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Tuya Smart is one of the most known smart apps for people who want to live smart lives. This application keeps on enhancing the efforts of interacting with all your home devices and appliances and lets you enjoy life like never ever before… read more
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19 Apps Like Tuya Smart



Yeti is an app through which you can easily control, monitor, manage, and automate all our smart home devices anytime, anywhere. Yeti – Smart Home Automation is a great application introduced by Netbeast Inc.

SmartThings Classic

SmartThings Classic is another management application through which you can intuitively track your favourite things and routines all in one place. SmartThings Classic brings a minimal interface to monitor and control the connected devices in your home.


Kasa is a great product of TP-Link Research America Inc. which acts as your portal to the TP-Link smart home devices. Kasa Smart is an easy to use application through which you can intuitively manage and control all your Kasa devices hands-freely with your own voice through its extreme level of voice recognition.


Geeni is one app for managing multiple devices that are placed in your homes, offices, or other places wherever you live. Geeni is a classy application for controlling all your home devices in one easy app and even by using Amazon echo from anywhere in the world.

Smart Life

Smart Life is a widely used application which enables its users to enjoy connecting all the home appliances and devices to one app for managing them with convenience. Smart Life – Smart Living is a fine application of Tuya Inc.


Ecobee is one of the classiest application for maximizing your comfort of living and saving without compromising your current lifestyles. Ecobee is a smart product of Ecobee Inc. for smart users through which they can enrich the ease and convenience of living.


Hesperus is simple to carry yet a powerful tool which enables everyone to set up, control, and manage all their HomeKit accessories with a breeze. Hesperus is a stunning app produced by Oltica Inc.

Hue Widget

Hue Widget lets you control hue lights for increasing your comfort or managing all the devices in a classy way. Hue Widget enables its users to turn the hue lights on and off with simple taps and without even moving from your chair.


Aime comes with tons of features through which you can enjoy the ease of comfortable living. Aime – Home Automation is a super-stunning application through which users can enjoy living is a smarter and more organized way.


Yonomi lets you connect your mobile device with every of your home appliances conveniently. Yonomi – Smart Home Automation is a well-known product of Yonomi Inc. which helps you connect your most likely house devices, wearables, and interfaces like Google assistant Amazon Echo, Google Home, Alexa, Sonos Speakers, Philips Hue, LIFX, Ecobee, Belkin Wemo, Logitech harmony, and lot more.


AMBEE is a superb application through which you can intuitively turn your Philips hue into stunning animations right through your mobile device and express your home more than ever in front of others.


HomeSense efficiently transformed your mobile devices into a command centre for your automated home. This application supports Sonos speakers, Nest Learning Thermostat, Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting, Lutron HomeWorks QS, Lutron RadioRA 2, Nest Protect, HomeKit, and Honeywell Lyric Thermostat, etc.


ImperiHome is the most initial platform which has efficiently centralize the smart devices and the services of the Smart City within a unique and single mobile app. ImperiHome – Smart Home & Smart City Management is a fine product of Evertygo Inc.

Gideon Smart Home

Gideon Smart Home is your whole smart home in a single app. Gideon Smart Home bought in the market by Braindrain Solutions Ltd. which helps you have the local and remote control of the devices installed in your homes.

Aurora for Philips Hue

Aurora for Philips Hue comes with mesmerizing dynamic light sense, introduced by SpaceNation Inc. Ca. this application comes with a simple and dynamic scenes for your HomeKit and Philips Hue lights and lets you control them in the way you want.

Domoticz Home Automation Lite

Domoticz Home Automation Lite is an elegant app which helps its users to control and monitor their home devices such as switches, fans, lights, various meter and sensors including temperature, rainfall, ultraviolet radiations, electricity usage or production, gas consumption, wind, water consumption, and much more right through this app.

Home Remote

Home Remote efficiently control and monitor every single electronic device of your homes right through your mobile phone. Home Remote is a very easy to use app introduced by The Home Remote LLC through which your own custom layout or enable it to create for you by going on the settings page and begin adding your devices.

e Smart Home

e Smart Home is one of the handiest apps through which you can enjoy a classy home automation system and take control of your home appliance remotely through the cellphones. e Smart Home is a famous product of dehou.dou through which you can manage everything whether you want to turn on or off the light, control the air conditioner, open or close curtains, and start water heater intuitively, and so much more.

Onkyo Remote

Onkyo Remote brings a streamlined and refreshed user interface which makes it so easy to get more from your experience of home entertainment having this classy tool. Onkyo Remote is a gorgeous tool introduced by Onkyo Corporation Inc.

More About Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart is one of the most known smart apps for people who want to live smart lives. This application keeps on enhancing the efforts of interacting with all your home devices and appliances and lets you enjoy life like never ever before. Tuya Smart is a stunning product of Tuya Inc. for humans who want to live a smart and more comfortable life. It is an eco-friendly and convenient tool which allows its entire users to remote control everything. Tuya Smart enables its users to control various devices right under one platform. No matter you are at home or somewhere else, this remote control app helps users manage all the devices and home appliances remotely from anywhere. It helps you add and control multiple devices at once with one app, and you can enjoy voice control via the most famous Amazon Echo or Google Home. Tuya app enables the interworking of various smart devices so that the devices automatically start or stop working based on the time, location, and temperature, etc. Other than these, Tuya Smart also enables its users to share the device among family members, instantly connects this app with multiple devices, and receive alerts to ensure the safety for the real-time.

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