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Tumblr enables you to share anything very quickly. Posting text, photographs, quotes, links, music, and video clips from your browser, mobile phone, desktop computer, email, or wherever you happen to be. You can personalize everything, from colors to your theme’s HTML… read more
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1. Cube

Cube- Your Mobile Blog is another fun app which helps you create blogs on the go, engage the audience with questions and polls, and share intuitive knowledge. Cube- Your Mobile Blog is a cool place where individual create a blog, ask questions, and poll the community about what they are interested in and what they knew well. This is probably one of the best apps to build your brand, search users and content and be rated. Cube- Your Mobile Blog is one of the widely used apps which helps you build your blogs, ask questions and poll the community in an ultimate way. It lets you build hashtag ratings that make a connection to your profile and become top rated in hashtags. Cube- Your Mobile Blog is an amazing application which helps you build your personal brand and connect to users who share your interests. Blogging is sharing your passion and interests, so Cube- Your Mobile Blog let everyone to be a blogger and bang their approach. This application never let you lose any progress when leaving this app, and clean up how the blog posts without any extra cards look. So just download Cube- Your Mobile Blog to start and blog and reach everyone in the community with your damn content.


2. Pocket

Pocket is a simple application for Android that will allow you to save any interesting content you find on the Internet, to look at it later without Internet access. With Pocket, you can keep your ‘pocket’ any content that we find on a web page. From the website itself to a video, through the more traditional option: an article. Only you need to press the share button and choose the ‘Pocket’ option. In this way, you will keep the content in question in our account, and you can access it at any time without Internet connection. Once we begin to have a lot of content saved on our Pocket account, you must order it. Pocket and this is also very simple. You can organize the content that you keep in categories so that access to it will be as easy as taking a look at your favorites. Pocket is a very useful application, which will be especially interesting for users who do not have 3G mobile phone connections. In any case, it is perfect for keeping it safe all the texts and Internet articles that are interesting to you.


3. Twitter

Twitter is a free application that is available on Android, iOS, and other platforms that let you connect with people and express yourself, and discover more about all the things you love. You will be linked with breaking news that will inform you of the local and global news. You will get photographs fast and bring them to life.

It’s the exact picture collection that thinks as you do. Twitter provides a visual search. Your photos are currently searchable by the people, locations, and things that appear in all of them. Twitter also offers unlimited free, high-quality storage and easy access to any device or the internet.


4. BlogPress

BlogPress is another intuitive application comes into the market for letting you create blogs in the way and of the nature that you want. This application comes with the facts of blogging training and incredible personal support for individuals from all across the world. This ultimate blogging application lets you get the things that you would definitely won’t get with a traditional web host or the free blogging service. Rather than creating effective and fully-loaded blogs, this application also guides you through all your undone mysteries. It’s very intellectual and knowledgeable support team answers all your blogging questions seriously, and you can find rather your question is simple or extreme complex. It provides free training to all its customers and lets you know the writing, images, library, menus, categories, navigation, and other tactics. You can easily understand the fact that how to make a blog by getting info regarding blogs, writing, SEO, selling your products, and social media advertising, etc. Other than its traditional hosting stuff, it also helps you set up your theme, email subscribes, plugins, and everything you need. Noticing all these features, just get BlogPress from stores and enjoy beautiful premium themes and all the plugins you need.


5. BlogPad Pro

BlogPad Pro is one of the classiest and professional apps for bloggers which help them run all their Blogger and WordPress blogs using their mobile phones. BlogPad Pro for WordPress & Blogger is a great app introduced by Macroweb Ltd. which enables its entire users to blog online as well as when they don’t have any internet connection. This application allows you to sync your changes when you are done. It brings superb conflict management and autosave feature which ensure that you would not unwittingly overwrite and lose your hard work with the best visual editor. BlogPad Pro for WordPress & Blogger is probably the fully featured mobile blogging app which helps you manage multiple blogs in one place. This application brings one-click syncing to upload all your changes after you have worked offline, and while going online. Its fantastic visual editor helps your style your pages and posts without any coding and with maintaining clean HTML. Some of its cool features include Dropbox integration, (creating, deleting, and editing) managing posts, write and edit HTMP, adding images, adding new and existing tags, easily link within your blogs and way many options. So just download BlogPad Pro for WordPress & Blogger, and enjoy ultimate blogging experience.


6. WordPress

WordPress is an amazing platform for making a stunning website for business, professionals, and bloggers developed by WordPress Foundation. WordPress offers you to create and manage your website in a simple manner. It is an open source and free CMS (Content Management Systems) which is based on MySQL and PHP. WordPress installed on a web server that is either be a network host in its right or a part of an internet hosting systems. You can register a unique domain name like .com, .org, .net, .me domain and start using this in seconds. In a few easier steps you can also map your existing domain name. This platform allows you to find a unique style for your website, WordPress features hundreds of high-quality themes. It provides powerful statics with colorful graphs and maps to see how others found you and where they were. Its features include template systems and a plugin architecture. On Feb 2017 WordPress was used by more than 27.5 of the top 10 million websites and is one of the most popular blogging or web management system, supporting over 60 million websites. Its users may download and switch between innumerable Themes (allows the user to change the outlook). Its functionality enhancing plugins architecture allows its users to expand the functionality and features of a blog and website. It also provides multi-user support, SEO, Social Network Integration and custom tags/categories.


7. Feedly

Feedly is a single place to read all types of news. You can make a collection where you can add your favorite publications, podcasts, and YouTube channels. In this way, you can organize them quickly, and you will receive updates about new stories and videos. The user can read blogs, learn new topics, and can track keywords, brands, or companies. Feedly works faster than other sources of news and information; it means you will remain updated about everything.

As Feedly is using lots of sources of news, you will find here niche content that is specific to your passion or work if you discover some great feeds than you can add them to Feedly and read comfortably in one place. It has useful integration with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others so you can share your stories with your friends and teammates.


8. BlogTouch Pro

BlogTouch Pro is probably one of the most sophisticated and high rated blogger editors for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac. It is one of the most robust mobile BlogSpot or Blogger editor which is designed to extemporize your work with ease. Using BlogTouch Pro, you can manage limitless blogs by editing, publishing, and remove posts, comments, and pages intuitively. It allows you to use its advanced text editor for better blogging and you can work offline just to publish articles when you are ready. You can even edit pics directly and switch between multiple blogs and accounts. You can intuitively manage published, updated, drafted, and offline pages and posts and create schedules posts for later publishing right through it. You can safely delete articles, write with your voice, easily preview your articles, share posts (through any service and app), and even set app password for its extreme safety. You can easily publish, update, and remove posts and even check as well as replay your comments. It lets you work remotely using your mobile phone. So just download BlogTouch Pro, and enjoy the interactions between you and your website with ease and pretty much management.


9. Squarespace Blog

Squarespace Blog is a great application which helps you enjoy the tool you need to create and edit posts and intuitively manage all the comments on multiple Squarespace websites. Squarespace Blog is a damn elegant, intuitive, simple to use, and powerful tool which enables the writing of blogs in a simple way. This application enables its users to write and oversee posts using the layout engine or the markdown. You can intuitively add and layout pics, create links and format text without having any knowledge of HTML. You can even save drafts, tag items, queue posts, and carry as much as you can. Square Space Blog brings effortless and more comfortable comment management for its entire users which helps you engage with your customers, followers, and clients. It allows you to edit, replay, and modify comments and batch moderate comments for famous posts through its smart interface. It also lets you mark comment spam with a flick of your finger. Squarespace Blog lets you instantly toggle between your websites and blogs to manage the comments and the available content. So just download Squarespace Blog, create a Squarespace account, and get it for free.


10. Doongle

Doongle is a marvellous social media application where you can make friends and buddies from all across the world. Doongle – Where your global journey begins is the finest application which is more than just sharing posts. This application enables you to make a connection with over 1,000,000 Doongles from almost 3800 cities and 118 countries. This app carries a trustworthy community with different languages and multiple backgrounds which welcome everyone warmly. It allows you to read stories from folks from all across the globe and get to know the world more closely while sharing the moments with them too. You can even search locations, hashtags and users and do chat with them from various time zones for the real-time. Doongle – Where your global journey begins app is more than posting your memorable moments and lets you make friends, searching travel buddies, finding penpals, studying languages, and even enjoy dating from all across the globe. This is a marvellous tool for making friends from your desired countries and may lead you to learn their languages as well. You can chat people randomly by gender and country and also make group conversations with people from all across. So just download Doongle – Where your global journey begins app in your phone to start a journey which never stops exploring the whole word.


11. Wix

Wix is one of the most emerging applications which helps you manage your online business on the move. This intuitive app lets you have real-time updates, start a conversation with your customers and visitors, manage your online store, and almost everything from your mobile phone. Wix allows you to manage all the activities which are concerned with the store anytime, anywhere. This app lets you track orders, get instant notifications on sales, add new products, and add new products as well. You can keep track of all your invoice details from your mobile phone and get live notifications when customer make any payments. It provides notifications when you have a new visitor on any of your sites, start a live conversation and respond to the customer’s messages instantly. Wix allows you to interact with your visitors, make effective conversation with them without any wait, and save the entire client history. Wix also lets you measure all your reservations, and you can see the availability at a glance. You can easily upload pics by instant camera clicks or from your mobile phone’s gallery to use on your blog, site, or store. So just download Wix, and enjoy creating effective blogs, website, and online stores, and manage them a very suitable and sophisticated way.


12. FastFeed for Tumblr

FastFeed for Tumblr is another famous blogging app which brings a more elegant way of looking to Tumbler. FastFeed T2 (for Tumblr) is a fine application introduced by Concerto, which is made for one who needs grouping, bookmark or rapid access to their favourite blogs. It provides multi-tab navigation support for a variety of social network services. It is currently available for Tumblr, Facebook, and 500px. The most highlighted features of FastFeed T2 (for Tumblr) includes Multi-tab support, grid and detailed layout support, and FeedSet support. This app lets you open each feed in a new tab, and each of its tab is supported by menus. It brings grid layout for robust scanning and detail layout for full-size content viewing, and you can switch both layouts intuitively. This application enables smart paging so that the scrolling with stops at the very beginning of the nearest possible content, while its full-screen image viewer supports endless scroll of all pic in the feed. Its flexible content layout supports both landscape and portrait orientation. You can even subscribe FastFeed T2 (for Tumblr) for premium features. So just download FastFeed T2 (for Tumblr), and enjoy its classy features.


13. Instagram

Instagram is an easy solution to capture and share the world’s moments. Boost your daily photos and videos into pieces of art and also, share them with your friends and family. Start to see the world via somebody else’s site by just following as well as the people you already know, but inspirational Instagrammers, photographers, sports athletes, famous people, and fashion icons. Anytime you open Instagram, you will see fresh photos and videos from your dearest friends, plus surprising instances shared by creative people across the globe.

Over 400 million people use Instagram to you can edit pics and vids with free, custom-designed filter systems also improve pictures along with ten advanced creative methods to modify brightness, saturation, and contrast and even shadows, highlights, and perspective. You can find people to follow based on the accounts and photos they already love.


14. Flickr

A staple for web-based photo sharing is now offering a mobile application. You can share and link it with the entire Flickr group. Follow other people and find out their submitted photos in your feed. Unlike Instagram, Flickr enables you to upload and share photos in addition to single pictures.

As a bonus, Flickr increases as a photo storage space product and provides you 1000GB of storage for photos and videos. Camera roll of the Flickr app within the cloud and immediate access to your entire Flickr collection so that you can freely upload your phone for everything else.


15. Weebly

Weebly is a massively refined app when we talk about blogging. There are more than 50 million creative entrepreneurs, makers, and artists from all over the world who are using this elegant application for making their online stores and website. This application allows you to get the freedom of creating, launching and growing any type of your online business or the website directly using your smartphone whatever, whenever. This application lets you use the drag and drop builder, and you can easily add products to your site using pics directly from the photo gallery of your mobile phone or tablet for making an online store. You can even customize your site with entirely responsive online store themes provided here. While on the other hand, you can even create a website here with all the complimentary stuff which is required to create an intuitive one. You can now monitor all your activities through its attractive dashboard, see more detailed stats on the store order, site traffic, form entries, and stay connected with your followers and comment givers. So just download Weebly, and start creating an online store or the website of your newly developed or already exist business and see all your stuff in one room.


16. Blogo

Blogo is one of the most super talented, simple, and powerful WordPress, blogger, and medium blogging application available in the store. Blogo is one of the healthiest blog publishing application present in this universe which helps bloggers to focus on stuff that matters most. It brings a clean and distraction-free interface which helps you be more focused and productive and be on time. Blogo supports all major coding languages, and count characters and words with live reading time. Its built-in image editor helps you crop, set aspect ratio, and resize your images and let you handle and edit your images in the way you want. This application allows you to discover and add images, videos and music like magic so that you can enjoy a lot more in this intuitive all in one solution. You can even preview while writing because what you see is what you post. Its built-in image editor helps you save much of your time and enhance the flexibility of doing work for your blogs and websites. It enables you to instantly send interesting things to your blogs and never let you be late for things that you probably do. So just download this super talented app named Blogo, and have your blog with you anytime, anywhere.


17. LiveJournal

LiveJournal is another intuitive and highly recommend social journal platform which enables individuals from all over the world to discover each other based on common pursuits and passions. This is a great platform where worldwide individuals can share experiences, guides, thoughts, fiction, artwork, passion, guidance, skills, and more by posting to journals and interest-based communities. This application lets you read friend’s page, users and communities journal and you can even read and write comments. You can easily create and posts polls of yours and well as other’s interests and enjoy the response from all across the world. Live Journal also lets you access and edit your last journal. You can easily compose and edit drafts having this app in your phone. You can easily manage your app setting for mobile posting and enjoy all its features for free. Other than these, you can even post entries to your communities and journal and posts photos right from this superb application. You can share anything you want on LiveJournal, and enjoy more by posting the right thing for its entire community. So just download LiveJournal, and find each other for having common quests and hunger by creating yours and discovering other’s polls.


18. Pingdom

Pingdom is one of the most powerful tools which gives you full visibility on your Pingdom uptime controlling from the ease of our mobile phone or other portable devices. It is a fine product, which lets you see the status of all the services, online stores, and websites you’re monitoring and provides intuitive alerts of any outage at any time, anywhere. You can intuitively monitor the list of issues, issue details, monitoring overview, customizable alert tones, and check details right through this elegant and almost fully-functional app. You can not only see, but also manage the status and health of every of your sites in the way you want. Pingdom allows you to identify trends in the real-time historical data which is presented in easily catchable and beautiful graphs. Through its custom alert tones to differentiate crucial alerts from notifications apart from these so that you can catch all the updates intuitively. You can switch between uptime summaries of individuals sites or an account-wide overview through its more intuitive and simplified user interface. You can get alerted and catch real-time notifications directly to your mobile phone. So just download Pingdom, and never miss any single of the Pingdom alert again.


19. Aweber

Aweber is a classy application which helps you check email stats on the move, introduced by one of the most famous AWeber Communications. AWeber Email Stats on the Go helps you view all of your email stats on an easy to understand and read dashboard. You can easily check out subscriber engagement and watch your open rates on the send messages. It is an all in one solution for any of your email concerns, and you can catch any of your emails related stuff right through this app. you can receive real-time notifications when new subscribers join your lists and explore the effectiveness of any of your campaigns. AWeber Email Stats on the Go provides up to the minute stats on your follow-ups and easily dive into the individuals broadcast details. It includes the capability to configure settings so that you are notified for the lists that are most significant to you at the frequency that fits your workflow. You can easily open, bounce, click, and complaint rates for any list and send a broadcast message and also monitor the detailed stays for each of the recipient of a sent broadcast. So just download AWeber Email Stats on the Go, and enjoy having your email details right through this app.



MEEFF enables its users to discover nearby Koreans and become friends with them with some simple clicks. MEEFF – Korean friends social app lets you enjoy meeting people from Korea and let you make them your friends for stating a journey ultimately. There are thousands of Korean people using this app for making new friends. You can expand your friend zone using this app and make endless conversations to have a hell of fun. MEEFF – Korean friend making app enables you to talk Korean dramas and K-POP with Korean friends and exchange everything you want. MEEFF enables you to find Korean people to enjoy chatting with coffee, watching a movie, touring your city together, touring Korea from end to end, watching dramas, and so much more. This application also carries a premium chat room where you can enjoy photo transfer and automatic translation of words that you exchange in the chat room. You can find tons of Koreans to make friends and exchange languages for learning or any other reason. You can easily customize your app in age, language and gender in the way you want. So just download MEEFF – Korean friends app in your phone, and start chatting with some new Koreans.


21. Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter & Instagram

Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter & Instagram is a fine product by Hootsuite. It is used to efficiently manage and schedule your posts to multiple social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms, all from one app. It is free of cost app for up to 3 social media accounts and has more than 15 million worldwide users due to its amazing features. It is one of the most reasonable applications that help you to manage and control your business on social media. Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter & Instagram allows you to share and publish your photos to all of your social media accounts at once. You can easily manage multiple social media accounts and monitor your brand on Twitter and Facebook right through this stunning app. You can easily schedule a tweet to Twitter, post to Instagram and Facebook, to be sent at a later time or the whole day. It also lets you AutoSchedule messages to post them automatically at the best time of the day. You can also receive optional notifications when other people talk about you and mention any of your brands, etc. Hence, having this app on your mobile phone, you can easily monitor your social media accounts in the classiest way.


22. Svbtle

Svbtle is an outstanding platform for gathering and developing ideas, reading them and sharing them with the world. It is a kind of the new magazine. The developers of this site focused their energy on creating the simplest interface for achieving their objectives and goals. It is reading and writing network designed to work the same way your brain works. It helps you in making ideas and includes almost everything you need to create or publish your thoughts to the whole world. Svbtle offers a huge list of features. These functions include an innovative dashboard (helps you curate your ideas, develop them slowly and then reveal than to the public). This site promise to keep your published content online forever. The svbtle editor is designed in an efficient way to make your designing better and efficient. It does not offers distractions and using Markdown you can format your posts in an easy to read and write atmosphere. This site gave the best reading experience and designed to display your writing in one of the best possible ways. Svbtle is a fast, beautiful and simple platform with fewest interruptions to your readers.


23. We Heart It

We Heart It is an application that enables you to discover photos from the subjects that you want the most and also saves all of them either in the cloud (in your We Heart It account) or on your Android, iOS device. We Heart It works just like other image-sharing sites such as Pinterest. You can select the tag words that interest you the best and search for all of the photos uploaded by other users that include those tags.

You may also follow differently. We Heart It users and become followed in return. Whenever you look for a user whose photos you usually like, you just need to follow them to make it ensure all of their changes appear in your primary feed. When you look at a photo that you want, you just need to select the heart button.


24. Vigo.Video

Vigo Video is the simplest way to share all the beautiful experiences captured on your phone. Create exciting short movies with your photos, video clips, and modern music. Share secretly or with followers in the Vigo community and beyond. Explore popular flipagrams to find out new folk and stories from around the globe. Get featured, go traditional, and become famous! Vigo Video editors will search for fun, impressive, or innovative videos to highlight the fast-growing community.

Vigo Video is the simplest way to produce, modify and share incredible videos, slideshows, and stories with your photos, videos, and lots of free licensed music (videos at present just compatible on most Android and iOs devices). Along with millions of monthly users throughout the world and also growing, Vigo Video is the world’s preferred way to tell an incredible story.


25. Facebook

Facebook is a social networking app with the par quality, also offers an edition specially designed for Android and iOS and other portable devices. Its selections are virtually the same as the computer system versions, with the small variation that you simply can’t play the most of the video games that are built-in into Facebook.

Games aside, you can get most of the details about friends and family and colleagues at your fingertips, call at your wall, post, and download pictures, change your status, leave feedback along with a lot of extra options that you can carry around in your wallet. Facebook for Android and iOS is an essential application for people that use the most popular social network in the world. It enables you always to be linked at anyplace and anytime.


26. Facebook Group

Very first there was only Facebook, and then there was Messenger, now they’re Groups, Facebook has released a separate app purely regarding their Groups function, and also, it’s pretty much a various user graphical user interface for the present groups that already appear in the main Facebook app.

Compared with Messenger, which was artificially obtained from the primary Facebook app, Facebook sees Groups as a match to the main Facebook app. “Follow your groups here or on Facebook, whichever is more straightforward for you. There’s not much more to say regarding Facebook Groups. It’s Facebook’s Groups feature in an app.


27. Path

The Path is the latest online social network that gives a kind of ‘public’ diary to ensure that only your nearest family and friends can easily see what you perform and wish to do. You can discuss all this information quickly with Path. As well, you’ll be able to back them up through taking photographs along with your mobile phone and also consisting of these folks in the timeline, which has a beautiful style.

If you have the link to other social support systems that are very normal in today’s community, you will probably be capable of link Path with Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, or Facebook, such as the links on your timeline, and vice-versa. This most useful point of this social networking app that you will have a few close friends (just your most intimate circle) is its visible style. It has some detail that is very easy-to-use and will permit you to do everything quickly.


28. Google Photos

Google Photos is the home for all of your videos and photos. Immediately structured and also retrievable, you can get photos fast and bring them to life. It’s the actual picture collection that thinks as you do. Google Photos provides a visual search. Your photos are currently searchable by the people, locations, and things that appear in all of them.

If you are looking for that fish taco, you ate in Hawaii? Just search “Hawaii,” “food,” or “food in Hawaii” to find it no tagging required. Google Photos also provides an unlimited free high-quality storage that automatically backup all your videos and photos. Easily access them on any device or the internet at photos.google.com.


29. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is the app that allows you to like the most useful content on the Internet, completely personalized to suit your passions and tastes. After making a StumbleUpon account, you’ll be offered a massive list of interests – stuff like action movies, astronomy, pics, video gaming, dogs, etc.

StumbleUpon can give you publications associated with those topics. So when a person thinking about cats and new technology starts StumbleUpon, They will automatically get the latest releases from the most experienced tech and cat sites.

More About Tumblr

Tumblr enables you to share anything very quickly. Posting text, photographs, quotes, links, music, and video clips from your browser, mobile phone, desktop computer, email, or wherever you happen to be. You can personalize everything, from colors to your theme’s HTML. Tumblr permits you to find and build the stuff you love. If you like the stuff, stop reading this, get the app, and just start having fun.

You’ll possibly not be bored again. This app provides an instant photo sharing with anyone, no matter what device you are using just by sending a link, just select photos and tap the share icon and then copy the link. You can quickly post photos, GIFs, text, video, audio, and anything. People readily share their stuff about it on their Tumblr.