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Verses MC Battle Rap brings authentic rap battle rapping from your mobile phone or any portable device. Verses MC Battle Rap (FREE) is an amazing application which allows you to test your mic or rapping skills by challenging other emcees in written and freestyle rap battles… read more
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1. Tape A Talk Recorder

Tape A Talk Recorder is another amazing application which allows its users to record audio and voice. Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder is a great application introduced by Narkus Drosser which brings a lightweight and easy to use audio concerning app. It brings pause, seek rewind and forward in record mode feature, and acts as like a dictation machine. Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder picks audio in high quality even when it is playing in the background and when the display is off. Some of its core features include the support of high-quality audio, start recording from the widgets, handy options for pause play, resume, rewind and forward, editing, organizing, and sharing your audio. It allows its users to cut, rename, and delete the recording. Sort by file name, size or date, and upload or sent all the stuff by third-party applications. Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder is a highly configurable application which allows you to use its powerful functions right from your mobile phone. So just download Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder and get some of its quality audio recording features and use this app for recording, songs, speeches, raps, and more.


2. Rap to Beats

Rap to Beats is another outstanding application for rappers and who love to play raps whenever they want. Rap to Beats is a great application introduce by the GizmoJunkie, which enables its users to record vocals over quality studio beats. This intuitive and easy to use rap app comes with some classy features which let you choose a beat, record, playback, and then save your demos as mp3s. Rap to Beats brings an attractive collection of quality beats which comes from some well-known rappers and singers. You can easily pick your favourite one right from this app and enjoy your rap in an ultimate way. Its free version includes the support of ads, so many limitations, and will enable recording through your device microphones. You can easily write, save, share lyrics, and enjoy its ability to move to SD card. It is a multilingual app which supports Spanish, Russian, English, German, Portuguese, and more. Rap to Beats brings Urban Bangers and some fresh conventional Hip Hop for you to practice your inner rapping skills and test new ideas properly. So just download Rap to Beats to enjoy rapping an entirely new way, and expand your fan zone.


3. Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is a music creation application that enables the music lovers to make amazing music using the original looking instruments and in the end share the prepared music with the world by means of social media platforms as well. Even if you are beginners then you can also create the music and can make the great sounding tracks by using real musical instruments. Music Maker Jam is making it easy and practical in reality. This simple music creation app is allowing the music lovers to discover amazing means of making tracks across multiple genres like hip hop, EDM, trap, house, rock, dubstep and much more. Thousands of beats and melodies, studio quality loops and much more to start instantly mixing the new track and sharing at instant with global audience. If you want to take part in the global challenge then you can submit tracks as well.


4. Battle Me

Battle Me is another amazing and a widely used application of rappers which enables them to enjoy their own raps without any studio. Battle Me – Hip Hop Community and Rap Studio is a fine app developed by BattleMe which carries a number of intuitive rapping features for its worldwide users. This rapping application is loved and used by millions of rappers and hip-hop fans which allows them to let their fans hear your rap battles and tracks your stuff right through this app. It allows you to discover your inner rapping abilities and put them in front of the whole world. This app lets you get discovered through the record labels, promotions, radio personalities, DJ’s, and more. Battle Me – Hip Hop Community and Rap Studio also lets you earn money by participating and winning its tournaments. It allows you to record freestyle over beats, participate in tournaments, and hold rap battles for free. Others can hear your raps and track them on Battle Me Radio and crown the best MC. So just download it to choose a beat from its beat-rich library, record your video or track, and share your amazing stuff with other through this app.


5. Rap Wars Free

Rap Wars Free is an outstanding rapping and hip-hop application introduced by Shore Digital. It is probably one of the widely used rapping application which allows its users to enjoy rap battles over the mobile network. Rap Wars Free is more than just a rap music app because it is an amazing platform for rappers and aspiring rappers where they can record raps and share them on social media platform for getting a boom. RapWars is an elegant application which allows some fresh blooded rappers to stand on the list of some professional or other rappers which have a presence on the internet. This application brings some useful and graceful features so that you can show off your rapping talent in front of the whole world without any effort. Rap Wars Free provides a damn intuitive and awesome place where you can showcase your talent, listen to other rappers, meet other rappers, and battle each other. So just download Rap Wars Free to get in a place where everyone is rapper and anyone can become the Rap King.


6. Rapchat

Rapchat is an intuitive social rap making application which brings some quality rap features for its entire community of users from all over the world. Rapchat: Social Rap Maker, Recording Studio, Beats is an amazing product of Rapchat Inc. which allows its users to discover their inner rapper and other dope raps and rappers. It is a widely used application which enables its users to discover, create, and share freestyle raps right from their mobile phones. Rapchat: Social Rap Maker, Recording Studio, Beats connects you with the tons of free hip hop beats from upcoming DJs, and producers to deliver the background to your fire raps. Some of its highlighted features include a mobile recording studio, more than 500 free beats, automatically upload to SoundCloud, a leaderboard for tap rappers and raps, direct message to rappers, notepad for recording, and share raps on different social media account right from this app. It also lets you make a profile for showcasing your raps and links to your social media account. So just download Rapchat: Social Rap Maker, Recording Studio, Beats and be a rapper in a matter of minutes.


7. RapScript

RapScript is an amazing word machine for freestyle rappers through which they can get quality stuff with ease. RapScript is a Heinrich Reimer’s product which enables its users to enjoy this easy to use word machine for free. It is a lightweight application and a classy tool for users who want to get amazing ideas when they talk about freestyle rapping. This application is great if you are searching for new challenges to push your skills a step forward or to an entirely new level. This app comes with three skill levels which include Noob, Advanced, and Pro and you can easily choose any of them with simple taps. Other than these, RapScript is available in 4 languages and almost 10 speed levels that can be adjusted as you need. Rap Script provides some crazy words at you in the timing of your choice, and you can use them in your parts and build insane stories. It allows you to enjoy all these features with simple taps and never let you learn any technical course before its use. So just download RapScript app to step on the mic and deliver what you have got in front of the whole world.


8. The Art of Rap

The Art of Rap is another amazing and a widely used application loved by rappers from all over the world. It is a classy piece of application introduced by PureSolo Ltd. It allows its users to make their own movies with amazing work, laying down your flow over the sick beats. You can share your videos with the entire world as well as keep them super private. The Art of Rap brings video recording using your mobile phone’s camera or the mic on your phone. You can enjoy its massive library of free beats to make your own flow, and this app added new beats constantly. You can easily create and store as many different recording as you want. The Art of Rap also lets you share your unique and highly decorated videos with your fans through Twitter, Vine, Instagram, and more. The Art of Rap also lets you check out its other users and rate their professional skills. It is an awesome application for enhancing your fan span who are waiting to check your new arrival in the form of video. The Art of Rap also lets you create your own profile, and brings a studio in your pocket which moves with you.


9. OffTop

OffTop is a Deep Thought LLC’s production which enables its users to record and rap on beats using this superb application. This application is working immensely great for recording high-quality tracks and brings a real class for its users. OffTop: Record & Rap on Beats efficiently transforms your mobile phone into an amazing studio where you can record, rap, sings, over beats. OffTop provides some amazing application packed with a number of intuitive features. This app allows its users to create and upload their own beats or choose from its growing library of hip-hop, rap, or electronic instrumentals. In this app, producers can directly upload various instrumentals to discover new artists, hearing raps, and recording songs over their beats. It allows you to record written or freestyle verses over hip hop or rap instrumentals with extremely talented sound quality. After the recording of your song, you can save your albums, and share them with your friends with ease. So just download OffTop: Record & Rap on Beats to upload your own beats, rap, and sing high-quality vocals, save, and share your raps with your fans.


10. AutoRap by Smule

AutoRap by Smule is an intuitive application that enables its users to enjoy rapping with this superb app. It comprises an awesome collection of beats from some superb artists such as Nicki Minaj, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and more. AutoRap by Smule allows you to choose from its collection of beats which are almost 100 in numbers. You just have to speak to the app, and then listen as AutoRap transforms your speech into a lyrical masterpiece. It also maps the syllables of your speech as well to any beat through its proprietary rapification technology. AutoRap by Smule lets you enjoy creating unique and extraordinary raps for every single time. This app brings two modes which include Talk mode and Rap mode. The Talk mode efficiently turns your voice into a rap song instantly, and you can auto-tune your freestyle verses in the Rap mode. It also delivers rap battle which lets you show off your rapping skills and taking challenges from others. This rapping app also lets you discover top rappers, get followers and share your raps with others via any social media platforms as well. So just download AutoRap app and enjoy catalog including songs and beats by Drake, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Nelly, Beastie Boys, Kelis, Chamillionaire, BOB, T-Pain, and more.

More About Verses MC Battle Rap

Verses MC Battle Rap brings authentic rap battle rapping from your mobile phone or any portable device. Verses MC Battle Rap (FREE) is an amazing application which allows you to test your mic or rapping skills by challenging other emcees in written and freestyle rap battles. It is a globally used rap battle application where users from all over the world can enjoy challenging anyone in the world, anytime, anywhere and test their water. It allows its battle rap users to send live and offline challenges and also vote battles for free. It brings a fine network where rap challengers can enjoy chatting and collaboration with other emcees. Verses MC Battle Rap (FREE) allows you to climb on the top of the charts with a unique and extraordinary rating based on your inner capabilities and skills. You can easily hold battles and get points for battling and voting to attain platinum or gold statuses. This app lets you enjoy tournaments with cash prizes and delivers better opportunities to battle at live events via leagues.