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TunnelBear VPN is the best app that allows you to get around local limitations on specific websites, so you can quickly access any site you desire from any place in the world. The way TunnelBear VPN works is accessible and user-friendly… read more
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    1. VPN Master(Free unblock proxy)

    VPN Master is an excellent VPN tool that allows you to search any site despite the limitations that might exist in your country. It means you can access any content in any portion of the world. To use VPN Master, you do not need to have an account or recognize yourself in any way. You just need to select the app you need to use with a VPN and then get started searching. In the configurations, you can change the region of the server with which you want to connect.

    The free version of VPN Master enables you to navigate for 200 megabytes, although you can improve this number in several ways. You can set up other applications, or provide a score to VPN Master to obtain more megabytes to browse. VPN Master is an excellent VPN tool having the feature of an intuitive user interface, in general, is very easy to use.


    2. CyberGhost VPN

    CyberGhost is a Virtual private network that allows you to to search the web freely and securely, regardless of the region you are in and also the network that you are connected. The CyberGhost user interface is entirely visual, making it extremely easy-to-use for most people. By default, you will notice a global map where you will see your estimated location. After allowing CyberGhost, this app will tell you about your network protection, and you can easily see how it remains in the same place. If you wish, though, you may also select a different location to ‘trick’ your connection into ‘believing’ you are some other location. The free version of CyberGhost offers you use to 23 servers in 15 different locations such as Germany, Poland, Spain, France, the UK, and Sweden. The premium edition of CyberGhost offers you access to nearly a dozen other locations and also a whopping 300 additional servers. CyberGhost is an excellent Virtual private network through which you can connect the Internet without the fear of anyone poking around inside your searching data.


    3. ZenMate VPN

    ZenMate VPN is an effective VPN tool trusted by more than 30 million users from all across the world. It delivers one of the easiest, secure, private, and protected approach while accessing the online content that you love. You can create a free account and check out its premium version for 7 days for free. It delivers security and privacy and lets you secure all of your internet traffic and your IP with encryption. This VPN gives protection for you and your devices whether you are at your institution, at home or on the go using public Wi-Fi, it will keep you safe. It provides total freedom to access the internet and enables you to unlock the internet and enjoy all of its sites and hide your IP by changing your current location by choosing from the popular locations from all over the world. Its turbo speed feature lets you surf the web with ultimate speed and without any limitations and lets you enjoy the maximum possible browsing speed. Other than these, ZenMate VPN comprises many robust features that have effectively enhanced your internet experience by letting you access your sites with ease and for free.


    4. Hotspot Shield VPN

    Hotspot Shield VPN is an application designed to secure your web searching by making you entirely private to those websites which attempt to find your IP address. Hotspot Shield generates a virtual private network (VPN) between your Android mobile phone device and also your web provider. It’s thanks to the VPN that it will protect you from snoopers, hackers, Internet service providers, and any suspicious action that goes against your security and privacy.

    And, it is also helpful for accessing those websites that usually have region-blocked content. This application doesn’t require any complicated settings, or does it have a large number of choices to trip you up. Simply run it, it will warn you that your connection is secured, and you are ready to go. It is as simple as it is powerful.


    5. SuperVPN

    SuperVPN Free VPN Client app that enables you to connect with a virtual private network (VPN) to be able to browse the web with no limitations accessing web pages that will usually be limited in your area. The most obvious thing about SuperVPN Free VPN Client is how effortless everything is. You don’t have to sign-up or even configure anything, just tap on the ‘connect’ option without any problem you can freely and safely search.

    One more outstanding benefit of SuperVPN Free VPN clients, when compared with others, is that you don’t need to root your mobile device. You can activate the VPN without requiring superuser authorizations, something that is very uncommon with these kinds of apps.


    6. Psiphon

    Psiphon is another open code internet browser whose only purpose is to stop the censorship that a lot of users from around the world need to suffer, the restriction that controls freedom of expression, and also many contents on the Internet. When you start this app, you will be linked to the Psiphon servers that provide you access, via a network of proxy servers, to any website in the world without any risk of being discovered in the process.

    It means that you can anonymously and quickly surf the complete web. Once you got connected with this safe network of proxies, the app allows you to search from its built-in web browser, and that enables you to add bookmarks, create a startup page, and only try everything you would on a standard web browser. Psiphon is a highly exciting app for Android users that have problems eliminating censorship.


    7. VPN – Hola Free VPN

    Hola is a free VPN (also called Hola Better Internet) is a navigation tool app for smartphones, which includes two kinds of new functions. First, it will enable you to navigate faster and protect your 3G data price, because of URL caching, the strategy it uses to compress approximately 70 % of HTTP. Additionally, Hola Free VPN lets you access any content with no regional restriction of any type.

    Because of its VPN service, you can go to any website without blocking fear. When the player or web page says, ‘Sorry, but this content is not accessible in your country.’ As is usual using this type of app, Hola Free VPN needs superuser authorizations to operate. Which is to say, you will need to have a rooted application to benefit from all the solutions provided (if you can quickly choose a rooting application on up to down).


    8. TxVPN free VPN

    TxVPN free VPN required no need to registration, and it is entirely free unlimited duration, traffic, application fastest VPN accelerator in all over the world, United States, Japan as well as other multiple servers provide the choice of free VPN, connect to everywhere. You don’t need to register any personal information, and you don’t need to think about privacy.

    You can quickly unblock Instagram, Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, and many other websites. TxVPN free VPN hides your real network address and also establish communication and contact with overseas customers through Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, Youmaker, at any time. Quicker access to the United States or Europe website.


    9. VyprVPN

    VyprVPN is a best secure and personal VPN service solution for safe and private internet searching. Personal privacy and freedom are the primary rights of every people. Depending on the same principles, VyprVPN is here that gives the grant to blocked sites and freedom to view censored material. Regardless of the idea that VyprVPN is a cross-platform VPN app, it’s still very straightforward and easy to implement that combines the cutting-edge modern safety technologies to supply security to your devices inside few seconds. The time-saving things about VyprVPN in a shape of a simple click to plug and browsing will make the VyprVPN a competent and elegant app. VyprVPN deploys the limitless servers which can have locations in different places in the world. Anytime a user enables the VyprVPN and chooses for any region or server. Their identity moves to that server besides the idea that they are accessing from another country. So, in that’s approach safety and access to the internet both are maintained by the VyprVPN. Over 700 servers, a large number of IPs and also unlimited server switching are sufficient to deliver you better searching experience.


    10. Private Internet Access

    Private Internet Access is perfect for providing internet browsing and searching without giving an idea of identity and also actual location. When before going online on the web, a user enables the Private Internet Access, it automatically encrypts their web connection and offers them with unknown IP address using that the users can be sure their security and privacy. Allowing entry to blocked websites as well as setting a filter for the harmful websites are considered the functions of Private Internet Access. Using the Private Internet Access, the users will think that there’s no compromise on the web speed, despite other VPN proxy programs that absorb a lot of internet speed for the sake of offering a channel of communication. But here the users will like the safety and censorship filters on their default internet speed. Private Internet Access is obtainable in 3 plans, and also, the aim of all is to offer secure VPN account, different VPN gateways, secured Wi-Fi, unlimited bandwidth, zero traffic log, Voice over Internet protocol and Peer-to-Peer support, multi-platform support and much more for a safe and better surfing experience.


    11. proXPN

    proXPN is a cross-platform app that’s the great combination of technologies depending on freedom and protection. If it’s about freedom in proXPN, then that’s mean a wide open access to the arena of the internet, and when it talk about privacy and security, then that’s mean no-one can dare to stick into your activities, location, IP address as well as other online identities. Either the websites in your area got blocked by the major internet service providers or government departments then don’t worry, proXPN contains the solution of splitting all type of censorship walls. So, proXPN is an entirely free application that protects your Internet connection by maintaining your privacy while you’re enjoying the open access to the web. This app allows you to mask your location before you go to access any website on the internet. The limitation is simply one, and that’s the option of proXPN in free and paid account. If you suppose that there’ll be very few functions for a free account and full features in paid account, then you’re on right track. Initially, you’ll be happy with the free account, but later on, you’ll feel the importance of paid account.


    12. Shadowsocks

    Shadowsocks is a very best safe proxy server and VPN which place a mask on your identification when you go for an internet drive. It got designed with the goal of offering the safety to user’s internet traffic. If you feel on secrecy then firstly you need to keep yourself hide, and that’s the simple function of Shadowsocks; to offer security to the users by maintaining their safety and privacy. World of the internet has brought several difficulties with it as well. It’s not a big offer for that hacker to steal your particular information. On the other hand of the picture, there are lots of who’re creating improved encryption options and Shadowsocks is from one of them. The user-friendly encryption technique of Shadowsocks shows the users with level industry protection towards undesirable external attacks. Being an open source app, Shadowsocks delivers the users using a free access to the world of the internet not caring about any blockage and censorship. From security to access, each and every feature of Shadowsocks is accessible for you to set up freely for your online work.


    13. Ivacy VPN

    Ivacy VPN is a cross-platform VPN to experience the internet freedom as well as keeping anonymous. Ivacy VPN is a method of secure, private and also instant access to any portion of the web from any place in the world and everywhere with no lobbying system. Ivacy VPN is a VPN app which has redefined the internet freedom and web-based privacy. It only encrypts the internet data traffic being deployed to avoid the unwanted access. The VPN technique of Ivacy VPN is dependent on the 255-bit of the encryption system. This particular secure encryption system makes it impossible for the online hackers, cyber criminals, and data snoopers to find your identity or misuse all of your private information. Then there’s a unique feature for a free internet world which means an entirely open access with all of the web speed to the field of blocked, censored and also unrestricted websites. Either you’re in office, home or even in a public place, just allow the Ivacy VPN and immediately open the door of internet world upon you and even move here and there on any site freely.


    14. PureVPN

    PureVPN is one of the best secure and also reliable VPN services that gives its users with 255-bit protected servers and simple to use internet exploring system. It is some of those VPN service providers that will even provide accessibility to the users to gaming websites as well. So, if you wish to access gaming websites or social websites you can go for it utilizing the tunnel of PureVPN. Full of more advanced encryption and industry level safety tools, PureVPN offers the users with free internet freedom without caring for any censorship and also a limitation. PureVPN is built-in with those advanced technologies that provide the users a finest and enjoyable internet looking experience. Check here what PureVPN is providing to its users; access to any websites, even stream channels, flow blocked channels. No compromise on internet speed, a whole safety against cyber criminals, an unknown way of searching to erase the traces, free access to the web freedom, playing video games, sharing of data and much more. When PureVPN is allowed on your mobile phone, chances of DDoS attacks and DNS leaks will be completed.


    15. Vpn Express

    Vpn Express is a brilliant app for Android and iOS users through which they can effortlessly and securely connect with more than 145 locations throughout the world in just a tap. ExpressVPN – Best Android VPN bought in the market by Express VPN Inc. which produced a lightning fast and extraordinary VPN proxy service just to protect your security and privacy. This application allows its users to browse the internet without providing any personal information. You can surf the entire internet anonymously and establish a connection with more than 94 countries from all across the world. It carries no limits for server charges that’s why you can easily switch locations as many times as you need. ExpressVPN – Best Android VPN is a must-have tool when it comes to the safety and security on the internet. This elegant tool encrypts your connection so that no one can monitor or record any of your online activity. It also offers encryption with TCP and UDP protocols. So just download ExpressVPN – Best Android VPN and enjoy choosing from hundreds of locations across the Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, UK, and other regions with a whole day customer support.


    16. BlueVPN

    BlueVPN is a great application which comes with a series of some elegant features for Android mobile phone holders. Blue VPN precisely open a VPN connection via the USB channel or the Bluetooth and enables to navigate the internet without any Wi-Fi or a built-in 3G module. This application is developed by the Mirko Solazzi, whose efforts makes this application works smoothly and reliably. BlueVPN only requires Android tablet or smartphone with BlueDUN installed and running, USB stick with PSTN or 3G modem, and a GPRS phone with DUN (Dial-Up Networking) support. This app does not use any rooting and is compatible with Android 4.0 to onwards versions such as 5.1, 4.1, 4.3, and 5.0, but does not work with Kit Kat version (4.4). It only works if your device can manage VPN connections, along with the presence of TUN.KO module. This module depends on the hardware and must be compiled for this application. This application works fine with the Gmail, Email, Google plus, Google Goggles, Kindle app, SoundHound, Web Navigation, Google Earth, Youtube and some other social media apps, but does not work with Google Play, Skype, Zedge, and Tune In apps.


    17. Hot VPN

    Hot VPN is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to having a virtual private network of your own where there is freedom of surfing the internet without worrying about the personal data being shared with others. This app also helps in making sure people are able to get access to all the sites even if they are blocked or are not workable in a particular location. There are many other features of the app too which give it the lead over others, for example, it has its own web browser where people can surf the internet freely without having to worry about setting up a proxy. There is simplicity throughout the app, you just have to connect and disconnect from the server with just one click and that does not take much time. People also get many other options such as bypassing proxies and firewalls which have been placed so that they cannot connect to a network at a given moment. There is no limit of bandwidth, and people can log into the system quickly. All in all, the app is a high-quality place with multiple features which will make the experience of using it, worthwhile.


    18. PrivateTunnel VPN

    Private Tunnel VPN is a tool that is used by several people who want to gain access to blocked content and the one which is not available in their country. There are multiple features of the app which are useful for the users and can be listed here. The app is easy to use, you just have to install it and start using, there are some purchases that can be made while using it but the platform is generally free for everyone. The app in the free version has ads in it which can be troublesome, but overall there are many other options such as using apps and unblocking your favorite sites which can go towards showing its potential. People can connect to more than 20 countries, they include leading ones such as America, England, France and other places which are deemed essential. The only delay that might come into play is that people need to decide which location they want to use as their main one, there are a variety of choices if that is the case. Protection is guaranteed since there is proper coding gone behind the app. All in all, the options which this application provides are enough to be convinced.


    19. VPN Master

    VPN Master by Master VPN is a great use when it comes to unblocking websites and other content which is not in access of general people due to certain restrictions such as location and privacy matters. There are many features of the app which can be useful for individuals who want to obtain it. People get to use unlimited bandwidth here; they can connect to the servers of many countries with the help of just one click. The app itself and the connections are fast so you do not have to waste much time while using the platform. Another important feature for most users is that it supports torrent download which is blocked in all the countries which have copyrighted material. Its developers claim the site to be the fastest one which is available in the market, while the user interface is friendly, it could have been made a lot simpler, currently, most of the content you have to find among several adds in the platform. People can connect to more than 20 countries, they include primary ones such as America, England, France and other places which are deemed essential. These features make this an excellent choice for users.


    20. Opera VPN

    Opera Free VPN is an excellent tool for unblocking the web without having to pay anything and that is the feature which gives it the edge over others. While other platforms have purchases to be made or money to be spent when installing, it provides all the tools for free, there are few ads in the app, but that can be compromised because of the features available. There are many other advantages too, for example, people can access many countries and their content with the help of just one click. There is a list of them available, you just have to click the button to connect your stuff and then take all the options as you go. It can be termed as a reliable service since you have the facility of browsing securely over the internet and that comes in handy when you want to hide your identity such as IP address from others. This also allows for the creation of Hotspots which can help others to do the same surfing with safety and also keeps your connection safe. There are many other essential features such as unblocking and sharing tools, which collectively make for a reliable tool for such purposes.


    21. Snap VPN

    Free VPN proxy by Snap VPN is a similar application to the ones which are available in the market that provide a virtual private network but has handy features which show its importance. The best one is the user interface which is of high quality. According to the developers, it is one of the best and faster places where you can surf the internet with the help of various features which make life easy. People have the option of using the web without showing their identity and also and can connect to the internet with just one click. The possibility of connecting and disconnect is just on the main page where you can see all the other features on the top, this makes for a good user experience since everything becomes easy. The other features include the creation of hotspots without sharing personal information, you can protect your network and access stuff which is blocked by a firewall, accessing sites such as YouTube and other ones which are stuck in a particular country is also possible. There are many countries with which you can connect your network. Overall, these features and much more, make this platform a reliable VPN tool.


    22. Solo VPN

    Solo VPN is a top class application when it comes to providing individuals with the option of securing their internet and surfing on the web without having any sort of privacy concerns. There are many tools within the app which are helpful for the ones who want such services. This app also allows people to secure their internet connection from others, such as third parties and individuals accessing different software to obtain information about others. The app itself and the connections are fast so you do not have to waste much time while using the platform. There are no limits such as speed and bandwidth, so browsing at reasonable speeds is possible without further ado. People can unblock most sites even if their phone is not rooted and can be sure of safety since there is strong encryption. This is the largest collection of locations which exist on this platform. People do not have to worry about their logs being tracked, and they also get the best customer support whenever they face some kind of difficulty or have a question. All in all, this app has all the requirements that you need to make sure internet world is in your hands.


    23. SecureLine VPN

    Avast Secureline Virtual Private Network is an Internet security application that protects all of your online stuff and activities from snooping eyes. The developer of this software application is Avast that provides a subscription-based VPN service for all. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Android, Mac OS, and iOS. Secureline VPN allows a user (by using the encrypted tunnel), to connect to the internet using Avast server. This procedure is due to the anonymization of user’s online activity. It protects the user from getting hacked by someone and from some surveillance. It permits an open access to the internet. You can use it anywhere like at home, in a cafe, at flight, at the airport or somewhere else. It encrypts the data that is coming into your computer as well as going outside of your device. Through its invisibility, you can never get traced by some hacker. Secureline VPN does not keep logs of your online activity. But it has a drawback that it is not available everywhere is the world. Its services are only available in a few countries.


    24. HideMyAss! VPN

    HideMyAss! Is not as useless at the funny name suggest, actually there are many features sin the app which is helpful for the ones who want to have a platform from where they can surf the internet without sharing their personal information with anyone. People get to unblock sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There is excellent security with the help of encryption so the experience becomes safe. People use a single browser from the providers who make life even simpler since you do not have to connect to the network multiple times. Overall, the app has many uses which can be listed here to show how important it can be for such purposes and therefore can be installed in your phones to keep yourself safe. There is also the option of securing all your internet connection with the help of this app while the possibility of creating hotspot is also possible in a safe manner where you do not have to share your information with others. There are many other features of the app as well, for example, they can enjoy multiple proxy servers and from countries of their choice which allows them to view content from that particular area.


    25. VPN by Private Internet Access

    VPN by Private Internet Access is a simple tool where private Internet servers can be created for individual people to make sure they get the fastest access to the features which otherwise are not in their range. There are many options in the app which can be termed as beneficial for the ones who are using it, these include stuff such as gaining access to countries and their content which is otherwise out of reach. Your IP address and other third party information stats are not shared with others. It has made everything a lot simpler for people since they do not have to see a complicated interface where the options are spread around. There is entirely free internet connectivity, and also bandwidth which makes for a good install. People can browse the web in any country without any restrictions, it unblocks all the content which is out of reach and then help in uploading content and sharing it with others without any difficulty. Also, this app is free to use for everyone. All in all, the app is an excellent choice when it comes to VPN sites and the options which are being provided by them.


    26. VPN Master New

    VPN Master from VPN Master is a versatile tool where you can access content which is out of reach for people who want to have the freedom. It also allows individuals with the option of obtaining things with the care of privacy, which helps in making people feel secure which is a significant benefit. This app must not be confused with the app of the same name since it provides different features and has in-app purchases in it which help people in having a good experience. There are many other features of the app as well, for example, they can enjoy multiple proxy servers and from countries of their choice which allows them to view content from that particular area. There is also the option of securing all your internet connection with the help of this app while the possibility of creating hotspot is also possible in a safe manner where you do not have to share your information with others. It says it works with 3G and 4G networks as well, but this statement can be debatable. All in all, this app can be termed as a good choice if you want to secure your device.


    27. Betternet Free VPN

    Betternet Free VPN Proxy is an excellent choice for people who want to surf the internet without having any kind of restrictions and getting the content of their choosing even if it is not accessible in their country. There are many features of the app which are important, first and foremost it is free forever, there are no money requirements when you have to install it but yes there are in-app purchases for things such as connecting your network to a particular country which is in demand. There are many other features too, for example, people get to unblock sites such as Facebook and Twitter or even YouTube. There is high security with the help of encryption so the experience becomes safe. People also get the chance to use an own browser from the providers which make life even simpler since you do not have to connect to the network multiple times. There is no limit of bandwidth, and people can log into the system quickly without having to worry much about the type of stuff that is being viewed and the delays which are taking place. To sum up, the app is worth installing if you are interested in such software.


    28. Ultrasurf VPN

    Ultrasurf VPN is similar to many apps which are present on the web which can be used by people to make sure they are able to open all the sites which they want, even if the sites are blocked and do all the activities which are restricted to them because they are in a different country. The app is unlimited, this means there is no session where you have to connect the app again to gain access, there are no sessions and speed restrictions which make it easier for people to keep surfing without getting the thought of using something slow. This also allows people to use application that is otherwise not downloadable because of their unavailability in a country. It also helps in reducing data costs in the longer run, but this features can be debated properly. The only delay that might come into play is that people need to decide which location they want to use as their main one, there are a variety of choices if that is the case. There are many other features of the app which can show its range, but overall, this app can be termed as a top category application among its peers.


    29. Privatoria VPN+Tor, Messenger

    Upgraded information security is a vital component to building a solid plan of action and keeping a line of genuine secure concerns. To help organizations and people scan all the more indeed, store their information in the cloud and exchange data without agonizing over information spillage, Privatoria has built up an item that fills all the security crevices with robust arrangements. More mind boggling malware and spyware is rising once a day, which implies that managing them requires progressed methodologies and strategies. Not at all like conventional security programming arrangements accessible available today, has Privatoria’s item utilized a mind-boggling approach towards ensuring your protection. Privatoria’s rundown of administrations incorporates secure answers for business and web security for people. Privatoria is an authority that permits an unknown correspondence on the Internet. The mission is to maintain a good fit for the safety, which is ensured by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Privatoria does not have any data on you since it doesn’t keep logs and doesn’t require your data. In this manner, on account of a hypothetical trade-off of the Tor, you will be furthermore secured by the edge of the VPN.


    30. Private Tunnel VPN

    Based on the modern technologies of virtual private network, Private Tunnel VPN is an open source application that provides a site2site and point2point security to its users. It is a fully featured VPN application that employs the OpenVPN server capabilities, simplified connect UI, encryption technologies, and various internet management capabilities that are useful for business point of view. Although Private Tunnel VPN can be used by both individuals and enterprises but the true benefits of Private Tunnel VPN can be explored in an enterprise environment. Business can take the real benefits of using Private Tunnel VPN when Private Tunnel VPN will provide them enterprise management capabilities to maintain the security and privacy of their internal network. Its basic purpose is to secure the data and privacy of its users in real time from the external attacks. By using Private Tunnel VPN, users can also ensure their privacy from cyber criminals trying to access the information. Protection against suspicious sites, malicious and malware attack is another additional feature of Private Tunnel VPN. Granting access to any website and every content is the feature that is also being provided by the Private Tunnel VPN just like other VPN proxy application. From security to access, it is Private Tunnel VPN that professional and advanced having a strong grip on providing services in all these segments.


    31. CM Security Antivirus AppLock

    CM Security Antivirus AppLock is a protection application that is the pack of two main functions: smartphone and tablets antivirus and app locker. This security providing application is used for protecting the smartphones and the installed apps from all kind of potential thieves and unwanted virus attacks. The intelligent diagnosing system of this application is packed with the features of many proper functions in the shape of a clean and user-friendly smartphone booster. If in a nutshell, we describe what CM Security Antivirus AppLock is then it is a standalone application for providing full-time protection to your tablet and mobile phones. What can be more special about that app that even offers the safe connecting VPN service to its users as well? In addition to scanning the entire smartphone for potential threats, CM Security Antivirus AppLock can be even used for protecting all sections of the smartphones then either it is protecting installed apps or protecting the messages to make the messaging section private. This app will overhaul your smartphone.


    32. Orbot: Tor on Android

    Orbot: Tor on Android is the versatile rendition, for Android devices, of Tor, a system of virtual passages that gives you a chance to scan the internet securely, totally ensuring your protection. The application menu offers you the opportunity to pick which applications will utilize Orbot’s administrations, so with only a solitary snap you can have your security totally ensured on any application you are using, similar to Twitter, for instance. One of the applications that work best with Orbot: Tor on Android is, as with its Windows partner, Mozilla Firefox. This implies on the off chance that you utilize Firefox for Android; the application’s execution will be ideal, giving complete security assurance when scanning the web. Orbot makes your encoded activity bob commonly through smartphone everywhere throughout the world, rather than associating it specifically like other VPN and intermediary applications do. Orbot: Tor on Android is a highly intriguing application though those clients who couldn’t care less a considerable measure of their protection, and for the individuals who would prefer not to leave trails when they skim the internet. It’s an ideal approach to surf the web without anybody knowing where you are doing it from.


    33. Private Tunnel

    Private Tunnel VPN is open source privacy and a proxy tool that provides safe, secure and private web browsing for its users. It is cross-platform. More than 1 million different cyber threats are blocked and prevented by Private Tunnel VPN every day. It secures your online stuff from some hacker or some other snooping eye. It also helps the user to surf the web browser safely in a secure atmosphere. It also protects your identity by assigning you a unique IP and prevents you from cyber threats, Hackers, and ISPs. Private Tunnel VPN is simply a virtual private network that offers a private tunnel for the user to access the internet for free. Its free version offers limited features. It keeps your identity secure and also helps you bypass Government limitations in some cases. It also gives a user to get access to some blocked websites. Some most popular uses of Private Tunnel virtual private network contains, hacking, accessing restricted websites, hiding identity and accessing the deep web. Private Tunnel VPN will give you total support nonetheless what device you are using. It takes good control of your security and privacy.


    34. HideMyAss

    HideMyAss is a way of using the public Internet as a secure private network for free. This VPN encrypts your data and routes it by using remote servers. By keeping your activities and surfing, your identity and your location more secure. HideMyAss is a fast, reliable and safe way to be online along with the protection of your online identity and privacy. When you are once connected through HideMyAss, it will assign you a separate IP so no one can relate it to your computer. HideMyAss does not slow down your internet connection, HMA VPN keeps it snappy. It provides its services on many devices that include different mobile phones, game consoles, and tablets. It also offers customer support whenever you want it by Internet, tickets, and chats. It is so easy to use and download. HideMyAss VPN also provides many useful services to the users. It provides a safe atmosphere which allows you a safe and unrestricted internet usage.


    35. Windscribe

    Windscribe is the new VPN provider that allows a user to enjoy things on the web with secure encryption and dual-pronged approach for keeping your data and other stuff inaccessible to some unauthorized person. It protects your computer activity like browsing, email, skype, and peer to peer from prying eyes. It is one of the simplest and the most powerful VPN on this planet. Windscribe is not just a Virtual Private Network; It is a browser extension and desktop application that works in an efficient way to protect your online privacy. It also works for unblocking sites and removing ads and keeps you safe from trackers that follow you across the websites you visits. Windscribe offers you 10 GB of data limit per month that is quite sufficient for a user. It is easy to download and maintain. Windscribe is available on iOS, Android, and Windows. It offers both free and paid model. It’s subscription model that you have to pay, costs $9 per month. It also offers some attractive discounts for longer user subscription such as $90 for a year subscription.


    36. SecurityKISS

    SecurityKISS Tunnel is a Virtual Private Network that allows its users to access the Internet without any censorship and local restrictions. It is smart and a simple virtual private network. It makes your web browsing secure and prevents others from viewing your communication, web browsing activities, instant messages, credit card information, downloads and other web information material. It secures your data from hackers. It creates a tunnel between your computer and our security gateway just to ensure that your data would travel through an impenetrable and non-transparent tunnel. It has no limitations on the usage of data on the internet. It does not require any registration or password. You can easily watch and download your interesting stuff on the web for free. It has a long server list across all over the world. It supports all platforms. Once downloaded, it will free of cost for the rest of life. It is a fast Virtual Private Network. It offers built-in exclusive tunneling. SecurityKISS offers an ads blocker and unlimited switching between servers. Its security feature makes it extraordinary from other VPNs. SecurityKISS VPN is available on Android, Mac OS X, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and iOS, etc.


    37. Hola

    Hola is a widely used mobile application and freemium web. It claims to provides a faster, more secure and private internet throughout the world. It delivers a form of VPN services through peer to peer network and also uses peer to peer caching. Hola offers the freedom to browse the web without any restriction to its users. It allows a user to watch and download video, audio, textual and other stuff for free. Hola provides less buffering and faster browsing for the person using this application. It provides an atmosphere which gives internet freedom, video acceleration and ads free browsing. This sight comes into existence in late 2008 by Ofer Vilenski and Derry Shribman. It has its headquarters in Israel. But now it is using by many users from worldwide. It has an estimated user range of approximately 115 million people. Hola is the first community-powered VPN. It is a heaven where different users help each other to make the web accessible for all by sharing your idle resource. You also can also purchase a premium subscription if you want the network without contributing your idle resource.


    38. ZenMate

    ZenMate is one of the best Privacy and Security VPN. Although Zenmate is little new and anonymously searched in the world of VPN but is working tremendously prodigious. Nonetheless, it has more than 39 million User. ZenMate allows the user to enjoy free internet. For its best Privacy and Security Startup, it has also won Europas Award. ZenMate is available in almost every browser and Operating systems. It offers total security and Privacy, Complete Freedom and overall Efficiency. It has guts for unblocking a website, advance encryption, data compression and it also gives you malware protection. ZenMate hides your IP and provides a safe atmosphere for web browsing. It is entirely a secure VPN that is used to unblock sites. It also contains security, protection, and encryption tools. ZenMate gives you an advanced data compression and malware protection to save your money. It allows you to download and watch your favorite stuff using free internet.


    39. Lantern

    The Lantern is one of the widely used VPN application that is working to get access to the Internet by using other users around the world. The lantern is a free internet restriction avoidance tool that is used for web browsing. The lantern is faster, that it delivers quick access to the web. It is easy to download and use. You can download different web material easily by using this app. It considers being smarter than other VPN applications as it provides a variety of techniques to stay unblocked. It offers a secure atmosphere where the user can quickly surf different websites by staying unprotected. It also provides a variety of language for the ease of use for the users. Features like Faster speed, No data limits, Multiple devices and blocking resistance makes it impressive. Lantern VPN is available on Android, Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Today Lantern is distinct as some portable lamp, but this Lantern has entirely a different scenario related to that one.


    40. Hotspot Shield

    Hotspot Shield is a software application that offers, “Get protected behind the shield.” It is a software application manufactured by AnchorFree, Inc. that allows a user to connect to the VPN (Virtual Private Network). It offers a secure, private and unrestricted access to the World Wide Web. It allows all this stuff for free Virtual Private Network. This software came into the market in April 2008. It provides a secure Wi-Fi connection that protects the internet connection and also encrypts personal information. So you can securely surf wherever you are at home, at work or in some public place. It allows Anonymous browsing through which this VPN protects your online activities and personal information stuff from the unauthorized person. It quickly accesses censored and blocked websites. It has more than 500 million worldwide downloads and in counting. Millions of users around the world have their trust on this app because of its extraordinary features. It is equally applicable to Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone. It is one of the finest Virtual Private Network (VPN) software. It allows super security, more privacy, freedom, malware protection, malware protection plus, ads free browsing, dedicated Elite support and well dedicated Elite network.


    41. Anonymous Deep Web Browser

    Anonymous Deep Web Browser provides you by skipping your interchanges around an appropriated system of transfers keep running by volunteers all around the globe: it anticipates some person viewing your internet association from realizing what destinations you visit, and it keeps the locales you visit from taking in your physical area. Anonymous Private Browser for Android allows clients a mysteriously scrambled IP address that makes them practically untraceable and builds consumer protection and security. A custom VPN permits the client to peruse the Deep Web securely without revealing their personality. Anonymous Private Browser keeps sites from following, logging client exercises, and gathering insights from you by clearing all history, store, and site information. Promotion blocking backing and hostile to supporting usefulness included. It plans to be the most secure program for Android, via consequently clearing treats, histories, scrambling all in/out information, and allotting you another IP address that can’t be followed back to your telephone or bearer.


    42. VPN Unlimited–Hotspot Security

    VPN Unlimited–Hotspot Security app that enables you to connect with a virtual private network (VPN) to be able to browse the web with no limitations, accessing web pages that will usually be limited in your area. VPN Unlimited enables you to examine the high-quality VPN service for ten days free. VPN Unlimited provides a selection of time-limited monthly subscriptions. The trial subscription of this application includes Unlimited traffic bandwidth, Unlimited connection speed, multiple connections from your account.

    You only pay once and then use VPN service from any smart device, including iOS, Mac OS X, MS Windows, Linux, and Android devices. VPN Unlimited provides a significant number of protection options. If you need to secure all of your online activities, then you like to get access to all territory-restricted site content as well as surf anonymous? And if you think that every WiFi hotspot Internet access needs extra protection? If you need to ensure 100% of your online security? VPN Unlimited can perform any of the mentioned above options.


    43. Supernet: VPN Free Fast, Proxy

    Supernet is a good VPN client to access any website from any particular country and protect your privacy. It’s totally free, unlimited, fast as well as easy-to-use. No registration and no logs. Supernet VPN Free Fast, Proxy allows you to unblock Youtube, Skype, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Twitter, and any other internet site as well as unlock Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, BBC, Pandora, Twitch, or some other service unavailable in your location.

    You can browse anonymously, hide your IP, and secure online activity from prying eyes. Protect your online privacy as well as reliable data on your device from hackers and snoopers. This app allows you to hide your private IP address so that you are comfortable to browse the internet without showing your location.


    44. Spotflux

    Spotflux offers a more surety and open connection to the world of internet. Spotflux is a free VPN proxy application which has two simple functions; maintain the user’s privacy and granting access to the open internet. Spotflux is available in two plans Free, and Paid account. If you are thinking the some of the functions in a free account and full features in a paid account, then you are on the right way. Spotflux provides the best proxy services and VPN server designed with the goal of providing the security to its users. The user-interface of Spotflux is very straightforward and easy to use. Spotflux VPN is a secure and reliable service that gives its users with the 255-bit secure server and simple to use internet exploring system. Spotflux is the greatest way to protect and increase your internet connection. It performs millions of cloud-based real-time calculations, encrypts and also compresses your mobile web traffic. Spotflux works across all your smart devices.


    45. Free Unlimited VPN Defender

    VPN Defender is the best and free Unlimited VPN application to save your smartphone. Keep your data away from hackers! Completely free without any ads, in-app purchases, or bandwidth limitations. Browse the internet safely, understanding your bank accounts, credit cards, as well as passwords are safe from hackers. This app allows you to hide your online activities and location, regardless if you are at home, work, using public Wifi, or on the go. VPN Defender maintains you safe by directing your mobile phone data traffic through its secure servers.

    VPN Defender encrypts your data as well as safely connects you to any destination site or application. You have the facility to hide your IP address so that you are free to browse the internet without exposing your location to anyone without permission. VPN Defender is fully automated so that you don’t need to bother about manually turning on the VPN any time you want to connect securely to the internet. You can only set it then forget it!

    More About TunnelBear VPN

    TunnelBear VPN is the best app that allows you to get around local limitations on specific websites, so you can quickly access any site you desire from any place in the world. The way TunnelBear VPN works is accessible and user-friendly. You can observe all of the available channels on a map and, to use one, you just need to tap it. One of the best features of TunnelBear VPN over similar applications is its nice-looking user interface.

    It’s easy to use where you stand and what tunnel you use at all times and in a secure, attractive way. You can easily unblock your favorite websites from all over the world. This application keeps your location private from sites and other online trackers. You can comfortably use public wifi.