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Videona is comparatively a new product in the market which enables its users to record, edit and share your hand-made videos with your fans, family members, friends, and others. Videona Real Time Video editor bought in the market by Videona Socialmedia Inc… read more
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8 Apps Like Videona for iOS

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1. PicFlow

PicFlow is an immensely great application which helps you mix all your favourite photos as well as music like never before. PicFlow – photo slideshow video maker for Instagram is a great production of Red Cactus LLC through which you can make videos of your own photos that you like the most and even add your choice of music. This application lets you make almost everything whether you want to make baby music video slideshows or music video of you, food, sunsets, animals, parties, get-togethers, and any of your desired one. All you have to do is to tap to the beat and enjoy. This application gives you the freedom of adding any of your photos and control the timing of each photo to match it to the tune of your desire. You can easily select multiple photos from your camera roll and albums, and you can intuitively rearrange your photos through its dragging feature. Other than these, PicFlow also lets you add music from your iPod library, choose the specific part of your song, record the timing of each photo, and just choose from almost 18 transitions. So just download PicFlow – photo slideshow video maker for the Instagram app, and enjoy making your own videos via your favourite pics and music.


2. MoShow

MoShow turned your dumb photos into an attention-grabbing, fun, and cool slideshows perfect for uploading on Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp, and other social media or whether to keep it private. MoShow – Slideshow Movie Maker is a great tool introduced by Picadelic Inc. which helps you grab one single photo as well as a collection of pics to transform static shots into marvellous video slideshows that even plays your most favourite music as well. This exquisite slideshow making app comes with some handy and conveniently understand and used tools through which users can enjoy making videos with simple taps. This marvellous tool through which you can make your pics to speak the words that you want by adding your own voice notes or recordings over these slideshows. MoShow – Slideshow Movie Maker was created for people in business, parents, influencers, friends, athletes, pet owners, marketers, and other creative bugs who are looking an ultimate way to throw an impact on the social media. You can even create longer videos with more images, remove its logo, and enjoy it ads-freely. So just download MoShow – Slideshow Movie Maker, and enjoy making awesome memories.


3. SlideMaker Video Editor

SlideMaker Video Editor is another highly sophisticated app which helps you experience video making in a classy and pretty much straightforward way. SlideMaker Video Editor is a product of Manpreet Kaur, which helps you import video or photo add stunning stuff and enjoy awesome slideshows. This app allows you to select transitions for any of your desired videos and photos to make your slide show more eye-catching. It helps you add your desired music or sound to your most likely pics to make their slideshows. This app helps you add text and stickers as well to your most deliberate stuff. You can easily add, move, and adjust these stickers by selecting any of our desired are to show and hide them. You can effortlessly add your own music to video having various formats. It helps you easily sync sounds video with timeline features. SlideMaker Video Editor allows you to control the volume for both their original as well as mp3 songs. Other than these, this slideshow making tool also comes with adjustable brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, warmth, exposure, sharpness, and other closer details. SlideMaker Video Editor can easily be downloaded from the stores for making extraordinary video slide shows.


4. Kizoa

Kizoa contains more than 15 million users from all over the world and creates fully customizable movies. Kizoa – Movie Maker comes in the market by Pixvisio Inc. which helps you enjoy both slideshow maker and video editor under one platform. You have the choice to create movies automatically as well as you can customize them in the way you want. It helps you select your videos, photos and music in just a few steps to generate an incredible movie within simple steps. Kizoa – Movie Maker automatically detects faces to best frame your pics and optimize effects. You can seamlessly add as many photos and videos as you want and even personalize them with effects, text, music, sounds, and transitions, etc. It helps you enjoy the perfect format regarding square, portrait, and landscape or whatever you need. This app allows you to drop, resize, and rotate your photos to make stunning videos by adding background sound of your own choice. Kizoa – Movie Maker is an ergonomic and intuitive app which helps you catch hundreds of special effects to choose for your audio and visual stuff. So just download Kizoa – Movie Maker, and enjoy making stunning slideshows and videos.


5. Slideshow Maker with Music

Slideshow Maker with Music allows you to take selfies and pics, combine them together, and enjoy melodies with some simple taps. Slideshow Maker with Music App is a stunning tool introduced by KITE Games Studio Inc. which allows you to choose your own photos and enjoy making slide shows of them by adding things in the way you want. This is a super-talented slideshow maker which makes it so easy to create stunning slideshows by adding the background voice of yours and even your favourite music as well. It allows you to make beautiful slideshows with transitions from your library photos. You can reorder all your pics, delete or even add more pics to it. You can add audio tracks, voice, and music to your slideshows and even choose them from trailers, ukulele, horror, and corporate, etc. Your own recorded voices can also be added as background music in this app. It makes it easy to position your starting point for the track used and even share them on any of your desired social media platform with simple clicks. So just take all your memorable photos, funny moments, and literally all the special stuff from your library to make beautiful slideshows with music and share it over any of your favourite social media platforms.


6. Video Collage

Video Collage is another intuitive app which brings all the necessary features for creating awesome video collages right on your mobile phones. Video Collage – The Best Free Professional Video Collage Maker is a fine product of Out Thinking Limited which brings one of the most professional video pic collage makers for you to enjoy all your memories. This application brings loads of frames and shapes which can be adjusted according to your needs for your videos and photos. You can even change the colour and the pattern as per your choice and allows you to add awesome effects to your pics and videos. Video Collage – The Best Free Professional Video Collage Maker also enables its users to add music and alter the sequence of videos accordingly. Some of its cool features include almost 50 collage themes, easily adjustable frames, add colouring to frames, add effects over pics and videos, enhance frames by adding background pattern, options to save your pics and videos to albums, and intuitive one-click sharing. So just download Video Collage – Collage Maker app and share both of your video collages as well as photo collage to social networking sites including Facebook, Instagram, and others with its built-in button.


7. Picmatic

Picmatic brings one of the blasting fast and easiest ways to show off your photos, adding music, control the layers, and manage the time all at once. Picmatic – Digital Photo Frame + Music Control + Clock is a widely used application which makes it easy to control music and puts all your photos on display for your family members, your friends, and for you as well to enjoy your memories. This application carries new photo transitions and never let you get bored of the same things repeating again and again. You have to double tap over the screen to play music or even swipe horizontally to flick through music and intuitively control the music through gestures. Picmatic – Digital Photo Frame + Music Control + Clock also brings a set of cool and extraordinary filters as well so that you can change the look of your pics by it. You can also get the perfect backdrop and get the most intimidating or attractive timepiece you will own. Other than these, Picmatic also lets you pick from an extensive collection of layouts, have clock customization, enjoy transition effects, and so much more. You can easily pick Picmatic – Digital Photo Frame + Music Control + Clock app from the store and enjoy creating a collage that never before.


8. SlideLab for Instagram

SlideLab for Instagram enables its users to transform their awesome photos into exquisite videos with simple taps. SlideLab – Add Music to Photos was introduced in the market by Gladrap Studio Inc. which makes it so easy to combine photos into stunning videos that attract people. You can use tons of exciting features to make videos by recording all your precious pics just to tell your story, express your feelings, portray your emotions, and share your happiness among others. This application effortlessly lets you take your slideshow making experience to the ultimate level, and lets you express more in front of the whole world. SlideLab – Add Music to Photos lets you have multiple selection features for grabbing various pics, and you can enjoy creating videos with almost 30 pics. Other than these, Slide Lab app also contains stunning editing (crop, zoom, move, cut, etc.), auto adjustment, add background music, adjust music start point, and you can enjoy over 20 transitions features as well for managing things in the way you want. So just download SlideLab – Add Music to Photos app on your phone, and enjoy creating marvellous videos of your lovely photos in no more than a few steps.

More About Videona

Videona is comparatively a new product in the market which enables its users to record, edit and share your hand-made videos with your fans, family members, friends, and others. Videona Real Time Video editor bought in the market by Videona Socialmedia Inc. through which you can enjoy recording HD videos without any limits and enjoy cinema format as well. It helps you use the focus camera to focus on things that you care about. This elegant videos editor comes with great filters and allows you to enjoy no limited time on the recording. Videona allows you to plug in the microphone and improve the audio experience. You can easily trim your videos, merge them, and even split and duplicate your videos to get only what you want to see in your pics. This classy tool helps you edit videos and apply all these effects and features with simple taps and never lets you face difficult things to make it more complex. It helps you save your masterpieces to reuse it afterwards and share with people close to you and over the social media that you use. So just download Videona Real Time Video editor app, and grasp all the updated and up to the mark features of tomorrow video language.