you can instantly copy as well as transfer all the data from one mobile device to the next. You can copy data with simple swipes and import and export them in the way you want. So just download Data Smart Switch Mobile 2018 app on your cell phone, and enjoy sharing your memorable photos, videos, and other stuff with damn ease.

More About Transfer Contacts

Transfer Contacts is a great application used by a huge amount of people from all over the world for transferring contacts between multiple mobile devices. Transfer Contacts is a product of Maine Avenue Technologies SL, Inc. through which people can enjoy sharing contacts seamlessly from one device to the next. It has made it easy to switch your mobile phones in the way you want, and you even share all your previous contacts on your new cell phone. Transfer Contacts app effectively works with the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and most of the Bluetooth enabled devices. This application enables you to have an entirely free operation if you have your contacts less than 75, and for more than 75 contacts you have to pay 1$ fee depending on your currency and region. You can transfer your contacts from any Bluetooth enabled cell phones to Android. Transfer Contacts helps you transfer contacts from Blackberry to Android, iPhone to Android, Nokia, LG, Lenovo, HTC, and other classic devices to Android, and even Android to Android. You can effortlessly download Transfer Contacts app in your cell phone and transfer all your contacts to your new mobile device from the old one in just a few seconds.

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