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Turo is a fabulous application that helps you drive exquisite cars in more than 500 cities as well as more than 300 airports. Turo – Better Than Car Rental is a stunning application introduced by Turo Inc. which brings a peer to peer car sharing marketplace through which you can book the car whatever and wherever you want it and from the local hosts across Canada, UK, Germany, as well as the United States… read more
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18 Apps Like Turo for iOS

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1. Via

Via is a great service offering great prices to ride with others for going your own destination. Via – Affordable Ride-sharing App bought is the market by Via Transportation Inc. which brings an easy way to get cars around your city. You can request a ride on your mobile phone and share with other riders going your own way. It makes it so easy to request for a ride on your mobile phone and precisely share it with other riders going your way. It lets you enjoy his ride-sharing app in Washington D.C., Chicago, and NYC, etc. It lets you book a ride on your phone with simple swipes and lets you get picked up from the corner in no time. Via – Affordable Ride-sharing App makes it fast, easy, and convenient app through which you can share on-demand rides with more than one passengers. Apart from this, all your rental history including the destination or departure address and cost of each trip is in your pocket having this tool. So just download Via – Affordable Ride-sharing App in your mobile, to enjoy sharing your rides to save cash and reduce carbon emissions.


2. Zoomcar

Zoomcar Self Drive Car Rental is another fabulous application through which you can enjoy sharing your cars with others to save money and burn less of fuel. Zoomcar Self Drive Car Rental is a widely used product of Zoomcar India Private Limited which helps you rent a self-drive car by the month, week, day, and even for hours. You can precisely get a rental car on your order whether you want to go out of the station or to run around the town for your own deeds. This classy self-driving car app makes it possible to enjoy over 20 different vehicles available and enjoy self-drive services across almost 24 cities including Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Surat, Siliguri, Lakhnow, Ludhiana and various others. This app includes all the details of fuel, insurance, taxes, etc. in its tariff. Zoomcar Self Drive Car Rental brings daily, hourly, weekly, and monthly rentals options and lets you have a lot of makes to choose from. You can conveniently locate the vehicle near your area and also get its doorstep delivery option. Zoomcar offers flexible packages, deal shack, zoom commute, zoom PEDL, and invite and earn scenario as well. So just download Zoomcar Self Drive Car Rental app in your phone and enjoy a hassle-free driving experience.


3. GetAround

GetAround is an on-demand can rental app which does not carry any paperwork, hassle, waiting, or anything annoying. Getaround – Instant Car Rental bought in the market by GetAround Inc. which makes it easy to rent a diversity of cars along with the insurance for your use. Through this classy car rental app, you can rent thousands of cars from Toyota To BMW and unlock them all with your cell phone. Get Around is a free to download app which enables car sharing in the way like never before. It is offering more choices, flexibility, and freedom than any other car rental services and enables the environment by optimizing the local cars instead of adding more to its roads. Getaround – Instant Car Rental is currently working in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Portland, Chicago, Evanston, Washington D.C, Arlington, Alexandria, Bethesda, Silver Spring and various other coming soon. You can effortlessly enable hourly rentals start at only for $5 as well as you will discover awesome daily rates for spontaneous road trips. So just download Getaround – Instant Car Rental app in your cell phone to have the key of your favourite cars in the city and hit the road with a single tap.


4. Car2Go

Car2Go is a widely used application that enables its worldwide users to discover hundreds of cars around the corner and enjoy it in your own way. Car2Go is the finest tool introduced by Car2Go Group GmbH through which you can take as well as drop a car at any time you want without pickup or return stations. It enables you to access hundreds of cars where you need, and when you need it. You can precisely view all the available vehicles you want and reserve it up to 20 minutes in advance. This application brings car sharing without any return stations or rental offices so that you can effortlessly grab one from the street and leave It anywhere in its operating area in your city. Car 2 Go app makes it easy for you to rent a car with simple swipes and enables you to pay for what you use. It does not need any advanced reservation, pay for parking, refuel, or any extra insurance as well. Cars to go app helps you locate, reserve, and unlock rides right using your smartphones. So just download Car2Go app to start your worldwide car sharing in a much smarter and reliable way.


5. DriveNow Carsharing

DriveNow Carsharing is another excellent application which lets you access its entire collection of cars anytime you want, and wherever you need one. Drive Now Car-sharing is a widely used application introduced by DriveNow Inc. which enables its whole customers to access cars on the move. Its cars are not bounded over specific locations and are scattered across the business areas in each corner of the country. You can rent these cars from anywhere and even park them in any of the parking lots of business areas. This app includes everything regarding the fueling, charging, parking fees, taxes, and insurance in the basic of its price. This application makes it easy to enjoy car sharing in Germany available in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and some others. DriveNow Carsharing lets you use the car filter to get your most likely one and catch the car from your nearest position. You can enjoy one-touch reservation and even extend your reservation time as well. You can simply enter your destination in the app, and it will be sent to your built-in navigation system. So just give a chance to DriveNow Carsharing app to enjoy finding and reserving your DriveNow car right in the app.


6. Hertz 24/7

Hertz 24/7 is another fabulous tool that helps you get a vehicle for the hours you want, and whenever you need. Hertz 24/7 is a fine product of The Hertz Corporation which enables you to get its cars are waiting for you to pick to let you drop on your desired location. This application makes it easy to get a self-driven car from this platform and conveniently go to the place where you want to move. Hertz 24/7 makes it easy and pretty much reasonable to fire car from convenient locations in your neighbourhood. This classy car sharing application helps you book a car at any time of the day while on the move. It is not too far away from your current location so that you can pick it up at any hour, any location, or even any day. You can also reserve these cars as well before time and enjoy rides on time. While on the other hand, if you need to make a last minute change regarding your reservation or need to change your profile, Hertz 24/7 is your fingertips. So just download Hertz 24/7 app in your phone to book a car, unlock, and drive.


7. Rentalcars.com

Rentalcars.com is a widley used car-sharing app helps you save much of your time for reserving your most likely vehicle by adding your favourite locations over here. Rentalcars.com Car Rental App bought in the market by rentalcars.com which helps you access your most favorite cars in much faster and easier way like ever. You can intuitively manage all your bookings and quotes and search for more than 43,000 locations. This application helps you compare deals from over 900 car rental services in thousands of rental locations across almost 160 countries. You can easily search all its rental car partners and get the best deals. It let you enjoy each of its car available here and also get details to make the best choice for you. Rentalcars.com Car Rental App also connects you with the most extensive car rental companies in the world which are almost 890 in numbers. This app does not charge credit card fees, booking fees, or cancellation fees as well. So just download Rentalcars.com Car Rental app in your phone and enjoy picking up the car from your favorite makes right with your cell phone and enjoy the world’s most reputed rental booking service.


8. Sixt

Sixt is a fabulous product introduced by e-Sixt Inc. which makes it so comfortable and convenient to get access to all its car rentals offering in over 100 countries. Sixt – Rent a Car enables its users to intuitively discover info about the nearest stations and how they get them as well. It makes it extremely convenient to select as well as reserve your desired cars and stay signed in to your account over here to control all your reservations even smoother. You can precisely filter your car type (such a minivan, coupe, automatic, etc.), equipment, driver age, number of seats and so on. Apart from this, you can also sort by popularity or price. Sixt – Rent a Car enables its worldwide users to book a car on the move and customize every reservation with the protections and extras that enables you to feel much secure. You can keep updates about its more than 2,200 stations and see the best deals as well that can be booked right within the app. Other than these, Sixt – Rent a Car also lets you see an overview of reservation history, call or email customer care, and create, manage, and update your account data precisely. So just download Sixt – Rent a Car app in your phone and call a car in seconds.


9. Lime

Lime lets you unlock your city as well as rides through an exquisite electric scooter and bike sharing platform. Lime – Your Ride Anytime is an excellent platform which helps you go across the campus as well as the town through its micro-mobility solutions such as dock free rental bikes, electric scooter, e-assist bikes, and so much more. You can effortlessly tap to discover new rides and even scan the codes through its barcode scanner to unlock it and go. You can find nearby Lime-S electric scooter, and e-assistant bikes, etc. right on the map. It enables you to unlock your ride by entering the ID as well as by scanning the QR code. Lime – Your Ride Anytime is a fabulous app which lets you take a fun, affordable, healthy, and quick ride to anywhere you want to move. You can use Lime app rides for your morning or evening commute, rides to or from a public transit station, date nights, tourists and travel groups, rides with friends, rides to and from classes, and almost anytime, anywhere you want. So just download Lime – Your Ride Anytime in your cell phone and enjoy electric rides and bike shares in the way like never before.


10. eSky

eSky is an all in one app for individuals who love to travel and is intuitively helping people for managing their flights, hotels, fight deals as well as lets you enjoy rental cars while on the move. eSky – Flights, Hotels, Rent a car, Flight deals bought in the market by eSky Group- Flights, Hotels, Cars & Deals Inc. which makes brings a simple to use yet faster way to book flights in a reasonable amount and even get updates with special promotions throughout the world. You can easily discover cheaper flights in the lowest possible rates to go around as well by getting a grip over its collection of more than 800+ low costs regular airlines such as Wizz Air, BlueAir, Tarom, Bulgaria Air, KLM, Lufthansa, and LOT, etc. ESky – Flights, Hotels, Rent a car, Flight deals allows you to have attractive flights as well as hotel offers and you can book them in 3 simple steps. Its web is spread in more than 63000 cities, 800 airlines, and 3k airports. Apart from these, you can also get real deals and updates on fares. So just download eSky – Flights, Hotels, Rent a car, Flight deals app in your phone to enjoy flights ultimately.


11. Virtuo

Virtuo is efficiently designed to let you have an extremely awesome car rental experience. Virtuo – Car rental is a simple to use app introduced by Virtuo Technologies, which represents a car rental revolution for getting the car of your favourite makes and enjoy rides in the way you require. This app is offering you a hundred percent mobile experience which means you can always unlock your car and manage renting with your cell phones. This app also allows you to connect with a watch for saving much of the time and avoid waiting lines at the counter and enjoy rentals for 24/7. Virtuo – Car rental guarantee that you will drive a premium car by enabling you to have a choice between two models including the GLA or the Mercedes A-Class. All the cars that it is offering are entirely new along with low mileage. It is the best choice for the tourists which is needing a car for your trip and for professionals to travel for their work anytime you want. It also enables you to experience a new, classy car for few hours and enjoy a luxurious life in reasonable rents. So just download Virtuo – Car rental app and enjoy all these comforts on the go.


12. Enterprise CarShare

Enterprise CarShare is a widely used application which brings a membership-based car-sharing scenario which enables you to rent a vehicle when you need it the most. Enterprise CarShare is a fabulous product of Enterprise Holdings, Inc. through which you can enjoy extremely reasonable rental cars by the day, night, or even overnight. You must need to become a member of Enterprise CarShare in order to use all the features of the app. You can use your current location to discover the vehicle that you want in your areas and enjoy them in the way you want. Through some simple swipes, Enterprise CarShare app allows you to create, manage, modify, as well as cancel reservations (if you don’t need them further). While on the other hand, Enterprise Car Sharing app also lets you view upcoming and current reservations, or you can even extend your reservations while on rent. You can contact its 24/7 member service support. If you need to submit any fuel receipt, take a pic and email the receipt from within the application. You can effortlessly download Enterprise CarShare app from the store and rent your most favourite or desired vehicle whenever you want.


13. Priceline

Priceline is an amazing product that enables you to book great travel deals with it whenever you want. Price Line Hotel Deals, Rental Cars & Flights bought in the market by Priceline.Com which carries a million hotels with best deals and car rental to have in your pocket. This application allows you to join millions of smart travellers from all across the world and get all its fertile features. You can book exclusive deals found only on the application. You can get travel deals including discounted rental cars, cheap flights, as well as low-price hotels everywhere you look. It brings relevant and personalized hotel booking recommendations and lets you have best deals on everything you want. Priceline Hotel Deals, Rental Cars & Flights enables you to get up to 60% off with its Express Deals and even more with naming your own amount. Once you signed in here, you can get super-quick travel bookings as well. This app uncovers even more deals when you keep searching here. So just download Priceline Hotel Deals, Rental Cars & Flights app and get the best or the most suitable deals best that really matters for you.


14. EasyRentCars

EasyRentCars brings the smoothest and equitable car rentals deals along with the collection of its more than 900 car hire partners in over 200 countries. EasyRentCars – Cheap Global Car Rental bought in the market by Easyrentcars Inc. which enables you to discover the best deals for you to travel across your areas. This app enables you to instantly get behind the wheels of car tailored to your way at the guaranteed best market price without any problem of urgency or location of booking. This app brings an exclusive program for registered members through which they can precisely track their rental rates and re-book its users to price drop. It carries free cancellation so that you can intuitively cancel them before reserved pick-up time. EasyRentCars – Cheap Global Car Rental is an ideal platform through which you can find your own choice of cars on rent even faster and get the best possible deals. Other than these, Easy Rent Cars feature flexible payment options, comprehensive car hire options, price drop protector, 24/7 customer service, no hidden credit fee, and best price guarantee. So just download EasyRentCars – Cheap Global Car Rental app in your phone, and enjoy this car hire service in more than 900 car hire brands and over thousands of locations available here.


15. Car Rental App Carngo.com

Car Rental App Carngo.com lets you discover the best car rental deal in your area, and you can always discover special offers and save even more without any need to look further. Car Rental App Carngo.com bought in the market by CARNGO Car Rental Inc. through which you can enjoy more than 500 rental brands and over 50,000 locations available over here. This app brings a diverse choice of vehicles of all the classes and discovers the perfect car for all your journeys. Its range of cars includes Mini, Automatic, SUV, 7 seaters, luxury, Economy car rental, luxury, and so much more. This app enables you to discover whether you are looking to rent a car for a 9 seater, monthly, one day, or anymore. Car Rental App Carngo.com works with Hertz, National, Payless, Ace, Sixt, Enterprise, Eurocar, AVIS, Alamo, and almost more than a thousand world-known car rental companies from all across the world. This app also carries car rental phones, popular car rental companies, famous booking car countries, and car rental destinations in details as well. So just download Car Rental App Carngo.com app to get an assistant whenever you want to travel in the whole world.


16. Rentcars.com

Rentcars.com is a marvellous application which brings your choice of vehicle rental with even more than 60% discount. Rentcars.com Cheap Car Rental is a classy app which helps you share, compare, and book car rentals in more than a hundred countries. Rent cars is one of the most ultimate options for you if you want to travel but don’t have a car. This application enables its entire users to search, access, and compare car rental prices from hundreds of locations. It is your exquisite marketplace for having the most convenient, more practical, and secure options to travel around the world. This app carries several car rental results in order to suit all user’s profiles. Rentcars.com Cheap Car Rental allows you to set up car rentals in just a few steps by comparing the prices from over 100 car rental companies. It enables you to choose the most suitable options that are aligned with your interests and excellent discounts. It lets you have its customer service seven days a week and also brings payment available in your own currency. So just download one of the leading apps for car rentals named Rentcars.com Cheap Car Rental, and enjoy car reservation at the most competitive prices.


17. Giro Car Share

Giro Car Share is an amazing car sharing tool which enables guests to rent cars from locals. Giro Car Share was bought in the market by Giro Inc. which provides guests with diverse makes and models on various locations usually not available on every rental car. It is a versatile app that enables you to save an average of about 25 percent to traditional car rentals. Once you order the car for rent, you can get the car delivered over your desired location in no time and enjoy your own car for a particular time. This app does not carry any additional charges and let you pay for what you see. Giro Car Share app enables hosts to reduce the cost of their car ownership in the way you want by enabling it as a way of earnings. You can intuitively filter your most desired cards and get the model of your own choice for beginning your journey. You can log in here with your Facebook account, Gmail account, and even create a new account right here to get in. It also brings the options for filtering, map, and dates, and you can enter the city of your own choice as well. So just give Giro Car Share app a chance to enjoy an extremely reasonable car sharing platform while on the move.


18. ZipCar

ZipCar helps you to discover vans as well as cars in your neighbourhood as well as across the globe to reserve as well as unlock them too. Zip Car app enables its users to reserve a car of your choice and enjoy them for the time as well as a place of your own choice. You can effortlessly reserve a Zipcar by the hour as well as the whole day. You can choose from a diversity of vehicle sedans, vans, hybrids, and even more things to catch. You can precisely view the upcoming reservations of your own vehicle choice and sort cars by available make, model, and time. This app helps you get directions to your ZipCar as well by honking its horn. You can unlock and lock your ZipCar as well. This super talented app helps you tap to speak to the friendly local zip car team. Each of its reservation also carries gas, mileage, insurance, and dedicated parking, etc. ZipCar enables its worldwide users to change, cancel, or extend reservation whenever you want. So just download ZipCar app in your phone to discover and reserve your most likely cars for each of your trips for the time it requires.

More About Turo

Turo is a fabulous application that helps you drive exquisite cars in more than 500 cities as well as more than 300 airports. Turo – Better Than Car Rental is a stunning application introduced by Turo Inc. which brings a peer to peer car sharing marketplace through which you can book the car whatever and wherever you want it and from the local hosts across Canada, UK, Germany, as well as the United States. This application allows you to pick your delivery options as well as the vehicle features and you can choose from more than 850 makes and models. You can choose from an entirely unique collection of cars and drive the best one for your trip. It enables you to book cars directly from local hosts as almost 30% less than the traditional can rental agencies. Turo – Better Than Car Rental enables you to share your car and turn your depreciating asset into a real-time earning engine. You can pick any of your favourite car for picture perfect road trip with over 200,000 vehicles listed throughout the world. So just download Turo – Better Than Car Rental app in your phone and get the car delivered and book trips on the move with a quick tap.