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Typic 2

Typic 2 is an ultimate solution for all the users who want to add flawless filters and awesome text over photos. Typic – Typography Art and Poster Maker app bought in the market by Hi Mom S.A.S Inc. through which people can enjoy making greeting cards, memes, inspire your fans, promote multiple events, and loads of classy stuff… read more
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6 Apps Like Typic 2 for Android

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1. Phonto

Phonto is an elegant application which enables its users to add text over pics intuitively. Phonto – Text on Photos is a fine looking app introduced by Youthhr Inc. which helps you get the best mix of text on any of your desired photos and make them look even more gorgeous. This app contains a collection of more than 200 font, and you can pick any of your desired one with a single click. You can even install some other fonts online and enjoy them over your photos using this classy app. You can change the colour of the text, shadow of text as well as the size of the text that you’ve added. While on the other hand, Phonto – Text on Photos also enables its users to change the text stroke width and colour, change the letter spacing, change line spacing, and you can even change the text background. Phonto helps you add the most ultimate style text over your desired photos and let them speak. You can intuitive make sad, happy, romantic, modesty, and jolly photos right using this app. So just download Phonto – Text on Photos and enjoy its ultimate features of adding text over photos.



A Color Story is another classy tool which emphases on the fresh photos, colours that pop, and bright white, apart from concentrating on a moody look. A Color Story is a great tool introduced by A COLOR STORY Inc. that brings excellent features. This application carries your photography experience to the next ultimate level, and you can have tons of superb quality features for managing and creating things in the way like never before. A Color Story carries a collection of more than 100 awesomely crafted filters, and you can even purchase more right through this app. Its awesome pack of over 40 moveable effects, people can enjoy their photography in an entirely unique way. Through this stunning app, you can also enjoy 20 plus free tools and even the custom filters saved from your editing steps. You can even enjoy A Color Story’s both free as well as purchased version and get things done in a way like never before. There are lot more functions of this superb app, and for getting an extra dose of features, you can enjoy its purchases as well. So just download A Color Story and enjoy moveable blending effects, carefully crafted filters, bright colours, and so much more.


3. Canva

Canva is a fabulous application that allows you to enjoy free photo editing and ultimate graphics tools. It amazingly produces designs with extreme simplicity. You can easily create beautiful looking designs for your work, school, play, college, and anything else and it does not need any rough and tough designing skills and complexity of software for having such level of designs. Whether you want to make Instagram posts, Facebook profile, Photo editing, Pic collage, poster making, or Wedding invitation, etc. it lets you do all these things with ease and much convenience. Canva – Free Photo Editor & Graphic Design is an extremely amazing utility through which you can make your brand and your life look awesome on your social media account. You can easily add design to Flyers, Posters, Blog banners, Invitation cards, Photo collage, and any other part of your life. It lets you select over 60,000 templates, add text to your photos, choose from over 1 million stock photos, share and publish directly, and enjoy lot more. So just download this amazing designing tool Canva – Free Photo Editor & Graphic Design to create beautiful designs anywhere.


4. Font Style Candy

Font Style Candy is a robust tool through which people can enjoy adding their desired effects along with their most likely text style and share their lifestyle and passion with the entire universe intuitively. Font Style Candy: Text on Photo app presented in the market by Pavaha Lab Inc. which contains an excellent collection of font designs and font colors to be added over your pics in a convenient manner. Font Style Candy app carries a stack of more than 60 fonts that precisely add texts and captions over your pics and photos. Font Candy app also contains a collection of over 70 quote text, rotate support, easy to resize, move, and you can change the color effect to text as well. Font Style Candy: Text on Photo brings commix text for your funky photos to make a comic diary of your special memories. It carries bubble and balloon text for your daily chatting, and you can add them over your pics as well. Font Style Candy allows you to enjoy font studio with awe-inspiring fonts, text color, text stroke color, font adjustment, text shadow, and more. You can download Font Style Candy: Text on Photo app to get one of the most suitable photo editing app perfect for polishing all your memorable snaps flawlessly.


5. Twimmage

Twimmage is an ultimate tool which enables everyone to turn their tweets into a shareable image instantly. Twimmage app bought in the market by Jeffpalm Inc. through which people can enjoy sharing their tweets in the form of images along with their mini photos and user name in them. Twimmage app lets you log in through your account on Twitter, select your most likely tweet, then choose either a designed creative background, custom background or custom solid color, and share that pics to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and various other social platforms. You can select a custom color from the choice of its row of colors, capture custom or get the creative background from the row of backgrounds as well. You can instantly share your photos over Instagram with a single click of the button and share them with other apps by saving pics to your device by clicking over its save button. So just download Twimmage app in your phone, choose a Twitter user or take your own, or share a tweet from this app to your most likely social media platforms in a way like never before.


6. Typic

Typic is a great application through which you can precisely add your desired style on text and put it over your most likely memories intuitively. Typic: – Text on Photos is an excellent tool introduced in the market by Pineapple Infotech Inc. through which you can add your desired text with tons of exciting font styles in a way like never before. Typic is one of the most exceptional and professional application to make quote images with the quotes of some famous people, and you can also create your own quotes and paste them over classy photos in the way you want. Typic: – Text on Photos lets you reveal your inner artist through making gorgeous typographic text pics. You can precisely create poster, flyers, commercial images, beautiful logos and designs, instant photo mockups and much else in seconds. You can precisely create beautiful typographic layouts of text using text over photos. It is a significant tool through which you can design and create amazing posts for all your Facebook, interest, Instagram, and various other social media profiles and increase its charm intuitively. Apart from all these, Typic: – Text on Photos is also an exceptional tool for enhancing your precious memories with adjustments and filters.

More About Typic 2

Typic 2 is an ultimate solution for all the users who want to add flawless filters and awesome text over photos. Typic – Typography Art and Poster Maker app bought in the market by Hi Mom S.A.S Inc. through which people can enjoy making greeting cards, memes, inspire your fans, promote multiple events, and loads of classy stuff. Other than these, you can also use Typic 2 – Over 300 fonts and 1200 Graphics for motivating our team, creating flyers and posters, layout your business cards, market your real estate, create logos and designs, sell stuff on the craigslist, and make exquisite typographic layouts of text as well. Typic – Typography Art and Poster Maker bring the features of more than 300 cool fonts to add, 26 Light Leak Effects, over 500 artworks, color palette, color Wheel, 93 awesome filters, 12 Frames, custom RGB, and various other effects as well. Typic – Text on Photos is a superb tool which is used for making social media posts, wallpapers for iPhone birthday cards, slides for the presentations, event invites, logos and watermarks, and for various other deeds. Typic 2 – Add Text to Photos enables you to add your logo to your own pics by adding up to four versions of your personal as well as company’s logo. Typic 2 – Over 300 fonts & 1200 Graphics app lets you enjoy everything needed for polishing your photos in a professional manner.