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Ultra downloader is a widely used video downloading app that lets you play and download videos from your favorite video-sharing platforms or websites. It offers an ultra-speedy way for downloading videos and related stuff. The users can download and keep all your favorite videos, stream videos to your Smart TV, PS4, Xbox, etc… read more
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33 Apps Like Ultra downloader


MxTube For Youtube

MxTube For Youtube is one of the best YouTube apps that lets you enjoy your favorite songs and download them to create an amazing playlist of songs to listen to them anytime you want.


iTube is the name of one of the most popular video downloaders for the iOS and Android devices. it was first developed for downloading YouTube videos only, but now it can download the videos and another kind of content from almost all multimedia material containing websites.

Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro is a widely used app that allows its users to download free music on your mobile phone and other devices easily. This app lets you search and download copyright music from search engines such as Jamendo.com, and the songs have been authorized for free.


iMusic is an app that lets you hear free music. In fact, you do not have to pay for it too. It offers a beautiful package as it allows the user manage the background music and have the independence to make any change to control the music.


IDM (Internet Download Manager) is an efficient tool to increase the speed of downloading stuff precisely up to five times. Rather than this, it also lets you resume, pause, and stops your downloading media from Youtube, etc.


aDownloader is a native BitTorrent downloader for the Android devices only. This simple and easy to use torrent downloader allow its users to search the torrent files via its integrated torrent search engine that fetch the result from the torrent containing websites from leading to ordinary one.


Savefrom is a fantastic platform which lets you download different stuff from various websites easily and quickly. This app allows you to download from YouTube where, when you watch the videos you will see a Download button which enables you to store that videos in the desired quality.


10440InstaTube is an amazing Instagram downloader app that lets you download Instagram videos with extreme ease and precision. It enables its users to get Instagram videos with one simple click. It enhances the ease of use for its users for maintaining an ultimate fun for the users.

Download Everything Pro

Download Everything Pro is a powerful downloading app, helps you to discover and download different MediaFire indexed files. This app enables you to download more than one files simultaneously. So you can easily download six files at a time, and it does not harm the speed also.


ProTube is one of the perfect universal clients for Youtube that brings one of the best downloading experience. This is one of the most perfect apps that helps you to access and watch videos that you want.

Turbo Downloader

Turbo Downloader efficiently works with some web browsers to let you download stuff from web pages faster and easier. It is a great downloading client that brings ease of getting different stuff from the internet right on your mobile phone devices.


NetTube is a great app for watching and downloading videos on your mobile phone devices in an easy way so that you can watch them later. This app offers a great combo of watching and saving videos to watch them without any internet connection or even with limited internet access.

Free Video Downloader Plus

Free Video Downloader Plus is an awesome app which lets you easily watch videos and download them. It is a robust app that lets you find and watch videos without any connection from the internet.


McTube app lets you watch videos and listen to tons of songs from YouTube etc. Through this app, you can easily discover the music and videos you want. Not only this it also enables you to make calls to songs directly by name etc.

Pocket Tube

Pocket Tube is a platform that lets you discover millions of songs and download them for listening to them afterward. This app put the YouTube stuff in your pocket. With its intuitive and easy to use interface you can easily search your favorite songs and download them.

YouTube Red

YouTube Red is an app that provides new features, new shows, and new stuff in a fun way. It provides a new way to experience YouTube music to listen and download them in a straightforward way.

HD Video Downloader

With millions of downloads from the Google Play Store, HD Video Downloader is the top of the chart video downloader for downloading videos from almost any website in addition to downloading from the YouTube.

Myvid Video Downloader

Myvid Video Downloader is an application for downloading videos and other related stuff in a reliable and fast way. Using this app, you can easily download any video on your iPhone, iPod, and you can also watch these videos offline.

Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro is a video downloading app developed by VD Pro. It is a highly recommended app for Android and some other users in English and allows you to take full benefit from your device.

Titan Downloader

Titan Downloader is an app for mobile users who love to listen to songs and save them. This app lets you discover songs and other related stuff and download those songs for listening to them afterward.


SmartTube is an app that lets you browse, find, and play videos that you like; you can easily access and download different categories of videos including comedy, music, gaming, Entertainment, People and Blogs, News and politics, and lot more.


AudioViz is a great app for iOS devices to download and watch your favorite videos. It is the only app in the iPhone which scans your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod and some others iOS devices and displays the corresponding videos.


VIATube is an app for downloading videos for Android and some other devices. Using this app, you can easily discover your favorite songs and music videos as it is yet another YouTube application.

World Tube HD

World Tube HD is probably the simplest app that enables the users to watch videos quickly and easily. You can discover amazing, trending, hot, most popular, and your favorite videos in a way never before.


MyTube is a popular video downloading the application on Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and some other devices. On this great platform, you can easily discover and access tons of songs and millions of videos available to download.

Music TV

Music TV is a great app which transforms your music playlists into video playlists on your smartphone devices by offering a great range of special and amazing features. It provides the ability to create custom playlists with songs directly from some YouTube channel and from the music library.


FinalTube is a great app that lets you discover and download videos directly from YouTube. You can find amazing videos and music, and integrate multiple channels to allow you access a lot of videos and music.


Tubemate is an outstanding Youtube downloader that enables its users to search quickly, easily access, reliably share, watch, and download videos from the Youtube. This app has minimize the efforts of fetching and downloading any of your required Youtube stuff right from your mobile phone.


YouVids is a network for sharing videos. It is a great platform for YouTuber’s to share their videos and other related content here and with its viewers and subscribers. You can use YouVids to discover your favorite and amazing content easily and download them to watch them later.

Dentex Youtube Downloader

Dentex Youtube Downloader is a powerful tool for watching and downloading videos in a very user-friendly and free atmosphere. It is a great video application for many video streaming platforms. Using this app, you can easily browse video and audio files and create your own collection of your favorite videos.


Tubest is a robust YouTube client for iOS devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac book, iPod Mini, and iPad touch, etc. It is an app which lets you download and watch your favorite and trending videos for free.


Snaptube is a well-known production of Quy Le that enables the providence of finest music to its worldwide users. It is one of the most tremendous application through which you can explore trending music, enjoy its gorgeous music player, ultimate music playlists, and also personalized your own music library of your favourite songs.


PlayTube is another music application loved by a huge number of followers from all over the world. It is a fine production of MusixTube through which you can enjoy videos that you want to watch.

More About Ultra downloader

Ultra downloader is a widely used video downloading app that lets you play and download videos from your favorite video-sharing platforms or websites. It offers an ultra-speedy way for downloading videos and related stuff. The users can download and keep all your favorite videos, stream videos to your Smart TV, PS4, Xbox, etc. You can watch videos in full screen on iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices and even watch videos without having an internet connection. Users can download more than one video at a time, and it supports HD videos to watch and save. Its miraculous feature of password protection keeps your videos secure from some third party, and you can also protect your bookmarks. You can add or remove videos in simple taps. Rather than these features it also includes some robust working which makes this app stands a bit more. These include a fully integrated web browser, download manager, full-screen viewing, no loss in video resolution, airplay mode, Retina Support, Custom Bookmarking, and password protection, etc. This is a universal app, and you can easily watch or listen songs anywhere. Ultra downloader is famous due to these features and users from all over the world use this video downloading the application.

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