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TWC WiFi Finder

TWC WiFi Finder makes it ultimately easy to discover as well as connect to the nationwide TWC WiFi networks so that you can enjoy robust, reliable, and easy to set up the internet while on the move. This application was introduced by Charter/Spectrum Inc… read more
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21 Apps Like TWC WiFi Finder for Android

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1. Boingo Wi-Finder

Boingo Wi-Finder is another elegant application which makes it so easier to locate any of its one million hotspots from all over the world. Boingo Wi-Finder is a great production of Boingo Wireless, Inc. which carries some classy features for its worldwide users to enjoy wifi. This application actively discovers and notifies you whenever you are at a Boingo hotspot. Whether you are travelling around the world or around the corner, you just have to open the search menu to locate the hotspot and get results in the list view or the interactive map. This massively used application allows you to instantly sign up and pay to access the Wi-Fi at more than 1 million hotspots through the world including coffee shops, pubs, airports, clubs, convention areas, and more. You can also take advantage of its security offer when online by obtaining a Passpoint profile if your mobile supports it or you can even install a VPN (secure your data from hackers and other third-party persons and keep your internet activity secure) as well. So just download Boingo Wi-Finder, and enjoy free Wi-Fi on the go.


2. NetSpot

NetSpot brings one of the most intuitive and easiest ways to connect to any Wi-Fi network in the whole world. This is an intuitive application developed by NetSpot OTN, which enables its users to enjoy the connectivity with any wireless network. Connection to a Wi-Fi network was never been so easier before the advent of this superb application which lets you simply open the app and select any of the wireless networks which is a part of NetSpot. It efficiently works same as plug and play scenario. Through this intuitive Wi-Fi management app, you can even become a network administer as well of your office as well as your home so securely and efficiently, and forget about having to spell long passwords to your friends anymore. Using this application, you can easily connect to any of your Wi-Fi network with a single click. NetSpot does not irritate you with any ads and allows you to enjoy freely. You can easily make yourself as your Wi-Fi network admin and decide who to let privately connect and who to not. So just download NetSpot and manage all your networks with damn security and comfort.


3. WiFi Master Key

WiFi Master Key is a classy piece of stuff with tons of millions of free Wi-Fi hotspot shared by its users from all across the world, and you can easily connect to free Wi-Fi using this elegant tool. WiFi Master Key – by is a great product of LINKSURE NETWORK HOLDING PTE. LIMITEDTools, through which you can enjoy some awesome features. It is an easy and safe application in which you just have to search and connect to any shared Wi-Fi hotspot indicated by a Key. WiFi Master Key – by enables its users to save data costs by making a connection with a free WiFi hotspot for the real-time. It works superb and allows you just search for the blue key and tap to connect. It does not publicise any of your passwords and is encrypted to protect its user’s security and privacy. It is a multilingual application comes with a touch of 19 languages across 223 countries. In fact, it is not a hacking tool and does not assist in unlocking passwords of Wireless hotspots that are not shared by users.


4. WiFi Manager

WiFi Manager is a pretty straightforward mobile network device that enables its users to discover, connect, and maintain Wi-Fi networks with extreme ease. It lets you enrich and increase the quality of the channel radar and find some open networks around you. It has handy home screen widgets approach for easy and better approach so that you can easily set the application to scan for and switch to the best network around. Using this app, you can easily manage your network, get detailed information about your connection, make a connection to any network with one single tap by using its Network Switcher home screen Widget and toggle the best network switcher. This app enables better compatibility with your Android devices. WiFi-Manager efficiently manages your network and provides proper details along with the graphical representation of the speed of any network, the strength of the network, and other things related to the nearby networks and Wi-Fi hotspots. Other than these, it delivers detailed connection info, provides the network list view, scanning and connecting to networks, the network signal radar, and others.


5. Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer brings efficiency for getting the details of your Wi-Fi connection for proper integration. It delivers a fine approach to get network integration using its most sensible tools and features for its users. This app precisely tells its users about the network connections and their respective information. This app makes it so easy to get the signal strength, one of the most powerful channel recommendations, activation of filters, and lot more. It also lets you order Wi-Fi channels through the time of the first occurrence, SSID alphabetically, interference, signal quality ascending or descending. It helps its users to discover optimal placement fir Wi-Fi receivers, Wi-Fi analyzer support delivers information on Wi-Fi channels and precisely shoes the signal strength in history graph. It ultimate Wi-Fi analyzer recommends one of the best channels for new AP and provides the information of the channel width. And at the end, it also lets you create a fine heat map of Wi-Fi signal quality nearby you.


6. Swift WiFi

Swift WiFi is a massively used application which enables its users to enjoy one of the best and well-known hotspot application over 100 million hotspots worldwide. Swift WiFi – Free WiFi Hotspot Portable is fine stuff introduced by DotC United Swift Team, which carries one click to discover Wi-Fi. It allows you to get access to shared Wi-Fi hotspots with a single click and for free by unlocking free passwords worldwide. Swift WiFi – Free WiFi Hotspot Portable brings the Free, safe, easy, fast, and straightforward application with millions of shared Wi-Fi for users from all over the world. It brings a never-ending list of features through which you can enjoy more from one shop stop. It possesses 100 million installs over mobile phones and users can enjoy free access to Wi-Fi securely and safely. Swift WiFi – Free WiFi Hotspot Portable lets you scan and search free hotspots near you and connect to that hotspot with just a click. It is an easy, quick and safe application that allows simple and one-touch connection. Other than these, Swift WiFi – Free WiFi Hotspot Portable also lets you enjoy Wi-Fi security, Wi-Fi speed test with the Wi-Fi master, smart Wi-Fi, and much more.


7. Fing

Fing is a super, entirely free, and intuitive network scanner used by millions of homes and professionals from all over the world to manage their network. Fing – Network Tools is a massively used application developed by Domotz Ltd, which comes with a series of classy features for wireless network holders. Fing is an easy to use application which allows its users to discover which device is connected to the wireless network. It precisely accesses network security risks for the real time to make smooth and effective network connections. Other than these, Fing – Network Tools also enables its users to enjoy some features such as map devices, troubleshoot network problems, and way more things with simple swipes. Fing – Network Tools brings one of the world best network toolkits for its entire users. It lets its users to access more than a dozen of free network tools such as a port scanner, DNS lookup, Wi-Fi scanner, service and ping monitoring, and much more. It is a must have network utility through which you can monitor devices connected to the network, get full device details, and advanced analysis of UPNP, Bonjor, and NetBIOS characteristics. So just download Fing – Network Tools and enjoy its advanced network management features.


8. Network signal booster

Network signal booster is a highly decorated application which comes with some elegant features for enriching the strength of signals that you are currently using. It is developed precisely for individuals who get tired of weak cellular signals and are going through hard time for finding signal reception and network connection. Network signal booster is a straightforward product of RealAppsMaker, which allows its users to get supreme signal strength and better network connectivity instantly. You can elegantly improve your mobile phone’s performance with this simple to use application. Network signal booster is an enormously used signal booster utility which helps anyone to improve the cellular signal as well as their network connection for the real-time having this one shop stop. It is an outstanding application to boost up your cellular signal and network connection by managing them intuitively. You can feel the difference for the real-time after refreshing your network connection. This application switch off your network temporarily and instantly switches it on to the signal to improve your signal strength. So just download Network signal booster, and start utilizing its network booster now.


9. Network Signal Speed Booster

Network Signal Speed Booster is the fine product of MCStealth Apps, which is going great for providing some classy features for homes and professionals to boost their signals. This intuitive application is loved by millions of people who get tired of their weak cellular phone connections and deadly signalled network connections. Network Signal Speed Booster is a flawless application through which you can intuitively boost up your signal speed to enjoy the connectivity at the best possible level. This intuitive and pioneer application provides the best signals at the time which you needed them the most. Network Signal Speed Booster have millions of Android downloads and a massively huge list of satisfied customers. This app may annoy you a bit from its ads containing atmosphere but, you can feel awesome through its working credibility. It brings an intuitive notification bar alert through which you can change how the icon is shown in the notification if you want to popup or whatever. You can enjoy background themes, and change the image of the background. You can also change the main logo and change the animation style of the main logo animation as well. So just download Network Signal Speed Booster and enjoy it fully.


10. WiFi master

WiFi master is an amazing application which brings one of the best enhancement and management tool. WiFi Master – Useful tools is a fine product of Space Ship Inc. which brings most popular Wi-Fi app, optimizing Wi-Fi connection progress with 12 pages, and contains more than 15,000,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots, and much more. You can easily detect, connect, and manage your wireless network connection. You can get real-time detection of Wi-Fi connection that you are going to connect. It allows you to protect your network security from harmful stuff and keeps your network connection secure from others. WiFi Master – Useful tools also lets you discover user’s shared networks, get easy access to a Wi-Fi network at any place and time. It allows your mobile services to use a variety of network intuitively. It brings massive hotspots and has more than 15,000,000 hotspots in Cloud Storage. You can make an accurate judgment of phishing hotspot and insecure wireless network and ensure the safety of your connection. It effectively improves the efficiency of battery and enables quick test for your network.


11. Connection stabilizer and booster

Connection stabilizer and booster is another impressive application which enables its users to enjoy mobile data connection stabilizer, booster as well as reconnector for 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, EDGE, GPRS, and Wi-Fi wireless networks. This is an elegant application for individuals who are having trouble with their cellular data connection. This app brings loads of powerful features through which you can enjoy a stable and reliable mobile internet connectivity. Connection stabilizer and booster brings a highly customizable design which elegantly fixes some serious issues regarding your internet connection problems. It allows you to stabilize your internet connection and never let you disturb or delay your emails, important chats, and other stuff that you probably concerns with your mobile phones. This app actively monitors and instantly re-establishes dropped connections, and is useful if the Android’s built-in system fails to establish a connection between you and the network. Otherwise, the monitoring process doesn’t cause any load on your mobile phones resources as it cleverly revoked when required. So just download Connection stabilizer and booster, and enjoy its creative features.


12. Wifi Connect Easy

Wifi Connect Easy is another great product of KTC CCP, which brings an intuitive tool which allows you to connect automatically to the open Wi-Fi networks. Wifi Connect Easy Internet Connection Everywhere is going great for providing some classy and elegant features for its worldwide users. This application can automatically show SSID and Password for easy sharing and viewing with others, and also brings a static IP setting support (which auto switch between different AP). You can even copy Wi-Fi password to the clipboard for your own use, and scan your wireless network for access points. Wifi Connect Easy Internet Connection Everywhere automatically switches between saved networks when the signal is not impressive. Other than these, users can enjoy fast and free wireless or AP scanner, change the name of the device on SSID, keep Wi-Fi app restriction connection, and show the signal strength path, sorting via level and name. Some of its core features provides Wi-Fi signal booster scan, Wi-Fi manager scan, testing of Wi-Fi signal booster strength, and function share Wi-Fi hotspot and generate a password for your friends. So just download Wifi Connect Easy Internet Connection Everywhere, and enjoy your own Wi-Fi easy connector.


13. Wifi Easy Booster

Wifi Easy Booster is another intuitive application which improves the speed of your wireless connection. It allows you to enhance your Wifi speed by just pressing Boost Now button and wait until the boost finishes. This application allows you to better the internet speed, faster file transfers, better streaming speed, and you can enjoy more stable signal. Wifi Easy Booster allows you to enhance the way you use the internet from your mobile phones. Wifi Easy Booster allows you to enrich the speed of your internet through the Wi-Fi network. You can bring more accuracy and security as well for maintain your wireless network in an efficient way. This application claims to boost the speed of your internet by 50% and more so that you can enhance your internet connectivity. Apart from its one of the best internet speed, users can strengthen and stabilize their internet speed as well. So just download Wifi Easy Booster and enjoy the improved speed of your Wifi internet connection.


14. Wifi Radar

Wifi Radar is an intuitive and smart application which allows its users to track the Wi-Fi resources around them in an accurate way to make a Wi-Fi connection. Wifi Radar is a great product of Paul Girsas, which provides some useful and interactive features for its worldwide Wi-Fi users. This application precisely displays the physical location of wireless networks on an easy to understand map. Wifi Radar uses your device GPS and sensors like accelerometer, digital compass, and gyroscope for determining the location of each availability of Wi-Fi in your area. It precisely visualizes and pinpoints the wireless networks on a map, and you can easily acknowledge any of them with ease. It brings a 360-degree radar scan with compass visualization, signal strength graph analyzer, and a great channel analyzer as well. You can even recover default passwords for your wireless internet connection with keygen. Wifi Radar is currently in beta, and keygen algorithms are provided from open source code or the public domain. You can easily download Wifi Radar, to easily acknowledge and enjoy the connectivity of your nearby available Wifi networks.


15. Wifi Booster & Easy Analyzer

Wifi Booster & Easy Analyzer is a fine looking application which transforms your mobile phone into an intuitive and smart Wifi analyzer, and you can even boost your internet connection speed as well. Wi-Fi Booster and Analyzer 2017 is very useful if you know pretty much anything accessible about the Wi-Fi networks around you. Apart from other functionalities, it delivers. Wi-Fi booster which enhances your internet connection if you keep the wifi adapter in your device enables for lasting life. Wi-Fi Booster & Analyzer 2017 also delivers a wifi analyzer which precisely scans all the available wireless networks in that particular area and provides precise information about them such as Wi-Fi signal strength, MAC address of access point, network frequency, channel info, access point manufacturer, network SSID, and more. After its installation and management process, the number of outcomes that it provides includes a better response from servers, faster internet connection, more stabilized and more enhanced Wifi signals, and much more. So just download WiFi Booster & Analyzer 2017 application to enjoy your same Wifi with improved connection speed.


16. WiFi | Mobile Network Speed

WiFi | Mobile Network Speed is a fine product of Veloxity Inc. which enables its users to enjoy the personal assistance for Network quality and data utilization. This application concern with the wireless and mobile network speed and carries a huge amount of useful features for this scenario. Wi-Fi | Mobile Network Speed is a classy piece of stuff through which you can measure app speed in the real-time, and discover the best public wifi connection. It helps you visualize the availability of nearby Wi-Fi networks just to establish a connection with the best amongst them. It allows you to clean your home Wi-Fi channel, and compare the cellular net app speed with the Wifi and choose the best network with respect to the speed or other stuff that matters. WiFi | Mobile Network Speed also allows you to control and better manage your data expense as well and allow you work smartly by never exceeding your data plans again. One of the best things about this intuitive application lets you show the wifi network quality not only by signal strength but also by network load as well as the interference. It precisely measures the Network speed for the real-time which is the second major feature. There are a lot more to enjoy on this WiFi | Mobile Network Speed app.


17. NETGEAR WiFi Analytics

NETGEAR WiFi Analytics is another intuitive application which enables its users to enjoy more speed and reliability for maintaining a Wifi internet access. NETGEAR WiFi Analytics application carries more features for its worldwide users where you can get precise analytics about your Wifi network. It allows you to use this app as a precise tool through which you can get advanced analytics about the strength of your Wi-Fi signals just to get useful information about the network. Having this application on your mobile phones, You can easily check your network status whenever you want. NETGEAR WiFi Analytics lets you track the Wi-Fi signal strength which helps you get the exact power of your Wifi signals over the network that you are using. You can distinguish less crowded Wi-Fi channels and the crowded channels and easily connect to the channel which is not so messy. You can easily discover clear channels with less interface and way many useful features through this application. NetGear WiFi Analytics is an effective tool which allows you to monitor and manage your network characteristics. So just download NETGEAR WiFi Analytics, and monitor your network in the best possible way.


18. Internet Booster & Optimizer

Internet Booster & Optimizer is a super stunning application which lets you prepare your device for the faster and smoother browsing experience. Internet Booster & Optimizer comes with a diversity of features for its worldwide customers with an intention to enhance your internet browsing and network managing experience. Internet Booster and Optimizer is something really awesome and is a choice of millions of worldwide users. This application automates a series of optimizations and commands which will put your browser in the top of priority on your Android mobile system. Internet Booster & Optimizer allows you to get the damn most out of your ISP internet and device resources for a smooth and reliable internet browsing experience. Whether you have a mobile data connection as well as the Wi-Fi or your device is rooted or non-rooted, this application performs a series of automatized tasks in order to accelerate the browser performance and the internet speed miraculously. Some of these tasks contain the cleaning RAM, flushing the DNS, and cleaning the cache memory, etc. It also runs commands which intended to optimize the way your device connects with others via the internet. So just download this massively used application named Internet Booster & Optimizer, and enjoy its never-ending list of features.


19. Wifi Doctor-Detect and Boost

Wifi Doctor-Detect and Boost is another widely used application introduced by PICOO Design, which brings powerful and sleekly designed network tool. WiFi Doctor-Detect & Boost is a simple, easy to use, and powerful tool designed to protect your internet activities and to monitor and manage your Wifi network. It allows its worldwide users to control and manage the network for the real-time using this robust tool. It is one shop stop for detecting the Wi-Fi speed by ensuring the online security and privacy of the users. WiFi Doctor-Detect & Boost is a superb network management tool through which users can boost their network speed by allowing them to enhance the speed two times the exact one. This application scans all devices connected to your Wi-Fi hotspot and enhance the speed of your network connection by closing or removing the applications running in the background. It checks the wireless network security and precisely protects your personal property or privacy. Other than these, it efficiently detects and stops apps which are secretly using your internet, scans all devices connected to your personal Wi-Fi hotspot, and provide a super boost feature which stops some apps from re-launching through the accessibility feature. You can easily access WiFi Doctor, and enjoy better network management.


20. Network Booster -WiFi Manager

Network Booster -WiFi Manager is another intuitive application which comes with a range of exciting features for its worldwide users who have a concern with the wireless networks. Network Booster -WiFi Manager is a fine application developed by WiFi Master, which brings an immensely great optimizing and speed testing tool. This application allows you to enhance the connection of your wireless network and make it more stable and faster. Network Booster is a stunning application which precisely searches for some high-quality wireless network for you. This application encourages some people to share high-quality WiFi with other nearby users. It has a pretty cool intention to enable every user to enjoy the well-protected and safe Wi-Fi resource. Network Booster -WiFi Manager brings specialized optimization technology, safety monitoring and speed test, enabling signal enhancement, and much more. It is a massively used and specialized WiFi optimization tool which allows people to share the internet with other users. It also analyzes your hotspot by allowing you to add a profile which is accessible by other users. So just download Network Booster -WiFi Manager and personalized your hotspot in an elegant way.


21. OpenSignal

OpenSignal is another massively used Signal tool which is used by more than 10 million users from all over the globe. 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now is one of the most well-known, powerful, easy to use, and free network Wifi and signal tool carry some tremendously awesome features. Using this application, you can run a speed test to check the quality of your network connection to your cell as well as ISP network, view connection history, compare coverage, and monitor the data usage through this elegant app. Using this easy to use application, you can see where to move to enhance your wireless experience, and you can use coverage maps to compare data speed and networks in your span. 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now brings cell tower direction, a database of your speed test results, and downloading, uploading and latency tests for 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, and LTE. Some of its highlighted features allow you to explore easy and fast speed test, signal dashboard, cell and wifi maps, view stats and history, and comparing networks with its coverage maps. So just download the OpenSignal app, and enjoy your Wifi internet connection in an ultimate way.

More About TWC WiFi Finder

TWC WiFi Finder makes it ultimately easy to discover as well as connect to the nationwide TWC WiFi networks so that you can enjoy robust, reliable, and easy to set up the internet while on the move. This application was introduced by Charter/Spectrum Inc. which enable its worldwide users to freely access the internet and use it in the way you want. This application precisely looks for the networks of its more than 500,000 hotspots nationwide in the places you travel, shop, dine, and eat. You can easily save your TWC ID as well as a password when prompted to enable your device to auto connect to its most protected network. It helps you search for hotspots even when you are not connected to the internet and view hotspots in its list format or even in the map. TWC WiFi Finder also enables its users to request new Wi-Fi hotspots, and you can register additional devices or seamless access to its nationwide Wi-Fi network. You can become its customer with so ease, and if you are not a customer that you can get its free trial and even access pass options as well. So just download TWC WiFi Finder, and enjoy internet wherever you want.