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TunesFlow lets you listen to the music in your own way that you always wanted, bought in the market by Hector Ricardo Garcia Peña A Inc. TunesFlow – Music Player with Equalizer intuitively customize your music listening experience with a 10 band equalizer and use multiple presets or build your own settings library assignable to lists, albums, songs, and even genres… read more
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1. Cloud Music Importer

Cloud Music Importer is an app established especially for music lovers who want to listen to each and every new, hot, or trendy song and want to keep it for the lifetime. CloudMusic Importer – Free Music Streamer and Playlist Manager, makes it easy to listen to thousands of songs and enjoy them whenever you want. It lets you discover your most likely music in your favourite genres, and you can also add songs to your device as well. This music streaming app helps you create, manage, and enjoy playlists of your favourite songs and lets you listen to them in three kinds of play modes including normal, loop playlists, and loop on songs, etc. CloudMusic Importer – Free Music Streamer and Playlist Manager bring a superb platform and a convenient way to listen as well as download your favourite music whenever you want. This application makes it easy to catch all the songs you love to listen and enjoy them whenever you want. You can also shuffle the playlist, and it also displays the album artwork as well. So just download this classy and gorgeous app named CloudMusic Importer – Free Music Streamer and Playlist Manager and enjoy your most favourite music in your own way.


2. DoubleTwist Music

DoubleTwist Music is a madly used music app which is designed efficiently for audiophiles and music collectors and helps them live music in their own way. DoubleTwist Music & Podcast Player with Sync bought in the market by doubleTwist Inc. which brings an ultimate music player and podcast manager with music sync functionality having millions of satisfied music lovers. This music streaming app brings excellent interface which has superbly eliminated the need to jump between multiple music apps to play music, manage podcasts, and do various kind of stuff. This application brings lossless audio along with 10-band equalizers with FLAC and ALAC support for extreme amusement. DoubleTwist Music & Podcast Player with Sync lets you enjoy and manage music ultimately. It also features AirSync for wireless sync over Wi-Fi, ultimate premium themes, Chromecast, AirPlay and DLNA support, gapless playback, album art search, 10-band equalizer and SuperSound, removal of ads in the radio screens and podcast, and sleep timer for extreme comfort. You can configurable its navigation menu browser by folders, date, albums, artists, and more. So if you are a music lover than just download DoubleTwist Music & Podcast Player with Sync app to manage podcasts, stream music, and sync iTunes playlists right under one platform.


3. Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle Music Player is a simple, lightweight, and intuitive music player which helps you enjoy music over all your Android mobile device. Shuttle Music Player is a much famous app introduced by SimpleCity Inc. which brings modern, material design to enjoy music that you love. It is a robust open source music player which enables you to play almost all genres of music with some smart and elegant features. It carries some classy features which include the support of gapless playback, extremely customizable widget, sleep timer support, last. Fm Scrobbling, open source scenario, automatic artwork downloading, and tons of music themes including light and dark mode. Shuttle Music Player is efficiently builds on the strengths of Google Play music and keeps on improving its useful and attractive features. It carries in-built 6 band equalizer with extreme bass boost which helps you enjoy music in your own intensity of equalizer and your desired bass. The paid features of the Shuttle app includes ID3 tag editing, Chromecast support, folder browsing, some extra dose of themes, and much more. So just download Shuttle Music Player app in your phone and enjoy an open source music player which contains everything that an exquisite music player has.


4. CloudPlayer™ by doubleTwist cloud

CloudPlayer™ by doubleTwist cloud is a revolutionary music player which lets you take control of your music, no matter where it is captured in your device. CloudPlayer™ by doubleTwist cloud & offline player is a great tool introduced by DoubleTwist Inc. which allows you to link your Google Drive or OneDrive to stream and download cloud music of your choice. You can even use this music streaming app without any internet connection or link to any of your Cloud Drive including Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive to create a giant cloud jukebox for all your favourite music. It carries a snappy material design user interface which enables you to stream as well as download music offline from your cloud accounts and enjoy them in the way you love. CloudPlayer™ by doubleTwist cloud & offline player brings high-resolution album and artist images along with advanced sorting options for artists, albums, genres, composers, and more. Its premium Sound features advanced 10 band equalizers, support for gapless playback and lossless file formats, support for all major formats of music, and you can also import and stream WMA files as well. So give a chance to CloudPlayer™ by doubleTwist cloud & offline player app and listen to your Cloud music ultimately.


5. Music Folder Player Free

Music Folder Player Free was designed ultimately for the people who don’t like to see the music displayed based on the albums, track, artists, and playlists. Music Folder Player Free was introduced by ZorillaSoft Inc. which brings a superb music app which enables everyone to organize their audio tracks efficiently in folders. It carries material design which helps you get customizable settings for streaming your favourite tracks. It resumes your songs where you left and also stores for each folder where you left. This application displays folder as a flat list if you have a tiny song collection and a hierarchy such as in the file manager for larger songs collections. Music Folder Player Free also lets you create virtual folders with your favourite songs and enables you to customize your playlists in the way you want. Other than these, Music Folder Player carries the features of creating and managing playlists, 4 customizable settings, support of speed control with pitch correction, virtual room and reverb effects, and 8 predefined settings such as vocal booster, party settings, and bass booster. So if you’re fed up of seeing music displayed based on playlists, albums, etc. and want to organize your tracks in folders than Music Folder Player Free is the right choice for you.


6. Music Mate – MP3 Video Offline

Music Mate – MP3 Video Offline is used by millions of music folks which enables them to enjoy the music whether they love Pop, Rock, Latin music, Reggaeton, in the way like never before, introduced by Xinhua Chen Inc. which enables its worldwide users to collect the great and most popular artists as well as music that suits their taste. It helps you discover artists, songs, playlists, and music by search and its Global Charts provides top iTunes tracks, Latin Music, Billboard, and more. You can enjoy creating and managing tons of artist and playlists top tracks on featured and those created according to your preferences as well. Music Mate – MP3 Video Offline also lets you create your own playlists, add songs that you love, and favourite them to listen to them whenever you want. You can also control the list directly when you are listening along with three available modules such as Repeat one, Repeat all, and Shuffle play, etc. This application lets you enjoy artists from Latin, England, and the US, along with the music that satisfies different scenarios including music listen to when you are working out, music for studying, and more. So just download Music Mate – MP3 Video Offline where tens of millions of nonstop and free music is waiting for you, and start listening to music unlimited in a limited time.


7. NRG Player music player

NRG Player music player is a uniquely designed, beautiful, and almost a fully-functional music player with an ultimate equalizer that elegantly plays songs from your gallery and has a customizable user interface. NRG Player music player bought in the market by NRG Mobile Software, which makes it so handy and classy to listen to your favourite songs is more than 20 popular and widely used file formats. This application has its very own audio engine which lets you listen to all your most likely tracks in formats without quality loss that the default player of your mobile doesn’t play before. NRG Player music player brings ten band equalizers and gives you a choice whether you choose one or create your own presets. It lets you get the best quality sound from the headphone using them with flexible sound effects, and you can open equalizer and swipe to the second tab with effects with ease. You can customize this app with your colour and background and change the look to feel depending on your own style. It brings easy navigation and lets you switch tracks with volume buttons. So download NRG Player music player app and enjoy listening songs ultimately.


8. CloudAround Music Player

CloudAround Music Player is a great multi-cloud music playing tool for listening to music that you love, anytime you want. CloudAround Music Player is a fine product introduced by CloudAround, LLC which makes it incredibly easy to set up and instantly play all your device’s music or you can even add your cloud credentials to stream from the cloud. This classy music player does not need any sign-up or subscription charges and streams music from a diverse number of cloud services. This application enables its users to stream from some widely used cloud devices including Amazon S3, SugarSync, Google Drive (in-app upgrade), Rackspace Cloud Files, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft SkyDrive, and various others. CloudAround Music Player also lets you have integrated local and cloud music, caching for instant playback, Last.FM Scrobbling, gapless playback, seamless integration with multiple clouds, automatic songs recognition, full album/cover support, no account setup, and lot more features. You can also hide songs, artist and albums, and more specifically rename songs, artists, and albums that were not tagged properly. So just give a chance to CloudAround Music Player app if you are a music lover and start streaming and listening to your favourite music library on the move.


9. n7player Music Player Unlocker

n7player Music Player Unlocker is a revolutionary music player who makes discovering your own libraries and browsing music to listen to fun again, introduced in the market by N7 Mobile Sp. z. o. o. n7player Music Player Unlocker is ultimate music discovering and playing application which enables its worldwide users to have a classy way to enjoy their favourite music whenever they want. This app carries a supreme design with a classy interface having various outstanding music playing and managing features. It enables its users to listen to a diverse collection of file formats including mp3, OGG, m4a, GLAC (3.1+), AAC (3.1+), mp4, wav, 3gp, mid, XMF, MKV (4.0+), and various others. N7player Music Player Unlocker lets you enjoy ten band equalizers with presets, and you can play your song with the predefined preset or build your own as well. It also carries environmental effects, SRS, and bass boost to enjoy music in a way like never before. Other than these, n7player app also brings outstanding themes, album art downloader, tag editor, headset support, sleep timer, shuffle or repeat feature, m3u playlist support, lyrics support, Last.FM Scrobbling, and various other features. So just download n7player Music Player Unlocker app, and enjoy your music with a unique and attractive UI.


10. Audipo

Audipo allows its users to change the speed of the audio music files and lets you listen to them in the intensity that you want. Audipo: Audio Speed Changer was developed by Lapis Apps Inc. which enables its users to enjoy listening audio in the speed which is desired. Apart from controlling the audio of the music files, you can also get its advanced audio control designed for lengthy audio tracks. Audipo lets you choose from various speed levels including x0.50, x0.75, x1.00, x1.25, x1.50, and x2.00, etc. and you can adjust it in your own way. You can also upgrade this music player to its Pro version to enjoy widget support, pitch shift control, sleep timer, shuffle play, remove ads, playing playlists, export audio tracks to mp3 or wav files, and search of your desired Albums, artists or songs. This audio speed management tool is also beneficial for the rap lovers that love to listen to rap but does not often understand the words spoken due to the speed, by letting the control the speed of their favourite rap songs. You can download Audipo: Audio Speed Changer app for free if you want to adjust the speed of music files and listen to it in your own way.


11. Music Mate by Sapien Mobile

Music Mate by Sapien Mobile is a widely used music streaming app which enables its users to sync this app with Google Play to access your music in the way you love. Music Mate by Sapien Mobile bought in the market by Sapien Mobile, LLC which lets you import the first 50 songs for free and import limitless songs with the in-app purchase as well. It is a great tool for use with the Google Play Music service as well as app, and you must have the Google Play Music installed and set up for this app to work intuitively and also make sure that you have the latest version as well. Music Mate by SM is a superb tool which enables its users to download their favourite music directly from the cloud and import it into your local device library so you can play it in any of your desired media player that you have in your phone. This app can also be used instead of the Google Play Music app to fetch and enjoy your music, and there is no need for another app or the remote queries to find the artwork. Music Mate automatically discovers all the SD cards, and it does not even need to reboot your device because all the music is already renowned to the device.


12. GoneMAD

GoneMAD is a highly efficient music streaming app which focuses on providing tons of beautiful features as well as options to allow a personalized music listening experience. GoneMAD Music Player (Trial) bought in the market by GoneMAD Software LLC which brings a superb quality music app having more than 250 customizable options through which you can enjoy your most likely music in your own way. It is almost the only app which lets you get more than 1k themes and support of audio formats in AAC, mp3, FLAC, WV, ALAC, WAV, WMA, ADTS, 3gp, APE, MPC, WAV, and various others. GoneMAD Music Player (Trial) brings the features of smart playlists, bookmarking, cuesheet support, song ratings, preamp gain control, songs rating, right/left audio balance control, replay gain support, crossfade, lyrics, multi-window support, and various other options. It also lets you adjust your playback speed, audio pitch, bass boost, virtualizer, and the ability to force mono playback as well. You can enjoy its trial length span of almost 14 days and have to purchase it to continue using the app after the trial. So just download GoneMAD Music Player (Trial) app in your phone and start enjoying your favourite music songs in an ultimate new way.


13. Music Player by Ankit.Srivastava

Music Player by Ankit.Srivastava is amongst the best audio players available for Android devices which brings the sleekest and the stylish design to enjoy music. Music Player by Ankit Srivastava features a unique UI with lots of stunning effects which are intelligently crafted especially keeping in mind your design taste for listening to your favourite music. The stylish and easy to use interface of this music player brings tons of amazing features for its entire users. This application helps you create, manage, and save multiple playlists of your favourite songs to listen with the same sequence of songs anytime you want. Music Player by Ankit Srivastava also brings sound effects stabilizer through which you can change the way your music sounds through managing speed, intensity, pitch, and other factors of sound. Its elegant tag editor support mp3, wav, and various other audio file formats with five intuitive band EQ. You can also get a bass boost and virtualizer to listen to your music ultimately. So just download one of the most modern and unique music player named Music Player by Ankit Srivastava and enjoy listening to your favourite songs with high-class features and interface.


14. Picky

Picky is one of the most elegant apps to sort, filter, queue and listen to your favourite music enjoy listening to songs with real joy. Picky Music Player is widely used music streaming app introduced by Charles Joseph which brings a robust tool perfect for getting reacquainted with your most likely tunes. This app adjusts the filters to taste by keeping your albums and artist lists uncluttered through hiding those with only the favourite songs. This excellent music player enables its worldwide users to instantly see the list of currently playing soundtracks or songs by simply swiping up in the now playing list. Picky Music Player allows you to filter your albums and songs lists by genres conveniently and you can do things such as open the filter, tapping a few genres, and then exiting it and tapping shuffle. You can also use picklists to play groups of songs instantly. You can also use the songs and artists filter to keep the singles, as well as one-hit wonders, tucked away. So just download Picky Music Player app to create a playlist, queue your songs, customize it with a light/dark theme, and start listening to your favourite songs.


15. Mziiki

Mziiki is one of famous music streaming app designed elegantly to deliver the true African music spirit, introduced in the market by Spice Digital South Africa Pty. Ltd. Mziiki – Music for Africa brings you an extension of music consisting of the classics and latest hits from the Africa’s most talented and famous musicians. This application lets you have more than the ability to listen as well as download music of your favourite tracks, and you can also share them with the music lover community as well. You can listen to the favourite songs of African music through streaming as well as downloading. Mziiki – Music for Africa allows its worldwide users to enjoy offline downloads of their favourite songs just to listen to it afterword. You can precisely create and manage the playlist of your favourite songs and even share them with your family and friends. This elegant music streaming and downloading app also brings self-published portal enabling artists to upload their own music as well and reveal their music passion in front of the whole world. So just download Mziiki – Music for Africa app to download as well as upload music that you love and live music like never before.


16. DS audio

DS audio is a simple yet fully-featured app which enables its entire users to stream music stored on their DiskStation with their Android devices whenever the internet is provided. DS audio is a must-have music streaming app bought in the market by Synology Inc. which allows its users to play their favourite song collection anytime, anywhere with a simple touch of a button. It allows you to browse your high quality yet the most likely music collection with a huge number of marvellous features. This music streaming app makes it so easy to customize your entire playlists and share it with your close friends, family members, and other folks who are passionate about music. DS audio lets you listen to your favourite collection of songs stored in your mobile device’s local memory in the offline mode (when internet is not available). It allows music lovers to browse music by artists, albums, folders, and genres, etc. You can establish your desired number of playlists and manage them according to your taste. It also lets you rate your top music songs or covers, and even share your favourite music with others. So just download DS audio, and also become a remote control to stream music if you have speakers at home.


17. Cloudskipper Music Player

Cloudskipper Music Player is a classic music player which gets a facelift long with tons of exciting features, all for free. Cloudskipper Music Player bought in the market by Cloud. Tv Inc. which lets you play your favourite music in the way you want to listen. This app enables its users to enjoy their daily beats of music with classy features. Some of its library features include swipe-based navigation, delete albums or tracks, persistent mini player, interactive user interface, and various other features. Cloud Skipper Music Player brings an ultimate professional way to create and edit playlists of all your favourite songs, and you can manage them all in the way you desire. It audio player includes some exquisite features such as new notification player, audio ducking, controls fade out when not in use, long press support for reverse and forward, loop and shuffle, large album network, one key support for play, pause, next and previous, and an elegant equalizer as well. While on the other hand, Cloudskipper also carries some lock screen functionalities including playback controls, camera and LED flashlight, silent or vibrate toggle, album artwork, artist and track name, playlist count, and various others. So just give a chance to Cloudskipper Music Player and enjoy music in your own way.


18. Stezza Music Player

Stezza Music Player is probably meant to be the easiest, quickest, and accessible app which lets you stream your favourite music files in the way you want to listen. Cloudskipper Music Player bought in the market by which carries an ultimate unique look of playing music that you nearly never find anywhere else. This application carries its own way of playing the music that you want to listen and lets you have one tap facilities for pause, play, forward, previous, and others. This application allows you to access the entire songs collection, songs by individual artists, folders, favourite lists, and other buttons on one-tap access. Cloudskipper Music Player brings a stylish and simple way to interact with your iTunes media library by providing all the outstanding or standard iPod features, wrapped in a simple to use interface that suits an active lifestyle. This app carries a collection of adaptive album themes, accessibility support, Pioneer AppRadio compatibility, video playback, custom colour themes, indie developed scenario, and various other features. So just download Cloudskipper Music Player and enjoy an ultimate brilliant way to access and enjoy your favourite music.


19. Music Boss for Pebble

Music Boss for Pebble is a fully-functional and ultimate media control solution for Pebble Time and Pebble, introduced by Reboot’s Rambings. Music Boss for Pebble – Control Your Music is an excellent tool through which you can conveniently manage or adjust the volume of media, display media progress, display media information for all applications, shows album art, and various other features. This application lets you start the music that your gallery has right through your watch and enjoy it on the move. You can easily customize it to your liking and take control of it with Tasker as well. This classy music player enables its worldwide user to enjoy album art display an automatic app colour theming. This application also displays the track progress and Spotify the track info as well. You can conveniently rate the songs by thumbs up or down for Google Play Music right from your watch. It enables you to adjust the media volume with your pebble while enjoying video or audio. You can easily connect to your Chromecast device while casting from other applications for volume or media control. So just download Music Boss for Pebble – Control Your Music app in your phone and enjoy all its terrific features.


20. DashClock Music Extension

DashClock Music Extension is another excellent tool introduced by GoneMAD Software LLC which precisely shows the currently playing song track, artists, albums, and more on the screen. DashClock Music Extension is a marvellous tool which works with most music players that enables everyone to get proper details about the music that they are listening over their cell phones. This application does not enables you to add buttons to the listing so until support for that is added you may not be able to add play controls. This application must be configured manually because your music player (whether your mobile’s inbuilt or any third party) cannot detect it automatically. DashClock Music Extension needs dashclock widget by Roman Nurik. You just have to go to the settings to set what music player start its functionality when you press the dashclock entry. You also need to enable the notification listener settings to support any player that also supports the lock screen music controls of the Android devices as well. So just download DashClock Music Extension app and enjoy watching the currently playing tracks, artists, and even the albums on the app’s widget.


21. 10tracks

10tracks lets you upload all your music to this app and start enjoying your most likely tracks over your smart devices, introduced by Music Services Ltd. Due to this marvellous music playing tool, your music does not take space over your device, and you can enjoy each of your favourite music anytime, anywhere without being tense about memory usage. 10tracks Cloud Music Player can intuitively boost the volume of all your songs and lets you listen to tracks in your desired pitch. This application keeps all your music safe and sound in a position if you lose or misplace your phone or even your cell is being stolen. It intuitively keeps your music well organized and arranged by folders as you used to manage it over your PC or even browse it by albums, artists, and genres to make searching more convenient. 10 Tracks Cloud Music Player also enables its worldwide users to share their favourite mp3 tracks with friends, family members and others and also features Last. Fm Scrobbler as well. It brings a set of cool and stunning equalizer with predefined presets and also support headsets. So just download 10tracks Cloud Music Player and enjoy your favourite music in the way you want.

More About TunesFlow

TunesFlow lets you listen to the music in your own way that you always wanted, bought in the market by Hector Ricardo Garcia Peña A Inc. TunesFlow – Music Player with Equalizer intuitively customize your music listening experience with a 10 band equalizer and use multiple presets or build your own settings library assignable to lists, albums, songs, and even genres. This application is designed for music purchased as well as synced with iTunes. You can easily start your music over your iPhone, iPad, iPod mini, or other iOS devices and continue over other devices by dragging the album details as well. TunesFlow – Music Player with Equalizer brings a classy equalizer which can easily be set for either manual or automatic usage. It features recent album widget, equalizer widget, indexes in artists and albums, iPad Multitasking, 3D touch, 10 band equalizer, video player, equalizer preset library, recent album widget, network detection for media in cloud, drag and drop playlist editor, intuitive searching, and much more. While on the other hand, Apple music tracks without an internet connection are not supported for equalizing. So just download TunesFlow – Music Player with Equalizer app and every time you hear your most likely music will be your own particular experience.